Robert Kennedy

It is June 6, 1968. Robert Kennedy has just won the California Primary for the presidency of the United States. Was Robert Kennedy to become the next President of the United States of America? The answer to that question is no. Robert Kennedy, who was a senator at the time, was never to become President of the United states unless he pulled back and represented himself again in 1976, which was the right time for him to run. He was now attempting to advance it, so said Jane Dixon who was an American clairvoyant.

Satanic forces - the money makers and the international gun sellers - knew that he was a man of peace who would work for the people in order to better their destiny. Robert was seen by Jane Dixon in another of her visions. She saw him all covered with blood, he was surrounded by a crowd during a political rally. One person was arrested and convicted of Robert's assassination. Although he may think that he killed Robert Kennedy it is very unlikely because the bullets he fired at Robert were later recovered from a wall nearby, they had not penetrated any human flesh. Investigators are now saying, after listening to the sound track of that incident, that many more shots were fired than they had previously believed. We have no choice but to say that the person who was arrested was not the only one who fired some shots at Robert Kennedy.

It has been reported that Robert Kennedy was shot at point blank range, He was shot by someone who could have posed as a bodyguard or maybe someone who was very close to him at the time. The facts pertaining to that assassination seem to have been well covered up also.

"Take away his gun, take it from him. Someone has shot Senator Kennedy. Is there a doctor on the premises? I beg of you, it is of the most great importance that a doctor be found immediately."
Was crying out a woman into the microphone. She then added to what she had already said :
"Please remain quiet, remain calm, the best thing to do is to leave the place without panic. Would you please do that, would you simply leave without panicking."
Those words were being said over a microphone by a woman's agonizing voice.

"Robert Kennedy was assassinated ; he saw the wrongs, and attempted to change it; he saw suffering and attempted to lessen it; he saw war and attempted to put a stop to it. Those amongst us who loved him and have taken him to his final resting place let us pray for what he represented for us and for what he wanted for others. Let us hope that, some day, his dream will be realized."

Those were the words being said at Robert's funeral. Was Robert Kennedy the second person mentioned in the quatrain, was he the one who had been shot in the early hours of the evening? Yes, he most certainly was.


There remains another Kennedy brother, did Nostradamus make a mention of him, did he foresee Senator Edward Kennedy in his future? Many experts say yes to that question and they inform us of other predictions concerning a family of well known brothers.

Par detracteur calomnie a puis nay;
Quand istront faict enormes et martiaux;
La moindre part dubieuse a l'aisne,
Et tost au regne seront faict partiaux.
Century 6 quatrain 95

By default, the latest born (youngest) shall be slandered,
When enormous martial (police) investigation (deeds) have been carried out,
The least part (of the slander) shall be doubtful of the youngest,
(Who) Soon in power shall be equal (to the others).

The prophecy simply mentions that the youngest of the three brothers shall be slandered. It does not seem to say that he would ever be a President. Senator Ted Kennedy seemed to be quite happy to remain in power as a Senator. Ted knew that he was not guilty of Mary Koppechne's death but many people continued to dirty his name because of that incident.

According to the statement he made to the police, he was heading towards a ferry. He was accompanied by Mary Jo Koppechne who had been Robert Kennedy's secretary. They had been to a party and they were returning home at the time. Robert made the statement that he took the wrong turn on the road which he was travelling on at the time, his car fell off a small bridge into three metres of water. He managed to save himself but he was unable to save Mary Jo Koppechne although he says that he dove down many times attempting to save her. It is possible that he was unable to release her from her safety belt which was holding her in, she drowned.

According to the police there was an interval of eight hours before Ted Kennedy, who was in shock over the accident, presented himself to the police to report the incident. Although the police has never released the result of their investigation, there is a great possibility that Ted Kennedy's car was sabotaged. That could be the reason why Ted took so long to go to the police, someone may have been stalking him.

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