Are you still having problems believing in the presentation concerning the return of Christ? It is suggested that you continue verifying the additional information being presented and which has been taken from existing biblical writings. You have already been given multiple proofs that Christ promised to return to this world similarly to the way that a thief who comes to your home in the middle of the night.

The reason for His "Return" is quite obvious. It is to give mankind new spiritual teachings. When new teachings are eventually put into practice, the result will be a "Most Great peace" for all of mankind on this planet. Warring between discontented nations and its various people will eventually be a thing of the past. Mankind will then establish a universal system of justice, equal justice for all countries and all of its people.

The many additional clues, which are being presented, have all been taken from the writings contained in the new Testament of the Bible.

Christ often spoke of His "Return" in many of the new Testament writings. Therefore, it is important that we keep on reminding ourselves about the true meaning of that "Return". When Jesus, the Messenger of God for the age of Pisces, spoke about His returning he was referring us to the "Return" of the Spirit of God who is the Holy Spirit and who spoke to the world through Himself. The first additional mention of His coming back can be found in the writings of my favourite Apostle John.

You heard me say, "I am going away, and coming back to you." If you loved me you would have been glad to hear that I was going to the father ; for the father is greater than I. I have told you now beforehand, so that when it happens you may have faith. John 14 : 28-29

We may have only believed in the explanations given us by our religious teachers. Therefore, we may have failed to comprehend the true meaning of the words spoken by the holy Spirit and which Jesus Christ uttered.

A prophet or a divine Messenger who originates a new world religion often speaks of coming back at a later time in history. The true meaning being the coming back of the greatest spokesman, the Spirit of God also known as the holy Spirit, who speaks to the world through His earthly Manifestation. The proof :

I have told you all this while I am still here with you : but your advocate, the holy Spirit whom the father will send in my name, will teach you everything and will call to mind all that I have told you. John 14 : 25-26

It is a known fact that none of us can see the Holy Spirit who returns in every new age or era. Therefore we have no choice but to say that we must search for God's new Spokesman. We can only do this outside of the religion which we believe in. We have been given many clues pertaining to the coming of a new spiritual teacher, have we somehow overlooked that important information?

It is unfortunate that the people of this world did not properly understand the words of Christ. Jesus was not speaking of Himself returning in the same flesh. He was telling us that the Spirit of God, the holy Spirit who spoke through Himself, would again return to do the same thing all over again with the exception that the next time around His new teachings would be more adaptable for the changing times. What Christ was actually saying is that the Spirit of God, the Holy Spirit, would soon leave Him and return to the Father of humanity, to God. His promise is that the same Spirit essence would someday "Return" in order to give the people of this world the necessary principles that would lead us into the new era which mankind has already entered into, in 1844. It was the year whereby the age of Aquarius awoke.

The Apostle Peter gave us many clues pertaining to the "Return" of the Spirit of Christ. In his writings, which are recorded in the new Testament and which were probably assembled after the event of the failed crucifixion of Jesus Christ, Peter mentions the fact that Christ would be revealed (again) to the people of our world.

These trials come so that your faith may prove itself worthy of all praise, glory, and honour when Jesus Christ is revealed. 1 Peter 1 : 7

When Peter wrote that message, Christ had already come and gone the first time around. Peter gave us a clue by telling us that the Spirit of Christ would again be revealed to the world. Peter adds to his first mention by saying twice that, someday, Christ will again be revealed to the world.

Fix your hopes on the gift of grace which is to be yours when Jesus Christ is revealed.
1 Peter 1 : 13

And then, when the Head Shepherd appears, you will receive for your own the unfading garland of glory. 1 Peter 5 : 4

Peter goes on to say the same thing that Matthew and many of the other Apostles have also recorded. He says that the mentioned "Return" will occur at a time that is least expected. It will be the same way as a thief who comes to your home in the middle of the night and you are not aware of the night of his coming.

But the day of the Lord will come ; it will come, unexpected as a thief. 2 Peter 3 : 10

Keeping in mind the fact that Christ had come and gone, the first time around, the above quotation can only mean that the Spirit of Christ returns to this world like a thief who comes to your home in the middle of the night. We can honestly say that if you are not expecting a thief you may never discover that he has come to rob you during the quiet hours of the night until much later on, at which time you may discover some missing items in your home.

Biblical writings are definitely telling us to be on the alert and to search for Christ if we wish to discover the moment of His return to this world. I can only recommend that you do not depend on religious teachers to tell you when that moment comes because I strongly suspect that most of them never search out the clues pertaining to that return. If they had, they would have discovered Him by now.

Then Peter says, symbolically, that on the Day of God there will be a new heaven and a new earth. We have already discovered that the new heaven and the new earth represents the new teachings that Christ gives to the world at His second coming. Christ labels the world of tomorrow as the home of true justice.

Look eagerly for the coming of the day of God and work to hasten it on... But we have his promise, and look forward to a new heaven and a new earth, the home of Justice. 2 Peter 3 : 12-13

Peter has given us a great clue so that we can better understand what the new teachings of the returned Christ will contain. He says that the new teachings, the new heaven and the new earth, will eventually allow us to establish true justice on earth. Therefore we have no choice but to say that our planet will eventually, a thousand years from now, be the home of true justice which is something that does not presently exist on our planet.

We must not forget that the writings contained in Revelation have mentioned the fact that Christ warned us that He would have a new name at His second coming. How many have searched for Him and for His strange new name? Not only did He have a new name but He also brought us the new Jerusalem from heaven, meaning new powerful spiritual teachings for mankind.

Mark, in his chapter 13 of the gospel, says practically the same thing that Matthew has already told us. He tells us to be alert and wakeful because the master is soon coming.

Be alert, be wakeful. Mark 13 : 33

Keep awake, then, for you do not know when the master of the house is coming. Mark 13 : 35

And what I say to you, I say to everyone : Keep awake. Mark 13 : 37

The Apostle Luke, in his chapter 12, says the same thing but in a slightly different manner. He also says, speaking about the return of Christ, that He would come back at a time that you least expect Him. Is it not what has already happened? Nobody is suspecting that the holy Spirit, who spoke through Jesus, has already returned exactly like He said He would.

Happy are those servants whom the master finds on the alert when he comes. Luke 12 : 37

Hold yourselves ready, then, because the Son of Man will come at the time that you least expect him. Luke 12 : 40

Paul, who came on the scene after the disappearance of Jesus from the holy land, also wrote many important paragraphs in which he says that Christ would someday be re-manifested. In one of his letters to the Collossians, he says :

When Christ, who is our life, is manifested, then you too will be manifested with him in glory. Colossians 3 : 4

Did you notice that Paul said, "when Christ is manifested", not "when Jesus is manifested". Paul was talking about the return of the same holy Spirit who had spoken to the world through Jesus Christ.

In his letters to the congregation of Tessalolians, the disciple Paul says that Christ returns like a thief who comes to your home in the middle of the night. He also says that, someday, He would once again be revealed to the world.

The day of the Lord comes like a thief in the night. Thessalonians 5 : 1-2

When our Lord Jesus Christ is revealed from Heaven. 2 Thessalonians 1 : 7-8

In another of his letters which he wrote to Timothy, he says that God had manifested himself in the body of a human being. We now know that it was in the body of Jesus which He had Manifested Himself the first time around. But Paul, who came on the scene after the disappearance of Jesus Christ, is telling us that Christ would be revealed once again. Paul had to be mentioning a future Manifestation for the simple reason that there are no indications that he ever met Jesus while He was alive. The disciple Paul came on the scene later on in history.

He who was manifested in the body... Timothy 3 : 6

He goes on to say that someday Jesus Christ will (re)appear. However, how many will be watching for that promised return? Let us remind ourselves that Christ had already come and gone the first time around when Paul wrote that letter.

Until our Lord Jesus Christ appears. Timothy 6 : 14

...looking forward to the happy fulfilment of our hope when the splendour of our great God and saviour Jesus Christ will appear Titus 2 : 13-14

There has been another corruption of biblical writings. That paragraph has been re-written. Jesus Christ is not God. He was God's Messenger for the age of Pisces, the Christian era. Jesus Christ made it quite clear that He was not God. The proof follows.

A man of the ruling class put this question to him : "Good Master, what must I do to win eternal life?" Jesus said to him, "Why to you call me good? No one is good except God alone". Luke 18 :18-19

Some Christian churches still teach that Mary, the mother of Jesus, was the mother of God. Did we not discover that biblical writings are saying that Jesus himself said that he was not God? We have already discovered that Jesus was a divine Messenger. The followers of His teachings are called Christians.

Paul has also told us in his writings that the Christian teachings were as light as milk, which is the type of food given to young children. So humanity's comprehension, 2 000 years ago, was alluded to as being no more than that of little children.

For which I gave you milk to drink, instead of solid food, for which you were not yet ready. Corinthians 3 : 2

Biblical writings also tell us that the Apostle James was the Lord's brother who also mentioned the "Return" in his writings.

James the Lord's brother. Galatians 1 : 18-19-20

Now James tells us to be patient for the return of the Lord of Hosts. He is alluding to the Return of Christ.

Be patient, my brothers, until the Lord comes. James 5 : 7

Paul, in his letter to Timothy, tells us that the final era will be a time of troubles. It is interesting to mention the fact that we presently live in the age of Aquarius, the final age mentioned in biblical writings.

...The final age of this world is to be a time of troubles. 2 Timothy 3 : 1

It has already being mentioned that we presently live in the age of Aquarius, the golden era which was awakened on the 23 of May in 1844. It will eventually bring a new system of justice and world peace to this troubled planet of ours after some unfortunate troublesome events have taken place. The Most Great Peace will come during this present era in which we live in, but later on in history, a thousand years from now. Can you imagine, a planet whose inhabitants no longer go to war against one another? The earth will then become an earthly paradise, but how many will be left alive to see it?

Paul says that many of God's mysterious saying are written in allegory, meaning that much of the saying of the Bible are written in a language that cannot be understood literally but symbolically.

This is an allegory. Galatians 4 : 24

What does it mean when it says that it is an allegory? We have already discovered that It is a spiritual language that is utilized throughout biblical writings. Most dictionaries define it as :

A work of art in which a deeper meaning underlies the superficial or literal meaning. The carrying of one meaning by another in this way. Allegoria, speaking of one thing under the guise of another.

Biblical writings have also given us other clues pertaining to the return of Christ. Jesus often spoke of his returning as being the return of the Son of Man. Three world religions, the Christian religion, the Moslem religion, and the Baha'i religion have all told us that Jesus did not have an earthly father. So Son of Man has to have other meanings, can we discover it? Yes we most certainly can if we properly analyse selected biblical writings.


There are many mentions of "Son of Man" in biblical writings, they are very numerous and some of them do not explain much by themselves. The most important one is presented to you for your perusal. It tells us the true meaning of those words. My favourite apostle John has again given us the proper answer.

No one ever went into heaven except the one who came down from heaven, the Son of Man whose home is in heaven. John 3 :13

Jesus did not come from heaven. He was born from the young Jewish maiden whose name was Mary. However the Spirit of God, who is the Holy Spirit and who spoke to the world through Jesus, did come down from the heavenly emplacement. The Spirit of God, the Holy Spirit, has His home in the heavenly realm. Let us remember that the Holy Spirit speaking through Jesus Christ had already told us that he must go away but that he will come again to obviously give us greater teachings, that is the way God operates. From time to time, He selects another Messenger who gives us necessary new teachings so that humanity can continue to advance in a spiritual fashion.

The 24th chapter of Matthew has told us that Christ would return to this world like a thief who comes to your home in the middle of the night, so has Paul and many other Apostles in their writings. Since Paul came on the scene after the disappearance of Jesus Christ then it is the proof that all of the above quotations were written after Jesus Christ immigrated to Greece from the holy land.

Who was Paul, the great biblical writer? Where did he come from? It we verify other biblical writings, we will discover who he really was and where he got his biblical knowledge from.

I must make it clear to you, my friends, that the gospel you heard me preach is no human invention. I did not take it over from any man ; no man taught it to me ; I received it through a revelation of Jesus Christ. Galatians 1 : 11-12

The above paragraph should read a revelation from God and not from Jesus Christ because God is the one who gives mankind any new revelations. Jesus was God's Messenger and was absent when Paul wrote that statement. It is another proof that the first Christian translators who assembled the bible also corrupted its text by re-writing some paragraphs to their own liking. In this case they removed the word God and added in the name of God's Messenger, who was Jesus Christ. Multiple proofs will be given you that this was also done intensively in the writings of Revelation.

Paul, who has been labelled an Apostle by the early Christian translators, had been known as Saul previous to his becoming a Christian. He persecuted the Christians for many years until God decided to utilize his intellectual talent as an instrument for teaching the Christian Faith.

There was a disciple in Damascus named Ananias. He had a vision in which he heard the voice of the Lord : 'Ananias!' "Here I am, Lord", he answered. The Lord said to him, 'Go at once to Straith Street, to the house of Judas, and ask for a man from Tarsus named Saul. You will find him at prayer ; he has had a vision of a man named Ananias coming in and laying his hands on him to restore his sight.' Ananias answered, 'Lord, I have often heard about this man and all the harm he has done to your people who invoke your name.' But the Lord said to him, 'You must go, for this man is my chosen instrument to bring my name before the nations and their kings, and before the people of Israel. I myself will show him all that he must go through for my name's sake.' Acts 9 : 10 to 9 : 16

So Ananias went. He entered the house, laid his hands on him and said, 'Saul, my brother, the Lord Jesus, who appeared to you on your way here, has sent me to you so that you may recover your sight, and be filled with the Holy Spirit.' And immediately it seemed that scales fell from his eyes, and he regained his sight. Thereupon he was baptized, and afterwards he took food and his strength returned. Acts 9 : 17 to 9 : 19

It is another corrupted paragraph, it should read, " the Lord your God" because it was the Lord our God who appeared to Saul and who had spoken to him and not Jesus who was still alive residing in Greece.

He stayed some time with the disciples in Damascus (Syria). Soon he was proclaiming Jesus publicly in the synagogues : 'This", he said, 'is the Son of God.' All who heard were astounded. 'Is not this the man', they said, who was in Jerusalem trying to destroy those who invoke this name? Did he not come here for the sole purpose of arresting them and taking them to the chief priests?' But Saul grew more and more forceful, and silenced the Jews of Damascus with the cogent proofs that Jesus was the Messiah. Acts 9 : 20 to 9 : 22

What is the true meaning of "Son of God". Can we discover its true meaning? Yes, we can. The following paragraphs, taken from biblical writings, give us the right answer pertaining to that very important saying.

Then the angel said to her. 'Do not be afraid, Mary, for God has been gracious to you ; you shall conceive and bear a son, and you shall give him the name Jesus. He will be great ; he will bear the title "Son of the Most High" ... Luke 1 : 30-31-32

'How can this be?' said Mary ; 'I am still a virgin.' The angel answered, 'The Holy Spirit will come upon you, and the power of the Most High will overshadow you ; and for that reason the holy child to be born will be called "Son of God" ... Luke 1 : 34-35

In a previous paragraph, we discovered that Saul had been blinded by a strong light while travelling on the road leading to Damascus. How did it happen? In the following paragraphs, we will notice that Saul (Paul) persecuted the Christians until God stepped in and made him see the truth by first blinding him and then by curing him of that blindness. Saul then became a devout Christian, teaching the Christian Faith wherever he went, as far away as Rome so says he in biblical writings.

I myself once thought it my duty to work actively against the name of Jesus of Nazareth ; and I did so in Jerusalem. It was I who imprisoned many of God's people by authority obtained from the chiefs priests ; and when they were condemned to death, my vote was cast against them. In all the synagogues I tried by repeated punishment to make them renounce their faith ; indeed my fury rose to such a pitch that I extended my persecutions to foreign cities. Acts 26 : 9 to 26 :11

On one such occasion I was travelling to Damascus with authority and commission from the chief priests ; and as I was on my way, Your Majesty, in the middle of the day I saw a light from the sky, more brilliant than the sun, shining all around me and my travelling companions. We all fell to the ground, and then I heard a voice saying to me in the Jewish language, "Saul, Saul, why do you persecute me? It is hard for you, this kicking against the goad." I said, "Tell me Lord, who are you", and the Lord replied, "I am Jesus, whom you are persecuting. But now, rise to your feet and stand upright. I have appeared to you for a purpose ; to appoint you my servant and witness, to testify both to what you have seen and to what you shall yet see of me. I will rescue you from this people and from the Gentiles to whom I am sending you. I send you to open their eyes and turn them from darkness to light, from the dominion of Satan to God, so that, by trust in me, they may obtain forgiveness of sins, and a place with those whom God has made his own." Acts 26 : 12 to 26 :18

The above paragraphs have also been corrupted. It is the Lord God speaking and God's name is not Jesus. Jesus was God's Messenger who gave out Christian teachings to the world. Can you understand why it is so hard to properly understand biblical writings. They have been re-written so badly, masking out the real truth.

After the disappearance of Jesus and the Apostles, the Jewish high priests continued to persecute those who had become Christians. Jesus was not the only one who was persecuted by the high priests, many of His followers who believed in Him were also persecuted.

Saul, who was later known as Paul, had been helping the high priests in those persecutions. That is when God stepped in and made Paul see the truth, He then became a devout Christian. God saw that Paul had good qualities, which he was misusing, so he changed all that. Paul, the great intellectual, became an instrument working for the Lord our God. Paul did a good job of recording the events after the disappearance of Jesus. Unfortunately, the early Christian writers corrupted his work by re-writing some of the texts. If you search those writings meticulously, you will discover that those writers often removed the word God and often replaced it with the name Jesus. I have noticed that to be true throughout all of the writings of the new testament and especially in the writings of Revelation.

Did you also notice that God did not say that He was making Paul an Apostle. Many of the letters that were written by Paul, begin by saying that he was an apostle. That is not true, God has told us that He utilized Paul as an instrument to teach Christianity. God did not raise Paul to the rank of Apostle. If you read the Bible correctly, you will discover that Paul had become a disciple of Peter. Jesus had said to Peter, "You are a rock and on this rock I shall build my church". The word rock is often utilized in biblical writings, it means a strong believer. So God, speaking through Jesus, was in effect saying that such strong believers as Peter would be the foundation of the Christian church. He did not say that Peter would be their leader, we have assumed that because that is what our religious teachers have told us. I will give you the proof, in another presentation, that someone else beside Peter became the leader of the Christians after the event of the crucifixion of Jesus. You will be surprised to learn who that person was.

The following quote, given us by Matthew, says that all that you have to do is ask God and you will receive what you are asking for. It also says that the seeker of the truth will always find the proper answers. All that you have to do is ask (knock on the door) and you are promised that someone will open the door of understanding so that you do not remain in the darkness of error.

"Ask and you will receive ; seek, and you shall find ; knock and the door will be opened. For everyone who asks receives, he who seeks finds, and to him who knocks, the door will be opened. Matthew 7 : 7-8

In the following presentation, we shall discover that Christ promised to return under a new name. Therefore, we have no choice but to say that his return is spiritual and not physical. A physical return is a great impossibility because nobody has ever returned in that fashion and nobody ever will.

The new name of Christ at His promised "Return"