In a previous presentation, we discovered that Christ had referred us to the writings of the prophet Daniel. After we accessed those writings we discovered that they contained the important information that gave us the exact year of that "Return", 1853. Those writings also gave us the year that His forerunner declared his mission, 1844. The returned Christ did not declare His mission until 1863, ten years after He was Manifested by the Holy Spirit of God. He was Manifested while He was been held as a prisoner deep underground in a donjon, in 1853. That emplacement has been referred to by Himself as "The most great prison".

We also discovered in Matthew's writings that Christ would make His "Return" in an eastern country and that His new teachings would eventually reach the people of the western countries. Then we discovered that our present day religious teachers would be unable to recognize the moment of his coming because they are refusing to investigate so that they can understand and accept the various biblical clues pertaining to that "Return". It would seem that they have yet to assemble all the pieces of the puzzle in the proper order so that the mystery pertaining to that "Return" may be solved.

Can we not honestly say that history is repeating itself? The people of the Jewish religion are still awaiting for the coming of the Messiah and now the Christians are awaiting for the return of Christ but they are depending on their religious teachers to tell them the moment of that happening, they are not taking the time to investigate this matter on their own. What a sad situation this has turned out to be!

We previously discovered that the paragraph which says that Christ returns to us in the clouds of heaven cannot be accepted literally because nobody can possibly see anything taking place in the sky above us by merely looking at various clouds. Who can pierce the clouds with the naked eye?

For the Christians who strongly believe in a rapture, I have given you a good explanation in a presentation pertaining to the complete unsealing of Revelation. Explanations pertaining to the rapture may be found in the presentation labelled "the seven bowls full of God's wrath". The rapture

Why would a divine Messenger come to this world only for the sake of the Christians? When God sends us a new envoy, another Messenger to give mankind greater truth, the new teachings that He brings us are for all of the people of this world.

I would also like to mention that some false descriptions may have been added in to scriptural writings by the early Christian translators who corrupted the Bible by re-writing part of its text. If you research this thoroughly, you will discover that the writings of the disciple Paul have being the most corrupted. It is also the reason why the mentioned rapture has yet to be properly understood by religious teachers. To believe that the physical bodies of God's chosen, His servants, will suddenly raise from the ground to meet the Lord in the air borders on fairy tales whereby man sprouts wings and begins to fly. That is complete nonsense. Many of the strange sayings of the Bible are written symbolically. Therefore, many of those sayings should not be accepted literally.

God speaks to mankind from time to time. Let us say, for purposes of clarity, that He Manifests Himself to humanity approximately every thousand year. When He does, the Holy Spirit always speaks to the world through a new divine Messenger who brings us greater teachings. Those greater truths are a necessity for the spiritual and the material advancement of humanity. The new teachings eventually make their way all around the world, mostly by word of mouth, others are propagated by searchers of the truth who have become not only spiritual searchers but also spiritual teachers.

It is interesting to note that Paul labelled himself as an Apostle but he could not have been because the Bible, described by the Apostles themselves, has well labelled those Apostles and Paul's name was not mentioned. The proof :

These are the names of the twelve apostles: first Simon (1), also called Peter, and his brother Andrew (2); James (3) son of Zebedee, and his brother John (4) ; Philip (5) and Bartholomew (6), Thomas (7)and Matthew (8) the tax gatherer, James (9) son of Alphaeus , Lebbaeus (10), Simon (11), a member of the Zealot party, and Judas Iscariot (12), the man who betrayed him. Matthew 10 : 2-3-4

There are no indication in the biblical writings that Paul ever met Christ. It would seem that he came on the scene later on in history. Peter mentioned Paul as a friend and a brother in the faith. Therefore we can honestly say that Paul most probably had become a disciple of Peter after the Spirit of Christ ascended to the third heaven, which is a fact that is also mentioned in Koranic writings.

Peter has told us to beware of what Paul wrote. He said that Paul often said things that were obscure and which did not make any sense. Let us peruse Peter's wise words. Paul, our friend and brother, said when he wrote to you.... whenever he speaks of this subject, though they contain some obscure passages... 2 Peter 3 : 15-16

Christ tried to tell us in many ways how his return would be accomplished and in none of his sayings did he ever say that Jesus would return in the same body as before, which is a great impossibility. Common sense dictates to us that the spiritual world is not a physical dimension so a physical body cannot possibly ever enter it. To say that Jesus went to heaven, to the spiritual world in His physical attire, borders on the impossibility. Heaven is a symbolical word meaning paradise. That is the word that was utilized by Jesus when he answered one of the thieves who was also crucified next to him and at the same time as he was. He said to him, "Today, you shall be with me in Paradise".He did not utilize the symbolic word of "Heaven" but its true name which is Paradise.

The best clues, pertaining to the "Return" of Christ, are contained in the writings of the 24th chapter of Matthew. They were previously presented to you. Other clues are given us in the writings of my favourite Apostle John. He says that it is the Holy Spirit that returns. He labels Him as the advocate and the Spirit of truth. The Holy Spirit obviously returns to this world to speak through another divine Messenger who gives mankind new teachings that are necessary for the advancement of humanity. The proof :

"If you love me you will obey my commands; and I will ask the Father, and he will give you another to be your Advocate, who will be with you for ever -- the Spirit of truth. John 14 : 16

...but your Advocate, the Holy Spirit whom the father will send in my name, will teach you everything and will call to mind all that I have told you. John 14 : 26

"But when your Advocate has come, whom I will send from the Father - the Spirit of truth that issues from the Father - he will bear witness to me. John 15 : 26

Nevertheless I tell you the truth: it is for your good that I am leaving you. If I do not go, your Advocate will not come, whereas if I go, I will send him to you. When he comes, he will confute the world, and show where wrong and right and judgement lie. John 16 : 7

Christ said that God, the Father of humanity, would send us an advocate to give us greater teachings. He then labels that advocate as the Spirit of Truth, the Holy Spirit. It is quite obvious that none of us can actually see the Spirit of God, the Holy Spirit, while He is clothed in a physical attire. Therefore, it can only mean that God would, once again, speak to the world through another Manifestation, another Messenger. We have discovered in a previous presentation that He already did, did we not?

In the presentations pertaining to the writings of Revelation, which you may wish to study shortly or which you may have already studied, Christ has told us that he would have a new name at his return. It is the proof that his return is a spiritual return. In the last chapters of Revelation, He tells us three times what his new name will be, "The Glory of God".


Christ gave us a warning. He said that he would, some day, "Return" bearing a new name. He also said that he would bring us a new Jerusalem, meaning new teachings for mankind. The proof is again presented you :

...the name of the city of my God, that new Jerusalem which is coming out of heaven from my God, and my own new name. Revelation 3 : 12

The city of God represents a new religion that will carry new teachings that have descended from God, it has descended from Paradise which is the heavenly Realm. Therefore, we have to say that the new religion carries new teachings that are symbolically labelled as the new Jerusalem that has descended out of heaven (Paradise) from God.

We have already discovered that the Spirit of Christ returned to us, in 1853, and that He began to give the world new teachings, in 1863, after his declaration. Those new teachings, when put into practise, will eventually give this world a millennium of peace, it will be a golden era for all of mankind on this planet.

The following quote contains some of the words of Christ, the second time around. It says that the Word of God has been made manifest. Meaning that God has again given new teachings to humanity through an earthly Manifestation. He then gives us the strange new name of the new Manifestation, "The Glory of God".

I saw no temple in the city ; for its temple was the sovereign Lord God and the Lamb. And the city had no need of sun or moon to shine upon it ; for the Glory of God gave it light, and its lamp was the Lamb. By its light shall the nations walk, and the Kings of the earth shall bring into it all their splendour. Revelation 21 : 22-23

The city mentioned is the new Jerusalem that descended from God. It represents the new teachings given to the people of this world by the returned Christ.

...So in the spirit he carried me away to a great high mountain, and showed me the holy city of Jerusalem coming down out of heaven from God. It shone with the Glory of God; it had the radiance of some priceless jewel, like a jasper, clear as crystal. Revelation 21 : 10-11

Who is the Glory of God? Unfortunately, when the Bible was translated, the translators wrote down the Glory of God instead of its original name. The name Glory means Baha in its original language and Allah means God in English. By adding the two names together we have the strange name of the returned Christ which is Baha'u'llah. Christ warned us in the writings of Revelation that He would have a new name at His second coming. Unfortunately, it is a name that the people of this world do not want to accept. If Christ brought us new teachings, that are labelled as the new Jerusalem, then we have no choice but to say that they would be contained within a new religion. Hard to accept? That is because we have become too attached to old teachings that do not carry the necessary principles for the continuous advancement of humanity. Perhaps we have not done our homework correctly. It would have enabled us to discover this greater truth. However, it is never too late. Why not become a true searcher of the truth who does his own investigation. I guarantee that you will love your new findings and that you will want to know more and more...

Christ returned to us exactly like He said He would, like a thief in the night. He came as promised bearing a new name. Only those who have searched for him have been able to discover him. He has also given the world greater teachings, greater spiritual food, which are too numerous to insert here. He has given mankind 12 brand new principles that will eventually enable us to have a millennium of the Most Great Peace on this planet. It will be a golden age, a thousand years of peaceful co-existence between all of the people of the earth.

God's Messenger for this day and age Has repeated the original message of love that we should have for one another by saying this time around :

"Do not love only those who are close to you, the time has come for you to love all of the people of the world."

The returned Christ has also told us that all of the people who live on this planet belong to one country, the earth, and that God regards all its people as its citizens.

A good Investigation of the truth does not cost anything except some of your spare time which we all have a lot of. During your own research, do not be distracted by the many allurements of this world and pay no attention to any of those who would like to distract you from your search by saying all kinds of falsities. Does Scriptures not say "Seek and you shall find". Believe me it works and I can attest to the truth of those words because I went out searching for the return of the Spirit of Christ and God has rewarded me by allowing me to discover the answer, many years after I began searching. I suggest that you try it, it produces results. Should you do so, I am certain that you will become a much happier individual. You will most definitely become an individual who loves to search for and discover what was previously unknown to you.

What has just been described to you is the result of many years of personal research into the truth that still evades mankind. It would seem that we still refuse to accept anything but what comes out of the mouth of our religious teachers. You too have a choice, you do not have to accept anything that I have written because you can become a searcher of the truth who is capable of discovering many truthful answers all by yourself.

Will you decide to search for the truth all by yourself or with the help of others like you, unhindered, and not being afraid of what others may say about you? People often say the first thing that comes to their mind and we all know what they say is often far from the truth. Also when people repeat stories, which they have heard from someone else, they have the tendency to stretch that story. It no longer resembles the original version that was presented, after it has been repeated a few times by other people.

We have researched various prophecies pertaining to the "Return" of Christ and discovered that all of the biblical prophecies have been fulfilled. Christ has already returned bearing a new name, exactly like He said He would in those Scriptures.

In the following presentation you will discover how an amazing young man of fifteen years old has discovered Christ for the first time. He has not only accepted His first coming but His second coming also. He is a very exceptional young person. I suggest that you peruse his presentation and analyse what he said. That story has been labelled by himself as...

The first and second coming of Christ