Being a searcher of the truth, one day the decision was made to begin a thorough investigation of the true facts pertaining to the biblical story of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. Was Jesus really crucified with nails implanted into his hands and feet? The answer to that question has to be "NO" because metallic nails had yet to be invented. There is also the fact that the Bible does not contain any information that says that nails were implanted into the hands and feet of Jesus.

The following information pertaining to the discovery of nail making was discovered during research in the Americana encyclopaedia and from other good informative material written by various authors.


The credit of inventing nail-making machinery appears to belong to the United States of America, a patent having been granted in 1786 to Ezekiel Reed, of Bridgewater, Mass., for a "cut-nail" machine. It goes on to say : about the beginning of the 19th century nail-making machinery had been generally introduced in England, the first patent was granted to John Clifford in 1790.

There it is, well spelled out for us. Nails did not exist, anywhere in the world, 2000 years ago. Therefore, we have no choice but to say that Jesus could not possibly have been crucified with nails implanted into his hands and feet. There is also another important fact that should be considered, the bible has definitely not recorded anywhere that any nails were ever implanted into the hands and feet of Jesus. Our overzealous religious teachers have they been teaching us wrongly? The fact that Jesus was crucified with nails that did not exist is pure speculation on the part of our religious teachers and nothing else. Therefore the above pictorial is probably as close to the truth as it can possibly be. We can honestly say that Jesus was tied to the cross with ropes which was the method utilized by the Romans of those days. It is very probable that his feet were resting on an added piece of wood as shown in the pictorial. Therefore removing some of the weight from the upper part of His body and making the crucifixion less painful.

There is also another matter to consider. In the Moslem holy book, the Koran, it is written that although Jesus seemed to have been crucified, he did not die on the cross. I discovered that strange saying, which is however truthful because in the writings of God's new Revelation it is written that the Koran is the only holy Book that is still original. It is one of the reasons why I decided to follow up on those clues by researching all of them thoroughly.

The following is an important mention that was discovered in the Koran saying that, although Jesus seemed to have been crucified, he did not die from that dreadful experience. We have also discovered through research that there were no nails put into his hands and feet for the simple reason that those metallic objects had yet to be invented. The false story of the crucifixion has obviously being made up a long time ago by religious teachers. They have now been proven to be false because no proofs of those sayings could be found anywhere.

The following is the Koranic mention saying that, although Jesus seemed to have been crucified, He definitely did not die on the cross.

They denied the truth and uttered a monstrous falsehood against Mary. They declared : "We have put to death the Messiah Jesus the son of Mary, the apostle of Allah." They did not kill him, nor did they crucify him, but they though they did. Sūrah of Women - contained in one of the Koranic chapters.

In this research presentation, we are about to discover some greater truth pertaining to the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. We will do this by selecting and analysing very carefully various biblical writings as well as some Koranic writings. The first biblical text may be found under the heading of :


When Jesus had finished this discourse he said to his disciples, "You know that in two days time it will be Passover and the Son of man is to be handed over for crucifixion". Matthew 26 : 1-2

Did you notice that the prophecy mentioned the fact that the son of man (a reference to the Holy Spirit who spoke through Jesus) is to be handed over for crucifixion. It does not say that Jesus would die on the cross.

Then the chief priests and the elders of the nation met in the palace of the High Priest, Caiaphas ; and there they conferred together on a scheme to have Jesus arrested by some trick and put to death. "It must not be during the festival," they said, "or there may be rioting among the people." Matthew 26 : 3-4-5

The Apostle Mark, in his mention of the final conflict, does not give us the exact same message that the Apostle Matthew gave us. He does, however, mentions the fact that the high priests of the Jewish religion were plotting amongst themselves to get rid of Jesus by having Him crucified.

Now the festival of Passover and Unleavened Bread was only two days off ; and the chief priests and doctors of the law were trying to devise some cunning plan to seize him and put him to death. "It must not be during the festival," they said "or we should have rioting among the people". Mark 14 : 1-2

However the Apostle Luke does give us a similar message as the Apostle Mark, under the same heading. Although It is not exactly the same message as Matthew gave us.

Now the festival of Unleavened Bread, known as Passover, was approaching, and the chief priests and the doctors of the law were trying to devise some means of doing away with him ; for they were afraid of the people. Luke 22 :1-2

We shall soon discover that the real truth, pertaining to the crucifixion of Jesus, has been well hidden from us. It has been proven again and again that many of the biblical writings have been re-written masking out the real truth. Many biblical experts are now saying on national television that many biblical paragraphs were definitely re-written by certain members of the early Christian church so that they could make us believe what they wanted us to believe. The biblical experts are basing those sayings on the fact that the various biblical stories, supposedly written by various apostles, differ too much from one another. I am in full agreement with them and so are many searchers of the truth. In many presentations, various proofs have been brought forward saying that biblical writings have been corrupted by those who assembled them and who re-wrote them to please themselves. This most probably occurred at the beginning of the Christian era.


It is also strongly suspected that Christ wanted to hide the truth, pertaining to His forthcoming crucifixion, from His disciples and Apostles. It would seem that very few people knew what would happen with the possible exception of the Apostle Judas ; the mother of Jesus ; Mary of Magdala ; his brothers and sisters and Joseph, a member of the Jewish high Council who came from the Judaean town of Arimathaea. He was a secret disciple of Jesus who believed in Him and in His teachings. We shall soon discover the reason for the complete secrecy and what role the Roman governor, Pontius Pilate, played in that great controversy. Could Pilate, who obviously did not dislike Jesus, work out a plan whereby Jesus would seem to be crucified but would survive that ordeal? More truthful answers will be discovered during our research, it will no doubt surprise us all. Contrary to what we have been told, we shall discover that Pilate liked Jesus and did not want to do Him any harm. Many more proofs will be presented you further down the page.

We will shortly discover the reason why the secret of the crucifixion has been well camouflaged and the role that Pilate, the Roman governor, played in that controversy. We will discover more truthful answers that will surprise each and everyone of us.

At this point in time, it is necessary to mention the fact that the prophet Zoroaster brought a new religion to the people of Persia a long time before Jesus came on the scene. However, he died a cruel death. He was crucified by His own kind.

I strongly suspect that God did not want history to repeat itself so He devised a plan whereby Jesus would seem to be crucified but would somehow survive the ordeal. Does that seem strange to you? How could Christ have survived crucifixion? First of all, are there any proofs that we can analyse? Yes, there are but we are going to have to be very meticulous in our research so that we can discover the truthful answers pertaining to that subject.


By researching history, it has been discovered that nails were non existing in the Holy Land, 2 000 years ago. They had yet to be invented. There is also a very important fact that if nails had been driven into the hands and feet of Jesus, he would most probably have died soon after because the trauma, the pain and the loss of blood would have been too great. If a person could survive such an ordeal, it would not be for long. So the hands and feet, of the person who was being crucified, were most probably tied with ropes exactly as shown in the above pictorial. Under those conditions there was a greater chance for a person surviving crucifixion for a short period of time. There is also the fact that Jesus did not carry his own cross, someone else was chosen to do that. Biblical writings do testify to that fact. This may be one of the very few paragraphs that has not been re-written. Here it is :

Then they took him out to crucify him. A man called Simon, from Cyrene, the father of Alexander and Rufus, was passing by on his way in from the country, and they pressed him into service to carry his cross. Mark 15 : 21

Matthew Luke and John recorded the same message but in a slightly different manner. Who was Simon the Cerene and who were Alexander and Rufus? Why were they mentioned, are we supposed to know who they were? Is it possible that someone removed the mention of who they were from biblical writings? Could they have been friends or secret disciples of Jesus who strongly believed in Him and in His teachings?


We shall soon discover that the following biblical paragraph contains a great flaw that is contained within the words themselves.

From midday (noon)a darkness fell over the whole land, which lasted until three in the afternoon; and about three Jesus cried aloud...
One of them came at once and fetched a sponge, which he soaked in sour wine, and held it to his lips on the end of a cane.
Jesus gave a loud cry and breathed his last. Matthew 27 : 45-48-50

It is interesting to note that the various texts supposedly written by various apostles are not all the same, some have left out much information. It is also interesting to note that all the French texts say that vinegar was utilized in the sponge and all the English text say sour wine. Which of the two is true, perhaps none of them? The reason why I said that is because I strongly suspect that it was some other kind of liquid that was utilized by some of Jesus' friends or disciples and for reasons that we shall soon discover. I strongly suspect that Joseph of Arimathaea was the one who gave Jesus some kind of liquid at the end of a long stick.

It is suspected that the Roman governor, whose name was Pontius Pilate, made sure that Jesus was not mistreated physically. We now have the possibility of Jesus surviving for a short period of time on the cross. That fact now becomes a reality. There is a great possibility that He could survive crucifixion if He was tied to the cross with ropes and not with nails that did not yet exist. Was Christ drugged into unconsciousness to make it look like he had died at 3 O'clock in the afternoon, much earlier than other crucifixions. Did the sponge, that was presented to him in order to quench his thirst, contain a drug that actually put him into a comatose state or put Him into a deep sleep? It is a well known fact that the people of those days were familiar with various drugs and poisons that they often utilized against others whom they disliked.

Have you never wondered who was the person who fetched a sponge that supposedly contained sour wine or vinegar and why was he not mentioned by name? Why would anyone want to add to the extreme sufferings of the man on the cross? We shall soon discover that the sponge contained something else than vinegar that was a non existing substance.

It is obvious that many biblical texts have been falsified so that we could be made to believe what the early Christian church of Rome wanted us to believe. According to biblical writings, Christ reached the crucifixion site at high noon - from midday a darkness fell over the whole land - and was supposedly dead by three o'clock in the afternoon. Was He really dead at that time? Perhaps He was drugged into unconsciousness when someone presented Him a sponge at the end of a long stick. Could it have contained some king of a sleeping drug. It normally took many hours before the person being crucified died in agony. There is also the fact that biblical writings are saying that Jesus gave a loud cry after he was given something to drink. It is a great impossibility for someone being crucified to cry out in a loud voice after having suffered many hours of agony and pain.

What did the sponge actually contain? It is an impossibility that Jesus was given sour wine, also known as vinegar, for the simple reason that vinegar did not yet exist in those days, the making of that substance had yet to be discovered. Therefore, we have no choice but to say that the sponge contained something else than vinegar. It had to contain some other substance that put Jesus in a comatose or an unconscious state.

It is interesting to note that the process of making vinegar was only discovered after 1820. Many encyclopaedias are mentioning the fact that the scientist and chemist whose name was Pasteur, and who was the one who discovered pasteurization, also discovered how to manufacture vinegar. Many other chemists manufactured other types of vinegar later on in history.

The following information was recorded within the Americana Encyclopaedia. It mentions the fact that Pasteur was the first person to consider the formation of vinegar from alcohol as a peculiar process of fermentation...


For those of you who may not know who was the scientist whose name was Louis Pasteur, I am presenting you with a short history of that chemical scientist.

Louis Pasteur was a French Chemist and a scientist who later became a bacteriologist. He was born in the year 1822, in Dole in the province of Dura in France. He died in 1895.

He invented a process whereby he kept milk from spoiling. He heated the milk to a temperature of 140 degrees for a period of thirty minutes. He then cooled the milk quickly sealing it in sterile containers. That process is still in use today in various parts of the world, it is called pasteurisation.

He also discovered the cure for the silkworm disease, for anthrax and for rabies. He was also the discoverer of the process for the making of vinegar.

One day, a little boy by the name of Joseph was brought in to his laboratory. He had been bitten by a dog who had rabies. Louis Pasteur hesitated to give him the vaccine that he had developed. However, local doctors pointed out to him that if he did not administer the vaccine that the boy would surely die as did many others before him. He administered the vaccine and the boy lived. For the first time in the history of mankind, people no longer died after being bitten by an animal who had rabies. Those who were lucky enough to receive the vaccine, that Pasteur had developed, survived.

Pasteut had a unique way of talking to children whom he administered the vaccine to. They would ask him if the needle injection was going to hurt. He would say to them, "perhaps a little", but the magical soldiers that I will be injecting into you, like a mighty army, will march in, seek out and find the germs and destroy them.

Although Pasteur was not a doctor, he was a chemist who was highly respected from the physicians of his time. One day he was invited to attend an international medical conference in London. Having arrived at the meeting, he was asked to go to the front of the hall. As Pasteur made his way to the front, everyone present stood up and began applauding. "The Prince of Wales must be arriving," he said. The chairman then handed out his hand to Pasteur saying to him, " It is you they are cheering".

Such a man was Louis Pasteur, very humble and strongly believing in himself and in his capabilities.

God never forgets the many needs of humanity. When we have a great need, He sends us a prophet, a Messenger, a clairvoyant, a wise man, a writer or a scientist, etc, etc.


There is also the fact that the Roman soldiers would normally break the legs of those being crucified late in the evening, thus ending their agony by causing immediate death. But could the Roman soldiers have been given strict orders by Pilate, the Roman governor, not to hurt Jesus in any way but to make it look like the real thing so that the high priests would be led to believe that He had actually died on the cross? The wife of the Roman governor, Pontius Pilate, had warned her husband that he was innocent and told him not to do him any harm. There is also the fact that none of the high priests seemed to be present at the crucifixion, although some corrupted biblical writings do exist saying that some of them did. That fact alone would have made it easier for them to hide the truth that Jesus would survive that ordeal. There is also the fact that two others were also crucified on that day, possibly so that Pilate could make the crucifixion of Jesus look more realistic. The following information contains the wording given to Pilate by his wife. She warned her husband not to do any harm to Jesus saying that He was innocent of any false accusations made against Him by the high priests of the Jewish religion. She said that she was given that information in her nightly dreams during the previous night. The proof follows.

While Pilate was sitting in court a message came to him from his wife : "Have nothing to do with that innocent man ; I was much troubled on his account in my dreams last night. Matthew 27 : 19

Do you not think that Pilate would have followed the advice of his wife without letting the high priests know what he was really going to do? Yes most definitely so. It is strongly suspected that Pilate gave strict orders to his soldiers telling them to insure that no harm came to Jesus. Pilate did not dislike Jesus because he was not teaching to overthrow the Roman conquerors. Jesus would say in most of His teaching missions, "Love your neighbour". The Roman governor would have been well aware of Jesus' teachings. There is also the fact that Mary, the mother of Jesus, her sister as well as many other women who followed Jesus wherever He went were well know by the Roman court in the holy land. Some of them, such as Susanna, were married to Roman citizens. Joanna was married to Chuza, a Roman citizen and a steward of Herod. The sister of Mary, the mother of Jesus, was married to Clopas, another Roman citizen. There are some writings in existence today mentioning that fact. One of the proofs follows.

After this he went journeying from town to town and village to village, proclaiming the good news of the kingdom of God. With Him were the Twelve and a number of women who had been set free from evil spirits and infirmities : Mary, known as Mary of Magdala, from whom seven spirits had come out, Joanna, the wife of Chuza a steward of Herod's, Susanna, and many others. These women provided for them out of their own resources. Luke 8 : 1-2-3

There are some biblical writings telling us that Jesus appeared to the Apostle Thomas after his supposedly death by crucifixion. He was a twin brother that is labelled didyme in the Greek language. That fact has already being mentioned in the presentation of the last supper. John is the only Apostle who has mentioned that fact. Why is that? Is it truthful? Why is it that it was not mentioned elsewhere, none of the other Apostles have recorded those apparitions. Why is it that the writings of the final conflict have failed to record any of those facts. None of them mention the fact that Jesus was crucified with nails inserted into His hands and feet. It is obviously another corruption of the holy texts that has resulted in masking out the real truth.

Let us study the falsified text that was added in to the writings of the Apostle John. it is saying that the apparition of Jesus had holes in his hands and feet. What it does not say, anywhere else in Biblical writings, is when they were inserted. It is obvious, is it not. The reason why nails were not mentioned is because they could not possibly have been utilized because they did not yet exist.

One of the twelve, Thomas, that is 'the Twin', was not with the rest when Jesus came. So the disciples told him, "We have seen the Lord ." He said, "Unless I see the mark of the nails on his hands, unless I put I put my finger into the place where the nails were, and my hand into his side, I will not believe it."
A week later his disciples were again in the room, and Thomas was with them. Although the doors were locked, Jesus came and stood among them, saying, "peace be with you!" Then he said to Thomas, "Reach your finger here ; see my hands . Reach your hand here and put it into my side. Be unbelieving no longer, but believe." John 20 : 24 to 20 : 27

One of the proofs that the above biblical text was falsified is the fact that we have already discovered that nails had yet to exist, so there could not possibly be any holes in the hands and feet of Jesus. Another thing that stands out is the fact that all the apparitions were unrecognizable. So how did anyone know that it was Jesus that they were seeing and not an apparition of the holy Spirit?

It has been said, by various people who do a lot of research, that Pilate actually liked Jesus and did not want to harm Him in any way, plus the fact that his wife had told him that he was innocent. There is a lot of information that is available on the internet. Many searchers of the truth have made great discoveries pertaining to that subject. Others are repeating what religious teachers are saying without presenting any concrete proofs of the true facts whatsoever.

More information will be added to this presentation later on, after it has been properly researched and assembled into logical formats.


The Moslem religious book has often been referred to as the "Glorious Koran". In this new Revelation from God, we have been told that it is the only religion in the world that has not corrupted their original writings by re-writing them. Why did God give a religion to the people of the Arabic peninsula 622 years after the coming of Christ? The answer to that question is very simple. Those people had never accepted the teachings of any of the prophets of the past and had no knowledge of God whatsoever. So God sent them a religion of their own with their own holy book, the Koran. It was the way that God chose to bring a primitive race of people alive spiritually, they were mostly desert dwellers.

It has been discovered, by various searchers of the truth, that the Koran contains some important information pertaining to the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. It may be found in one of the sūrahs of the Koran. That chapter has for title "Women". It is going to tell us that Jesus did not die on the cross, God was obviously behind that great plan. He insured that what had previously happened to the major prophet Zoroaster would not occur again. Here is that Koranic mention.

And because of their saying : We slew the Messiah Jesus son of Mary, Allah's Messenger. They slew him not nor crucified, but it appeared so unto them ; and lo! those who disagree concerning it are in doubt thereof ; they have no knowledge thereof save pursuit of a conjecture ; they slew him not for certain. Sūrah of the Koran under the title of Women.

The following message, pertaining to the crucifixion of Jesus, was translated into English by Rodwell who is considered as one of the best translators by some people, with the exception that he utilizes a lot of archaic old English that went out of style more than 75 years ago. His translations pertaining to the Covenant, and which are mentioned in other parts of the Koranic text, are also wrong and seem to have been added in because a Covenant is a promise that God makes. Nobody can possibly break any promises that God has made because He is the maker of that promise. Therefore, we have no choice but to say that the breaking of a Godly covenant by any individuals is a great impossibility.

And for their unbelief, - and for their having spoken against Mary a grievous calumny, -
And for their saying, "Verily we have slain the Messiah, Jesus the son of Mary, an Apostle of God." Yet they slew him not, and they crucified him not, but they had only his likeness. And they who differed about him were in doubt concerning him : No sure knowledge had they about him, but followed only an opinion, and they did not really slay him...
Rodwell's English translation.

Rodwell's translation is slightly different than those of other translators. It seems to be also saying that Jesus did not die on the cross but that it was someone else who had His likeness. Do not believe that because it has been discovered to be untruthful, there are no proofs whatsoever that someone took Jesus' place on the cross. The result of a good investigation of the truth has told us that. However, one thing stands out in most Koranic translations, it is the fact that they all say that Jesus definitely did not die on the cross. Can we possibly discover all of the truth pertaining to that important question?

A word of warning. Be careful when studying Rodwell's translations, verify translations done by other authors because It has been discovered that He has added some of his own philosophy to the text of the Koran. History continuously repeats itself, various translators continue to corrupt holy texts by adding falsities that does not belong to it.

I have discovered another Koranic translation that does not name the translator. It seems to be saying that it was done by a team of translators rather than by one individual. Here is the false message that it is giving us pertaining to the crucifixion of Jesus. It is also saying that someone else who had the likeness of Jesus took His place.

And the unbelievers among the children of Israel devised a stratagem against Jesus, to slay him treacherously ; but God devised a stratagem against them ; for he put the likeness of Jesus upon one who intended his slaughter, and they slew him... Sūrah of the Koran under the title of Women

There it is. One fact seems to stand out in various translations. They all say that Jesus did not die on the cross. The high priests of the Jewish religion wanted Him dead because His teachings differed from their own but God intervened and insured that Jesus would survive that ordeal. I strongly suspect that any translations saying that someone else, who had the likeness of Jesus, was slain is untruthful. Some translators have obviously added some unnecessary words to the Koranic text, thus corrupting it and making the same mistakes as biblical translators.

Let us continue with our investigation to see if it is possible to discover greater truths pertaining to that subject. What we have learned so far is that Christ did not die on the cross although the Jewish high priests wanted him dead. The Koran, although all translations are not truthful, tells us that God intervened in the crucifixion and that Jesus did not die, He survived that ordeal. What happened to Him after those events? Read on and perhaps some other truths will be discovered.

It would seem that the man, whose name was Jesus, was in a comatose or deep sleep state by three O'clock in the afternoon on the day of His crucifixion. Which means that his body would have to be taken down before He awakened and some onlookers, who were unaware of the true facts, discovered that He was still alive. Biblical writings contain much information pertaining to the happenings after the supposedly death of Jesus. He was the Messenger of God for the age of Pisces, which was the Christian era whose symbol was the fish. The Apostle Luke is perhaps the only one who may have recorded the real truth pertaining to that subject. Here it is.

Now there was a man called Joseph, a member of the (Jewish) Council, a good, upright man, who had dissented from their policy and the action they had taken. He came from the Judaean town of Arimathaea, and he was one who looked forward to the kingdom of God. This man now approached Pilate and asked for the body of Jesus. Taking it down from the cross, he wrapped it in a linen sheet, and laid it in a tomb cut out of the rock, in which no one had been laid before. It was Friday... Luke 23 : 50 to 54,

Can you imagine the problem of removing nails if they had been utilize to crucify Jesus?

The Apostle John describes that same happening. However he adds new information to the text by saying that Joseph of Arimathaea was a secret disciple of Jesus.

After that, Pilate was approached by Joseph of Arimathaea, a disciple of Jesus, but a secret disciple for fear of the Jews, who asked to be allowed to remove the body of Jesus. Pilate gave the permission ; so Joseph came and took the body away. John 19 : 38

Other Apostles have reported the same facts differently. However, the above mention may very well be the closest one to the truth. Joseph of Arimathaea may have been in on the fact that Jesus was not dead and knew that his body had to be taken down before it was discovered that He was still alive. He may have been the one who administered some kind of drug on a sponge at the end of a long stick. It is strongly suspected that the body of Jesus was then taken to a safe place so that he could be revived from his unconsciousness or comatose sleep. It is very probable that the tomb, where Jesus body was supposedly taken, was not an emplacement that was closely by. Therefore we have to say that it would have been easy for the members of Jesus' family to have taken Him safely elsewhere. A linen was most probably deposited in the tomb to make it look like He had resurrected when someone checked out the tomb later on. We will be mentioning Joseph of Arimathaea again later on and the great things that he did to help Jesus, his mother, his wife Mary of Magdalene and the Apostles escape from the holy land. He was not only a secret disciple of Jesus but he was also a wealthy man. God obviously utilized him to further the Christian cause after the supposedly crucifixion and death of Jesus.

You may want to say that this is a well fabricated story and that it is not what you have been taught. It is normal to respond in such a fashion until the day that you decide to search and discover the truth on your own. We, human beings, have the tendency to accept only what we have been told without doing any investigation whatsoever. However, is that the way of the truth? It also seemed farfetched to myself at the time. However the research that was carried out did bring out the truth that was discovered.

It has been discovered that the Holy book referred to as the Koran, although I am not a Moslem, speaks the truth with the exception of some false translations. Some translators have added in extra paragraphs, such as Rodwell and many others like him. Unfortunately biblical writings have also been highly corrupted by having much of its text re-written, a fact that has also being mentioned to us by God's new Messenger in this new Revelation from God. You have discovered that fact if you have studied the information that was presented on the main entry page of this site.

More information will be added in to this presentation when additional truths are discovered. It is an investigation that will continue on and on because it is a never ending story. Therefore, it is suggested that you tune in to it from time to time and discover the new findings that are continuously been made.


We are now going to study the facts pertaining to the arrest of Jesus late Wednesday night or early Thursday morning. Did the high priests of the Jewish religion really mistreat Him and beat Him before they took Him to the Roman governor to be judged and sentenced by him. My own personal thoughts on the matter is "No they did not". If they did, it was not life threatening. Let me explain : I strongly believe that the Jewish high priests did not badly mistreat Jesus in any way before they took him to appear before the Roman governor, Pilate, because they knew what he was capable of. They would not have taken the chance to be crucified themselves for what they intended to do to Jesus. One thing must be remembered, the Roman governor ruled over everyone, without exception, and that included overzealous religious teachers such as the Jewish high priests of the Jewish religion. Pilate would not sentence anyone to be crucified before it could be proven that He was a murderer or a very bad person. His reputation was at stake, so it is very unlikely that he would sentence anyone to death without any positive proofs of being guilty of any crimes.


Are you interested in finding out where Jesus, and His wife Marie of Magdala, went after He survived the crucifixion? The answer to that question may be simpler than you can imagine. Biblical writings tell us that all of His disciples went into hiding after Jesus was arrested. The proof of that saying follows :

Then the disciples deserted him and ran away. Mark 14 : 50

How far away did they go?

The new Testament of the bible was originally written in the Greek language. So, can we not honestly say that the twelve Apostles, including His mother Mary, and Mary of Magdala, escaped the holy land and went to live in Greece? Could Joseph of Arimathaea have provided the necessary funds for their transportation to Greece. Biblical writings are telling us that he was a man of means, meaning that he was rich. There is also the fact that Mary of Magdala was of Greek ancestry and it is quite probable that she had retained knowledge of the Greek language that her family had probably taught her since she was a little girl.

There is another fact that should be taken in consideration. The book of Revelation was revealed in Greece to John and to Jesus Christ who was obviously still alive at that time. Why would God want to reveal the book of Revelation to Jesus Christ if he was dead? Therefore we have no choice but to say that Jesus had to be alive and residing on the Island of Patmos in Greece with other Apostles, including John. God may have told us indirectly that Jesus was still alive by telling us that the book of Revelation was revealed to Jesus Christ and to the Apostle John. The proof follows :

This is the Revelation given by God to Jesus Christ. It was given to him so that he might show his servants what must shortly happen. He made it known by sending his angel to his servant John, who, in telling all that he saw, has borne witness to the word of God and to the testimony of Jesus Christ. Revelation 1 : 1-2

I, John, - I was on the island called Patmos... Revelation 1 : 9

There are other proofs that were discovered saying that Jesus went to another country after the failed crucifixion. It was found in the writings of God's new Revelation, in the writings of the "Promised day has come". Here it is :

Consider and call to mind the days whereon the Spirit of God [Jesus] appeared, and Herod gave judgment against Him. God, however, aided Him with the hosts of the unseen, and protected Him with truth, and sent Him down unto another land, according to His promise. He, verily, ordains what He pleases. Your Lord truly preserves whom He wills, be he in the midst of the seas, or in the maw of the serpent, or beneath the sword of the oppressor....

We have already discovered that the other land that Jesus was sent to, after the failed crucifixion, was Greece.


In the writings of the new Revelation from God it has been recorded that the new testament of the bible was written by the Jewish Scholar Josephus Flavius because none of the Apostles could read or write. His personal writings are available on the internet, be prepared to spend many hours in perusing them because they are very lengthy. He also wrote the history of the earth beginning with the first prophet Adam. He says that he could write in his own language as well as in Greek, he mentions that fact in his own writings. His writings differ from those contained in the old testament for the simple reason that the Jewish Rabbis re-wrote some of the stories, mentioned in the old Testament, to suit themselves. If you decide to study the writings of Josephus, pertaining to ancient history, you will also discover that he says very little concerning Christianity. The reason for that is that he wrote the new testament later on in history, he most probably went to Greece where the Apostles had escaped to after the crucifixion. He obviously had access to the Apostles in order to write the new testament. It would seem that Greece was where they had all escaped to. If none of the apostles could read or write, then it means that John could not have written Revelation. Therefore it can be said that Joseph Flavius was most probably the one who also wrote Revelation that was dictated to him by the Apostle John whom God had elevated to the station of a prophet.

We have already studied the fact in a previous presentation, that of the last supper. The Apostle Philip has told us in his own discovered gospel that Mary of Magdalene went to France to teach Christianity after the crucifixion. Did she go alone and all by herself? No I strongly suspect that she did not. Since we have discovered that Jesus did not die on the cross, we have no choice but to say that Jesus also went to France after having travelled to Greece but most probably remained incognito in both places. I also suspect the fact that the mother of Jesus, who played a big part in his remaining alive, also went with them. Again, I say that It is strongly suspected that Joseph of Arimathaea provided the necessary funds for their transportation. In France there are some writings in existence saying that the mother of Jesus also went to France and died ten years after her arrival in that country. Those writings are also mentioning the fact that Jesus and His wife, Mary of Magdala, had many children together. There is an organisation in that country who are trying to discover the descendants of that holy family. That task may prove to be futile after two thousand years of history. Those writings are also saying that Jesus and Mary of Magdala died of old age, past the 90 year mark. We have no way of verifying that information because the many clues, that probably existed at one time, have all disappeared. The people of France are much ahead of us in their knowledge of the last supper and of the crucifixion. Many well know french authors have written some very enlightening information pertaining to those topics.

The French writer and author, Jean-Yves Leloup, translated the original gospel of the Apostle Philip and the gospel of the Apostle Mary of Magdalene. They were discovered in the Egyptian desert in 1945. They are known as the Gnostic manuscripts. His presentations, known as "The Gospel of Philip", and "The gospel of Mary of Magdalene were both translated into English by Joseph Rowe. Both versions are available from your local book stores. If they do not have in on the shelves, they will gladly order it for you.

Many pieces of the puzzle seem to be missing, They would have given us the truth concerning the crucifixion of Jesus. However, all the few pieces that we do have all seem to be saying that the Roman governor, Pilate, did not allow Jesus to die on the cross. He did not allow the high priests of the Jewish religion, that he seemed to dislike, to satisfy their whims. Have you never heard the following saying? "The truth is often stranger than fiction".
John, a searcher of the truth

Who was the new divine Messenger, God's new Manifestation, who brought new modern teachings to humanity at the beginning of the new era in which we presently live in, the age of Aquarius that began on the 23 of May in 1844? The following presentation gives you many of the recorded sayings of this new Messenger. They are very beautiful and make a lot of sense. It is the proof that God has again spoken to humanity and has given us greater teachings that will eventually allow humanity to enter into the golden era, a thousand years of "The Most Great Peace".

In that presentation you shall discover the very words of the returned holy Spirit whose coming the Apostle John had forewarned us about. God spoke to the world through another divine Messenger and addressed all the Christians telling them who he was. It is called the Tablet of Carmel. A short history of Mount Carmel, the holy mountain in the state of Israel, is also presented.

Who will believe those very important messages without taking the time to properly investigate and study them with an open mind and with eyes also wide open?

The Tablet of Carmel - the most holy tablet