This chapter of Revelation is the continuation of chapter eleven whereby the second last trumpet, the sixth, was sounded and the second woe began. It is the day whereby another Godly Manifestation brought new teachings to the people of this world who have refused and are still refusing to investigate them. We shall soon discover that the second woe actually began 1260 lunar years after the coming of the prophet Mohammad whose mission began in the year 622 of our present day solar calendar. The 1260 lunar years when converted to solar years are equivalent to 1222 of our years. Therefore 1222+622 gives us the year 1844 AD. We shall soon discover that it was definitely the beginning of the second woe for humanity.

But, at the end of the three days and a half, the breath of life from God came into them; and they stood up on their feet to the terror of all who saw it. Then a loud voice was heard to them from heaven, which said, "Come up here!" And they went up to heaven in a cloud, in full view of their enemies. Revelation 11 : 11-12

In the writings of the new Aquarian Revelation, the following has been given to us. It pertains to the two prophets being mentioned in the biblical text. Here it is:

* The three days and a half have previously been explained. The two prophets, whose two bodies are said to be lying without spirit, represents the teachings and the Law that Muhammad had established and which Ali later promoted. The reality having departed, only the form of that religion remained.

The meaning of many of the following symbolic writings are as follows : the breath of life from God came into them is as follows : it means that new foundations and teachings were again established on planet earth. After the 1260 days, which we have discovered to be the year 1844, new divine teachings were given to the people of the world. The new spiritual teacher who appeared was the Messenger whose title was the "Door" and whose true story we shall soon study. He was the forerunner to the "Return" of the Spirit of Christ. He announced the return of the Spirit of Christ by saying, "in the year nine", meaning nine years after his own announcement, (1844+9=1853) "God will remanifest Himself." So that is the reason why it is said that those two lifeless bodies became alive. It was the new religion of God that had come alive and not the two prophets. We have to keep in mind the fact that those allegorical descriptions are symbolically described. With the coming of the Messenger known as the Door came the second woe for humanity.

The meaning of, "Come up here!" And they went up to heaven in a cloud, in full view of their enemies, is as follows : it means that from the invisible heaven, from the spiritual world, they heard the voice of God telling them that the two prophets, Mohammed and Ali, had carried out the wish of God by giving new teachings to humanity, they had delivered God's message to them and had accomplished what God had demanded from them.

In view of their enemies means that eventually the enemies of the religion of Muhammad realized the true spiritual stations of those two prophets, they eventually testified of their perfection and greatness.


Let me recount to you what really happened on the 23rd of May in 1844 when the second woe began. It was also the day whereby the age of Aquarius awoke. It was on that very day whereby all the planets of our solar system aligned themselves close to the Aquarius constellation.

If we analyse the various proofs, concerning the coming of a new Forerunner, we shall discover many truthful answers that research has brought forward. God did indeed send us twin Messengers at the beginning of the Aquarius era, one being the forerunner to the other. Revelation labels their coming as 'the last two woes'. It began at the sounding of the last two trumpets, the sixth and seventh trumpets.

It was on that very day, on the 23rd of May in 1844, that Biela's comet was racing through constellation after constellation and galaxy after galaxy as it was traversing the universe at speeds beyond imagination. Day by day, it was becoming more and more apparent to the naked eye. In Shiraz, which is the ancient city of nightingales and which is located in the land that was known as Persia, a young man declared himself to be the "Gate" or the "Doorway" to a new era which was about to be ushered in and which had been ordained by the great Creator who is the Lord our God.

Many young people in Persia, some of them from very far away, had vivid dreams concerning an exceptional young person. They were told to seek Him out as he was the promised one of all ages. They took their vivid dreams very seriously and, as they had been requested by God in those dreams, they began their journey to find the promised one of all ages. Some of them had to walk hundreds of kilometres in order to reach their destinations. They were led and fed by the Spirit of God, the Holy Spirit, and all reached their destinations safely.

The young man of Shiraz met each and everyone of them at the edge of his city, on different days, and brought each and everyone of them to his home. They found him to be very mild mannered and delicate in appearance. He was small, very courteous and with a soft melodious voice which was very impressive. But above all, his appearance and behaviour were very favourable.

Later on in history, searchers of the truth discovered that the young people who had sought him out were eighteen of the twenty four elders mentioned in the writings of Revelation. The amazing young man proclaimed himself to his new followers by saying to them, "I am, I am, I am the promised one." Was this the same 'I am', the same spirit essence who had previously spoken through Moses and through Jesus later on in history?

...I am, that is who I am. Exodus 3 : 13

When you have lifted up the son of man you will know that I am that I am. John 8 : 28

As time went on, more and more people began to listen to this young man who knew more about God than all of the Mullahs of his days. People from all walks of life began to realize that he was really an exceptional young person who had a great deal of spiritual knowledge within himself.

Political leaders and the Mullahs of his time were unhappy to see so many people come to listen to this exceptional young person. They were jealous of him so they had him arrested and sent to prison. People from all around, and some from very far away, continued on coming to see him. So, the State had him moved ; from prison to prison they moved him. But to no avail, people from all walks of life kept on seeking him out because of his extraordinary spiritual qualities and his great knowledge of God.

One day, the state officials were annoyed with him because of His new teachings concerning God. They seemed to be outside of those of their faith, the Moslem faith. For that reason, the rulers of the Persian empire sentenced him to be executed by the army. The Persian army was ordered to take him back to the city of blue ceramics, to Shiraz, to be executed as ordered. One of the officials informed the young prophet, in the barracks where he was held, that he had been condemned to be executed. He had been condemned to death without any trial whatsoever.

As the state official was preparing to take him to his place of execution, the young divine Messenger reprimanded him by saying that his last wishes must be made known to his personal secretary. He said the following words to him :

"Not before I tell my secretary all the things I have to tell him. No power on earth or in heaven may silence me. Even though the whole world be armed against me, it would be powerless to stop me from making my intentions known."

The State official insisted that the young man follow him outside in the courtyard. Thus, the young messenger from God, a forerunner, was ushered to his place of execution. The commandant of the Armenian army, who had been given the order for the execution, approached the young man and said to him in a low voice :

"I practice Christianity and I do not wish you any wrong, should your cause be that of the truth, deliver me from spilling your blood."

The young Messenger of God answered him with the following words:

"Follow your instructions and, should you be sincere, the almighty shall deliver you from your anguish."

Following that conversation, the Armenian Army commander gave the order for the young man to be tied to a post in the execution yard. A companion of the young prophet, one of the twenty four elders of Revelation, was also tied to the same post his head laying on the chest of his Master. He too wanted to suffer martyrdom so that humanity could have a new beginning. This was to be a double execution. About ten thousand people crowded the roofs of the adjoining houses, all eager to see a spectacle of great magnitude.

The battalion was now aligned in three ranks consisting of a total of seven hundred and fifty soldiers who were armed with ancient muskets. The commandant gave the order to fire upon the young Messenger and his companion who was tied next to him. All three ranks of soldiers fired, each rank firing in succession. The smoke that arose from the firing of the 750 rifles blackened the sky at noontime. As the cloud of sulphurous smoke dissipated itself, the crowd was looking upon a scene which it could not believe in. Facing the crowd, alive and well, was the young man's companion. No harm had befallen him although his bonds had all been ripped to shreds.

The young divine Messenger had completely disappeared, he was nowhere to be seen in the courtyard. The soldiers were attempting to calm the crowd as the state official began to search for him. He finally found him inside the barracks finishing his conversation which he had previously begun with his secretary just before he had been led outside to his place of execution.

Upon seeing the state official, he approached him gently and said the following words to him.

"I have concluded my conversation with my secretary, you may now proceed with your mission."

The government official did not answer him as he was much too scared. He was remembering the young man's words before he had been led outside to his place of execution :

"No power on earth or in heaven may silence me. Even though the whole world be armed against me, it would be powerless to stop me from making my intentions known."

The state official refused to fulfil his mission and left the emplacement in a hurry, thus resigning his governmental post. The Armenian army commander, also remembering the words said to him by the new Messenger of God, gave the order for his battalion to leave the area immediately. Eventually another battalion consisting of another 750 men was brought in. The Moslem colonel, who was in charge, gave the order to his soldiers to proceed with the execution as ordered by the officials of the Persian State.

The young man and his companion were once again tied to the same post as they had been on a previous day. The colonel in charge then gave the order to his soldiers to fire upon them. However, before the order was given, the young divine Messenger addressed the crowd who were contemplating him and said the following words to them :

"Had you believed in me, O rebellious generation, each one of you would have followed the example of this young man who is tied next to me and who takes rank above each and everyone of you. You would also have accepted to give your life for me. The day will come whereby you shall recognize me but on that day I will no longer be amongst you."

A great earthquake had occurred on Sunday July 9th in 1850. It was a great earthshaking event. Thirty years after his birth in the beautiful ancient city of Shiraz one of God's Messengers, a forerunner, was executed by the State of ancient Persia. He had come to prepare the way as Christ's forerunner at His "Return". They had failed to recognize one of the twin Messengers sent by God. His mission had been to open the door to the age of Aquarius in which we presently live. That is most probably the reason for his having being given the title of the "Door" or "Gate" in many biblical prophecies.

If only they had realized that the young messenger was the return of the Spirit and power of the ancient prophet Elijah. That young Messenger was animated by the same Spirit essence who had previously animated John the Baptist at the beginning of the Christian era.

At the same moment there was a violent earthquake, and a tenth of the city fell. Seven thousand people were killed in the earthquake ; the rest in terror did homage to the God of heaven. The second woe has now passed. But the third is soon to come. Revelation 11 : 13

The mentioned earthquake actually happened in Shiraz in 1850, after the martyrdom of the young Messenger known as the Door or the Gate. The city was in great turmoil, 7 000 people died through various diseases such as cholera. They were also afflicted by famines, which had never been seen in Persia before.

And the remainder did homage to the God of heaven : it means that when the earthquake occurred in Fars the people of that city cried out day and night, praying and glorifying God to deliver them from those disastrous events. It has been said that the people of that city were so troubled that they refused to rest during the day or at nighttime.

The second woe has now passed. But the third is soon to come. Revelation 11 : 14

The first woe was the appearance of the prophet Muhammad in the year 622 AD. and that of His successor Ali. The second woe began in 1844, it was the coming of the young Messenger of Shiraz known under the title of the Door or Gate. The third woe began in 1853, following the second woe. It was the day whereby the Lord of Hosts re-manifested Himself. It was the day whereby the Spirit of Christ was remanifested amongst men. In other words, the third woe was the promised "Return" of Christ. It was the day that the promised one returned in the beauty and radiance of God.


The third woe, that came at the sounding of the seventh trumpet, represents the return of the Spirit of Christ. It occurred in 1853. The blowing of the spiritual heavenly trumpet represents the announcement of that event. The young Messenger from Shiraz was the announcer who smade the statement that in the year nine, meaning nine years later, that God would manifest Himself again to the world.

Many clues have already being given you concerning the return of Christ in the explanations pertaining to the 24th chapter of Matthew and of those written by many of the Apostles of Christ, also in some of the writings of the prophet Daniel.

Then the seventh angel blew his trumpet; Voices were heard in heaven shouting: The sovereignty of the world has passed to our Lord and his Christ, and he shall reign for ever and ever! And the twenty four elders, seated on their thrones before God, fell on their faces and worshipped God, saying: "We give You thanks, O Lord God, sovereign over all who is and who was, because you have taken your great power into your hands and you have entered upon your reign. The nations raged, but your day of retribution has come. Now is the time for the dead to be judged; now is the time for recompense to your servants the prophets, to your dedicated people, and to all who honour your name, both great and small, the time to destroy those who destroy the earth." Revelation 11 : 15 to 11 : 18

The answer to the meaning of the seventh angel has again been given us in God's new Revelation to the world. Here is the symbolical meaning:

* The meaning of the seventh angel is as follows : it is a man qualified with God's attributes and who arises to teach humanity with new divine teachings. His spiritual qualities and the right kind of character allows Him to present to humanity glorious new teachings that will eventually allow the kingdom of God to be established. The world will be renewed and a new spirit will be breathed into God's Creation. A new divine springtime will come and the clouds of mercy will rain upon humanity. The sun of reality will shine while life-giving breezes will blow. At that time, the surface of the earth will be outstandingly spiritual, like a paradise. As mankind is reeducated, wars, disputes and quarrels of the past will disappear to be replaced by truthfulness, righteousness, peace and with renewed worship of God. Love, unity, and brotherhood will be felt in the world. God's rule over us will be for evermore. Thus will the everlasting spiritual kingdom be established. Such is the day of God whereby the Sun of reality arises in the world of man with much warmth and great splendour.

* The meaning of the 24 elders who sat on their thrones is as follows : In each prophetical cycles, the holy souls have always been twelve. It can be explained the following way : Jacob, the father of Israel, had twelve sons ; in Moses time there were twelve chiefs of tribes ; in the time of Christ, there were twelve Apostles : in the religion of Muhammad there were twelve Imans. However, in this glorious Revelation, there were twenty four which is double the number present in the previous religions. The greatness of this new Revelation, being more potent than all previous revelations, required it. Those holy souls, the 24 Elders, are constantly in the presence of God and have thrones of their own on which they are seated ; their reign is eternal. Although it is said that their sitting on thrones with everlasting rule, they are great worshippers of the universal Manifestation. They are very humble and submissive to the Will of God. They are continuously saying :

"We give You thanks, O Lord God, sovereign over all who is and who was, because you have taken your great power into your hands and you have entered upon your reign." Revelation 11 : 17

The meaning being :

* you will give out your teachings and then you will gather the people of the earth underneath the shadow of a single tent. The meaning of the kingdom means the Manifestation of Himself. That universal manifestation of God will subdue the world by spiritual power and not by war and all of the atrocities which it brings but rather with peace and tranquillity. This universal Manifestation will establish this heavenly kingdom with true love and not by the power of arms. The divine teachings, which He will be giving, will be with kindness and righteousness. The various nations and people of the world will be so well educated that regardless of their different customs and characters, diverse races and religions which they may belong to, they will, as it is said in the old testament of the Bible, become friends and companions although they may have seen to be enemies previously like the wolf and the lamb, the leopard, the kid or a suckling child. Barriers between races, religion or nations shall be completely removed. It will be a complete union of the earth people and a perfect reconciliation underneath the shadow of the Blessed Tree.

The Blessed Tree representing God's new religion which was given to the people of this world at the coming of the third woe, which was the day whereby Christ remanifested Himself.

The meaning of : "the nations raged, but your day of retribution has come", is as follows :

* it means that many people will be afflicted because they have failed to follow your teachings, counselling and various precepts as you presented them to the world. Therefore, they will be deprived of your bounty and will surely be veiled from the light of the Sun of your Reality.

The meaning of the following verse, "Now is the time for the dead to be judged; is as follows :

* it means that the time has come for those who are spiritually dead to be judged by God's justice. They are those who are deprived of the love of God and do not have eternal life. They have denied God and refuse to accept His Manifestations so they will receive only that which they deserve. God will make the reality of their secrets to be known and it be shown the low degree of existence which they hold in the world of man. In reality, they are constantly under a spiritual death sentence.

Another meaning for, "Now is the time for the dead to be judged ; now is the time for recompense to your servants the prophets, to your dedicated people, and to all who honour your name, both great and small".

* It means that God will distinguish the righteous by giving them endless bounties, they will shine as stars of heaven on the horizon of eternal glory which they will be given. God will assist them and give them good behaviour such that their actions will be righteous and they will become the light of the world of man, the real cause of spiritual guidance, they will have attained the means of everlasting spiritual life in the divine kingdom of God.

The meaning of, " the time to destroy those who destroy the earth", is as follows :

* the meaning is that God will deprive those who are neglectful, entirely. The blindness of those who are spiritually blind will be manifested and the visions which the seers have will become evident. The ignorance, the want of knowledge and the wisdom of the people who are under guidance will become apparent. So, it can be said that those who became the destroyers will be destroyed.

Then God's temple in heaven was laid open, and within the temple was seen the ark of his covenant. There came flashes of lightning and peals of thunder, an earthquake, and a storm of hail. Revelation 11 : 19

The meaning of,

* The temple of heaven being opened means that the new Jerusalem has been found and that the Holy of Holies has now become visible to the people of the world. The Holy of Holies being the essence of the divine Law, it is the true teachings of the Lord which never changes through any of the prophetical cycles. The sanctuary of Jerusalem resembles the reality of the Law of God, it is the Holy of Holies. The laws and conventions, the rites and material regulations are the symbolic city of Jerusalem and it is therefore labelled as the heavenly Jerusalem. So we can briefly say that this new Revelation, that is also labelled as the new Jerusalem, has descended from God. The Almighty will allow those new teachings to be realized in our world of existence, ignorance and lack of knowledge will eventually be dispelled from the earth. So we can honestly say that this world will become a new world and enlightenment will someday prevail.

*...and within the temple was seen the ark of his covenant, means that the Book of a new testament will appear within the teachings of this new Jerusalem. An epistle of that covenant will be established, both meanings will become evident to all who are studying it. The renown of God will spread from the east to the west so that the proclamation of God's Cause will be known the world over. Violators will be dispersed and degraded, the faithful will be cherished and glorified for they have clung to the Book of this new Testament, they have been firm and steadfast.

There came flashes of lightning and peals of thunder, an earthquake, and a storm of hail.

* It means that, after the Book of the new Testament appeared, there will be a great spiritual storm. It can be said that there will be flashes caused by the lightning of the anger and wrath of God.

Chapter eleven is another chapter that has described to us some events that occurred between the birth of the Moslem religion, in the year 622, until its spiritual death that occurred in the year 1844 AD. The two witnesses mentioned were the prophets Mohammed and his true successor whose name was Ali.

We discovered, through our intensive research that, in 1844, God sent us the young messenger of Shiraz who was the second woe for humanity. God also sent us the comet Biela that announced the beginning of the age of Aquarius. It was ushered in on the 23 of May in 1844. With the beginning of a new age, we were the recipients of a new Messenger sent by God.

A new era always brings us a new Messenger that God sends to us. The young Messenger of Shiraz, known as the "Door", was that divine Messenger who was animated by the Holy Spirit. He was animated by the same Spirit Essence who had spoken through Moses, Jesus, Mohammed, etc, etc. He told us who he was when he said :

"I am, I am, I am the promised one."

In 1850, when the young Messenger of Shiraz was executed by the Persian state, most of the followers of the young prophet, more than 20 000 of them, were eventually killed by the leaders of the Ottoman Empire. The second woe was thus ended. The young prophet of Shiraz was the second woe that humanity still refuses to recognize or accept. For the full story see "God passes by", the untold story. You may also wish to scrutinize the Dawnbreakers. Both true stories, describing the early days of God's new Faith, can be found on the Internet. If you cannot find them, write to me and I will see to it that you get a copy.

The third woe was soon to come, so says John in his writings of Revelation. The third woe came three years after the death of the forerunner, in 1850. It came in 1853 when the returned Christ was Manifested by the Holy Spirit while he was being held a prisoner in a dungeon deep underground. Ten years later, in 1863, the returned Christ declared himself to be God's new manifestation for the age of Aquarius. He declared his mission in a beautiful garden in the Holy Land that may be labelled as the garden of Paradise.

The returned Christ's eldest son, God's servant also known as the Branch in various biblical writings, ensured that God's new teachings for humanity were brought to almost every country of the planet, including western countries. He also came to the great city of Montreal in Canada. The people of that city have already forgotten him. Mankind, generally speaking, still does not want to investigate these true stories. Most people seem quite happy with old teachings that dates back to thousands of years. Why is it that nobody ever wants to accept new teachings that God has sent to us through His new Messenger? Is it so painful for humanity to accept the new which augment the old? How is humanity ever going to advance forward spiritually without the new?

The reason is that we accept nothing else but what comes out of the mouth of our religious teachers. We lack the will power to investigate the new so that we may discover greater truth. What a calamity this has been for all of mankind on this planet that still insists to remain in spiritual darkness. Mankind is now abasing itself to the level of the beast and will probably destroy itself unless it decides to search for and discover greater truths. If we do not soon accept the new teachings sent to us by God, we will soon all disappear from the face of the earth. What will it be, do we study for the new or remain with the old and the outdated that does not address the present or its various illnesses?

It would seem that what happened in the days of the prophet Noah is happening all over again. The people of His days did not want to listen to his teachings and now, many thousands of years later, it is the people of our time who are refusing to tune in to the new teachings. What will God do? He will most probably do as He did in the time of Noah, He will destroy us all. The presentation that is labelled "end time prophecies" will give you the necessary information. We have proof that God will soon destroy this world and everything in it by raining down showers of fiery meteors on the whole planet.

In the following presentation we shall discover that God's new Manifestation has given us much information pertaining to this new Revelation. The new Revelator has given us many valid answers pertaining to chapter twelve of Revelation. It mentions what happened to the seventh major world religion while it was still in its infancy.

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