The real truth pertaining to the biblical story of Creation will be discovered by the searcher of the truth while he is travelling on a spiritual journey, searching for the true meaning of many prophetical sayings.

It shall soon be discovered that many biblical sayings, mentioned in the writings of Genesis, are also written in a spiritual language such as metaphor and allegory

What is metaphor and what does it mean? Most dictionaries define it as :

...a figure of speech in which a name or quality is attributed to something to which it is not literally applicable.

What about allegory, what does it mean? It is defined as such in most dictionaries :

...a work of art in which a deeper meaning underlies the superficial or literal meaning. The carrying of one meaning by another in this way. Allegoria, speaking of one thing under the guise of another.

There it is, biblical writings are a work of art that can only be understood symbolically. Do you now understand why scriptures have been so hard to comprehend. Many religious teachers have tried, and are still trying, to explain those writings literally. They have failed because they cannot possibly be understood in that fashion. In this new Revelation from God we have been told that if we wish to understand biblical writings all that we have to do is pray to God and meditate on the symbolical content of those stories. Should we decide to do so, God has promised to give us the proper answers. He has also told us that if the religious teachers of the past and of the present had asked Him for the proper explanations, He would have given it to them. Is this not a very powerful statement coming from God speaking to the people of this world through His Manifestation, His Messenger?

The various mysteries contained within the story of Creation may be found in the first chapters of the writings of the book of Genesis. It includes the fascinating story of the prophet Noah and that of the biblical flood. Hidden in the symbolism of those fascinating stories are many secrets and many mysteries which have remained without answers until now.

Who are we? What is our origin? Adam and Eve, were they really our ancestors? Newly found answers are being presented in the mysteries of Creation. You shall also discover that the story of the great flood seem to be a reference to the sinking of a particular continent after a long murderous war had taken place on that emplacement. It is very possible that the great flood was the sinking of the continent of Atlantis. We shall soon discover that the war over that emplacement lasted well over a hundred years. it was a holy war similar to the Christian holy war against the Moslems which lasted well over a hundred years. It was wrong, the Christian war should never have taken place. The Christian church still refuses to admit its wrong doings. The pope who just died, John Paul, has apologized to the world for all the past wrong doings of the church including the inquisition and the insults that were poured on the scientist Galileo and others like him. The Christian church used to teach that all sciences, as we know it today, was the work of their supposedly devil.

What happened to the continent of Atlantis and to all of its people? It would seem that the people of that continent had gone astray by refusing to listen to the teachings of the prophet Noah. They may have destroyed themselves after a long murderous war which caused their continent to sink beneath the waters of the Atlantic ocean.


The story of Creation, as it is written in the book of Genesis, may not have been well understood by the majority of the people of this world, including its religious teachers. It would seem that very few people have ever studied it thoroughly in order to extract its many secrets and its hidden mysteries. In other words, it would seem that we have never studied it attentively enough in order to discover the secretly hidden truths. Does that symbolical biblical story have other possible meanings?

You will soon discover that the comprehension of those spiritual writings becomes permissible when you begin to do a deep study of the given ideas. Those writings also have to be understood scientifically, otherwise the proper interpretations becomes impossible. As those written words are studied very closely, you will begin to achieve a much better understanding of the creation of our own solar system and also of other celestial constellations which are all part of our celestial Zodiac. They were all created at the same time, probably millions and millions of years ago.

As we already know, the earth continuously rotates around the sun in its majestical celestial flight. Our own solar system, in its continuous celestial course, is constantly projected to the proximity of other heavenly Zodiac constellations. Let me explain : the path which our solar system follows is elliptical and that celestial belt in the sky, which is about 18 degrees wide, is centred on the ecliptic and it is known as the Zodiac.

The astronomical constellations, which are contained within that narrow celestial belt, are the constellations which belong to our own created Zodiac that is mentioned in that story. Those physical constellations are : Aries, Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn, Sagittarius, Scorpios, Libra, Virgo, Leo, Cancer, Gemini and Taurus. There are other constellations such as the Pleiades. It is a multi-solar system that has a total of seven suns, it is located between Taurus and Aries. Astronomers often refer to it as the seven sisters because of its seven suns. That particular solar system has also been labelled as, "a string of precious pearls", by a very wise modern day spiritual entity.

Aldebaran is located in the proximity of Taurus, the Orion constellation is located in the proximity of Gemini. During our perusal of the hidden mysteries of Genesis, we shall encounter the names of some of those constellations, mainly those that are mentioned in scriptures.

In the writings of Genesis, God says that He also created those heavenly constellations. We know that He keeps them operating in perfect order otherwise they would all collide with one another and then they would eventually destroy or combine themselves into one big mass. The orbits of the various solar systems are not by chance. They are perfect elliptical orbits that only a very knowledgeable super-power could have established. If the orbits of the planets which rotate around their suns were left at random, the end result would be complete chaos and disastrous consequences for those planets.

There are many people who have written stories concerning Creation. It can be honestly said that some of them have incorrectly described what is written in the holy books. However, some other writers, interpreting what is contained in Genesis, are very accurate in their descriptions. They do quote Creation word for word as it is written in the biblical writings of Genesis.

There are others who quote what some of the teachers of religion have told them concerning that topic and what they say is often far from what is written in those writings. In this presentation, we will analyse by ourselves what Genesis is really telling us concerning the topic of Creation. Either it is telling us the truth or the whole thing is nothing but a big lie, which I doubt very much. As we proceed on with our study, we will be able to verify the real truth by ourselves. You will most probably notice that it does not seem to resemble what we have been told by our religious teachers concerning the topic of Creation.

There are two types of people who write stories concerning creation. There are those who strongly believe that only a very powerful God or some very powerful universal entity or entities could possibly have created the earth and all of the heavens above. The other type of people, the atheists, are those who still claim that there is no God and that everything that exists came together by chance. They are those who believe in the false theory of the Big Bang or in a big sonic boom.

Let me describe to you a true story concerning someone who believed in the theory of the big bang. During my lifetime, I have worked on some very interesting electronic projects for various electronic companies who reside in the province of Ontario in Canada which is where I also resided then. One day, at my place of work, two electronic engineers were arguing together on the topic of creation. They were two very highly educated people who held high degrees in electronics. One of the two held a doctorate's degree and the other held a master's degree.

They were arguing together, while walking towards my desk. They stopped right in front of it. The man who held a doctorate's degree said to the other, " I have already told you how creation came into being, "All of a sudden there was a Big Bang and the universe with all that it contains came into being." Had I heard correctly? I could not possibly believe that two such highly educated people could say such false statements without doing a little bit of thinking for themselves. I could not remain silent any longer so I said to both of them : "It takes a lot of explosive material to create a big bang, where did the explosive material come from if nothing existed previously?" Needless to say they both looked very puzzled after having listening to me. Without answering, the two highly trained electronic engineers began walking away from my desk very slowly.

The engineer who held the doctorate's degree said to me on another day following that incident, "You think that you know the answers to everything." I answered him immediately by saying, "If I know the answers to everything, as you claim that I do, then I must be the world's biggest expert or the world's biggest liar."

Needless to say we never became friends and he disliked me until the very day that he resigned his job with that company, he left to work as a salesman for another electronic company. It would seem that I had made a fool of him and of his theory in front of his friend who later seemed to have similar thoughts as I did and who did not dispute what I had said to them.

One of the two engineers believed in a powerful God or Creator but the other did not have any beliefs whatsoever in a supreme being or in a powerful spiritual entity. He believed that everything that exists came into being all by itself and without a Creator to do it. Have you ever heard of anything that was created all by itself?

As we closely examine the biblical story of Creation, we are in for some great surprises. We will slowly discover that there was no BIG BANG because the earth already was in existence on the first day of Creation, which is what is written in the book of Creation. However, the earth did not have its present form, that is what the Creator changed : He changed its spiritual form into another, a physical form. In this new Revelation from God, we are told that it took millions of years before the universe attained its present shape. We will soon discover that everything that exists was created by the world's greatest scientist, which scriptures have labelled for us as the Lord our God. What God really created were the various forms of life as we presently know them on planet earth.

As we continue our interesting study of Creation, we shall also discover how human life came to this world, possibly from other worlds within our gigantic universe. As a matter of fact, there is a great possibility that life most probably came from other worlds originally, which we have yet to discover or comprehend. The master Creator does not have to create the same things over and over again. No, he merely has to move them from one emplacement of the universe to another.

We cannot honestly say that mankind has any creative power that is similar to the power of the Mighty Creator. When man or woman begins to search for the unknown, they discover scientific facts which already existed because they had already being created. Therefore, we must say that mankind is not the creator of that science but that he is the searcher and the discoverer of scientific facts which where previously unknown.

Let us also say that God loves the man or the woman who searches for greater knowledge or for greater truths. That discovered truth eventually becomes beneficial for all of Mankind. However, only those who search for the unknown will discover it.

Scriptures have told us that those who love the Almighty Spirit and who search for him will definitely find him. The proof is written in the Proverbs of the old testament. It was written by Solomon who was the son of king David, the king and prophet of the ancient land of Israel.

....Those who love me I love, those who search for me find me. Proverbs 8 : 17

There it is! The proof that the Almighty Father of us all says that if you love him, and if you are searching for him, He promises that you will definitely find him. It obviously means that if you love the Great Creator and if you are really searching for Him, He will insure that you do find him as a reward for your attempt. Not only will you find Him but you will also begin to understand him better as many others have done in their own search for Him.

As a matter of fact, you will begin to understand God better as every day goes by and as you continue on searching for greater truth. The search for the truth is not only interesting and fascinating but it is also very rewarding. It is a human necessity and, as it gets passed on, it can result in leading the people of our world to build a much better future for all living beings on this great planet of ours.

By doing a serious study of the biblical story of Creation, step by step, we may gain a better understanding of its hidden secrets which have remained in hiding from us for so long. The time for the discovery of those secrets is very much at hand, they are awaiting to be discovered by people like you and I and by many others like ourselves who also wish to discover the truth through the personal process of research.

Let us begin our search for greater truth by studying the first verse of the book of genesis. If we study it closely, we will discover many of its hidden secrets which are embedded within the words themselves. Many mysterious sayings will unfold themselves one at the time. Then we will study other verses independently which will result in learning more and more as we slowly leaf through those fascinating writings. We will also discover that many of those symbolic verses are very meaningful and that they should not necessarily be understood literally, word for word, because they are symbolically described.

In the beginning of creation, when God made heaven and earth, the earth was without form and void, with darkness over the face of the abyss. God's mighty breath or wind swept over the surface of the abyss. Genesis 1 : 1-2

The writings of the first chapter of Genesis have told us that, in the beginning of Creation, the earth already was but without a physical form. It says that both the earth and the heavens above were already in existence. However it also says that the earth, at that point in time, was void of any type of life whatsoever. The earth was in complete darkness, which probably means that it did not yet have a sun to shine upon it.

The first verse of Genesis is actually telling us that all of the material, which the earth is composed of, was already in existence on the first day of Creation. Could God's mighty breath or wind, which is mentioned in the story, represent the spatial swirling winds that normally rotates around a black hole in space? Interesting and fascinating saying, is it not?

Is it not possible that all of the material which created the earth, and all the constellations contained within our Zodiac, also came out of a black hole after it went in to it somewhere else in our immense universe? It would seem that very advanced technology was utilized to create our world and all of the other worlds which are contained within the Zodiac.

Let us re-write that first verse so that we can gain a greater understanding of its meaning.

In the beginning of the creation of our Zodiac, when God expanded the heavens and the earth below it, the earth was without a true physical form. It was void of any life whatsoever, it was in complete darkness like the face of the abyss. God's mighty breath or wind, the swirling winds surrounding a black hole, circulated over the surface of the abyss. Genesis 1 : 1-2 Re-written for better comprehension.

Was the sun created on the first day of Creation or was it created on some other day?

God said, "Let there be light", and there was light; and God saw that the light was good, and He separated light from darkness. He called the light day, and the darkness night. So evening came, and morning came, the first day. Genesis 1 : 3 to 1 : 5

The above given description seems to be saying that the creation of the sun occurred on the first day, is it not? No, that is not true because the sun was definitely not created on the first day. The creation of the sun took place only on the fourth day as we shall soon discover by reading other biblical verses of that same chapter.

What God actually created on the first day is the period of time for the rotation of the planet. He created two periods of time, one of daylight and the other of darkness. On the first day, He adjusted the rotation of the earth so that it rotated on itself once every 24 hours. Does it not explain, "So evening came and morning came the first day"?

We shall now discover the next step of creation where greater enlightenment is awaiting us. We shall soon realize that we were obviously not told the truth by those who taught us and we will also realize that scriptures do contain the truth. However, we must search for it very carefully if we wish to find and comprehend it.

The following biblical verse may seem to be very controversial at this moment in time. However, I am quite confident that we are all capable of discovering its true meaning.

God said, "Let there be a vault between the waters, to separate water from water." Genesis 1 : 6

The separation of the waters before the earthly continents are created is not an easy matter for us to comprehend. However, the answer to that mystery can be found in the writings of Job who tells us that the waters disguised themselves into stones and the surface of the waters became hardened exactly like stones. You will soon notice that those sayings are very symbolic and that they are actually telling us how the separation of the waters took place and how our planet the earth actually came into being.

The waters disguised themselves into stones and the surface of the waters became hardened as stones. Job 38 : 30

In the new Revelation that was given to mankind we are told that it took millions of years for the celestial waters to change themselves into stones, meaning into its present form.

Those of you who enjoy reading poems or a good interesting dialogue, I suggest that you read the writings of the biblical Job, they contain forty two very interesting chapters. Should you do so, then you will most certainly begin understanding greater truths concerning our God who is the greatest scientist of them all and who is also the Most Powerful and the All Wise. He is the great Creator and He is also the one who gave each and everyone of us the breath of life.

It would seem that the Creator is the greatest scientist that has ever lived, He has the power to change one form of energy into another form of energy. In other words, water from the spiritual world is changed into material that is now contained in this world. Thus the earth and all of the elements which it contains are created.

Let us find out what the great Creator, the world's greatest Architect, did next to our earthly planet.

So God made the vault, and separated the water under the vault from the water above it, and so it was ; and God called the vault heaven. Evening came, and morning came, a second day. Genesis 1 : 7-8

If the Creator created additional space in the sky (vault) above, is this not causing an expansion of the universe? Are our earthly scientists not telling us that the universe is continuously expanding. They are also telling us that they are discovering new solar systems as they continuously scan the universe. Is it not what the writings contained in the book of Genesis are also telling us?

Then, we have no choice but to say that the Creator continuously creates new worlds in a universe that is continuously expanding. This does not mean that everything that God created came about in a period of twenty four hours which has been labelled in those writings as a day. However, at this point in time, It can be said that everything which God created probably came about as a series of events over a great span of time.

The creation of the universe most probably occurred over a period of many millions of years, that is assuming that it had a beginning, perhaps it has always existed but in some other form.

Let us study the events concerning the third day of creation, that is to say the third series of events whereby the Creator created only one continent and only one place for the waters to assemble themselves. He labelled that particular location as the seas.

God said, "Let the waters under heaven be gathered into one place, so that dry land may appear"; and so it was. God called the dry land earth, and the gathering of the waters He called seas ; and God saw that it was good. Genesis 1 : 9-10

The waters which are said to be under heaven could be the rains which exists as vapours in the clouds, could it not? When the rains began to fall on earth, rivers and lakes began forming themselves very slowly but very surely. They formed themselves in low ground locations to eventually empty themselves into the areas that formed the seas.

It is interesting to note that our modern day scientists have been saying for quite some time now that the earth, which was in existence millions of years ago, originally contained only one continent. Is it not what the writings contained in the book of Genesis are also telling us? Therefore it is the proof that the earth is definitely very old and that Creation came about after many millions of years. The singular earthly continent eventually separated itself into many other continents and, as we know today, the earth does contain many continents which have taken millions of years to separate themselves from its original single continent.

If we continue with our study of the next series of events concerning Creation we will discover what actually happened on the third day of Creation or let us say during the third series of events, which most probably also took many millions of years to occur.

Then God said, "Let the earth produce fresh growth, let there be on the earth plants bearing seeds, fruit-trees bearing fruits each with seed according to its kind." So it was ; the earth yielded fresh growth, plants bearing seed according to their kind and trees bearing fruit each with seed according to its kind ; and God saw that it was good. Evening came, and morning came, a third day. Genesis 1 : 11 to 1 : 13

This may at first sight seem as if the vegetable kingdom is beginning to mature during the third series of events. However, that cannot possibly be true because the sun had yet to be created. Then we have no choice but to say that no signs of any kind of life was yet possible on the third day of creation. Is God talking about planet earth or perhaps about all the earths which He has created? The answer to that question is contained in the following verse of the second chapter of Genesis.

When the Lord God Made earth and heaven, there was neither shrub nor plant growing wild upon the earth, because the Lord God had sent no rain on the earth; nor was there any man to till the soil. A flood used to rise out of the earth and water all the surface of the ground. Genesis 2 : 5-6

I suspect that there has been a corruption of this text by the Jewish Rabbis who probably added an extra paragraph to that story. There could not have been any water coming out of the ground as yet because the moon had yet to be created and as we know it is the moon's attraction on the earth that pulls the streams of water out of the ground.

The following events pertain to the creation of the sun and the moon, it occurred only on the fourth day or after the fourth series of events.

God said, "Let there be lights in the vault of heaven to separate day from night, and let them serve as signs both for festivals and for seasons and years. Let them also shine in the vault of heaven to give light on earth." So it was ; God made two great lights, the greater to govern the day and the lesser to govern the night ; and with them He made the stars.

God put these lesser lights in the vault of heaven to give light on earth, to govern day and night, and to separate light from darkness; and God saw that it was good. Evening came, and morning came, a fourth day. Genesis 1 : 14 to 1 : 19

The fourth series of events has now occurred. The sun and the moon have finally being created to give us the strong light of the day coming from the sun and the lesser light of the night coming from the moon.

The moon's attraction brings us the oceanic tides. Also, it is a known fact that without that attraction there would be no streams to form the lakes and the rivers because it is the moon that attracts and pulls the waters from the underground streams. It is how those streams begin forming. Thus the rivers and lakes eventually fill themselves to capacity. As we already know, those streams and rivers eventually empty themselves into our vast oceans. Therefore, without the attraction of the moon, there definitely would be no rivers and there would be no lakes because there would be no attractive force to pull the waters from the underground streams.

It is interesting to note that all the seeds, that were planted on the third day, would soon begin to germinate since they now had all of the necessary ingredients which is the heat and the light coming from the sun. However, those seeds could not possibly begin to germinate until they received the necessary moisture that would allow them to do so. The planted seeds are now badly in need of the heavenly rains, are they not?

In this same series of events, God says that he also created the stars. Which stars and which solar systems or constellations did God create when he created our solar system? The answer to that puzzling question may be found in the writings of Job. The answer may be found within some of the paragraphs of his wonderful dialogue that he supposedly had with God. He seems to be telling us which constellations may have being created at the same time as our solar system.

Who made Aldebaran and Orion, the Pleiades and the circle of the southern stars; Job 9 : 9

In the 38th chapter of Job's writings, we have been given additional information concerning the topic of creation. This time the story mentions the Zodiac which contains our solar system and many other solar systems such as ours. It contains a variety of constellations that have many suns with many planets rotating around them. However, we have yet to discover or identify them.

Our solar system, in its heavenly travels, continuously moves on the inner side of the Zodiac. It travels around the inner side once every 26 000 years, with an orbit that is ellipsoid. The biblical flood, mentioned in Biblical writings, probably occurred many thousands of years ago when our solar system was near the Aquarius constellation. It has once again fully moved closely to the Aquarius constellation. It occurred on the 23 of May in 1844. We entered into a new age or a new era at that great historical moment. We entered and are now in the age of Aquarius. It can be proven by astronomy because, on that very day, all of the planets of our solar system all lined up close to the Aquarius sector. There is also the fact that a comet always announces a new age. On that very day, on the 23 of May in 1844, the double comet Biela made its appearance in our skies. It was the announcing the beginning of a new age also referred to as an era.

The great seer, Nostradamus, has predicted great floods which we will be the recipient of during the age of Aquarius. Since we are presently more than 150 years after the beginning of the age of Aquarius (1844), the floods will be with us for quite some time yet, they will continue to be with us well into the following centuries. The floods that we often hear about in the international news, almost every month, have occurred in various parts of the world and will intensify and become more severe as time goes by.

We will soon discover that those floods will last for a period of no less than 150 years, as it did in the time of Noah. Yes, those flash floods which we have been getting during the past few years will get worse as every year goes by. The floods that I am talking about are both spiritual and physical in nature. I will attempt to explain this more fully later on as we study the story of Noah and of the supposedly universal flood which actually happened on only one of our earthly continents.

In the following biblical quotation, Job tells us that only the Mighty Creator is capable of bringing about such a marvellous Creation whereby everything in the universe is in perfect unison and in perfect balance. This fascinating universe of ours can only be the result of a master Creator of great excellence who most certainly formulated a gigantic and a majestic plan when He created the universe and all that it contains. Not only did He create a vast universe but He constantly keeps it in perfect balance.

If God did not keep the universe in perfect balance, many solar systems would soon begin to collide with one another resulting in their destructions. But did the great Creator do all of this by himself? We shall surely discover the answer to that question but only later on during our careful study of the writings of Genesis. In the following quotation, the biblical Job reminds us of the great excellence of the very skilful Creator.

Can you bind the cluster of the Pleiades or loose Orions belt? Can you bring out the signs of the Zodiac in their season or guide Aldebaran and its train? Job 38 : 31-32

Let us return to the fifth series of events. So far, we have only studied the events pertaining to God's great creation of our planetary system and to that of the Zodiac of which our solar system rotates around and returns to the same point of departure every 26 000 years.

What did God create next? Genesis says that He created the countless species of fishes who live in streams, rivers, lakes and oceans. It also says that He created the countless species of birds who presently exist on our planet.

God said, "Let the waters teem with countless living creatures, and let birds fly above the earth across the vault of heaven. "God then created the great sea-monsters and all living creatures that move and that swarm in the waters, according to their kind, and every kind of bird; and God saw that it was good. So He blessed them and said, "Be fruitful and increase, fill the waters of the seas; and let the birds increase on land." Evening came, and morning came, a fifth day. Genesis 1 : 20 to 1 : 23

During the fifth series of events, all species of fishes and various types of birds are then created. Following that episode, everything that lives in the sea, including the great sea monsters, are also created. They are the various kinds of fishes, the various species of whales and the various varieties of sharks who also live in our vast oceans. It must have taken a long time after the moon was created for the great oceans to make their appearances.

If we continue with our study of the sixth series of events, we shall soon discover new happenings whereby man was finally created. What kind of man was created? Scientists have been telling us that we are the descendants of many types of primitive men. They are also saying that there is a missing link between Homo Sapiens (Neanderthal) and the type of man which we are today.

We shall soon discover that there is no missing link because we are not the descendants of any of those prehistoric creatures. None of them had a brain which resembles that of man, they all had a very small brain and a very small head so they could not possibly be our ancestors. I am certain that you will be surprised at the answer which scriptures are actually giving us concerning the creation of man. You will soon realize that scriptures are not telling us the same thing as our teachers have been telling us for quite some time now.

Somehow the truth, as it is written in Genesis, is very much different than what we have been told. Obviously, it is a truth that has been previously overlooked.

What really happened on the sixth day or during the sixth series of events concerning creation?

God said," Let the earth bring forth living creatures, according to their kind : cattle, reptiles, and wild animals, all according to their kind." So it was: God made wild animals, cattle and all reptiles, each according to its kind : and He saw that it was good. Then God said, " Let us make man in our image and likeness to rule the fish in the sea, the birds of heaven, the cattle, all wild animals on earth, and all reptiles that crawl upon the earth."

So God created man in His own image ; in the image of God He created him ; male and female He created them. God blessed them and said to them, be fruitful and increase, fill the earth and subdue it, rule over the fish in the sea, the birds of heaven, and every living thing that moves upon the earth."

God also said, "I give you all plants that bear seed everywhere on earth, and every tree bearing fruit which yields seed : they shall be yours for food. All green plants I give for food to the wild animals, to all the birds of heaven and all reptiles on earth, every living creatures." So it was; and God saw that all that He had made, and it was good. Evening came, and morning came, a sixth day. Genesis 1 : 24 to 1 : 31

All types of living creatures who walk and crawl upon the earth were created on another day which was the sixth series of events or, as it says, on the sixth day. Only after those events was Man and Woman created.

Are we the descendants of Adam and Eve, which is what we have been told by our teachers? Scriptures definitely say that we are not, it says that all of mankind are the descendants of the three sons of Noah. Then what kind of man are we the descendants of? I am sure that you will be surprised and even amazed at the answer given us in scriptures. Why was this truth kept from us in the past? I do not know but I suspect that the fault is our own, we should have studied that story much sooner. We should have studied those writings by ourselves, we should not have asked others what it meant. Had we done so, we would have discovered the real truth long ago.

The sons of Noah who came out of the ark were shem, Ham and Japheth ; Ham was the father of Canaan. These three were the sons of Noah, and it is from them that the whole earth was populated. Genesis 9 : 18-19

Biblical writings have just told us that the population of the earth are all the descendants of the three sons of Noah and not the descendants of Adam and Eve. Why were we told by our religious teachers that we are all the descendants of Adam and Eve?

The following presentation gives us the true answers pertaining to Creation as they were given to us, word for word, by the eldest son of the returned Christ who was God's new Manifestation. For the first time in the history of mankind, God has allowed that many unanswerable questions be answered. Mankind's knowledge can thus be enriched spiritually by reading and studying those wonderful words of wisdom given us by the eldest son of the returned Christ who was often labelled the Master by His own father.

The following presentation brings forward the facts pertaining to :

The true origin of man