In this continued epistle, we shall discover that Nostradamus has given us, indirectly, the dates of many futuristic happenings.

13--- Of the three sects that which is middlemost, by the actions of its worshippers, shall be thrown into ruins. The first, wholly in all Europe, and the most part of Africa undone by the third, by means of the poor in spirit, who by madness elevated shall, through libidinous luxury, commit adultery. The people will rise and maintain it, and shall drive away those who did adhere to the legislators, and it shall seem, from the kingdoms spoiled by the eastern men, that God the Creator has loosed Satan from his infernal prison, to cause to be born the great Dog and Dohan, who shall make so great and abominable a breach in the Churches, that neither the reds nor the whites, who are without eyes and without arms, shall not judge of it, and their power shall be taken away from them.

In paragraph 13, Nostradamus mentions three sects of religion who would cause their own ruins, meaning their own destruction. This will happen because of the actions of its worshippers. They will be making too many wrong demands on their churches, demands that are contrary to the teachings given to them in their holy books.

He also wrote of events which will take place after the golden age has ended, when satanic urges have once again become rampant on the planet. The dog and Dohan mentioned represents new conflicts similar to those of a previous era. That new conflict will cause a division between many of the churches so that the leftists and the rightists, a political description, shall not make any judgment over those events. It will be the political power that will be taken away from those churches.

14--- Then shall there be a greater persecution against the Church than ever was, and in the meantime shall be so great a plague, that two parts of three in the world shall fail, so much so that no one shall be able to know the true owners of fields and houses, and there shall happen a total desolation of the clergy, and martial men shall usurp what shall come from the City of the Sun, and from Malta, and from the Islands of Hières, and the great chain of the port shall be open which takes its name from a sea ox, it is the Bosporus.

In paragraph 14, we are brought back to our present era which is the now. He says that there will be a persecution against churches that will occur while a world wide plague is in effect.

What is the world wide plague that Nostradamus has mentioned? We are told, by the supposedly experts, that there are approximately fifteen million people world wide who have already died from the effects of AIDS. Is it possible that some doctors and some hospitals may not be telling their patients that they have Aids or the AIDS virus, that will be the cause for the epidemic to spread itself even faster. Nostradamus tells us that, in some countries, the epidemic will be so severe that no one will be able to tell the true owners of fields or houses any more.

It is very interesting to note that, presently on the continent of Africa, there are some people of those African countries who have died of both the aids virus and others of famine. Many houses have been left vacant and no one seems to know anymore who were the previous owners of those dwellings.

The great clairvoyant also wrote some strange quatrains. They seem to pertain to AIDS and to the AIDS virus. Some Italian cities are being mentioned in that quatrain. It would seem that the epidemic will, some day, be strongly felt in those cities. The prophecy also says that, although help will be close by, the remedy or the cure will be discovered far into the future.

Pau, Veronne, Vincence, Saragousse,
De Glaives atteints terriors de sang humides;
Peste si grande viendra a la grande gousse,
Proches securs et bien loin les remedes.
Century 3 quatrain 75

Pau, Veronna, Vincenca and Saragosa,
Will be suffering from a disease that came from a moist territory (from Africa?),
The plague shall be so great and shall eventually produce a scab, husk or a shell,
Although help will be near, the remedy will be very far away.

The various emplacements mentioned in the quatrain exist in Italy, which will be hit hard by both the plague and by famine. AIDS originated in Africa, so we are told, and the number of aids carriers doubles every ten months; the latest figures are even worse. So we are in for a very rude awakening, are we not?

AIDS seems to be found more often in male or female homosexuals. It is found most often in males who have anal intercourse with one another without any protection. It is also found in men and women who use needles to shoot up drugs into their systems. In other words, it may be found in people from various walks of life. Perhaps the AIDS virus lives in the intestines and may be caused by food additives such as Monosodium glutamate or other such additives that are actually a poison to the human body. The additives could be mutating into the AIDS virus in the intestines themselves. The AIDS virus eventually makes its way into the blood stream. It can take six months or more before it can be detected, so we are told.

There seems to be no one yet who has any idea as to the remedy. Perhaps it is because no one has investigated this thoroughly enough. However, Nostradamus may have given us a clue as to the remedy that will eventually be found and that will result in giving mankind the cure for that dreadful disease. It would seem that the answer may have been given us in one of the quatrains which also mentions that the cure will come about during a time of famine and pestilence.

It says that some people who live a hundred leagues from the arctic and without laws or daily politics, in outer space (space lab), shall discover Samarobryn which may very well be the cure for the Aids virus. The cure will be long awaited by the people of this world. In other words, it will be so long in coming that a major portion of the people of this planet of ours will have already died from that dreadful disease.

Si grand famine par une pestifere,
Par pluye longue le long du Pole arctique;
Samarobryn cent lieux de l'hemisphere,
Vivront sans loy, exempt de politique
Century 6 quatrain 5

So great a famine and pestilence,
caused by a long rain at the arctic circle,
Samarobryn will be found one hundred leagues into the hemisphere (in outer space),
Where people shall live without laws, exempt from earthly politics.

He may have been telling us that the cure for that strange disease will come from outer space. That is to say, in space labs. Perhaps it will be a derivative of some known drugs that are presently in their experimental stages. The combination of some of those known drugs when mixed together in outer space could very well become the cure for the AIDS virus. The drug or remedy will then become Samarobryn? Perhaps the new space station will be the one that will be utilized for the discovery of an aids vaccine. The space lab has already being mounted on the space station so perhaps soon the vaccine for aids will be discovered.

In paragraph 14 of his letter, he goes on to say that all of a sudden it will seem as if the clergy has disappeared (total desolation of the clergy). That will surely be caused by a persecution against the clergy whereby many of them will be killed while the remainders will most certainly go into hiding. In Algeria, in recent years, certain fanatics have already begun to kill Christian clergy. It is only a matter of time before other fanatics from other countries decide to join them. Thus, it will be a total desolation of the clergy. Those who do not get killed will have no choice but to go into hiding.

The great clairvoyant seems to be saying that with the unfolding of those events, the beginning of a great war could follow. If we continue to listen to the international news, we could soon hear that great sea battles are taking place in the Mediterranean and in the Adriatic sea. At the present time, rearming has been taking place in many eastern countries who are friendly with the third Antichrist.

15--- A new incursion shall be made from the sea coasts, willing to deliver the Castulan Leap from the first Mahommetan taking, and the assaulting shall not altogether be in vain, and that place where the habitation of Abraham was, shall be assaulted by those who shall have reverence for the Jovials. The great eastern city of Achem shall be encompassed and assaulted on all sides by a great power of armed men. Their sea forces shall be weakened by the western men, and to that kingdom shall happen great desolation, and the great cities shall be depopulated, and those who shall come in shall be comprehended within the vengeance of the wrath of God. The Holy Sepulchre, held in great veneration for so long a time, shall remain a great while open to the universal aspect of the heaven, sun and moon. The sacred place shall be converted into a stable for cattle small and large, and put to profane uses. O what a calamitous time shall be then for women with child ! For then the principal Eastern Ruler, being for the most part moved by the Northern and Western men, shall be vanquished and put to death, beaten, and all the rest put to flight, and the children he had by many women put in prison. Then shall be fulfilled the prophecy of the Royal Prophet. "Ut audiret gemitus compeditorum, et solveret filios interemptorum.

Which means, " Let the sighing of the prisoner come before you, to release the children of death."
Nostradamus is quoting a prophecy from the old testament, from the Psalms of David to be exact.

Paragraph 15 seems to be the continuation of the descriptions of some of the calamities that are yet to come. It describes certain battles that may very well take place in the Holy Land, in the land of Israel. Fanatical forces will make their landings in some eastern countries and will attack the Holy Land and its surrounding eastern areas. According to the great clairvoyant their assault shall at first be a success. Then he tells us that the city of Achem, which is the ancient name of the city of Beirut in Lebanon, shall be invaded on all sides by those fanatical armed forces. Is the mentioned battle over Lebanon to be here soon? Lebanon is presently on the verge of civil war, Syria being the trouble makers as usual.

Lebanon will become desolated and its population will be most probably be decimated. The city of Jerusalem shall also be invaded on all sides and it will become a deserted city. The church, underneath of which the sepulchre of Jesus was hidden, shall then become open to the aspects of all the stars. But, in the end, those fanatical forces shall be vanquished.

The meaning of the children that the eastern ruler had by many women merely represents various eastern nations.

In 1963, an Archaeologist began to do some excavations in the Holy land. Bagatti had received permission from the government of Israel and from the Christian church to excavate underneath a church built over another. Jesus' tomb is supposedly located there. He soon made some great discoveries. He discovered many tombs in which all of the bones were still intact. He also discovered the name of Mary written on one of those tombs. Are they the bones of Mary of Magdala who became an Apostle of Christ at the last supper or are they the bones of Mary who was the mother of Jesus. On other tombs were inscribed the names of some of the Apostles of Jesus Christ, although he has not named them. For more information on Mary of Magdala, tune to the presentation of the last supper.The link to access that presentation has been made available to you on the main entry page.

Then, on another which stood by itself, he uncovered a great sign of the cross. Upon opening that tomb he was amazed to find that it also contained the bones of whoever was buried there. Were they the bones of the prophet Jesus also known under the titles of Son of God and Son of man? When the government of Israel heard about Bagatti's findings, they ordered him to leave the premises and to return to his country immediately.

The government of Israel was afraid that the findings would create an incident with the Christians and with the Vatican who still believes that Jesus entered into the heavenly dimension in his physical attire which is an impossibility. Rome still does not understand that it is the spirit and not the physical which enters into the spirit world which they have labelled as heaven and which Christ has labelled as Paradise when He spoke to one of the two thieves on the cross alongside of Him. Heaven is the physical space that surrounds everything that exists in space. However, when that mention is utilized in any of God's holy Books its symbolical meaning is Paradise.

A few years ago the bones of Jesus were re-discovered in the holy Land. Recently an archeologist re-discovered the tomb that Bagatti had discovered some years ago. The old church had been torn down. The tomb where the bones of Jesus and some of His family members were entombed was located underground between two apartment buildings that had recently being built.

Paragraph fifteen seems to have described to us great battles which will be taking place and which will be part of a very terrible and very lengthy calamity. Those calamitous events will most probably occur in the middle east and in many of the European countries. They will all occur during the unfolding of lengthy events which will also be most devastating - no known actions of the past will ever equal it. Some of the countries involved in that terrible conflict may never recover from it.

16-- What great oppression shall be made then upon the princes, and governors of kingdoms, and especially on those who shall live eastward and near the sea, their languages intermixed with all nations. The language of the Latin nations mixed with Arabic and North African communication. All the Eastern kings shall be driven away, beaten and brought to nothing, not altogether by means of the strength of the kings of the north, and the drawing near of our age, but by means of three secretly united, seeking for death by ambushes one against another. The renewing of the triumvirate shall last seven years, while the fame of such a sect shall be spread all the world over, and the sacrifice of the holy and immaculate host shall be upheld. And then shall the lords be two in number, victorious in the North against the Eastern ones, and there shall be such a great noise and warlike tumult that all the East shall quake for fear of those two brothers of the North who are yet not brothers. And because, Sir, by this discourse, I put all things confusedly in these predictions as to the time concerning the event of them; for the account of the time which follows, very little is conformable, if at all, to that I have done before, being by astronomic rule and according to the Sacred Scriptures, in which I cannot err.

Paragraph sixteen continues to describe to us the happenings in the middle east during that endless conflict. Many eastern nations, especially those who are near the sea, will suffer greatly because of those happenings. Other nations from Latin countries and from some north African nations may also be involved in that action that may eventually involve the whole world.

All the aggressing countries, that will take part in that conflict, will eventually be defeated. In other words, they will lose the battles which will seem to be endless. The remainder of the paragraph does not make much sense at this time but I am quite certain that soon we will be able to understand its meaning.

Nostradamus goes on to say that he has confusedly assembled his predictions and the time frame concerning them. He also says that very little of his writings are conformable to normal writings if at all. Then he says that his knowledge of sacred scriptures, meaning both testaments of the bible, and his knowledge of Astronomy (not astrology) have enabled him to produce his prophecies at which he claims he cannot err.

17--- I could have set down in every quatrain the exact time in which they shall happen, but it would not please everybody, and much less the interpretation of them, till, Sir, your Majesty has granted me full power to do, that my calumniators may have nothing to say against me. Nevertheless, reckoning the years since the creation of the world to the birth of Noah, there passed 1506 years, and from the birth of Noah to the building of the ark at the time of the universal flood, 600 years passed (whether solar years, or lunar, or mixed), for my part according to the Scriptures, I hold that they were solar. And at the end of those 600 years Noah entered into the ark to save himself from the flood, which flood was universal upon the earth and lasted a year and two months; and from the end of the flood to the birth of Abraham did pass 295 years; and from the birth of Abraham to that of Isaac did pass 100 years; from Isaac to Jacob, sixty years; and from the time he went into Egypt until he came out of it, did pass 130 years; and from the time that Jacob went into Egypt until his posterity came out of it did pass 430 years; and from the coming out of Egypt to the building of Solomon's Temple in the fortieth year of his reign did pass 480 years; and from the building of the Temple to Jesus Christ, according to the computations of the Chronographers, did pass 490 years. And thus by this calculation which I have gathered out of the Holy Scriptures, the whole comes to about 4173 years and eight months more or less. But since the time of Jesus Christ hitherto, I leave it because of the diversity of opinion. Having calculated these present prophecies in accordance to the order of the chain which contains the revolution, and all by astronomical rule, and according to my natural instinct; after some time, and including in it the time Saturn takes to turn to come in on the seven of the month of April until the twenty five of August; Jupiter from the fourteen of June to the seven of October; Mars from the twenty seven of April till the twenty second of June; Venus from the nine of April to the twenty second of May; Mercury from the third of February to the twenty four of the same; afterwards from the first of June to the twenty four of the same; and from the twenty five of September to the sixteen of October, Saturn in Capricorn, Jupiter in Aquarius, Mars in Scorpio, Venus in Pisces, Mercury within a month in Capricorn, Aquarius in Pisces, the moon in Aquarius, the Dragon's head in Libra; the tail opposite to her sign. Following a conjunction of Jupiter and Mercury, with a quadrant aspect of Mars to Mercury, and the head of the Dragon shall be with a conjunction of Sol and Jupiter; the year shall be peaceful without eclipse.

In paragraph 17, Nostradamus says that he could have given us the exact date which pertains to every quatrain that he has written. In other words, he could have given us the year or perhaps the exact month in which various incidents mentioned will occur. He then goes on to say that, had he done so, it most definitely would not have pleased everyone.

It is quite obvious that he could not have dated his prophecies because, had he done so, he would have been burned alive at the stake by the Christian church of Rome. He would most probably have been labelled by them as an heretic and as an infidel.

The great clairvoyant often stretched the truth by giving us misleading information, then he turns around and gives us the right answer in some very peculiar ways.

For example : in paragraph 17 he says, "But since the time of Jesus Christ hitherto, I leave it because of the diversity of opinion." In other words; he seems to be saying that, although he knew the date of Christ's birth, he will not give us the information. As you probably already know, the year in which Christ was born is very controversial. No one seems to really know what year and which month of that year Jesus Christ was born. Nostradamus was very shrewd. He hid the answers very well in his writings, he insured that only the true searchers of the truth would eventually find those answers.

In order to comprehend what he said, we have to reassemble some of his writings into the proper format. He said that since the beginning of Creation, meaning since the coming of the man who was known as Adam, and until the birth of Jesus Christ, some 4 173 years had elapsed. Assuming that Jesus Christ was born in the year zero or in the year one AD. That would give us the year 4173 BC. But, as we shall soon discover, the answer is not the year 4173 BC and Jesus Christ was not born in the year zero or in the year one AD.

Let me explain : He has given us some clues in that amazing paragraph of his which, when properly assembled, gives us the answer as to which year and which month of the year Jesus Christ was actually born. Let us review what he said : He said that 4173 years elapsed between the first day of Creation, meaning from the coming of the spirit of the first man Adam whom God chased from the garden of Eden, and until the birth of Jesus Christ. He has also told us that 4173 years before Christ was born that the planet Saturn would be in the sign of Capricorn beginning with the seven of April until the 25 of August.

I have discovered, with the utilization of my astronomical program, that those happenings occurred in the year 4166 BC, which means that 4173 years later was the year in which Jesus Christ was born 4173-4166= 8 AD. He has actually given us the answer as to the mystery of the year and the month in which Jesus Christ was born and contrary to what he said in paragraph 17 of his letter in which he states that he would leave the matter because of the diversity of opinions.

My astronomical program, contained within my own computer and which I ran and studied for many days and countless hours, has found the answer. Which means that Jesus Christ was born in the year 8 AD (4173-4166= 8). We have being able to prove it by astronomy which is the same method utilized by the great clairvoyant and which is practically flawless.

Jesus Christ was born during the age of Pisces : the sun, which symbolically represents a Godly manifestation, was in that sign between March 13th of the year 8 AD until March 22nd of that same year. Which means that, with no doubt, Jesus was born during the month of March of the year eight AD. and definitely not on December 25th of the year zero or the year one.

A short time after Jesus was born, His stepfather Joseph had a dream and in which he was told to take his wife Mary and his son Jesus to Egypt in order to escape the execution of all newly born male Israelite children. The execution had been ordered by the Roman governor. Also, it is very unlikely that Joseph would have had to escape from his country in the middle of the winter. No, it is very likely that it was almost summer time in the land of Israel when Joseph and his young family actually escaped to the land of Egypt.

Jesus was God's new manifestation on earth during the beginning of the age of Pisces so it is very unlikely that God would allow that Jesus be killed before he had a chance to begin his ministry. On March 20 of the year 8 AD., the moon and the planet Mars were both in the constellation of Pisces which has for sign the fish and which represents the Christian era. The planet Mars represents the planet of war and, in this case, it represents the Roman governor making war on all of the newly born Israelite children of male gender. So March 20 of the year 8 AD was probably the day whereby Joseph and his new family escaped to the land of Egypt in order to avoid the holocaust of all newly born male children, born of Jewish parents.

I have also discovered that, in the year 40 AD, there was a conjunction of the sun and of the planet Mars which could represent the crucifixion and the death of Jesus Christ during that particular year.

The great Nostradamus has also given us the year and the month in which three of the first major prophets were born. Those prophets were Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. They became the fathers of all the earthly nations. Nostradamus said that 4173 solar years before the birth of Jesus Christ is considered as the first day of creation. What he does not tell us is that it was the day whereby the spirit of Adam projected himself into man, on that very day man became the first human soul on earth.

Nostradamus says that when the planet Saturn comes into the sign of Capricorn, in the month of April, that is the day whereby man came under the control of a spirit for the first time in the history of this planet. We have already discovered that particular year to be 4166 BC.

Then the great Seer goes on to say that when the planet Jupiter would be in the constellation of Aquarius, which occurs between June to October, it would be the year whereby Noah entered into the Ark (the arc of God's covenant). He said that after Creation (Adam) there passed 1506 years until the birth of Noah and that takes us to the year 2660 BC (4166-1506=2660 BC).

Then, he goes on to say that there passed 600 years before Noah entered the Ark (Noah and his descendants became sheltered by the arc of God's covenant). And that year becomes 2660-600=2060 BC. As I have already proven, by my astronomical program, the planet Jupiter was in the Aquarius constellation between June and October of that year.

We have yet to appreciate that the greatest of clairvoyants had to hide the truth in his writings. He hid it in such a way that the truth would be only discovered hundreds of years later. Had he written in a simpler fashion, being a Christian, he would have being burned alive at the stake by his own church who would have labelled him as a servant of Satan and as an heretic. It is the proof that his church was not very holy in his own days, it contained many murderers including the pope who were not afraid to put people to death in the name of religion.

Can you understand why you cannot possibly ever discover the real truth from religious teachers. Did they not go astray in their biblical interpretations a very long time ago and are still very far away from the truth? Which means that religion today, and the way that it is taught, disables people from ever discovering much greater truths.

The Bible has foretold the coming of prophets, of wise men, of great scribes such as Nostradamus, Josephus Flavius, and of others as well who would have knowledge of the truth. It is a truth which still evades us after everything that we have been told and promised in all of God's holy Books.

Wherefore, behold, I send unto you prophets, and wise men, and scribes: and some of them you shall kill and crucify; and some of them shall you scourge in your synagogues, and persecute them from city to city. Matthew 23 : 34

What is wrong with us? Do we honestly think that there is no other truth that can be investigated or discovered besides the many untruths which we have been told in the past. Is mankind going forward wisely or are we going to continue to believe in some of the same superstitions and fairy tales which we were given in past eras?

Nostradamus goes on to say that since the creation of the world until the birth of Noah there passed 1506 years. We know that what he said is not the truth and so did he but, as we shall soon realize, he was attempting to see if we would accept that kind of explanation pertaining to Creation. As we already know, because many proofs do exist, the earth is millions of years old. We also know that the north and the south poles have moved many times from their original positions. We also have proofs that the earth has slipped on its axis numerous times in past eras. There is proof that the Inuits, the people of the north of Canada, have been there for thousands of years, the northern Indians for perhaps more than that period of time. Therefore, we can honestly say that there had to be more than 1506 years between the birth of our planet and the birth of Noah. The great Scribe may have been trying to tell us, in a hidden fashion, that approximately 6173 years ago heavenly spirits descended to this world to participate in God's great Creation. The proof may be found in the book of Genesis which was also written utilizing strange symbols. If we wish to understand anything at all, we should not attempt to understand those writings literally as they were not written to be understood in such a fashion. All of God's holy books are written with many symbols that can only be understood after intensive research is carried out into the meaning of the various symbolic descriptions. The following, that was taken from Genesis, is a good example.

The serpent said, "Of course you will not die. God knows that as soon as you eat it, your eyes will be opened and you will be like god's knowing both good and evil. When the woman saw that the fruit of the tree was good to eat, and that it was pleasing to the eye, she took some and ate it. She also gave her husband some and he ate it. Then the eyes of both of them were opened and they discovered that they were naked. Genesis 3 : 4 to 3 : 7

The above biblical quotation is written in symbolic language. When properly deciphered, many wonderful and enlightening interpretations may be derived from it. 6166 years ago, God's highest creation which are man and woman were equivalent to animals without a spirit and without a soul. God knew that if he forbade man's spirit from partaking of the tree of good and evil that man's spirit would disobey him - the tree of good and evil is the physical attire (body) of man and woman which are both capable of doing good, evil or both.

The serpent is a biblical symbol. Since serpents often attach themselves to such things as trees, it represents man's attachment to the beautiful things of this world. When the physical eyes of Adam and Eve were opened, they discovered that they were inhabiting a physical body which was unclothed, it was naked.

Perhaps the great clairvoyant was trying to tell us, in a hidden fashion, that the story of creation should only be understood symbolically. If we wish to discover the truth concerning that topic then we should search for the truthful answers. Also there is the fact that some of the teachings of the Christian church, which Nostradamus did not want to show that he was deviating from, were false.

18--- Then the beginning of that year shall see a greater persecution against the Christian Church than ever was in Africa, and it shall be in the year 1792, at which time everyone will think it a renovation of the age. After that the Roman people (Italy) shall begin to stand upright again, and to put away the obscure darkness, receiving some of its former light, but now without great divisions and continual changes. Venice, after that, with great strength and power will life up her wings so high that she will not be much inferior to the strength of ancient Rome. And at that time great Byzantine sails, joined with the Italians by the help and power of the North, shall hinder them so that those of Crete shall keep their faith. The ships built by the ancient martial men will keep company with them under the waves of Neptune. In the Adriatic there shall be a great discord, what was united shall be put asunder, and what was before a great city shall become a house, including the Pampotan and Mesopotamia of Europe, in 45, and others in 41, 42, and 47. And at that time and in those countries the infernal power shall rise against the Church of Jesus Christ. This shall be the second Antichrist, which shall persecute the said church and its true vicar by the means of the power of temporal kings, who through their ignorance shall be seduced by tongues more sharp than any sword at the hands of a madman.

In paragraph 18 of his letter, Nostradamus says that the year 1792, at which time the French Monarchy ended, would be the year whereby Christianity would be under its greatest attack in Africa. After those events, the Romans, meaning the Italians, would now stand on their own two feet and become as powerful as ancient Rome. Then the descriptions given move us forward in time, it moves us to the world war II era.

An infernal power is mentioned which can be none other than Nazi Germany under the leadership of Adolph Hitler who is labelled as the second Antichrist. The prophecy says that he will seduce many people by his sharp tongue. They will be seduced by speeches uttered by a madman. Yes, that reference belongs to none other than Adolph Hitler who was the dictator of Nazi Germany during the second world war. How many politicians of today, who have a sharp tongue and who are also full of empty promises, are as guilty as Hitler?

19--- The said reign of Antichrist shall not last but till the ending of him who was born of Age, and of the other in the city of Plancus (Lyons), accompanied by the elect of Modena, Fulcy by Ferrara, maintained by the Adriatic, Liguriens, and the proximity of the great Trinacria (Sicily). Afterwards the Gallic Ogmion shall pass the Mount Jovis (Barcelona), followed with such a number that even from afar off the Empire shall be presented with its grand law, and then and for some time after, shall be profusely spilled the blood of the innocents by the guilty raised on high. Then by great floods the memory of those things contained in such instruments, shall receive incalculable loss, even to the letters themselves. This will happen to the Northern. By the Divine Will Satan will be bound once more, and universal peace shall be among men, and the Church of Jesus Christ shall be free from all tribulation, although the Acostains (debauchees) would desire to mix with the honey their pestilent seduction. This shall happen about the seventh millennium, when the sanctuary of Jesus Christ shall no more be trodden down by the unbelievers that shall come from the North. The world will then be near its great conflagration although by the calculations of my prophecies, the course of time goes much further.

In paragraph nineteen, Nostradamus continues to describe the second Antichrist of the world war two era whom we have discovered to be none other than Adolph Hitler. The city of Plancees mentioned is a reference to the French city whose name today is Lyons. The reference being made in the prophecy to the other who lives there may be a reference to the cowardly Maréchal Pétain of France who was in power during the second world war and who refused to oppose Hitler and his Nazi regime. He decided to become his friend contrary to the wishes of the French population who opposed him with a very effective underground organisation.

The following references moves us forward in time to a future era and to the thousand years of peace which will eventually follow. That millennium will only occur after the year 2000. We are also told that after the golden age has begun that the earth will then be near a great conflagration.

What is meant by a great conflagration? The dictionary defines it as such..... a calamitous fire, a great calamity, a great fire. Could this be a complete breakdown of the Ozone layer? If this is so, then our sun's ultra-violet rays will become a deadly enemy for all living things on this planet. No, I think that the calamity will be even worse than that. The answer of things to come, when that great conflagration visits us, may be found in the writings of Revelation. That description may be found in Revelation chapter eight which mentions the opening of the seventh seal, beginning at the sound of a trumpet. Those writings are describing some very calamitous events that will some day occur on earth.

Here is the mention of the opening of the seventh seal as it is being described in Revelation. It mentions great forthcoming calamities for all of mankind.

The first (angel) blew his trumpet; and there came hail and fire mingled with blood, and this was hurled upon the earth. A third of the earth was burnt, a third of the trees were burnt, all the green grass was burnt. The second angel blew his trumpet; and what looked like a blazing mountain was hurled into the sea. A third of the sea was turned to blood, a third of the living creatures in it died, and a third of the ships on it foundered. Revelation 8 : 6 to 8 : 9

So far, in Nostradamus' writings, we have been told that two thirds of the population of our world will die from a plague, which may very well be the aids epidemic that is much rampant on our world at the present time. Then a great conflagration will destroy a major portion of the planet.

We know how the population of our world will be decimated, don't we? It will be decimated by a famine and by a plague which will in turn be followed by a great conflagration which will be the last God-sent calamity for all of the people of this planet. For more information on the great conflagration tune in to Revelation unsealed, to the presentation that is labelled "End time prophecies". In the letter that Nostradamus wrote to his son Caesar, and which we shall soon study, he seems to be saying that a great conflagration will occur while a great world war is unfolding.

I personally hope that I do not live long enough to see all of those dreadful events, all of those disastrous calamities that God has forewarned us about and which we are bringing upon ourselves because we do not want to listen to His Messengers which He has sent to us. The majority of the people of this world still believe that there is no true religion besides their own family religion. The reason for that kind of thinking is that their religious teachers are giving them those false answers.

If a person is born in a Christian family, he becomes a Christian who believes that Christianity is the only true religion. If a person is born in a Jewish family, he believes that the Jewish religion is the one and only true religion. And the same thing goes for the Moslems, they also think in the same fashion, so do the people who belong to other world religions. The truth of the matter is that those major world religions did not all come to this world at the same time, they came following one another and at different intervals.

When the true teachings of a world religion gets corrupted, which it eventually does, God sends us another religion to replace it. Since the coming of Christ, two great world religions have already come on the world scene but the majority of the people of this world are still not investigating them. I can only suggest that you read the explanations contained within the complete unsealing of the book of revelation, all of those facts are brought forward in that presentation.

20--- In the epistle which some years ago I dedicated to my son Caesar, I have openly enough declared some things without prognosticating. But here, Sir, are comprehended many great and wonderful events, which those that come after us shall see. And during the said astrological computation, in harmony with the Sacred Scriptures, the persecution of the clergy shall have its beginning in the power of the Northern Kings joined by the Eastern ones. And that persecution shall last eleven years, or a little less, at which time the chief Northern King shall fail, which years being ended, shall come in his stead a united Southern one, who shall yet more violently persecute the clergy of the Church for the space of three years by the apostolical seduction of one who shall have absolute power over the militant Church of God. The holy people of God and keepers of His law, and all order of religion, shall be grievously persecuted and afflicted, so much that the blood of the true ecclesiastical men shall flow all over. One of these horrid kings shall be praised by his followers for having spilt more human blood of the innocent clergymen than anybody has done to wine. The said King shall commit incredible crimes against the Church; human blood shall run through public streets and churches, as water coming from an impetuous rain. Next, rivers shall turn red with human blood. In a sea fight the sea shall be red, so that one king will say to another, "Bellis rubuit navalibus aequor." (The sea blushed red with the blood of naval fights.) After that in the same year, and those following, shall happen the most horrible pestilence, caused by the famine preceding, and so great tribulations as ever did happen since the first foundation of the Christian Church throughout all the Latin regions, some marks remaining in some countries under Spain.

In paragraph 20, Nostradamus mentions an Epistle which he had written to his son Caesar some years previous and which we shall study later on. He says that many great and wonderful events will be seen by humanity in the future. He also says that his Astronomical computations are in harmony with sacred scriptures, meaning with biblical writings.

Then he goes on to say that in the future, which he often relates to, we will see the clergy being persecuted by the northern Kings joined by the eastern ones which, according to the great Scribe, are people of eastern countries. The persecutions being mentioned will last for approximately 11 years and then another King, meaning a head of state, a southern one, will in turn persecute the clergy for another three years. God's Holy people and the keepers of his law from various religions will also be persecuted and some will be killed. One of those Kings, head of State, will commit atrocious crimes against the people of western nations.

A great sea battle will take place, the ocean will turn red from the blood of the seamen. In the years to follow those dreadful events, there will be a most horrible pestilence which will be caused by a preceding famine, so says the great clairvoyant. Great tribulations will also follow in all Latin regions which are countries that were once under the domination of Spain.

21--- Then the third Northern King, hearing the complaints of the people of his principal title, shall raise up so great an army, shall go through the limits of his last ancestors and progenitors, that they will all be set up again in their first state. The great Vicar of the Cope shall be restored in his former estate, but desolate and altogether forsaken, shall then go back to the sanctuary that was destroyed by Paganism, when the Old and New Testament will be thrust out and burnt. After that shall the Antichrist be the infernal prince. And in this last era all kingdoms of Christianity and those of the unbelievers shall quake for the space of years, and there shall be more grievous wars and battles; towns, cities, castles and other buildings shall be burnt, desolated and destroyed with a great effusion of vestal blood, married women and widows ravished, sucking children dashed against the walls of towns, and so many evils shall be committed by the means of the infernal prince, Satan, that almost the entire world shall be undone and desolate.

In paragraph 21 of the letter, some of the happenings of another war are being described. The third northern King mentioned in that paragraph could very well be Sadam Hussein of Iraq who, not too long ago, retook the land of his ancestors which is the land of Kuwait. He recaptured that land but only for a short while. If he is the third northern King then, for all practical purposes, it could be the prelude to greater woes to come for humanity.

The great Seer goes on to say that, after certain events, the third Antichrist shall become the infernal prince of this world. At that time, which is also the last age or era, all kingdoms states or countries that proclaim Christianity will come under attack for a number of years. Many conflicts could break out whereby many battles will be fought causing many buildings and houses to be burnt, some will be completely destroyed. Much bloodshed could result from those satanical forces. As usual women and children will suffer the most during those calamitous times.

The great clairvoyant goes on to say that the particular happening will be so severe that almost, but not all, the entire world will become desolate. Those battles mentioned surely resemble what has taken place in the Baltic States and recently some events which occurred in Irak. If that is so, then it is the prelude to other calamities which have yet to come. My own opinion, which is also the result of my own research, is that a certain country or world organisation may very well remain neutral during that period of time. It will constantly strive to arrive at a peaceful solution but it will be in vain.

22--- Before these events many unusual birds shall cry through the air, crying "Huy, huy." ("Now, Now.") A little while after they shall vanish. After this shall have lasted a good while, there shall be renewed a reign of Saturn and a golden age. God the Creator shall say, hearing the affliction of His people, Satan shall be put and tied in the bottom of the deep, and there shall begin an age of universal peace between God and man. The ecclesiastical power shall return in force and Satan shall be bound for the space of a thousand years, and then shall be loosed again.

In paragraph 22, we are told once again that a golden age will follow the ending of great calamities. We are also told that there will be a sign before the occurrence of those events, many unusual birds will change their migratory patterns. That mentioned event has already begun on a small scale. Scientists are telling us that every year many of the migratory birds are moving further west in America during their yearly migration.

The great Seer goes on to say that all of a sudden it will seem as if those birds have completely disappeared from the face of the earth. It will seem as if they have vanished. However, he goes on to say that some time later it will be the birth of the golden age and a completely new lifestyle will begin on planet earth. It would seem that money will no longer be utilized for our daily transactions. Man's greed for the wealth of this world will completely disappear. Its wealth will belong to everyone and will be shared equally amongst everyone.

The following prophecy is an advance warning of that particular happening, it was written 2 000 years ago. It is contained in the writings of the apostle Luke.

So I say to you, use your worldly wealth to win friends for yourselves, so that when money is a thing of the past you may be received into an eternal home. Luke 16 : 9

With the coming of the golden age, which will follow great calamities, satanic urges will be held in check on a depopulated planet that shall finally have peace for the next 1 000 year. Then all hell will break loose again for a little while. Can mankind ever learn to live in peace with one another?

I understand why God allows all of those calamities to affect us. We are very slow in understanding the purpose of our being on earth and we are not looking after one another as it is recommended in all of God's Holy books. The self seems to be what most people are interested in. Some people say, "Why care for anyone else but ourselves." What else can I say and what else can I add to what has already being said by other searchers of the truth?

23-- All these figures are justly fitted by the Sacred Scriptures to the celestial things, that is to say, Saturn, Jupiter and Mars and others joined with them, as may be seen more at large in some of my quatrains. I would have calculated it more deeply, and coordinated one with the other, but seeing, O most excellent King, that some stand ready to censure me, I shall now withdraw my pen to its nocturnal repose.

In paragraph 23, Nostradamus says that all of the things which he mentioned in his writings can also be found in Holy scriptures, meaning in scriptural writings which he was very familiar with. He also says that he could read those forthcoming events, astronomically. He could read them as signs in the physical heavens, meaning in the stars. Then he goes on to say that he could have properly calculated all of those events but, had he done so, some would most certainly have censured him. He would most definitely have been silenced by the Christian church of Rome. He would have been burned alive at the stake by them and they would have labelled him as an heretic. So, he, therefore, chose to lay his nocturnal pen aside to repose.

At one time certain members of the Christian church of Rome, the inquisitors, tried to question Nostradamus pertaining to his strange writings. However, he knew what the inquisition could do to him so he had to run away hastily. Later on, he had the protection of the new King who strongly believed in him. He was able to return to his home and continue his work unhindered by various murderers who were misguided members of the Christian church.

24--- "Multa atiam, O Rex potentissime proeclara, et sane in brevi ventura, sed omni in hac tua Epistola, innectere non possumus, nec volumus, sed an intellegenda quoedam facta, horrida fata pauca libanda sunt, quamvis tanta sit in omnes tua amplitudo et humanitas homines, deosque pietas, ut solos amplissimi et Christianissimo Regis nomine, et ad quem summa totius religionis auctoritas deferatur dignus esse videare.

"But I shall only beseech You, O most merciful King, by your singular and prudent goodness, to understand rather the desire of my heart, and the earnest desire I have to obey your most excellent Majesty, ever since my eyes were so near to your royal splendour, than the greatness of my word can attain to or deserve."

Faciebat Michael Nostradamus, Solonoe Petrae Provincae.
From Salon this 27th of June, 1558.

The great seer tried to make us believe that he utilized a lot of Latin in his quatrains but the real truth is that he utilized practically no Latin with the exception of the Epistle which we are presently studying. It would seem that, in his quatrains, he utilized a lot of derivative of well known French words which have many similarities to Latin words.

"So many things, O most potent King of all, of the most remarkable kind are to happen soon, that I neither would nor could incorporate them all into this epistle; but in order to intelligently comprehend certain facts, new horrible fated events must be set down in extract, although your amplitude and humanity toward mankind is so great, as is your piety to God, that you alone seem worthy of the great title of the most Christian King, and to whom the highest authority in all religion should be deferred."

The separation of the various paragraphs of Nostradamus' letter is of my own doing, it has been done in this fashion in order to facilitate explanations of those various out of order paragraphs.

In paragraph 24, the great Seer closes his letter to the various leaders of countries or states of the world. His letter seems to be addressed to King Henry which he was not in very good standing with and who probably died before this letter was written. Many searchers realized that when they read the letter very thoroughly, they discovered that it was actually addressed to all heads of States or countries.

In his letter to the world, he has warned us of the coming of many dreadful future happenings. He has also warned us of a world wide plague which could possibly be the aids virus that is going to reduce the earth's population. Then a pestilence and a world wide famine will be upon us. All of that will be followed by a great conflagration. A series of small flaming meteors, followed by giant meteor(s), will hit the earth killing millions and millions of its inhabitants. Some of those giant asteroids are already in orbit, so are modern day scientists telling us. It will be a few years before it arrives but its impact on the earth will slow down the earth and cause an unimaginable earthquake. All the major cities of the world will be destroyed. People who live in the country and far from coastal areas will have a better chance of surviving that world wide conflagration that will soon be upon us.

Following many dreadful world happenings, there will be a golden age and a millennium of peace on a planet whose population will be decimated. After the thousand years of peace, it is possible that some politicians or religious leaders from various religions, aligned together, will cause another great conflict to develop. However, at that time, the people of this world will take things in hand and all power will then be removed from them. Then the people themselves will take the reins of power into their own hands, so says the greatest clairvoyant as well as many other prophetical writings such as Revelation.

The following presentation contains an important letter written by :

Nostradamus writes to his favourite son Caesar