This presentation is about to tell us that the biblical flood lasted for a period of 150 days which represents a period of 150 years. According to biblical texts, a day represents a year. After that time, Genesis tells us that the earth began to dry up. That saying is symbolic and most probably represents the ending of a flood of events that lasted for a period of 150 of our years.

The time mentioned, 150 (days) years, represents a period of time whereby calamity after calamity affected a certain continent of the planet. It was probably a war similar to the Christian holy war which lasted over a hundred years.

It was on the seventh of July that the ark grounded itself on a chain of mountains that were called Ararat. It is a chain of mountains existing in eastern Turkey and western Iran.

When the waters had increased over the earth for 150 days, God thought of Noah and all the wild animals and the cattle with him in the ark, and He made a wind pass over the earth, and the waters began to subside. The springs of the abyss were stopped up, and so were the windows in the sky; the downpour from the skies was checked. The water gradually receded from the earth, and by the end of a hundred and fifty days it had disappeared. On the seventeenth day of the seventh month the ark grounded on a mountain in Ararat. The water continued to recede until the tenth month, and on the first day of the tenth month the tops of the mountains could be seen. Genesis 8 : 1 to 8 : 5

The prophecy mentions that the waters, the disastrous events, continued to recede until the month of October of the same year. The people of that continent may have destroyed themselves to the last person. The troubled world (the waters) were becoming calm again. Let us keep in mind that the flood itself lasted for forty years (days) but the total calamitous events lasted for 150 years (days) after which time the world became calm, so says the writings contained in the book of Genesis.

The dove returns to the ark carrying the sign of peace in its beak

After forty days Noah opened the trap door that he had made in the ark, and released a raven to see whether the water had subsided, but the bird continued flying to and fro until the water on the earth had dried up. Noah waited for seven days, and then he released a dove from the ark to see whether the water on the earth had subsided further. But the dove found no place where she could settle, and so she came back to him in the ark, because there was water over the whole surface of the earth. Noah stretched out his hand, caught her and took her into the ark.

He waited another seven days and again released the dove from the ark. She came back to him in the evening with a newly plucked olive leaf in her beak. Then Noah knew for certain that the water on the earth had subsided still further. He waited yet another seven days and release the dove, but she never came back. And so it came about that, on the first day of the first month of his six hundred and first year, the water had dried up on the earth, and Noah removed the hatch and looked out of the ark. The surface of the ground was dry. Genesis 8 : 6 to 8 : 13

After a flood of disastrous events which lasted for a period of one hundred and fifty years on a certain continent of our planet, Noah tested the world to see if it was ready for peace. The symbolic raven represents darkness in the world of man. The raven is black in colour so it can't possibly represent anything good. So we have to conclude that, in the time of Noah, the people who lived on a certain continent must have been at war with one another.

Then seven days later, meaning seven years, Noah released a dove but it came back to him which means that the world was not yet ready for peace. Noah closed the ark again and waited for another seven years before he released the dove again. This time the dove came back with an olive leaf in its beak. The dove which carries an olive leave in its beak most probably represents peace because it is the symbolic sign of peace, even the United Nations utilize that sign. So after all that time, peace finally reigned on the continent that Noah lived. This is what I meant when I previously said that many biblical stories are symbolic and have other meanings hidden inside of the literal words.

In the spiritual world where all spiritual entities dwell, communication between themselves is different than it is in this world. They communicate with one another with the power of thought, utilizing symbols. Every symbol having its meanings. If we read the writings that we are presently studying, as if we were spiritual entities, we then become capable of properly understanding those writings.

We also have to remember that these stories were originally given to us by God's prophets who were animated by the Great Spirit Himself which we have labelled as the Holy Spirit. We also discovered during our present study that God has at his disposition seven other great spirits who work closely with Him, in unison, and with one another. If any of God's major prophets had made the statement to us saying, "I am God", they would have been partially right because they were most certainly animated by one of God's seven Spirits. In other words, the Holy Spirit of God was always dwelling closely by.

If we continue with our study of the fascinating story of Noah we shall discover other wonderful answers which are awaiting to be found by those who wish to take the time to search for them.

By the twenty-seventh day of the second month the whole earth was dry. And God said to Noah, "Come out of the ark, you and your wife, your sons and their wives. Bring out every living creature that is with you, live things of every kind, bird and beast and every reptile that moves on the ground, and let swarm over the earth and be fruitful and increase there." Genesis 8 : 14 to 17

Noah coming out of the ark represents his coming out from his hiding place. Noah came out of hiding with his sons, his wife, and his sons wife and with all of the animals which he had taken with him.

Then Noah built an altar to the Lord. He took ritually clean beasts and birds of every kind, and offered whole offerings on the altar. When the Lord smelt the soothing odour, He said within himself, "never again will I curse the ground because of man, however evil his inclinations may be from his youth upwards. I will never again kill every living creature, as I have just done. While the earth lasts seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night, shall never cease." Genesis 8 : 20 to 8 : 22

It was on the 27th day of February of the year 601 that Noah was told that it was time for him to come out of hiding with all of his family and with all of the domesticated animals which he had taken aboard the ark.

The story says that Noah disembarks from the ark and builds an altar to the Lord. He then takes ritually clean beasts and offers them to the Lord on his newly built altar. There is something wrong with that part of the story. If Noah was carrying only a male and a female of every specie aboard the ark, it means that he is now sacrificing some animals who could become extinct because none of those animals can reproduce themselves in only forty days. It is another proof that the story of Noah and of the great flood is symbolic and that it has other greater meanings.

The dove which came back to the ark with an olive leaf in its beak represents that the continent on which Noah lived had finally found peace after a flood of devastating events. There must have been a great war which was raging on that continent at that time, a war whereby all the scientifically advanced people of that continent annihilated one another. The people of that continent went to war amongst themselves (a civil war) and they annihilated not only each other but their continent as well. Let us say, for purposes of clarity, that the forces of darkness fought against the forces of light resulting in the complete annihilation of everyone who lived on that continent..

This story may pertain to the ancient continent of Atlantis which was found many years ago buried beneath the troubled waters of the Atlantic ocean. Some years ago, part of the continent of Atlantis was found beneath the waters of the Bimini islands. Until then, we were all under the impression that the story of that continent was only a myth, we now have proof that the continent of Atlantis actually existed. It would seem that the people of Atlantis had turned satanic, they had begun utilizing their advanced scientific skills to destroy one another. It may have been different political factions fighting one another openly, not only with words but with very advanced scientific weaponry.

During that devastating war in Atlantis, the continent was also destroyed and began to sink beneath the waters of the Atlantic ocean. So Noah probably rode his ark until it eventually settled on a chain of mountains called Ararat. Therefore, the story is symbolic and only a certain portion of it is literal. When a portion of the continent of Atlantis was found, some years ago near the Bimini islands, deep sea divers found great pyramids like those of ancient Egypt. They found them buried beneath the shifting sands of those waters, they also found the same type of walls which have already been found in Egypt. Those walls are perfectly assembled together, exactly like the pieces of a puzzle which is the proof that those people had very advanced technology.

We now know where the people who built the great pyramids of Egypt came from and who were the people that built them, they were the survivors of Atlantis. They may have been those who believed in the teachings of the prophet Noah.

The deep sea divers, working for the Edgar Cayce association, found a grayish crystal shaped like a ball that was located on the very top of one of the underwater pyramids. They succeeded in removing it. Some time later some scientists showed the crystal to the world on national television, it was the most amazing thing that I have ever seen.

The scientist brought a thick iron bar close to the round grayish crystal, the iron bar was approximately 18 inches long. As he brought the iron bar close to the crystal it seemed that the bar had bent itself around the crystal, it looked like it was round also. As the scientist removed the bar, which had been held close to the crystal, it seemed to have regained its original flat shape. It was an amazing demonstration. That crystal gave us an illusion, it was capable of bending light and possibly absorbing it also.

During my many years of research, I have also found additional proof that the continent of Atlantis actually existed. One of God's greatest envoy for our time has written a tablet containing information which pertains to the continent of Atlantis and thereby giving us proof that the continent once existed. However, that tablet has not been translated into English yet so it is not possible for me to explain its content until I get a chance to study its English equivalent. I am attempting to have someone give me a rough translation which will give me material to work from. Should I be successful, I will add my findings to this story. I have yet to find anyone who can translate that information but perhaps someone will eventually step forward.

In this story, God told Noah that He would never allow that such a flood of devastating events ever happens again. He will never allow that all of the people of one continent ever destroy one another to the last person. In other words, God will never allow that a similar event ever happens again whereby all the people who live in a certain area are all destroyed including their earthly continent.

Some years ago, I had a dream in which I saw torrential rains falling upon the location where I was living at in that dream. The rains kept on coming and the waters kept on rising. Myself and another person, who I also met in this lifetime, got into a small sailboat and escaped from the area which was constantly being rained upon. Sometime later, having travelled far into the ocean, we both looked back and saw that the continent had sunk beneath the waters of the ocean leaving only three small islands.

As we continued our escape into the ocean, we suddenly saw tremendous waves coming towards us from the direction of the continent, they were probably caused by the capsizing continent. When those waves reached us, they capsized our small boat and sank it. However, we were able to continue our escape by swimming away from the collapsing continent. In the dream, I swam until I could feel my body weakening and could no longer continue. It was then that I blacked out from exhaustion and lost consciousness.

However, I awakened sometime later and found myself tucked in a bed looking at certain people which I had no recognition of. They asked me, "Where do you come from?" I tried explaining to them that I had come from a continent beyond the sea. It would seem that the other man, who had been with me in the sail boat and who had swam with me in the water, did not survive the ordeal. I never saw him again. I am under the impression, after having had such a dream which was probably triggered by my research, that my spirit essence once lived in another shell on the continent of Atlantis. It would also seem that the shell that my spirit was inhabiting may have been one of the very few who had survived that great calamitous event. Do not mistake that mentioned event as reincarnation which is an impossibility. Nobody can possibly return to the same world, having the same personality as before. It is aq known fact that no one has ever returned under such conditions. It is called the "Return" of the spirit essence and not of the same personality.

In the following presentation we shall discover that God blessed Noah and established a covenant with him :

God establishes a covenant with Noah