All of the information that has been presented on this site may be very hard to understand for some people who are not familiar with biblical writings. However those who really love to search patiently, so that they may discover greater truths, will eventually become more familiar with biblical scriptures. Therefore I can honestly say that, after they have read these presentations, they shall be able to understand them more fully.

You are being presented with various proofs that it was the Holy Spirit who animated John the Baptist who was the forerunner to Jesus Christ. Scriptures are telling us that the holy Spirit was with John the Baptist from the very beginning of his life, from the very day of his birth.

The prophecy, that we shall soon study, specifies at what time the power of the Holy Spirit was transferred to Jesus. Scriptures are telling us that Jesus was given the following titles : Son of God, Son of man and that of Prophet. But first let us do a little bit of background study concerning the person whom we discovered in history under the name of John the Baptist. It has been proven that he was the spiritual forerunner to Jesus Christ.

John the Baptist was the son of a Jewish couple by the names of Elizabeth and Zachariah who were both members of the Jewish priesthood division. Both where well on in years and they still had no children because Elizabeth was barren. All of his life Zachariah had prayed to God to give him a son. The proofs :

In the days of Herod king of Judea there was a priest named Zachariah, of the division of the priesthood called after Abijah. His wife also was of the priestly descent; her name was Elizabeth. Both of them were upright and devout, blamelessly observing all the commandments and ordinances of the Lord. But they had no children, for Elizabeth was barren, and both were well on in years. Luke 1 : 5 to 1 : 7

Zachariah had an angelic apparition in which he was told that his wife Elizabeth, regardless of her age, would bear him a son and that they would name him John. The proof :

"Do not be afraid Zachariah; your prayer has been heard; your wife Elizabeth will bear you a son, and you shall name him John. Luke 1 :13-14

Zachartiah is also told that his prayers have been heard and that they have been answered. The angel told Zachariah that his son, that his wife regardless of her age would soon conceive, would be filled with the power of the Holy Spirit from the very first day of his birth. Zachariah was then told that John would be the return of the spirit and power (qualities) of the ancient prophet Elijah. He then informed him that John would be a forerunner who would be preparing the way for someone else who would be much greater than himself. The proof follows :

From his very birth he will be filled with the Holy Spirit ; and he will bring back many Israelites to the Lord their God. Luke 1 : 16

As John grew up he went about his business teaching the people until, one day, he met Jesus and baptized him in the river Jordan. It was then that the power of the Holy Spirit was transferred from himself to Jesus. Those fascinating biblical sayings are recorded in the writings of various apostles.

The angel now tells Zachariah that his son John will be a forerunner preparing the way for a Great manifestation. He also tells him that John would be the return of the power, meaning the qualities of the spirit of the ancient old Testament prophet whose name was Elijah. The proof :

He will go before him as forerunner, possessed by the spirit and power of Elijah, to reconcile father and child, to convert the rebellious to the ways of the righteous, to prepare a people that shall be fit for the Lord." Luke 1 : 17

The power of the Holy Spirit, present in John the Baptist from the very day of his birth, is now transferred to Jesus when he is baptized by John in the river Jordan. The proof :

During general baptism of the people, when Jesus too had been baptized and was praying, heaven opened and the Holy Spirit descended on him in bodily form like a dove; and there came a voice from heaven, "You are my son, my beloved, on you my favour rests." Luke 3 : 21-22

I strongly suspect that the early Christian translators re-wrote part of that prophecy by adding a few words to it. Scriptures are telling us that God is pure Spirit. Therefore we have no choice but to say that He does not have any physical sons. It is interesting to note that Koranic writings are also mentioning that God does not have any physical sons. The prophecy should most probably read as follows :

"You are my beloved, my chosen one, on you my favour rests."

In the following prophecy, the apostle John tells us that John the Baptist saw a spirit coming down from heaven. He says that It looked like a dove as it descended and rested upon Jesus. I strongly suspect that John the Baptist was the only one who actually saw that happening with his spiritual eye. The actual proof that John the Baptist has left us said, "I saw". Here it is :

"I saw the spirit coming down from heaven like a dove and resting upon him. I did not know him, but he who sent me to baptize in water had told me, "When you see the spirit coming down upon someone and resting upon him, you will know that this is he who is to baptize in Holy Spirit." I saw myself, and I have borne witness. This is God's chosen one." John 1 : 32-33-34

Which John wrote that message, was it John the Baptist or was it the Apostle John? It most certainly seems like it came from the mouth of John the Baptist, does it not? Did you notice that Jesus is referred to as God's chosen one and not as God's son, which is the proof that the previous paragraph that said, "YOU ARE MY SON, MY BELOVED, was most probably re-written by the early translators.

The following biblical prophecies pertain to John the Baptist who was the return of the power and spirit of Elijah." The Holy Spirit, speaking through Jesus, said that John the Baptist was greater than an ordinary prophet. Why is that? I suspect that his greatness was due to the fact that John was a forerunner to Jesus' coming. Therefore, his spiritual station was above the station of an ordinary minor prophet. The proof :

Then why did you go out? To see a prophet? Yes indeed, and far more than a prophet. He is the man of whom scriptures says, "Here is my herald, whom I send on ahead of you, and he will prepare your way before you." I tell you this : never has there appeared on earth a mother's son greater than John the Baptist. Matthew 11 : 9 to 11 : 11

For all the prophets and the law foretold things to come until John appeared and John is the destined Elijah, if you will but accept it. If you have hears, then hear. Matthew 11 : 13 to 11 : 15

The above descriptions are quite clear, are they not? We are told that John the Baptist was definitely the "Return" of the spirit and power (qualities) of the prophet Elijah. We have also discovered that John was animated by the Holy Spirit whose power was transferred to Jesus when he was baptised in the river Jordan.

The following paragraphs will give you a good idea of the true meaning of "Return".


The world of the spirit is unique. There is only one spirit world where all the good or bad spirits go to after the death of our physical bodies. Although there are different levels in that world, referred to as the various heavens and hell. The lazy or bad ones, who did not try to do anything good while on earth, go to a lower level ; the ones who reached great spiritual attainments, through hard work and kind undertakings, go to a higher spiritual level. True justice.

Upon death : your spirit which is your rational soul and which was not in the body but attached to it very similarly to the way that a child is attached to its mother before birth, through the umbilical cord, takes flight to the spiritual realm.

In this new Revelation, we are told that man's and woman's spirit were created by God from four of the elements which exist in the spirit world, from the different levels of that world which has often been labelled as the seven heavens (The Dawnbreakers). We are also told that the spirit does not inhabit our physical bodies but that it is attached to it at three points, the brain, the eyes and the heart. We have also been told that the spirit, which is the rational soul, does not feel bodily sickness although it is most probably aware of it.

We are also told that, in the other world, the human reality does not assume a physical form but that it rather takes on a spiritual form which is made of elements of that realm. Souls, who are pure upon the dissolution of their elemental frames, hasten away to the world of God which exists as another dimension within this world. In other words, our physical world is an outer world and the spiritual world is an inner world.

The physical worlds of God are pluralistic, no one should ever want to come back to the same world as before and in a similar body having the same personality as it had previously. When you die; your soul, which is part of the intellect, dies as soon as you are brain-dead. Soon after, your spirit detaches itself from the physical and takes flight towards the world of light. All the good things that you did while on earth and only the good things remain with the essence of the spirit which should have gained from that earthly experience.

In this new Revelation from God, His new Jerusalem, we are also told how the spirit, which is the rational soul, makes progress after the death of the physical. We are told that the progress of man's spirit, after the severance of its connection with the body, is through the bounty and grace of the Lord alone, or through the intercession and the sincere prayers of other human souls, or through the charities and important good work which are performed in his name. A very limited way of advancement, is it not? After the people of this world have forgotten about you, or have died themselves, you cannot possibly advance anymore. This normally happens shortly after death or within a few short years, after the departure of your Spirit from this world. So how does a spirit become more spiritual in the spirit world, there has to be other ways? Keep on reading and you will soon discover the answer to that very important question. It is called the "Return" (of the Spirit).

Some spiritual teachers teach that, on the day of "Resurrection", the soul which they consider as part of the physical will resurrect with the same personality as before. Little do they realize that the day of Resurrection is the day whereby a new Godly Manifestation comes to us and judges the world as He sees it. He Then gives the world new teachings, thus spiritually resurrecting some earthly souls. It is important to realize that the spirit is the rational soul and it is the only thing that survives bodily death.

In the Moslem holy Book, the Koran, it is said that when Jesus died His Spirit ascended to the third heaven. Even Jesus, who was a major prophet and who was very advanced spiritually, made it only to the third level of the spirit world. We are also told that there are seven spiritual levels referred to as the seven heavens and as your spirit continues to travel through the various physical worlds of God, it continues to advance spiritually moving from one level to the next until it has attained the last one. It is possible that, after that, the spirit begins to travel through another series of those divine realms until it has travelled through them all. Even the spirits of the Manifestations of God do not come back immediately to the same world after having left it. Their spirits can only come back (no less than a thousand years) after having travelled through other worlds, through other heavenly dimensions. Look at it this way, each of those heavens may be referred to as heavenly valleys, the spirit travels through each valley until it eventually reaches the last one. Lessons are learned in each of those valleys which contributes to the advancement of the real you which is your spirit, meaning your rational soul. Sometime a certain lesson has to be learned and the best place to carry this out may be a certain planet, a certain earth. So, at that time, the spirit animates another shell and the brain of that new shell carries no memories of any previous habitations by its spirit, it then carries on with its spiritual advancement. In many of the Holy Books of God it is referred to as the "Return" of the Spirit essence.

All spirits emanate from the spiritual world and all return to it after bodily death, the good as well as the bad spirits. There is only one spirit world but there are various levels in that world where a variety of spirits may dwell.

Let me give you an example : the spirit world is like a huge theatre thousands and thousands of kilometres long and as many wide. All of the advanced good spirits sit on the front row and the bad spirits in the back row, many kilometres away. The spirits in the front row can see the throne of God and all the beautiful lights and sounds emanating from it. But the really bad spirits are so far away that they cannot see or hear anything, they are burning within themselves saying ; "Why did I not search for God and for His teachings and live a better life"? Therefore, it is said that they are in their own hell which they have created. Therefore, we can honestly say that Heaven is nearness to the throne of God and hell is being kept far away from Him.

When a spirit leaves the spirit world to take on mortality, to attach itself to a physical entity, that action is similar to going through a time portal, scientifically speaking. Many years later, when the body that the spirit was attached to dies, the spirit detaches itself from the physical and returns to the spiritual world by going through the same time portal once again. When it arrives back in the spiritual world, it is as if it had left only moments ago. Time, as we know it, does not exist in that world. That time portal is often referred to as a dark tunnel with a great light at the end of it. It is a description that has been given us by those who have had after death experiences.

The spirit cannot acquire any more qualities while residing in the spirit world, so it has to take on mortality once again (once every thousand years) in order to acquire additional qualities, Godly attributes. In this new Revelation from God, we have been told that the spirit cannot advance anymore spiritually after it has returned to the spirit world. The only choice is for the spirit to "Return" to one of the physical worlds of God, and we are told that there are many of them. The eldest son of the new manifestation of God has told us in his writings that the spirit must go through everyone of the worlds of God in order to attain the summit, meaning the highest possible level attainable by a spirit in the divine world. It will take eons and eons for your spirit to accomplish.

Do not confuse the spirit taking on another shell, on any physical world, with reincarnation because the return of the spirit has nothing to do with reincarnation which is an impossibility. No one can possibly ever return to the same world having the same personality as before. When the body dies ; the brain of the person which contained a lot of information, acquired during its lifetime, also dies. Therefore, the personality of the person dies and cannot possibly ever return to the same physical world or to any other physical worlds that exists in our gigantic universe.

Hopefully these explanations are sufficient for now. However, should you really wish to know more, read on because much more has been added.

In the writings of the new Revelation from God, we have been told to strive so that we can comprehend the meaning of "Return" which has been explicitly explained in the Moslem Holy Book, the Koran, and which no one seems to be able to grasp its meaning. We are also told that the prophets are the return of the former prophets and that their bygone companions do likewise "Return". Then we are told that to deny this truth is to repudiate the truth of the holy books which is a testimony of God to the people of this world. We are also told to study the meaning of other symbolical words such as "Revelation" and "Resurrection".


In this new Revelation from God, "Return" has been explicitly explained. It is said : John the Baptist, who was the son of a priest by the name of Zacharias, gave to the people teachings concerning the Kingdom of God. As recorded in scriptures, John was asked, "Are you Elijah, or are you the promised Messiah". John replied by saying that He was not the Messiah. They asked Him again if He was not Elijah, He answered, "I am not".

So it is that, in this new Revelation, the eldest son of the returned Christ has given us the necessary explanations concerning John the Baptist. It is said : John the Baptist himself said that He was not the return of the ancient prophet Elijah. However, Christ when transfigured on mount Tabor said that John was the return of Elijah. Here is the proof :

"And they asked Him saying, why say the scribes that Elias must first come?" And He answered and told them, Elias verily comes first, and restores all things; and how it is written of the Son of man, that He must suffer many things, and be set at nought. But I say unto you, that Elias is indeed come, and they have done unto him whatsoever they listed, as it is written of him." Mark 9 : 11-12-13

Then in chapter 17, verse 13, of Matthew, it is said :

"Then the disciples understood that He spake unto them of John the Baptist."

* "Return" can be explained the following way : it was not the personality of Elijah, also referred to as Elias, but the same perfections of the ancient prophet which were meant. The perfections that were present in Elijah, Elias, also existed in the person of John the Baptist. Therefore, it is said that John the Baptist was the promised Elias. It was not the individuality but rather the qualities which should be looked upon.

* Let us review another good example : there was a flower last year, and this year there is also a flower ; I say the flower of last year has returned. Now, I do not mean that same flower in its exact individuality has come back; but as this flower has the same qualities of that of last year as it has the same perfume, delicacy, colour and form I say the flower of last year has returned, and this flower is the former flower. When spring comes, we say last year's spring has come back because all that was found in last year's spring exists in this spring.

* Let us attempt to explain it in a different way, let us say : From the seed of last year, which was sown, branches and leaves grew from it, then blossoms and fruits appeared ; then all returned again to seed. After other seeds were planted, trees grew from it. Once again those branches, leaves, blossoms and fruits returned, and trees did appear in perfect as before. Because at the beginning it was a seed that was planted, the end result was that the seed seemed to have returned. It can be explained in another way. When the naked eye sees the substance of the tree, it sees another substance, but when we look upon its blossoms, its leaves and its fruits, the end product is that it is the same fragrance, the same delicacy and the same taste which are produced. Therefore, it is said that the same perfection of the previous tree has returned for a second time. However, if the qualities and perfections are verified, it is often said that the same tree has returned. Therefore we can conclude that when Christ said, "This is Elias," He meant: this person is a manifestation of the former, His perfections, His character, the qualities and the virtues of the former Elias. Remember that John the Baptist had said, "I am not Elias." But Christ considered the qualities of His spirit essence and the virtues of both of them, John regarded the substance and the individuality.

* It can be explained in another way : the lamp which was here last night, and which is also here tonight and which is also lit, and which will be lit tomorrow night, will also shine. It is said that the lamp that is lit tonight produces the same light as that of last night. Therefore, we say that it has returned. The reference which is being made is to the light itself, not to the oil, to the wick or to the holder.

In the writings of this new Revelation the fact is also mentioned that the spirits of some former people who lived in a previous Revelation, the good as well as the bad ones, "Return" in every new Dispensation to help or hinder God's Manifestation. It is not a physical return because we just learned that a physical return is an impossibility. No, it is a spiritual return. It is the spirit essence which returns in every age or in every new cycle of happenings.

Do all spirits enter the heavenly realm after bodily death. No, those who did not believe in God are not allowed entrance into his paradise. Their spirits must roam the earth, unseen by us, until they discover God and accept Him as our Creator.

In the writings of Genesis, it is also said that murderers must remain marked so that they can be recognized by all so that they can be avoided like the plague. The meaning being that, after bodily death, the rational souls of those murderers are not allowed into God's paradise until they have fully repented of their crimes. They also must roam the earth, unseen, until they realize that what they did was very wrong. They must ask God, and those which they killed, for forgiveness.


In the following prophecy, Jesus will be telling us that Elijah had already returned as promised. He also said that he shall come again and set everything right. Those words have been written in a very peculiar way, have they not? They have been written in such a fashion that only those who take the time to study them closely can possibly discover their true meanings.

The disciples put a question to him: "Why do our teachers say that Elijah must come first?" He (Jesus) replied, "Yes Elijah will come and set everything right. But I tell you that Elijah has already come, and they failed to recognize him, and worked their will upon him ; Matthew 17 : 10 to 17 : 12

The Holy Spirit, speaking through Jesus, said that John the Baptist was the promised Elijah. He also said that the Spirit of Elijah would return again at some future time. However when questioned, John says that he was not Elijah, why not?

What then are you Elijah? No, he replied. "Are you the prophet we await?" they asked. We must give an answer to those who sent us. John 1 : 21-22

John said that he was not Elijah and rightfully so because he was John the Baptist. The physical aspect of Elijah was long gone and buried, the only thing that remained in John the Baptist was the spirit essence and the qualities of the prophet Elijah. Had someone asked John if he was the return of the spirit and qualities of Elijah, he would most probably have said, "No", because his brain did not contain that information, only the essence of his spirit contained that knowledge. Therefore, we can honestly say that John was the return of the qualities of Elijah which were contained in the essence of His Spirit.


You are now being presented with proofs that the new testament of the Bible was written by someone else than the Apostles of Christ. Actually, in this new Revelation from God, we have been given the truthful answer pertaining to that question.

The eldest son of the returned Christ, who is one of the greatest Branches from the Most of Holy Trees and who also had the power of the Holy Spirit, has told us that a Jewish scholar by the name of Josephus Flavius wrote the new testament of the Bible. He wrote in Greek as well as in Hebrew. He was the author of the writings contained in the new Testament of the Bible. Some of the apostles of Christ dictated to him the content of the various chapters of that testament and he wrote them down.

We have to remember that it is very probable that most, if not all of the Apostles, were uneducated and were unable to read or write. They were the witnesses of the happenings in the ministry of Jesus Christ. Josephus Flavius wrote down some of the actual happenings. A clue is given us in the writings of Luke. If we peruse it very carefully, we shall gain a much better understanding of the truth pertaining to that subject.

The Author to Theophilus : Many writers have undertaken to draw up an account of the events that have happened among us, following the traditions handed down to us by the original eyewitnesses and servants of the Gospel. And so in my turn, your excellency, as one who has gone over the whole course of these events in detail, have decided to write a connected narrative for you, so as to give you authentic knowledge about the matters of which you have been informed. Luke 1 : 1 to 1 : 4

Why is it that Josephus did not add his own name to that saying? I strongly suspect that he may have. I also suspect that the people who assembled the Bible removed his name and replace it with the name of the Apostle Luke. If you analyse that paragraph correctly, you will come to the conclusion that the Apostle Luke did not write it. There seems to be absolutely no indication that Luke ever communicated with anyone by letter. As It was previously mentioned, It is strongly suspected that none of the Apostles could read or write.

History tells us that the mentioned Theophilus was the Bishop of Antioch. He was one of the early fathers of the Christian church. He was also the author of the apologia which is celebrated on the 20th of December. Josephus Flavius refers to that Bishop as his excellency. He tells him that, although many people have written narratives on the life of Jesus, he too has chosen to do so utilizing the accounts given him by the original eyewitnesses who where some of the apostles of Jesus Christ.

When did the followers of Christ begin to be referred to as Christians? The answer to that important question is given us freely in the acts of the Apostles.

He then went off to Tarsus to look for Saul ; and when he had found him, he brought him to Antioch. For a whole year the two of them lived in fellowship with the congregation there, and gave instruction to large numbers. It was in Antioch that the disciples first got the name of Christians. Acts 11 : 25-26

In this new Revelation; the Most great Branch from the Most of Holy trees, the returned Christ eldest son, has told us that Josephus Flavius was the Jewish scholar who wrote the various chapters of the new testament of the Bible. Josephus probably wrote the various stories contained in the new Testament, which he got from the Apostles themselves, possibly many years after Jesus' death and in the country of Greece where all the Apostles had escaped to after the event of the crucifixion.

* "Not all the events of the life of Christ are set forth in the history of Josephus, a Jew, although it was he who wrote the history of the times of Christ. Signed : God's servant, the Branch : (the returned Christ's eldest son.)

Does it not make sense to say that, when reading the new Testament of the Bible, we discover that some of the same stories dictated by various Apostles seem to differ from one another. The Apostles of Christ dictated the various happenings in the life of Christ to the Jewish scholar, Josephus. It was probably written many years after the event of the failed crucifixion of Jesus, that could account for some of the same biblical stories to differ slightly with one another.

Josephus was much younger than Jesus, it is very possible that he never met Jesus during the three years of his ministry. During the past few years, we have also discovered that the early Christian translators re-wrote parts of the Bible. They seem to have deleted certain words and paragraphs and in some other instances they have removed such words as God and replaced it with the name Jesus. I have already pointed out many of them to the readers. In the presentation of Revelation unsealed many more are pointed out to you. That is where some discrepancies have infiltrated themselves into the holy Book referred to as the Bible. Those early Christian writers did not understand many biblical sayings so they translated them to suit themselves, not taking into consideration that many words were symbolic and had other meanings. There is also the fact that the Bible is written symbolically in the spiritual languages of Metaphor and allegoria. Most biblical scholars did not understand those spiritual descriptions in the past and many still refuse to accept it today, although the word allegory may be found numerous times in biblical writings.

A few years ago, in the days when my own search for the truth began, I met someone who later became a friend of my family because he had a great deal of knowledge. He was constantly searching for the truth like I was. He told me that a few years previous to knowing me that he had studied in Greece to be a Greek orthodox Priest. He told me that, while he was there studying for the priesthood, he was allowed to read the original scriptures as they had been handed down to the Christians in Greece by some of the original Apostles and a disciple of Christ such as Paul of Tarsus. He said that the Greek Bible differs from the Bible which the Christian churches are presently utilizing, it apparently has much more content. Is it true?

If it is true, maybe the Greek Bible should be brought forward so that the rest of the world can peruse it. I would love to read and study the true version of the book of Revelation, in a language that I can understand.

A young man from the State of Israel has been telling me through the Internet that the Rabbis in the Holy Land are teaching their congregations that Jesus was a liar. They most certainly have never read the new Testament of the Bible, have they? How can the people of the Jewish religion ever discover the truth unless they search for it? How could Christianity have become a world wide religion if Jesus had been a liar? It would seem that the Rabbis did very little thinking before they opened their mouths and spoke falsities in front of their congregation who seem to believe everything that they are told by their Rabbis, without questioning any of it.

I promised you that I would give you many proofs that Christ has returned to teach us again. That event occurred in 1853. The content of the 24th chapter of Matthew and some of the writings of the prophet Daniel have, without the shadow of a doubt, given us those proofs. The Bible, which contains the Word of God, does not lie although some parts of that Holy Book were obviously re-written originally by the early Christian translators who did not really understand the spiritual language in which it was written.

Now that you have discovered some greater truths, and that you are also armed with this new information, what should you do with it? My own suggestion to you is that you do like I did and carry out a good investigation of the truth on your own and unhindered by anyone, including religious teachers who may want to slow you down or try to stop you from discovering new truths, and claiming to be the only ones to know the truth but who never investigate for it. Everything which they preach has been handed down to them, one generation followed by another. Have they taken the time to properly investigate any of those sayings?

I can only suggest that you investigate the information that God has allowed me to pass on to you. The rest is up to you. If you wish to discover greater truth, you will have to search for it. Remember that it can only be discovered by those who constantly search for it. You cannot discover a buried treasure unless you begin searching for its location.

Parts of text marked with a star * have been taken directly from the returned Christ's writings.

The following presentation brings forward various secrets pertaining to the last supper of Christ. Leonardo De Vinci, a great visionary painter of yesteryears, has given us a great interesting clue in his painting of that great event :

The last supper