If we closely scrutinize the events that occurred during the life of Adolph Hitler, we shall soon discover how he ascended to power in Germany before the advent of the second world war. It is by studying those happenings that we shall be able to get a better understanding on how he was able to become the dictator of Germany. A lesson may be learned as the facts pertaining to Hitler's arrest are studied. Also the mistake that was made by the German judicial system in giving Hitler only a light sentence. The whole world should look upon those past happenings as a lesson for the future. Fancy talking politicians, or powerful military men, should never be given the reins of power over any government or over the military. That action could only result in more chaotic situations for some of the countries of our world.

Adolph Hitler was born on April 20, 1889, in Austria. His father, Alois Hitler, had been a custom official who died when Hitler was only thirteen years old. Hitler's mother later remarried. Her second husband was of Jewish descent. Adolph Hitler's stepfather did not like him very much. He often disciplined him harshly when he failed to perform well in school. Therefore, Hitler had nurtured a deep hatred for all people of Jewish descent while he was still a teenager.

Because of his learning difficulties, Adolph Hitler eventually dropped out of school and was never able to gain admission to the arts school. However, he was always dreaming of becoming an artist, a painter. He had to satisfy himself by designing and selling his own postcards. He did this from the time that he was 19 years old until the age of 25.

In 1913, Adolph Hitler migrated to Munich in Germany. At the outbreak of World War I, he joined a Bavarian Infantry regiment and served with them for four years. He was eventually promoted from private to corporal. In August 1918, he was hospitalized because he had been gassed (mustard gas) on the war front. Therefore, as a soldier, he never saw the end of World War I.

Later on in history, Hitler became politically oriented. He joined a group that called itself the National Socialist German Workers Party. He had become its seventh member. He soon took control of it. It eventually became a national political party that operated on military leadership principles. It could be recognized by its members, the brown shirts storm-troopers, SA, and by an elite guard who wore Black shirts and which were later called SS, they became Hitler's special police force later on. With the build-up of his special forces, Hitler was preparing himself to declare civil war in Germany.

On November 23, 1923, Hitler had taken advantage of an inflationary period in Germany and attempted a coup d'état. He attempted to seize the German government with the help of his storm troopers but he failed because governmental forces had remained loyal to the government. Had he succeeded, he would have marched on to Berlin to capture it. Hitler was arrested, brought to trial, and sentenced to go to jail for a period of only nine months. When he finished serving his sentence, he rejoined his political party and became even more involved than before.

During the German elections of 1928, the Nazi party had become a very powerful political party. They were helped by politically oriented men such as Joseph Goebbels, Herman Goring and Gregor Strasser. After the economic crisis of 1929, that party became the most powerful national political party in all of Germany. Hitler was now making messianic speeches, he was attracting more and more Germans to his cause. His speeches were all against people of Jewish descent, against democracy, and against foreign countries. In other words, he hated the whole world.

On January 30, 1933, Germany's president, Paul Hindenburg, nominated Hitler as chancellor of a cabinet that was supposed to restrain him. However, after the federal elections were held, the Nazi party gained a majority in parliament. Hitler had finally attained his goal. He became the political leader of his political party that was now sitting in parliament. He became the dictator of Nazi Germany only 18 months later, after many ruses in which he manipulated many people of his own political circle.

In 1934, Hitler carried out a bloody purge against the SA, the brown shirts. Then president Hindenburg died so Hitler combined the functions of President and Chancellor. He was now the top man. Germany began to re-arm itself, in 1933, and left the disarmament conference which had been debating for some time in Geneva. Hitler then attempted to invade Austria but Mussolini, Italy's dictator, had become its protector. In January 1935, the Saar district was restored to Germany in order to appease Hitler and his Nazi regime. It is after that event that Hitler made the announcement that Germany would now have a modern army, a navy and an air force. Every German citizen was told that he must serve his country. It was at that time that military service became universal in that country.

On March 13, 1936, Germany's fanatical leader defied the Western nations by sending his army into the Rhineland. However, after that incident, Hitler was afraid that some of his Generals might attempt to take power from him. Early in 1938, he assumed all duties for the German war department. He had promoted himself to the top position, he had taken charge of all German armed forces. This was Hitler's final conquest over Germany, it was his first European conquest before his other conquests of many other European countries.

On march 12, 1938, Germany's military leader annexed Austria which became part of Germany. Chamberlain, England's Prime Minister at the time, attempted to intervene. The result was the treaty of Munich being signed by England, Germany, France and Italy. This occurred on September 30, 1938. However, Germany's undemocratic leader had other satanic ideas in his head. On march 15, 1939, he sent his army to capture Prague, the capital of Czechoslovakia. Then on September first, 1939, Germany invaded Poland and captured it in 18 days. Germany had previously signed a pact with the Russians, so Hitler gave the eastern part of Poland to Russia.

In the early part of 1940, during the spring and summer of that year, Hitler invaded Denmark and Norway. Then he annihilated the Dutch, the French and the Belgium armies. It was during that time that Italy, under the leadership of the dictator Mussolini, allied itself with Nazi Germany. Germany's war leader was now the dictator who controlled all of Europe. England refused to make peace with them and fought back under the strong leadership of Sir Winston Churchill who was a ruse and a wise political leader.

Hitler, who was still unhappy with his conquest of Europe, unleashed a new conflict on June 20 of 1941. This time it was against the vast northern country of Russia. It was a big mistake. Was he to succeed in conquering Russia, a task that Napoleon had once failed in doing? No, his armies were halted by the Russians before the city of Moscow. At this point in time, the Japanese attacked the American fleet at Pearl Harbor. They declared war on the United States of America but only after the attack. Germany's war leader took advantage of that incident and also declared war on the United States. He was under the impression that the Japanese military would keep the Americans busy in the Pacific theatre, which they obviously did for quite some time.

In 1942, Germany's dictator renewed his offensive of Russia and fought a bloody battle at Stalingrad. The battle occurred between November 1942 and lasted till the end of January 1943. At the same time, the German army capitulated in North Africa. The combined forces of the allied armies had been too much for them, they were lacking the necessary supplies for their war machinery. They needed continuous supplies so that they could continue to fight in desert country, especially the great amount of fuel which they needed for their battle tanks.

Germany's war leader was unaware of the great potential of the United States and of their capabilities of arming themselves and all of their allies. This was the beginning of Hitler's downfall. He had made the same mistake as Napoleon. He did not seem to realize that, when people's freedoms are at stake, they begin to fight back ferociously and with great determination. Tenaciously, the allied armies eventually invaded Europe and began repulsing the German armies back to their own country.

On April 30, 1945, the Russians were only two blocks away from Berlin. In his underground bunker, Hitler had a marriage ceremony performed. He married his mistress Eva Braun. Then they both committed suicide. The bodies of Germany's dictator and that of his mistress Eva Braun were never found by the allies nor were they ever found by the Russians. However, outside of Hitler's bunker, many bodies who had been buried were discovered. When the allies dug them up, they were beyond recognition. Their faces and hands had been burned, rendering any identification impossible. Germany's war leader was later identified through dental records, that information is apparently being held by the Russians.

Hitler was responsible for the extermination of millions of people of Jewish descent plus millions of others who were caught up in that terrible conflict. It is for that reason that Nostradamus has labelled him as the second major Antichrist. History tells us that Germany's dictator annihilated five to six million people of Jewish descent.


It is no mystery why the great Seer wrote so many prophecies, so many quatrains, pertaining to Hitler and to Nazi Germany. Many of those quatrains are pertaining to the second world wide conflict. The following contains the most important of those quatrains. They pertain to that very devastating European conflict, to world war two.

Nostradamus wrote many quatrains pertaining to Hitler. He mentioned that he was demonic and a great Antichrist. He further said that Germany's fanatical leader would change the course of the history of our planet. Writing about the second Antichrist, he said that he would be "pique and faineon". Pique, or un peu fou in the French language, means a little bit crazy. Faineon has many meanings but its true meaning for Germany's war leader is disloyal, traitor.

The great Seer also said that Germany's leader loved to see blood being spilled. He added that the second Antichrist would also get great furnaces built. All the experts are quite unanimous on the great clairvoyant's writings. The clairvoyant of the 16th century was pointing the finger at none other than Germany's dictator during the second world war era, Adolph Hitler.

The following quatrain is self explanatory and describes Hitler very well, referring to him as a great speech maker. It is a very descriptive quatrain.

Du plus profond de l'occident d'Europe,
De pauvres gens un jeune enfant naistra,
Qui par sa langue seduira grande trouppe,
Son bruit au regne d'orient plus croistra.
Century 3 quatrain 35

From the deepest corner of Western Europe,
A young child shall be born into a poor family,
Who shall (later) seduce others by the power of his speeches
He will become known by his speeches, even in the east (in Japan).

Hitler was a charlatan and a very tricky politician. He was also a man of great eloquence, an anti-socialist and most definitely very anti-Jewish. He was also a traitor, a murderer and a racial bigot. He was a man who pretended to be the guiding light for the German people who fell under his spell, they believed strongly in his fanatical speeches.

The following quatrain explains the audacity and the non shameful way by which Hitler, the great speech-maker, had promoted himself as the army's Chief of Staff of all the German armed forces.

Le grand criard sans honte audacieux,
Sera else gouverneur de l'armee,
La hardiesse de son contentieux,
Le pont ronpu, Cite de peur pasmee.
Century 3 quatrain 79

The great speech-maker audaciously and un-shamefully,
Shall get himself elected as Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces,
By the boldness of his disputes,
He shall cease all diplomatic relations, in the city the fearful shall re-arm themselves.

The above quatrain is partly symbolic. A bridge represents a link between two places. The word rompu means to break. So, from le pont rompu, we can derive broken diplomatic relations. This represents Hitler leaving the disarmament conference in Geneva and his breaking diplomatic relations with other countries. Pasmee, which is the last word in the quatrain, is an anagram that should read army. The frightful or the fearful in the city shall begin to rearm themselves. This represents the world beginning to rearm the people of the city who were fearful of Germany's regime.

Hitler had complete power over Germany by 1933 because the German people had given him that power. They had put all of their hopes in him. It is very unfortunate that the people of this planet have failed to learn from past history. How many dictators, similar to Napoleon or to many others like him, will we continue on giving power to? Because of Germany's war leader, many European Nations had to abandon their liberty as they came under the domination of the evil Nazi regime.

All of those happenings may seem like a fairy tale to some people until we remember the reality of everything that has happened during that great conflict. However, everything which we have read is not a fairy tale because it is being described by Nostradamus exactly as it happened and in some instances with great precision.

In some of his quatrains, the great clairvoyant describes with exactitude how an odious monster Hitler really was. He wrote in French depicting him as (un monstre odieux) an odious monster. There are also many other quatrains which we should not forget to mention. The wise man mentioned Hitler by name in an anagram. In line four of the rhyme the written word says Hister. When the anagrammatized word is slightly rearranged it reads Hitler.

The following quatrain is mentioning the black shirts who were Hitler's SS troops and who occupied Italy for a short period of time. They were eventually repulsed from that country by western allied forces.

La liberte ne sera recouvree,
L'occupera noir, fier, vilain inique;
Quand la matiere du pont sera ouvree,
D'Hister, Venise faschee la republique.
Century 5 quatrain 29

Liberty shall not yet be recovered (in Italy),
When occupied by the black (shirts) villainous and proud.
When communications between them shall be re-opened,
Because of Hitler, the Italian Republic shall be angry.

We previously studied that a bridge symbolically represents a link between two places, it represents communication between those emplacements. It is important that we remember it because we shall encounter that expression again later on.

When the western allies made their landings in Italy, towards the termination of that great conflict, Germany sent its troops in to attempt to stop them but this made the Italians very angry over Hitler's invasion of their country by the German army.

Can we possibly imagine that Nostradamus, who saw those happenings 400 years earlier, actually showed contempt towards Germany's dictator. Many people who constantly research the great clairvoyant's writings believe it to be so. There is another remarkable quatrain whereby Germany's political leader is once again mentioned by name.

Bestes farouches de faim fleuves tranner,
Plus part du champ encontre Ister sera,
En cage de fer le grand sera traisner,
Quand rien enfant Germain observera.
Century 2 quatrain 24

Wild beasts will be crossing the river because of hunger,
Most of the battlefield will be against Hitler,
In cages of iron, battle tanks, will he send his great army,
When the child of Germany observes no law.

The above quatrain is very remarkable because it depicts Hitler's army. He conquered many countries of Europe by utilizing his numerous cages of iron which were his battle tanks. He was the child of Germany mentioned in the prophecy. As we already know, he observed no laws, not even his own.

The following quatrain gives us a good idea about Hitler who is labelled as a cruel monarch. He had some of his followers, who were carrying out his orders, kill many people of Jewish ancestry and then he had their bodies burned in great furnaces that he had built. Many of them were German citizens but of Jewish descent. He also exiled many of them from some of the European countries that he had conquered.

Les exilez deportez dans les Isles,
Au changement d'un plus cruel Monarque,
Seront meurtris, et mis deux des scintilles,
Qui de parler ne seront este parques.
Century 1 quatrain 59

The exiles (the Jews) deported to the (European) Isles,
By a very cruel monarch (Head of State),
They shall be killed and then their bodies burned,
Because they had been marked (as Jews).

It is a certainty that Nostradamus attributed Hitler's ascension to power to the check mate of the Society of Nations whose seat was at Geneva. The Society of Nations had not succeeded to stop aggression in Ethiopia nor in Manchuria. As a result, Germany's leader took advantage of those happenings and started his own conflict by unleashing the Nazi blitz against his European neighbours.

Germany's dictator had also taken his conflict to the air in his battle against England, there ensued one of the greatest aerial battles that the world has ever known. Germany engaged all of its military air potential in order to bring England to its knees. However, the English people resisted with a fantastic courage under the strong leadership of Sir Winston Churchill. It has been estimated that a total of a quarter of a million aircraft took part in the aerial battles of that great conflict, in what has been referred to as the battle of Britain. It was during that conflict that close to 200 000 airmen of various allied nations lost their lives.

Nostradamus wrote the following quatrain pertaining to unforgettable events that actually occurred in the British Isles during that unfortunate conflict. He may have foreseen the constant aerial bombings carried out by the German luftwaffe and by the Germans V ones and V two rockets, Hitler continuously sent them over the English channel in his attempt to destroy the city of London.

Dedans le isles si horrible tumulte,
Rien on n'orra qu'une bellique brigue,
Tant grand sera des prediteurs l'insulte,
Qu'on se viendra ranger a la grand ligne.
Century 2 quatrain 100

Inside the Islands there shall be such horrible commotion,
Nothing shall be seen but warlike preparation,
So great shall the assaulting be (the bombing),
That the Islanders shall seek shelter at the great line.

That remarkable quatrain could very well be saying that all of London's population would, from time to time, take refuge underground within the subway which is the described grand line or alliance under the city of London in England.

There are other important quatrains which announced the invasion of Belgium and the occupation of Norway by the Nazis. Those quatrains actually predicted a great number of propaganda. The woman who was in charge of the propaganda for Hitler read certain Quatrains and then told her husband about them. They were both overwhelmed with those prophecies of victory for Germany. The woman's husband agreed with her that they could definitely utilize those prophecies as propaganda against European nations. Well chosen, and well manipulated, they could very well be the breaking point for the French resistance.

The man in charge of Hitler's propaganda ordered the German air force to inundate France with pamphlets which contained Nostradamus' prophecies but only certain chosen ones that pertained to Nazi victories. France capitulated shortly after. On June 14, 1940, the Nazis entered the great city of Paris.

Nostradamus wrote a quatrain concerning the French population, in which he mentions their great sufferings during that warring conflict, after they were invaded by their German neighbours.

En grand regret sera la gent Gauloise,
Coeur vain, leger croira temerite;
Pain, sel, ne vin, eau, venin ne cervoise,
Plus grand captif, faim, froid, necessite.
Century 7 quatrain 34

The French population (la gent Gauloise) shall be in great need, (en grand regret),
Their hopeless hearts, not believing in recklessness or foolhardiness,
In need of bread, salt, wine, water, unable to purchase,
Held captives, (in their own country) hungry, cold and many lacking the necessities of life.

France's ancient name was La Gaulle. When Nostradamus says la gent Gauloise, he was actually mentioning the people of his country which is now know under the name of France.

The allied countries had quickly responded to Hitler's exploitation of the great Seer's prophecies. Winston Churchill, with the help of an astrologer, published a quatrain which could be interpreted as Hitler's defeat following Mussolini's defeat (Romain pouvoir).

Romain pouvoir sera du tout a bas,
Son grand voisin imiter ses vestiges;
Occultes haines civiles et debats,
Retarderont aux bouffons leurs follies.
Century 3 quatrain 63

The Roman Power (Italy) shall be removed,
His great neighbour (Germany) shall follow in his footsteps,
Hated shall this system be, causing many quarrels,
The crazy men (bouffons) shall be stopped.

During the unfolding of world war II, the Americans also utilized Nostradamus' prophecies for their own propaganda. The MGM studios, under the direction of Cary Wilson, produced a short series of prophecies for the cinema. Those films, explaining the mysteries of those prophecies, were to be for their own National interest.

The following presentation brings forward another dictator of the world war two era : Benito Mussolini of Italy

Historical facts and prophecies pertaining to Italy and to its dictator Mussolini.