The story of the giant tower of Babel is not continuous to the previous stories which we have already studied. It belongs to the days before the great flood and, for that reason, it is not sequential to other biblical stories. It is about to tell us that at one time the people of this world communicated (spoke) with one another by utilizing a singular method of communication.

This story belongs to the days when the giant men walked upon the earth. The tower of Babel may have been a watchtower whereby the giant men could see anything that was coming towards them from very far away.

Once upon a time all the world spoke a single language and used the same words. As men journeyed in the east, they came upon a plain in the land of Shinar and settled there. They said to one another, "Come, let us make bricks and bake them hard"; they used bricks for stone and bitumen for mortar. "Come," they said, "Let us build ourselves a city and a tower with its top in the heavens, and make a name for ourselves; or we shall be dispersed all over the earth." Then the Lord came down to see the city and tower which mortal men had built, and he said, "Here they are, one people with a single language, and now they have started to do this; henceforward nothing they have in mind to do will be beyond their reach. Come, let us go down there and confuse their speech, so that they will not understand what they say to one another."

So the Lord dispersed them from there all over the earth, and they left off building the city. That is why it is called Babel (Babylon), because the Lord there made a babble of the language of all the world; from that place the Lord scattered men all over the face of the earth. Genesis 11 : 1 to 11 : 9

This particular story was written very similarly to a fairy tale, it begins by saying "once upon a time". In the previous Genesis story Nimrod had built a mighty kingdom in the land of Shinar and his kingdom consisted of the city of Babel, Erech and Accad. After the building of those cities he then migrated to Asshur and built Niveneh. Then he built another great city between niveneh and Calah. So what era does the story of the giant tower belong to?

It can only possibly belong to earlier days, to the times whereby the giant men walked upon the earth. Genesis says that the people of those days spoke a single language, possibly meaning symbolically that they utilized a single means of communicating with one another. That story belongs to an era previous to the coming of the prophet Noah because the descendants of Noah had formed many nations and each nation was speaking their own language, so says Genesis.

Also if you remember the story of Moses, which we partially studied, then you will also remember that the giant men were the only ones who built great fortifications reaching to the sky. How did the descendants of Noah get to speak individual languages? There is only one possible answer to that question. God's numerous prophets, who where sent to the various nations at different locations and at different historical times, taught the people of those days the various languages that are still spoken in our world today.

Why did God not allow only a single language to be spoken throughout the whole planet, would it not have been easier for the people of this planet to speak only one language so that all of the people of the earth could have a better understanding of one another?

The answer to that question may be very simple. God knew that, someday, we would begin to travel to the stars. He thus insured that the people of the earth could speak all of the different languages which are also spoken by other people in other parts of our gigantic universe. So we can honestly say that God's prophets brought us those languages and, someday, when we finally learn to travel to other stars, many of us will be able to comprehend the various languages of the countless creatures (people) who also live in our vast universe.

When we have attained that goal, which is to travel through space, we will begin to have various dialogues with those other creatures (people) from other worlds. Then mankind will begin to move faster scientifically and spiritually, we will begin to do so in great leaps and bounds.

There is something else which I would like to mention at this time. It is the fact that God did not create such a vast universe in order to populate only one planet. Anyone who thinks in such a fashion is definitely narrow minded. God's plan for His universe goes far beyond our own way of thinking. Most people say that there is no life anywhere else in the universe because there is no proof. There are no proofs because we have yet to travel in space and investigate other worlds that contain other existing life forms. Saying that there is no proof, because none have yet being found, is not a proof in itself.

In the Revelation that God has given us, it is said that there are many other worlds whereby human life exists. It also says that the people who live on other planets in other parts of the universe are so numerous that it is mathematically impossible to count them. That is proof enough for me.

I have given you proof, taken from the book of Genesis, that life exists somewhere else in that vast universe. The various races of men that we are today is the result of the mating between our space brothers. They were obviously of various races themselves. They mated with the giant women that once existed on earth and who were part of God's first creation for this planet.

There is something very important which I would also like to mention. The last part of the story which says that God confused man's speech so that they could not understand one another may symbolically mean that the people of those days possibly communicated with one another by telepathy. When God confused their means of communication, they were unable to continue communicating with one another. The symbolical meaning may be that the giant men only spoke one language, thus it is said that God confused their speech by removing their communicative power. The reason I mentioned telepathy is because God has revealed to us, in the new Revelation which He has given us, that the people of the very far past communicated with one another by other means than with the utilization of vocal cords.

The following presentation brings forward the proof that tells us : who was the first major prophet that was sent to teach to the new race of men on earth, to the descendants of the three sons of Noah.

Abraham, the first major prophet