As the prophet Isaac grows old, he blesses his son Jacob as the father of many futuristic nations. However, he is very unhappy with his son Esau who married a Hittite woman contrary to his will and to that of his mother Rebecca. Jacob went back to the land of his ancestors and married Leah and Rachel who were two sisters. Leah gave him four sons first, their names were: Reuben, Simeon, Levi and Judah. Rachel gives her slave-girl Bilhah to Jacob because she could not conceive him any children herself. Her slave-girl Bilhah then gives birth to a son who is named Dan and then she conceives again and gives birth to another son whom she calls Naphtali.

Then Leah gives her slave-girl Zilpath to Jacob and she gives birth to two sons, they named them Gad and Asher. Leah gives Jacob two more sons which they named Issachar and Zebulin. Leah has now given six sons to Jacob. Later on, Leah gave birth to a daughter and they named her Dinah. Finally Rachel, who had been barren until now, prayed to God to give her a child. God answered her prayer and she gave birth to a son and named him Joseph. All in all, and so far, Jacob's wives gave him a total of twelve children - eleven sons and one daughter.


Then God speaks to Jacob and tells him :

"Jacob is your name, but your shall no longer be Jacob : Israel shall be your name."

Thus the Israelite nation was born. Then God spoke to Israel once again and tells him :

"I am God almighty. Be fruitful and increase as a nation; a host of nations shall come from you, and kings shall spring from your body. The land which I gave to Abraham and Isaac I give to you; and your descendants after you I give this land."

History has recorded that Rachel gave birth to another son and, with her last breath and on her death-bed, she names her new born son Ben-oni which means Son of good luck or Son of the right hand. However, after Rachel's death, Jacob calls him Benjamin who becomes the number twelve son of (Jacob) Israel. That is where the twelve tribes of Israel originated from.

Jacob, whose name had been changed to Israel by God himself, became the father of the Jewish nation but he was also a great prophet. The next prophet who would follow in his footsteps was his young son Joseph, as a prophet he would have the power to do wonderful true dream interpretations and, next to the Egyptian Pharoah, he would become the prime minister of Egypt. He would minister to all of its needs.


Joseph's brothers disliked him because their father Jacob loved him more than his other sons. So, at their first opportunity, they sold their brother Joseph to an Egyptian for twenty pieces of silver. They told their father that a wild beast had devoured him during the night and that his body had been torn to pieces.

Jacob mourned the death of his favourite son for a very long time. But the Lord was with Joseph who prospered while living in the house of his Egyptian master who saw that God had chosen him to carry out his will. Thus the Lord blessed everything and everyone who belonged to that Egyptian household.


Joseph is sent to Jail after some false accusations are made by his master's wife. While in jail, Joseph begins to interpret the dreams of some of the inmates. Two years later, the Pharaoh had two vivid dreams which followed one another. He was unable to find anyone in his kingdom who could give him a reasonable interpretation. The Pharaoh finally hears that an Hebrew by the name of Joseph makes truly remarkable dream interpretations. He summons his servants and tells them to have Joseph brought before him immediately so that he may be given a meaningful interpretation of his dreams.

Joseph is brought before the Pharaoh and listens to the description of the dreams. Joseph tells him that his two dreams are one dream. He then proceeds to gives him the true interpretations. He tells him that there will be seven years of plenty (seven fat cows) followed by seven years of disastrous crop failures (seven lean cows). He also tells him that he should find someone who will look after storing the surplus Egyptian crops during the seven years of plenty.


The Pharaoh tells Joseph :

"Since a God has made all this known to you, there is no one so shrewd and intelligent as you. You shall be in charge of my household, and all my people will depend on your every word. Only my royal throne shall make me greater than you."

The Pharaoh then made Joseph equivalent to a Prime Minister to oversee over all the lands and the people of Egypt and to store grain of various varieties during the seven years of plenty.


A famine came to many countries of that continent. Jacob, whose new name was now Israel, sent ten of his sons to buy grain from Egypt because he had been told by travellers that grain was in abundance in that country. However, he keeps his youngest son Benjamin with him at home because he was the one which he loved the most since the disappearance of his favourite son Joseph. Joseph's brothers travelled to Egypt at the request of their father. They visited the governor of Egypt who was their own brother Joseph which they did not recognize.

Joseph recognizes his own brothers and tests them, he talks harshly to them through an interpreter because he does not wish his brothers to recognize him yet. He accuses his own brothers of being spies and then he throws them in jail for three days. After the three days, having questioned them about their father and their youngest brother, he sends them back to their home with plenty of food and he tells them to bring back their young brother Benjamin on their next trip.

However, he also tells them that one of them must remain behind as a hostage to insure that they all come back to the land of Egypt. Joseph's brothers tell him that should his father lose their younger brother Benjamin as he had lost their brother Joseph through their own fault, then their very aged father will surely die of grief. They returned to their father and recounted to him everything that happened while they had been in the land of Egypt. They also told their father Israel the conversation which they had with the governor of Egypt who was their own younger brother Joseph whom they had not yet recognized.

Israel tells his sons to go back to Egypt. He reluctantly lets them take their youngest brother Benjamin with them. Israel also gives his sons presents to be given to the governor of Egypt. He did not know yet that the governor was his own son Joseph. He gives his sons balsam, honey, gum tragacanth, myrrh, pistachio nuts, and almonds. He also doubles the amount of silver which he had previously given to them. When Joseph saw that his brothers had returned to the land of Egypt with their younger brother Benjamin he prepared a great feast for them. At noontime he met with them and began questioning them about their father's health. He said to them :

"Is your father well, is he still alive?"
They answered him by saying,
"Yes, my Lord, our father is still alive and well."
Then Joseph talked with Benjamin who was his own mother's youngest son and who was his true blood brother. He said to him :
"May God be gracious to you, my son!"
Joseph was near tears as he spoke to his brothers so he left the room to go alone to the inner room next door where he wept openly. He then washed his face and came out ordering the meal to be served.

Joseph sat with his own brothers and served them himself but he gave his young brother Benjamin greater portions than he gave to his other brothers. They ate and drank together merrily. Then Joseph tells them that the time has come for them to go back to their aging father. However, Joseph plays a trick on them and after they had left he sends men after them and brings them back.

Joseph tells his brothers that they may return to their homeland but that Benjamin must remain behind. Judah pleads with Joseph and explains to him that their father will surely die of grief if they return home without their younger brother Benjamin. Then Judah pleads again with Joseph and requests that he keeps him as a hostage instead of Benjamin because he does not wish to cause his father any more grief than he has had already. Joseph could no longer control his emotions so he tells his attendants to leave the room.


Joseph finally makes himself known to his brothers, he said to them in their own tongue :

"I am Joseph; can my father be still alive?"
His brothers were so dumbfounded when Joseph told them who he was in their own language that they could not find any words to answer him. Following that silence from his own brothers, Joseph wept so loudly that all of the people in the Pharaoh's household heard him weep.

Joseph talks again with his brothers and says to them :

"I am your brother Joseph whom you sold into Egypt... do not be distressed or take it amiss that you sold me into slavery here ; it was God who sent me ahead of you to save men's lives... God sent me ahead of you to insure that you will have descendants on earth, and to preserve you all, a great band of survivors. So it was not you who sent me here, but God, and he has made me a father to Pharaoh, and lord over all his household and ruler over all Egypt. Make haste and go back to my father and give him this message from his son Joseph: "God has made me lord over all Egypt, come down to me and do not delay. You shall live in the land of Goshen and be near me, you, your sons and your grandsons, your flocks and herds and all that you have. I will take care of you there, you and your household and all that you have, and see that you are not reduced to poverty ; there are still five years of famine to come." You can see for yourselves, and so can my brother Benjamin, that it is Joseph himself who is speaking to you. Tell my father of all the honour which I enjoy in Egypt, tell him all you have seen, and make haste to bring him down here."

Then Joseph embraced his younger brother Benjamin, they openly wept with joy. He then kissed all his brothers and wept with them also. Afterwards they talked together for a very long time. When everything that happened to Joseph reached the ears of the Pharaoh he sent a message to Joseph and told him :

"Say to your brothers : "This is what you are to do. Load your beasts and go to Canaan. Fetch your father and your households and bring them to me. I will give you the best there is in Egypt, and you shall enjoy the fat of the land."
You shall also tell them:
"Take wagons from Egypt for your dependants and your wives and fetch your father and come. Have no regrets at leaving your possessions, for all the best that there is in Egypt is yours."

Joseph's brothers did as ordered by the Pharaoh, they returned to their home to tell everything to their father Jacob who lived in the land of Canaan. They explained to him what had happened to them while they had been in Egypt. Then they gave their father the news that Joseph was still alive and that next to the Pharaoh he was ruler over all of Egypt. When Jacob saw and heard all that Joseph had done, he said to his sons :

"It is enough, Joseph my son is still alive so I will go and see him before I die."


Israel set out with all of his sons and their families and journeyed to the land of Egypt stopping at Beersheba where he offered sacrifices to the God of his forefathers. While Israel slept, he had a vivid dream in which God spoke to him. He said to him :"Jacob, Jacob". Jacob answered :"I am here." God said : "I am God, the God of your father. Do not be afraid to go down to Egypt, for there I will make you a great nation. I will go down with you to Egypt, for I myself will bring you back again without fail ; and Joseph shall close your eyes."

So they all set out to the land of Egypt with their dependants, with all of their wives and with all of their children. They also took all their herds of domesticated animals with them to Egypt. Judah went on ahead so that he could inform his brother Joseph that all of the family members were on their way to Egypt accompanied by their father Jacob whose name God had changed to Israel.


Joseph went on ahead and met his father at Goshen. When he met him, he threw his arms around him and he wept and embraced him for a very long time. Israel then spoke to his son Joseph and said to him : "I have seen your face again, and you are still alive. Now I am ready to die."

Then Joseph tells his brothers and all of the members of their households what to tell the Pharaoh. I will say to him : "My brothers and my father's household who were in Canaan have come to me." Joseph also said to them :"When the Pharaoh summons you and asks what your occupation is, you must say, "My lord, we have been herdsmen all our lives, as our fathers were before us." You must say this if you are to settle in the land of Goshen, because all shepherds are an abomination to the Egyptians.

Joseph goes and tells the pharaoh :"My father and my brothers have arrived from Canaan, with their flocks and their cattle and all that they have, and they are now in Goshen." He then chose five of his brothers and presented them to the Pharaoh who asked them what their occupation was. They answered him by saying: "My lord, we are herdsmen, we and our fathers before us, and we have come to stay in this land ; for there is no pasture in Canaan for our cattle, because the famine there is so severe. We beg you, my lord, to let us settle in Goshen."

The Pharaoh then spoke to Joseph and said the following words to him: "So your father and your brothers have come to you. The land of Egypt is yours; settle them in the best part of it. Let them live in Goshen, and if you know of any capable men among them, make them chief herdsmen over my cattle."


Joseph presented his father to the Pharaoh. Israel blesses him. The Pharaoh asked Jacob his age. He answered him by saying : "The years of my earthly sojourn are one hundred and thirty." Then Joseph's father and brothers all went out from the Pharaoh's presence to settle in the land of Egypt.


Some time later, Joseph heard that his father had taken ill so he visited him accompanied by his two young sons who were called Manassey and Ephraim. Jacob sat up in bed and said to Joseph :"God Almighty appeared to me at Luz in Canaan and blessed me." He said to me : "I will make you fruitful and increase your descendants until they become a host of nations. I will give this land to your descendants after you as perpetual possession."

Then Jacob tells Joseph that he considers his children, Ephraim and Manasseh, as his own children. He says to Joseph : "I had not expected to see your face again, and now God has granted me to see your sons also." He then said to Joseph :"The God in whose presence my forefathers lived, my forefathers Abraham and Isaac, the God who has been my shepherd all my life until this day, the angel who ransomed me from all misfortune, may he bless these boys ; they shall be called by my name, and by that of my forefathers, Abraham and Isaac ; may they grow into a great people on earth."

Then Jacob tells Joseph that he buried his mother Rachel in Bethlehem when she died after having given birth to his younger brother Benjamin. Israel then holds Joseph's two sons on his knees and hugs and kisses them, he then proceeds to bless them. Joseph noticed that his father was holding his right hand on the youngest of the two boys, on Ephraim's head. Joseph tells his father that it is not right that his right hand should be on Ephraim's head because he is the youngest of Joseph's two children.

Joseph's father responded to him by saying : "I know, my son, I know. He too shall become a people; he too shall become great but his younger brother shall be greater than he, and his descendants shall be a whole nation in themselves."

Then Jacob blessed the two boys and said the following words over them : "When a blessing is pronounced in Israel, men shall use your names and say, God made you like Ephraim and Manasseh." Thus was Jacob setting Ephraim before Manasseh.

Many biblical experts are saying that Ephraim, Joseph's youngest son, represents the United States of America and that his other son, Manasseh, represents the English Kingdom which is the United Kingdom. They may be right because the united States of America, although it is a younger nation, has definitely become the greater of the two.

After Jacob had finished blessing Joseph's two sons, he tells him : "I am dying. God will be with you and will bring you back to the land of your fathers."


Jacob summons all of his sons and said to them :"Come near and I will tell you what will happen in days to come. Gather around me and listen, you sons of Jacob ; listen to Israel your father".

Reuben you are first-born, my strength and the first fruit of my vigour, excelling in pride, excelling in might, turbulent as a flood, you shall not excel ; because you climbed into your father's bed ; then you defiled his concubine's couch.

Simeon and Levi are brothers, their spades became weapons of violence. My soul shall not enter their council, my heart shall not join their company; for in their anger they killed men, wantonly they hamstrung oxen. A curse be on their anger because it was fierce ; a curse on their wrath because it was ruthless! I will scatter them in Jacob, I will disperse them in Israel.

Judah, your brothers shall praise you, your hand is on the neck of your enemies. Your father's sons shall do you homage. Judah, you lion's whelp, you have returned from the kill, my son, and crouch and stretch like a lion; and, like a lion, who dare rouse you? The sceptre shall not pass from Judah, nor the staff from his descendants, so long as tribute is brought to him and the obedience of the nation is his. To the vine he tethers his ass, and the colt of his ass to the red vine; he washes his cloak in wine, his robes in the blood of grapes. Darker than wine are his eyes, his teeth wither than milk.

Zebulun dwells by the sea-shore, his shore is a haven for ships, and his frontier rests on Sidon. Issachar, a gelded ass lying down in the cattle-pens, saw that a settled home was good and that the land was pleasant, so he bent his back to the burden and submitted to perpetual forced labour.

Dan -- how insignificant his people, lowly as any tribe in Israel! Let Dan be a viper on the road, a horned snake on the path, who bites the horse's fetlock so that the rider tumbles backwards. For your salvation I wait in hope, O Lord.

Gad is raided by raiders, and he raids them from the rear. Asher shall have rich food as daily fare, and provide dishes for a king. Naphtali is a spreading terebinth putting forth lovely boughs. Joseph is a young oxen, an ox who lives by a spring with branches climbing over the wall. The archers savagely attacked him, they shot at him and pressed him hard, but their bow was splintered by the Eternal and the sinews of their arms were torn apart by the power of the strong one of Jacob, by the name of the shepherd of Israel, by the God of your father - so may he help you, by God Almighty - so may he bless you with the blessings of heaven above, the blessings of the deep that lurks below.

The blessings of breast and womb and the blessings of your father are stronger than the blessings of the everlasting pools and the bounty of the eternal hills. They shall be on the head of Joseph, on the brow of the prince among his brothers.

Benjamin is a ravening wolf : in the morning, he devours the prey, in the evening he snatches a share of the spoil."

Judah and Joseph are the only two brothers who are highly praised by their father Jacob. The Lord speaking through Israel recounts the story of the twelve tribes of Israel. Then (Jacob) Israel dies and his body is returned to the land of his forefathers.

Jacob, whose name was changed to Israel, told us that Joseph was similar to a young oxen. Could he be the spirit essence referred to as the ox in the book of Revelation and whose biblical name is that of the Branch?

Israel has also told us that his son Judah was like a lion, is he the spirit of the lion of Revelation who also came to this world to animate the prophet Zoroaster? Israel was animated by the Holy Spirit and he was the father of all Humanity. He is the father of all the people who presently exist on this planet.


Joseph heartily cried after he learned from his brothers that his father Jacob had died at a very old age. He then ordered that the body of his father be embalmed. It was a task which lasted for forty days. The mourning for Jacob lasted for a period of seventy days. After the days of mourning, Joseph asked permission from the Pharaoh to let him go so that he could take the body of his father Israel to be buried in the land of his forefathers.

The Pharaoh answered him by saying : "Go and bury your father, as he has made you swear to do." Joseph returned the body of his father back to the land of Canaan. It was there that he buried him in the same cave which Abraham and his wife Sarah were buried. Isaac and his wives Rebecca and Leah were also buried in that same cave.


After the death of Jacob, the father of all the Israelites, Joseph's brothers were talking amongst each other; saying :"What if Joseph should bear a grudge against us and pays us out for all the harm that we did to him."

They approached Joseph and said the following words to him : "In his last words to us before he died, your father gave us this message for you."

They then repeated to Joseph what their father Jacob had said to them : "I ask you to forgive your brothers crime and wickedness ; I know they did you harm." They then asked Joseph that he forgives their crime against him. Joseph began crying and his brothers also wept with him saying : "We are your slaves."Joseph answered his brothers by saying to them : "Do not be afraid, am I in the place of God? You meant to do me harm; but God meant to bring good out of it by preserving the lives of many people, as we see today. Do not be afraid. I will provide for you and for your dependants."

Thus Joseph set his brothers minds at rest. Joseph later died while still living in Egypt. He died at the ripe old age of 110 years. Before he died he made the sons of Israel take an oath, saying to them : "When God thus comes to your aid, you must take my bones with you from here."

After he died, Joseph was buried by his brothers in the land of Egypt.

The story of Genesis which we are currently studying is part of the story of creation. That story actually tells us how God populated the whole earth. All of the people who are presently on the earth are all the descendants of the prophet Abraham who begot Isaac. Isaac begot Jacob who was the father of the twelve tribes of Israel. Then we also have to say that we are all the descendants of those tribes with the exception of the descendants of Ishmael, Abraham's first son, who today are the various Arabic nations. Thus ends the stories of the book of Genesis with the death of Joseph.

The great prophet Moses came on the scene 400 years later and succeeded to remove all of the Israelites from under the domination of the Egyptians. He returned them to the lands that God had given to his own forefathers. God sent many plagues to the Egyptians but those plagues had no affect on the Israelites. Every time that a new plague came, Moses who was descendant of the tribe of Levi repeatedly told the Pharaoh, "Let my people go", or else God would punish them even harder. After many calamities had affected the Egyptians, the Egyptian Pharaoh finally allowed Moses and his people to leave the land of Egypt (the sea of humanity) which is symbolically represented by the red sea.

The word sea in biblical writings is often utilized symbolically and it often represents a multitude of people. The fact that the sea was red represents the shedding of human blood. The Israelites bled while working in Egypt as slaves for the Egyptian Pharaoh. Moses, who became God's new prophet and who had been raised in the Pharaoh's own household and by the Pharaoh's own daughter, had successfully manipulated the Israelites release from under the bondage of the Egyptians.

All of those recorded facts are the proofs of Moses deeds which are recorded in the book of Exodus, but that is another story. The story of Genesis has just told us that all of the people who are presently living on this planet are all the descendants of the three sons of Noah. The three sons of Noah are all the descendants of a mixture between the Nephilims who were the giant women who mated with our space brothers who are labelled as the sons of the gods in biblical writings.

There are many other mysteries which are hidden in biblical stories. I know that I cannot reveal all of them to you because I am a retiree who is coming to the end of his life, time is running out on me. Even if I could write more true stories, many of you are not ready to comprehend or to accept other interpretations whereby many proofs are given. I, myself, have understood them only after many years of research and with the gift which God has given me to be able to understand them.

Have you enjoyed my various presentations, I have written others before I wrote this one. One of the other stories gives many explanations pertaining to the clairvoyance of the great seer Nostradamus. In that same paper, I also bring forward many wonderful biblical prophecies, many of them which will shortly happen on the international scene. I have also unsealed, in its entirety, all twenty two chapters of the book of Revelation and have given the readers many answers which may have been long overdue.

Should you enjoy reading my presentations, perhaps, you will also pass it on to other people - give them the address of this site - who are also interested in discovering the truth which has been hiding from us much too long.

As I have mentioned before, I am not a professional writer, however I did not let that deter me because what I have written is the result of my own personal search. I have made my presentations available to anyone who wishes to peruse them. I thank God for having given me the necessary wisdom to assemble all of this material together. I also thank those who read my stories, it is the proof that they are not afraid to search for the truth. My presentations have taken 12 years of spare time to assemble. I would like to thank the Master, one of the Branches from the Most of Holy Trees, for having animated me during many morning hours. I wish all of my readers the best of results, from the bottom of my heart. May your personal quest be continuously successful.

I have kept the writing style of my presentations very simple so that anyone who wishes to peruse them may understand them without having to resort to a dictionary which is time consuming and very un-necessary.

If you wish to become a searcher of the truth, all that you have to remember is that you must tackle this type of research with an open mind, forgetting what you have already being told by others because what they have told you may not necessarily be the truth.

Remember what scriptures have told us : "If you love God and are searching for Him, He in turn will insure that you do find Him an that you also understand him much better."

In this new Revelation from God, He has told us the following when He spoke to the world through His earthly manifestation :"O Son of being! love me so that I may love you. If you love me not, My love can in no wise reach you. Know this, O servant."

Did you enjoy? Pass the address of this site to others so that they too can also enjoy important information that may have been unavailable before.

Do you wish to discover the answers to many more important questions? Tune in to the Baha'i archives sites in the holy Land, you can download and study "God passes by, some answered questions", the book of Certitude and many more. You will be amazed at all of the logical answers that you shall discover. Some people have written to me and said that they never realized that such valuable information ever existed before.

We must not forget that God gave a new Revelation to the world at the beginning of the Aquarius era. We were boldly told that all the religious teachers, from the present as well as from the past, have all given us false interpretations pertaining to the content of their holy book. This has apparently gone on since the coming of Adam. We have been told that none of them have taken the time to pray to God and ask Him for the truthful interpretations. Now you know what is wrong with most religions. It is better to be spiritual than to be religious because religion has a tendency to keep people apart. Become a searcher of the truth, you will never regret it because there is so much to be discovered and you will love every minute of it. To discover new answers on your own is not an impossibility but a great possibility.

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