Chapter nine of Revelation covers a period of time in history that belongs to the seventh major world religion, the Moslem religion. The prophet Mohammed was the chosen One who began giving new teachings to the people of the Arabic peninsula thus revealing a new religion to them. Those people had no previous beliefs in God whatsoever, having disregarded teachings that were given on the continent of Asia by numerous prophets of previous eras. The prophet Mohammed was manifested in the year 622 AD but only declared His prophetical Mission in the year 625 AD.

The following events are very symbolically described. Therefore great care must be taken when studying them if a good understanding of the written words is to be accomplished. The time frame for this particular chapter is the year 633 after the coming of Jesus Christ. The events mentioned happened after the sounding of the fifth trumpet, which was the announcement for the Manifestation of the prophet Mohammed.

In the recorded history of that religion, a valid reason is given as to why God decided to send a new religion to the people of the Arabic peninsula. It became the seventh major world religion. History has recorded that, on one particular day, the prophet Mohammed asked a question to some of his followers. He said to them, "Why don't you believe in the prophets Moses and Jesus, they came for you also." They answered him by saying, "You are the only prophet in which we believe in, Mohammed. We believe only in you and in what you tell us. Our ancestors did not believe in those who came before you and we also do not believe in them. Mohammed told them that they and their ancestors were wrong not believing in previous prophets sent to them by Allah, meaning God.

After reading such sayings we can honestly say that God, in His Great Wisdom, decided to send a religion to the people of the Arabic Peninsula so that they too could be made to believe in Him. A new religion for a race of people who lived primitively.

The teachings of all seven major world religion are now strongly condemned in the writings of the second and third chapter of Revelation. The reason : the teachings given by its religious teachers are no longer truthful. A good example is Afghanistan, the false teachings that were strongly enforced in that country have finally being abolished. However, we are now discovering that they have not been completely abolished because the clergy still has a strong hold on political and religious power.

During my lengthy research, I discovered that the seventh major world religion went astray almost from the very beginning as did all other religions before it. It happened after the death of Ali who was Mohammed's truly named successor. He was murdered by a leader from amongst his own people who took over the reins of that religion. After that incident, that false leader ran the religion his own way which was spiritually and morally wrong.


The following paragraph of Revelation is about to tell us symbolically that a star, meaning a great individual had fallen from great spiritual heights to the lowest emplacement possible. He had fallen to the bottom of the abyss which is the bottom of the pit of error, symbolically speaking.

Then the fifth angel blew his trumpet; and I saw a star that had fallen from heaven to earth, and the star was given the key of the shaft of the abyss. With this he opened the shaft of the abyss ; and from the shaft smoke rose like smoke from a great furnace, and the sun and the air were darkened by the smoke from the shaft. Revelation 9 : 1-2

Those verses are very symbolically described, in Allegory. John wrote that a star had fallen from heavenly bounties. He had fallen to the lowest possible place that an entity can possibly fall to, to the bottom of the pit of error. History has recorded the name of that fallen star, it is Abu-Sufyan. He clouded up Mohammed's teachings and, as described symbolically in the writings of Revelation, he became a fallen star.

The bottomless pit represents the pit of error. Abu-Sufyan was the one who opened it. The smoke arising from that pit represents obscurity. Abu-Sufyan obscured nearness to God, thus spiritual truths became lost. Many people, who believed in Abu-Sufyan and who had laid aside the true teachings of the prophet Mohammed, were now in the shadow of error.

Abu-Sufyan, the fallen star, was a true leader of men. He had previously made many attempts to destroy the prophet and his Revelation. It is the real reason why many people armed themselves against him. It was to defend the prophet and the new Revelation which he was bringing to the people of the Arabic peninsula. The people, who had joined Mohammed's religion, eventually became numerous. Their numbers enabled them to defend themselves against Abu-Sufyan who was an old enemy of that religion and who would have killed the prophet had he been given a chance to do so.

One day, the fallen star came out of Mecca with 4 000 armed men. He proceeded towards Medina where the prophet and his followers were hiding out. He had 1 000 camels and three hundred Arabian horses at his disposal. Many tribesmen, which he encountered along the way, wanted to join him. He could have easily raised an army of 10 000 men or perhaps even more but he did not have the necessary logistics to support an army of that size in desert country.

Upon his arrival at Medina, with his 4 000 warriors and with his numerous animals, he soon discovered that the prophet had outwitted him. The prophet and his many supporters had dug a deep trench all around Medina. Abu-Sufyan and his numerous armed men were unable to cross it because Mohammed's archers stopped them from making any successful crossing. It was then that the fallen star decided to put the city under siege, it lasted for 25 days.

The siege ended with a drenching storm, it was obviously God's tempest. It made Abu-Sufyan change his mind. He knew that it had become an impossibility for him to destroy the prophet and his followers. His army lacked the necessary supplies, they ran out of food and water for both his men and for the numerous animals plus the fact that themselves and their animals had been well drenched. So, he gave up his siege of the city and returned home. It was at that time that he began realizing that he could never destroy the prophet who had become very powerful and who had many followers who were ready to die for Him and for the new Revelation that he was bringing to them.

Later on, Abu-Sufyan returned alone to Medina. He asked to speak to the prophet Mohammed, saying that he wanted to declare a truce. The Moslems, with great reluctance, finally allowed him to speak to the prophet. A man by the name of Abba led him into the presence of the prophet who asked him if the time had not come for him to acknowledge the one true God. He had done so much harm to Mohammed who was now addressing him with gentleness.

He then admitted to Mohammed that there could be only one true God, the Eternal, the Ancient of Days. Otherwise, had there been any other deities which he had once believed in, he would most certainly have received their blessings. Then the prophet asked him, again gently, whether the time had not come for him to recognize Him as the Apostle of God. Abu-Sufyan hesitated. Then Abba guided him to say,

"I bear witness that verily Mohammed is the Apostle of God."
Abu-Sufyan's heart had been touched, the fallen star had spiritually resurrected from the grave of error. He came out of the tomb of unbelief and walked right into the arms of Islam. He had lived to see the judgment day which is the day whereby another prophet gives newer teachings to humanity.

Then over the earth, out of the smoke, came locusts, and they were given the powers that earthly scorpions have. Revelation 9 : 3

The locusts, having the same power as scorpions, symbolically represents the warriors mounted on their Arabian horses. The scorpions mentioned represents a quick firing arrow discharger utilized by the invading army. It had the same deadly sting as that of a scorpion. Those of you who have read ancient fables, you will no doubt recognize the famous Arabian horses that are allegorically described as locusts.

By re-writing the above mentioned prophecy, into a language that we can all understand, we get the following.

Then over a certain country of the earth, out of the obscurity (smoke) that had been caused by the fallen star whom we discovered to be Abu-Sufyan, came warriors mounted on their Arabian horses (locusts) firing quick arrow dischargers (scorpions), its darts (arrows) having the same deadly sting as that of a scorpion. Revelation 9 : 3 re-written for better comprehension of that allegorical text.

Let us continue to unseal more of that strangely described text.

They were told to do no injury to the grass or to any plant or tree, but only to those men who had not received the seal of God on their foreheads. Revelation 9 : 4

The grass, the trees, and all green things represent the righteous people and their spiritual leaders. They are those who live according to good sound principles, the meaning of those with the seal of God in their foreheads represents them. The seal of God is the knowledge they have pertaining to God and which is embedded into their foreheads, their minds, their memories.

These were allowed to torment for five months, with torment like a scorpions sting ; but they were not to kill them. Revelation 9 : 5

In order to understand the meaning of five months, we have to study other Biblical prophecies. They explain that the lunar calendar was in use when the old Testament of the Bible was written. In older days, the calendar consisted of 12 months which had thirty days each. The proof is given us in the writings of Genesis.

...On the seventeenth day of the second month. Genesis 7 : 11

...On the seventeenth day of the seventh month. Genesis 8 : 4.

If each month contained 30 days. Thus from the 17 of the second month, which is February, until the 17 of the seventh month, which is July, there is a total of 150 days. It is a duration of five months. Additional proof is recorded in the writings of Genesis. It says that the biblical flood of events did indeed last for 150 days, which means that it lasted for a period of one hundred and fifty years because each biblical day represents a year. The proof of that saying is contained in the following prophecy.

When the waters had increased over the earth for a hundred and fifty days. Genesis 8 : 3

Thirty days of prophecy represents a period of thirty years, so a day of prophecy is equivalent to one year. One of the proofs may be found in the writings of the prophet Ezekiel.

... I count one day for every year. Ezekiel 4 : 7

Thus the torment, which is mentioned in verse five of this chapter, actually lasted for a period of one hundred and fifty years. The empire became badly misguided after the deaths of the prophets Mohammed and Ali who was his true named successor. History tells us that the empire was built over a period of 5 months which is equivalent to 150 days and which becomes 150 years in the terminology of Biblical prophecies. The great battle began with an invasion in 633 AD. It terminated that war under the leadership of Caliph Harun-Ar-Rashed in 786 AD., exactly one hundred and fifty three years later. Do not take my word for it, check out the historical facts for yourself in a good historical encyclopaedia.

During that time these men will seek death, but they will not find it ; they will long to die, but death will elude them. Revelation 9 : 6

The problems caused by the invasion, homes and crops destroyed, made people wanting to die but they were unable to do so.

In appearance the locusts were like horses equipped for battle. On their heads were what looked like golden crowns; their faces were like human faces and their hair like women's hair; They had teeth like lion's teeth, and wore breastplates like iron ; The sound of their wings was like the noise of horses and chariots rushing to battle ; They had tails like scorpions, with stings in them, and in their tails lay their power to plague mankind for five months. Revelation 9 : 7 to 9 : 10

Those verses have given us the description of the warriors mounted on their Arabian horses (locusts). They are also describing the fast firing arrow dischargers (scorpions) and the chariots (wings) which carried the warriors into battle. The warriors wore breastplates of iron as a protection against incoming missiles (arrows). Their faces were like human faces meaning that they were humans.

The warriors also wore steel helmets which covered all of their heads and which made them look like women. The head gear was also manufactured to make each warrior look as if he had teeth that resembled those of a lion. It is a befitting description of warriors of that era going into battle with all of their battle gear. They were strangely dressed, were they not? The time of those happenings was the years 633 to 786 AD., exactly 153 years.

It is also important to mention that the Apostle John, who wrote those allegorical descriptions, utilized his inner knowledge of astronomy. He knew within himself that the constellation of Sagittarius looks like a poised archer mounted on a horse. The constellation of Sagittarius is right next to the constellation of Scorpio in our heavenly firmament.

The allegorical description given to us by John may have been the only way of describing those happenings in an abstract fashion. It was probably the only way that he knew how to describe certain events of Revelation while hiding the true meaning of the prophecies. He utilized true physical signs in the heavens in order to hide the true prophetical meaning until the time would be ripe to begin understanding them.

They had for their King the angel of the abyss, whose name, in Hebrew, is Abaddon, and in Greek, Apollyon, or the destroyer. The first woe has now passed. But there are still two more to come. Revelation 9 : 11- 12

The angel of the abyss represents negativeness, Satanism. Apollyon represents a spiritual destructor. Those verses are all highly symbolically described.

Can you understand as a reader why most people, including many religious teachers, are incapable of understanding the various chapters of the writings of Revelation. A very good study of past history must be carried out, very thoroughly. Then an intensive search must be carried out in order to discover the various meanings of the symbolical words or phrases. The opening verses of Revelation are very explicit. They have told us that the recorded words of Revelation would shortly happen, meaning shortly after John wrote them down. We are now finding out that they did happen exactly as he mentioned it. They began happening a few years after the death of Jesus Christ, after the year 622 AD.


The prophet Ezekiel has told us the true meaning of a woe. In other words, he is telling us the answer to the meaning of that symbolic word which is mentioned in the writings of Revelation. Here it is.

The word of the Lord came again unto me, saying, Son of man, prophecy and say, Thus said the Lord God ; Howl ye, Woe worth the day! For the day is near, even the day of the Lord is near. Ezekiel 30 : 1-2-3

In some other biblical writings, some other translators have written :

These were the words of the Lord to me : Man, prophecy and say, " These are the words of the Lord God: Woe, woe for the day! for a day is near, a day of the Lord is near. Ezekiel 30 : 1-2-3

Having read the prophet Ezekiel's description, we can honestly say that the day of a biblical woe is the day of the coming of the Lord of Hosts who speaks through his earthly Messenger who is the Manifestation of God on earth. Every time that the Lord of Hosts speaks to us he always does it through a different Messenger. Therefore it becomes a woe for the ignorant, for the sinners, for the neglectful, and also for those who get too attached to the teachings of old religions that have gone astray over the years. Most people will not accept a new Godly sent Messenger nor the new teachings that He gives to the people of the world at His coming.

The first woe has ended with the coming of the prophet Muhammad but there are two more which were yet to come and that mankind will most certainly be very unhappy about. The Christians were indeed unhappy to see the Moslem religion arise to eventually become a major world religion, they went to war against them. That holy war lasted for more than 100 years. It has been referred to in history as the Christian Holy war which was definitely morally and spiritually wrong.

Many Christians are still being told by their religious teachers that the Christian religion is the only true religion in the world. Those sayings are nothing but outward lies and false teachings.

It is interesting to note that no person on earth is capable of starting a new religion all by himself, a religion that has good sound principles and which is capable of eventually making its way around the world. Only God, who is the Almighty of everything that exist, is capable of such a grand feat, he does this through a chosen earthly Manifestation.

For the Moslem religion, He spoke to the world through the prophet Mohammed who was the first woe of Revelation and who gave new spiritual teachings to the people of the Arabic peninsula. They had not believed in God previously and had not accepted any of God's prophets nor any of the religions of the past. That was how God, the Creator of us all, insured that the people of that peninsula discovered Him.

Chapter nine of Revelation gave us the description of the first of three woes, the first being the birth of the Moslem religion, a religion which was originated by the prophet Mohammed who was animated by the Holy Spirit of Allah, God. Therefore, the sounding of the fifth trumpet brings us to the year 622 after Christ and to the birth of that religion. Thus, with the coming of the prophet Mohammad, the first woe has passed.

The writings of Revelation also give us some great details by mentioning Mohammed's enemy, the fallen star which history has recorded to be Abu Sufyan. It also mentions some of the battles that took place during the years 633 to 786 AD. It describes the happenings during that period of time and it describes them well but in a symbolic manner. It also describes the warriors of that era going into battle mounted on their Arabian horses with everything they wore and utilized during those ancient and furious bloody battles.

The sixth angel then blew his trumpet; and I heard a voice coming from between the horns of the golden altar that stood in the presence of God. It said to the sixth angel, who held the trumpet : "Release the four angels held bound at the great river Euphrates!" So the four angels were let loose, to kill a third of mankind. They had been held ready for this moment, for this very year and month, day and hour. Revelation 9 : 13 to 9 : 15

The four angels, who could possibly also be the four creatures of Revelation, were wearing another hat, symbolically speaking. They were let loose in order to allow one third of mankind to die through various means.

And their squadrons of cavalry, whose count I heard, numbered two hundred million. This was how I saw the horses and their riders in my vision: They wore breastplates, fiery red, blue, and sulphur-yellow; the horses had heads like lion's heads, and out of their mouths came fire, smoke, and sulphur. By these three plagues, that is, by the fire, the smoke, and the sulphur that came from their mouths, a third of mankind was killed. The power of the horses lay in their mouths, and in their tails also ; for their tails were like snakes, with heads, and with them too they dealt injuries. Revelation 9 : 16 to 9 : 19

The above prophecy is not to be accepted literally because it is symbolically described.

We are still in the first years of that Revelation, all of the descriptions are still mentioning various warriors who are engaged in furious battles. The prophecy is utilizing numerology whereby the zeros do not count. Mehmet's army consisted of an army of regulars and of another army of Christian soldiers known as Janissaries. So, in effect he had two armies. Therefore, only the number two of the two hundred million is meaningful in the prophecy. It represents the two armies which were utilized in those battles.

What John actually saw in his vision is the war that was fought over Constantinople. Check out recorded history and study the real happenings. The actual size of the two armies was a few thousand men at the most. John describes ancient cannons as horses with heads that roar like lions. He then says that fire, smoke and sulphur, came out of the mouth of the cannons. He is thus symbolically describing the army of that century and the equipment that it utilized in battle.

John goes on to say that the breaches, meaning the tails of the cannons, contained heads, meaning cannon balls, with which they do damage to everything they hit when fired. We also have to remember that, when an old cannon is fired, the air surrounding it gets filled with smoke and gunpowder or sulfur.

Mehmet had employed an Hungarian engineer by the name of Urban who constructed the huge cannons that were utilized for that particular assault. The largest of those cannons was 26 feet long, it could fire a cannon ball weighing 1200 pounds.

The rest of mankind who survived these plagues still did not abjure the gods their hands had fashioned, nor cease their worship of devils and of idols made from gold, silver, bronze, stone and wood, which cannot see or hear or walk. Nor did they repent of their murders, their sorcery, their fornication, or their robberies. Revelation 9 : 20 - 21

John tells us what actually happened after that particular battle. The people, who were still alive then, had no desire to change their old fashioned satanic ways and ideas. They continued on doing the same old foolishness as before. They obviously had not learned any lessons yet.

The following presentation describe to us two witnesses who are also labelled as two prophets.

The two witnesses - the two Prophets