As an introduction to the explanations of the magnificent writings contained within Revelation, as described to us by my favourite Apostle John, permit me to explain to you how the unsealing of its twenty two chapters was accomplished. You will also soon discover that those writings are very fascinating as well as highly symbolical, they are full of metaphors and allegorical descriptions which are the symbolic languages of the holy books.

It is not possible to literally understand the writings of Revelation unless we take into consideration the language it was written in, allegory. It is a language that is full of imagery and which is utilized in the divine world, in Paradise where all spirits dwell. In this presentation, we shall label that spiritual emplacement as the spiritual Realm.

The writings contained within Revelation were written in such a strange symbolical format, making it a real challenge to unseal successfully. The attempt was successful but only after a considerable amount of time was taken to do the necessary research that took many years of spare time. Even today, many commentators and some religious teachers of various Christian denominations are staying away from that puzzling allegorical text.

At the very beginning of this research, and after having studied the holy text many times, my first impression was that nobody would ever be able to understand those confusing and strangely assembled sayings. It was then that I also began realizing that the answers would probably not be found in the Bible itself nor in any of the holy Books of the distant past. God most certainly gave it to us for a valid reason so it is important to understand it properly, but how should one proceed?

It was then that a long spiritual quest resulted in a surprising discovery. It was discovered slowly that God had once again manifested Himself to humanity by speaking to the world through a new Messenger who has given us all the necessary tools in order to properly understand those ancient apocalyptic prophecies. Our major obstacle was that we had become too attached to old traditions and to old religious teachings which, despite their importance and their veracity, are thousands of years old and cannot possibly reveal the reality of the present era in which we live in or of its new needs. This is a new Revelation from God which is more adaptable to the changing times. It is what the materialistic people of this world need very badly right now but are still refusing to investigate because of the strange format in which it was written.

We shall soon begin to understand that the religious teachers of the past - teaching fundamental principles that remain the same from one Revelation to the next - gave teachings that are more adapted to the morals, social and economics of past eras which were different than our needs of today.

After having discovered God's new Messenger, I began to investigate His teachings on my own and unhindered by anyone. During that intriguing research, I slowly began to realize that the new teachings are destined to eventually allow us to re-organize the planet socially. This would further allow us to understand the deeper meanings of Revelation in this marvellous era which we presently live in however mysterious and full of challenges.

By meticulously reading and analysing the content of Revelation we shall begin to understand that those revealing writings contain, imbedded within the words themselves, a humanitarian story that has already unfolded and which humanity is still unaware of.

The unsealing of Revelation has been a great challenge. It was the reason why I decided to tackle it in the first place. It is written in such a strange format that most people, including many religious teachers, have decided not to attempt to interpret it. Many religious teachers have speculated on its meanings without doing the necessary research and have given many people false interpretations.

At first, after having read its text several times, it was realized that no one could possibly ever understand such strange writings no matter how fascinating they may be. It was then that It was realized that truthful answers could not be found in the Bible itself or in any of God's holy books of the past. It was concluded that God did not give us those writings just for fun, there had to be a reason. He must have given us the right answers somewhere, but where should we look?

As mentioned previously, the search for greater truth led to a new discovery. It was discovered that God had again spoken to humanity through another earthly Messenger who did give us the right answers pertaining to the meaning of the strange writings contained in Revelation. Our hindrance, in not been able to discover the true meanings of those strangely assembled descriptions, is due to the fact that all of us get too strongly attached to the teachings of our old family religion and to the explanations given us by our spiritual teachers. It would seem that most of them never search outside of their own religion in order to discover greater truths, more truthful answers.

When a new Manifestation of God comes to give new teachings to the people of the earth, He always speaks through a divine Messenger who gives the world greater teachings. After humanity discovers those new given teachings - much later on in history - it becomes capable of advancing forward faster spiritually and materially. Unfortunately, the majority of the spiritual teachers of today still tell their flock not to do any investigating outside of their family religion. They claim that they have given them the only truth. Anyone can make that kind of statement but is it the truth? How can anyone discover anything new if no searches are carried out outside of their own religious circle?

During the research which was carried out, it was first discovered that God did indeed send us someone else to enlighten us. It was also discovered, very slowly, that He had also given us the answers to all of the meanings of the writings of Revelation. It was then that the new findings were written down, the true explanations pertaining to those fascinating and very strange writings. The result of that search is being presented to you for your perusal and to help you discover the right answers during your own spiritual research. But first let me warn you, if you have never read a Holy Book before you will soon discover that the writings of Revelation are extremely hard to comprehend literally, compared to other biblical writings. It is important that you begin by discovering the meaning of the various symbolical words. The fact that true answers were found, with time and patience, proves that anyone may do the same if he so desires.

Until 1970, the Holy Book referred to as the Bible seemed to myself to be nothing more than a mystery novel. Having had absolutely no clues as to its content or of any of its meanings. At first hand, you do not have to believe anything that has been written down in this presentation because you have a choice which is to carry out your own investigation so that you too may discover greater truths than what we have all been told in the past.

As you slowly leaf through the fascinating writings of Revelation, you will soon begin to understand that they contain many wonderful secrets hidden within the symbolic words themselves. You will also begin to realize that man has, in the past, corrupted biblical writings with drastic results for the world which received and is still receiving corrupted spiritual teachings.

Why has mankind received corrupted teachings and when did this happen? My own discovery is that, for Christianity, it occurred at almost the very beginning when the books were written. I discovered that they were re-written. We have discovered through a lengthy search that there were some deletions made to those writings and there were also some additions. We have always assumed that the writings contained within scriptures, such as the Bible, were all true as they were given to us originally. We will soon begin to realize, as we analyse the full content of the writings contained in Revelation, that those writings were tampered with originally. We also have to acknowledge the fact that, when the Bible was translated into many other languages, there also had to be some errors of translation. Its allegorical language was not taken into consideration because it was still unknown by the majority of the people although the writings contained within Revelation made some references to that language. It would seem that the symbolical words, contained within those writings, were translated without the knowledge of their true meanings.

Because of the errors that were added to those writings in the past, and at almost the very beginning of Christianity, mankind is still being given false teachings by some of its teachers who still think that the scriptures they utilize for teaching are original and have been translated properly. Can anyone prove that they have never been tampered with, that they are still original?

The discovery of the real truth, contained in those strange writings, does not come easily. It takes a great deal of effort on the part of the individual if he or she wishes to discover what is truthful. A great determination on the part of the searcher is absolutely necessary so that the mind may be opened to many other possibilities, to other meanings outside of the literal. Pure thoughts are also a necessity so that you may be better motivated to carry out such a lengthy search.

You may find it necessary to study the various clues pertaining to the return of the Spirit of Christ before you attempt to comprehend the writings of Revelation. They were contained in a previous presentation. That task will give you the necessary background so that you may better understand the Apostle John's great allegorical descriptions of Revelation.

Common sense dictates to us that the writings of Revelation are not to be accepted literally because they contain many strange symbols that must be studied very carefully if the searcher expects to understand anything at all.

The first thing to do, when attempting to understand those strangely assembled writings, is to identify the type of symbolic language that is contained therein. Once the language has been identified, then and only then can anyone proceed to unseal the various meanings contained in those very strangely written words.

Many biblical experts have recognized the fact that the writings of Revelation were written in a language called allegory. It is a spiritual language that is well known in the spiritual world. The encyclopaedia Americana defines that particular symbolic language as...

...a figurative representation in which the signs (the words or forms) signify something else besides their literal or direct meaning, each meaning being complete in itself. In rhetoric, which is an art and a science of communication in words, allegory is a continued comparison. For example : parables and fables are a form of allegory.

In our research study of the strange writings contained in Revelation, we are going to come across phraseology such as the "great whore". It does not literally represent a real woman but something else that is not good. As a matter of fact, it does not represent a person at all but a powerful system that is very unspiritual. Let us keep in mind that many of the symbolic words, encountered during our study, do not have a direct literal meaning but an allegorical spiritual meaning. You cannot verify those words in any of the known dictionaries because none of them give us a true explanation of any words written in a symbolic language such as allegory and which has no parallel.

Are there any proofs that Revelation was written in some other form or in some other strange language and that all of its content should not be accepted literally? Yes there are. Some of the given proofs are recorded in chapter seventeen of Revelation. Once you have discovered a few of them, you then become capable of discovering many other important ones.

...the great whore that sits on many waters. Revelation 17 : 1

The following paragraph, that was discovered in chapter seventeen, gives us a reasonable explanation of the allegorical meaning of many waters on which the great whore sits.

...the waters which you saw, where the whore sits, are peoples, and multitudes and nations and tongues. Revelation 17 : 15

We have finally discovered the meaning of those symbolic sayings. Later on, in these same writings, you will notice that the great whore is also defined as "mystery Babylon". Those of you who have studied the presentation pertaining to some of the writings of Nostradamus, you already know that the great whore represents false teachings given to the people of this world by some of its spiritual teachers. Therefore we have no choice but to say that God labels those false teachers as the great whore.

Additional proof is given us in chapter eleven, it seems to be saying that the symbolic language of allegory is utilized throughout biblical writings.

Whose city in allegory is Sodom. Revelation 11 : 8

The descriptions given us in Revelation are saying that the story pertaining to the twin cities of Sodom and Gomorrah was written in a language referred to as allegory. Therefore, no attempt should be made to comprehend those writings literally but symbolically. In other words, that story has many wonderful meanings that is written in symbols and which can only be comprehended with a true understanding of the meaning of the symbolical words that have been utilized.

The mention being made to Sodom, in allegory, is a reference to the story of the ancient biblical twin cities of Sodom and Gomorrah that was located in the land of Israel. Those cities are mentioned in the Old testament of the Bible.

The teachings that God had originally given to the people of those cities, through his servants who are his prophets, had been laid aside or had been corrupted by the people of those emplacements. So, God destroyed them by raining fire (meteors) from the skies on those emplacements. He kept alive very few people who lived on those emplacements, only those who were true followers of the teachings of the prophets.

I strongly suspect that those emplacements were destroyed by fiery missiles. In other words, by meteorites coming from outer space often referred to as asteroids by certain scientists. They become balls of fire, meteors, after entering the earth's atmosphere. In this case, the allegorical meaning of fire raining down from the skies is very likely asteroids. In other words fiery meteors because asteroids turn into meteors on their way down after they have entered the earth's atmosphere.

There are additional proofs that the writings contained within Revelation were written utilizing pure symbolical allegorical descriptions. You will soon be presented with many good examples. However, you have to realize that it would take much too long to fully explain each and everyone of those symbols fully. You are quite capable of discovering the true meaning of many of the symbolic words by yourself, with a little help from others who have done many years of research.

Many more symbolic words will be encountered during our study. We shall discover that they have other than literal meanings. You will be presented with the discovered meanings as we proceed on with our search. Other biblical writings will also be mentioned which will give us the answers to some of the meanings of those allegorical words or phrases. Then the writings contained within Revelation will seem to be much more comprehensible to everyone perusing them.

The following verse of Revelation is self explanatory, it give us some interesting answers as to the meaning of some of the strangely assembled symbolic words such as stars and lamps.

The seven stars are the angels of the seven churches and the seven lamps are the seven churches. Revelation 1 : 20

It is important that we remember the true meaning of those words because we will encounter them again further on in our study of other chapters. We are told that the seven stars mentioned are the seven angelic spiritual entities of the seven churches. Therefore those churches are the seven major world religions that were given to mankind at the beginning of new eras.

Later on, we shall discover that the mentioned seven stars also represent the seven greatest prophets who animated the seven major world religions. As for the seven lamps, John tells us that they represent those seven churches meaning those seven major world religions. Now that we are armed with some of the answers, we will rewrite that paragraph so that it can become much more comprehensible.

The seven shining spiritual stars are the seven angelic entities who gave mankind the seven major world religions and the seven lamps are the seven major world religions. Revelation 1 : 20 re-written for better comprehension.

The understanding of the allegorical writings of Revelation requires a constant search of past history because all of the events mentioned therein have already occurred, including the return of the Spirit of Christ being the return of the Holy Spirit who spoke through another Revelator this time around.

You are surprised at what has just been said, are you not? Do not be because it is only through continuous research that those facts may be discovered and proven. Our findings contain sufficient proofs that we have assembled so that we can bring forward the real truthful answers.

The time is ripe to discover that we have not been told all of the truth in the past mainly because our spiritual teachers did not know the truth, they had yet to discover some of it. Our teachers obviously assumed that what they had learned from their own teachers was the truth but it most definitely was not even close to it. You shall soon discover that the real truth is much more beautiful than what they have led us to believe.

Actually, those who search for the truth will discover it but only if they constantly search for it. It is definitely not handed out to anyone on a silver platter or on any other kind of a platter because that type of discovery is a lot of hard work which requires many hours of personal research if one wishes to be fruitful in his search for greater knowledge.

A minor prophet such as the Apostle John, who reveals visions of future events to humanity, cannot reveal them as he sees them. To do so means that someone could attempt to interfere with world events as prophesied and, as a result, could change the course of history as foreseen by God himself. So it is quite obvious that prophetical visions concerning the future can only be given to us in an abstract fashion. Therefore, the unsealing of the prophecy at the time that it is given becomes improbable until the event has actually occurred.

Everyone is now capable to fully understand the writings of Revelation because all of the prophesied events have already occurred, including the event concerning the return of the Spirit of Christ. He came to us like a thief in the night. We discovered, in the presentation labelled the return of Christ, that He came to us in 1853. However, the majority of the people of this world have yet to discover that fact. The Spirit of Christ, the Holy Spirit, returned exactly as he had promised and animated a new Messenger. Then the new Revelator died, in 1892, like all human beings do. His spirit left the physical world once again to return to the spiritual Realm known in spiritual circles as Paradise.

The proof of the above saying is as follows. It was given us by God's new Messenger.

* THE time fore-ordained unto the peoples and kindreds of the earth is now come. The promises of God, as recorded in the holy Scriptures, have all been fulfilled.

All of the descriptions contained within Revelation are definitely not beyond human understanding. If the written words or descriptions sound reasonable, and have common sense, then more than likely its meaning is literal and can be understood by all.

We have to keep remembering ourselves that Christianity originated from an eastern country. It came from the Holy Land which is the Land of the Israelites. Major world religions have always emanated from eastern countries and, as we shall soon discover, they will continue to do so. The emanation of those religions from eastern countries is symbolic. Exactly like the movement of the sun, from the east to the west of the planet, they arose to eventually illuminate all of mankind with the necessary principles that contributes to the advancement of our earthly civilization.

Our civilization cannot possibly continue to move forward spiritually without new principles given us by God himself through his servants who are His prophets and Messengers. Without them, the people of this world would become like wild beasts and would eventually annihilate themselves.

You do not have to believe anything that has been written in this presentation. However, if you continue to read on, you will discover that you have been given all the necessary proofs saying that the Spirit of Christ has indeed returned to this world and has given us new spiritual teachings that will not only allow us to move forward both spiritually and scientifically but that will eventually bring world peace to our planet, it will be a golden era whereby a Most great world wide peace will prevail.

In the presentation pertaining to the return of Christ we discovered that the Spirit of Christ has already made His "Return" to our world to give us new spiritual food, greater teachings. You have already discovered that fact if you have studied the various proofs given you in those presentations. If not, you may want to tune in to it by accessing the link that has been made available for you on the welcoming page.

As you continue perusing these presentations you will soon begin to understand that all of the events mentioned in the writings of Revelation have already occurred. You shall also discover that those fascinating biblical writings do not have a continuation from one chapter to the next. In other words, every chapter is not necessarily a continuation of mentioned events of a previous one. When that fact is properly understood, the comprehension of the strangely assembled writings becomes an easier task. In the presentation of the writings of Revelation, you will also begin to realize that its various chapters have been re-arranged in a better order, for your convenience, so that the reader may understand them more fully.

It is a lack of spiritual knowledge that has been an obstacle for us and has disabled us from discovering more truthful answers. If we wish to discover greater truths, we have to realize that it is a great necessity that we begin harmonizing ourselves spiritually.

Don't we humans have a tendency to accept only what we have been taught by our religious teachers? It is important that we investigate very thoroughly what they are teaching us. It is easy to accept only what they tell us without questioning any of it, but are they telling us the truth or are they repeating the same teachings which they were given and which may not be completely truthful. It shall soon be proven to you in these presentations that some Christian teachings, given out by some religious teachers, are not entirely truthful.

You shall also discover that the Investigation of the truth is a lot of hard work which requires a lot of patience that will burn up a lot of your spare time. However, don't we humans have a lot of leisure time? Is the time not ripe for humanity to discover the truth on its own? Why give that task to somebody else and accept only the answers which they give us? Are we not also capable of discovering the truth if we search for it?

A young man wrote to me saying that Christian religious teachers go to divinity school so, therefore, they must know all the truthful answers to biblical writings. I answered him by saying, "yes", that is true except that they do not learn the metaphoric and allegorical meaning of many of the symbolical words because it is not in their curriculum. Therefore, we have no choice but to say that the young man was wrong in assuming that religious teachers fully comprehend and can explain scriptures more fully than anybody else. In this new Revelation from God, we have been given new information. God's new Messenger has informed us that the divines, who are the religious teachers who teach the people who belong to many of the present day world religions, have all given their followers false religious teachings. That divine Messenger also added : had they taken the time to ask God for the proper interpretations, during their prayers or meditation, He would have gladly given them the proper interpretations. He would most probably have given them vivid dreams that contain all of the proper answers. After I learned that I said to myself, "I wonder how many of those religious teachers pray to God and ask Him for spiritual guidance?"

In the following presentation, the Apostle John begins to describe his visions of Revelation. You may access it by utilizing the provided link.

John begins to describe his visions of Revelation