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This is a strange and wonderful era that we are living in. Everything is happening so fast, making us wonder what is really happening on the third planet from the sun. What does it all mean - where are we heading?

Perhaps you have tried to find a key pertaining to the topic of the "Return" of Christ ; to the Biblical "Revelations" ; or perhaps to the mystical quatrains of Nostradamus ; or other prophetical writings such as the mysteries of Creation. Those same questions and concerns have also being experienced by others.

It has taken the author of these presentations, a searcher of the truth and a senior citizen, many years of research immersed in an intensive study of various prophecies so that greater knowledge of the truth could be gained. The key to the future has been found. There is definitely a light at the end of the dark tunnel, symbolically speaking.

Please come along so that we may explore many fascinating prophetical sayings whose true meanings were unknown to us before.

Your choice may be to begin your investigation by verifying the various proofs and explanations being presented on this welcoming page and which the author has taken many years to verify and assemble into a logical presentable format.

As you slowly begin to analyse many of those biblical sayings, you will soon discover that many of the symbolical words contained in those writings have other than a literal meaning. In other words, they have other interpretations. However, it would seem that the majority of the people of this world do not seem to understand them properly because of the strange symbolical format they were written in. Most people, including religious teachers, have attempted to understand those writings literally, not taking into consideration its symbolical meanings.

Are you finding these presentations too lengthy to stop by? They contain a lot of valuable information for the searcher of the truth. They are the result of many years of research into various scriptural writings. It is therefore suggested that, after you have examined the entry page, you at least verify the presentation that pertains to the last supper of the Lord, followed by newly discovered information pertaining to the crucifixion. Was Jesus really crucified by having nails implanted into his hands and feet? Would He not have died immediately, or soon after, from the trauma? Then why did any of those facts failed to be recorded in biblical writings? None of the Apostles recorded that any nails were utilized at the crucifixion. It is quite obvious that those stories have been made up, the proof being that there are no records saying that it ever happened.

Should you decide to peruse these lengthy presentations you will discover that many mysteries, previously unknown to us, have now been resolved and that the truth has finally surfaced.

A direct link to the presentation of the last supper has therefore been made available for your convenience. The last supper


The following biblical paragraph is the proof that Jesus was not the source of the words, the teachings, that He gave to the world. He says that it was the Spirit of God, who is the father of us all, who spoke to the world through him.

Anyone who has seen me has seen the father... Do you not believe that I am in the father and the father in me. I am not myself the source of the words I speak to you ; it is the father who dwells in me doing his own work. Believe me when I say that I am in the father and the father in me ; or else accept the evidence of the deeds themselves. John 14 : 10-11

One day Jesus addresses His Apostles and disciples. He mentions to them that He would be leaving them soon. He said the following words to them...

"I am going away and coming back to you." John 14 : 28

We will soon discover that it was the holy Spirit of God who was saying that He was going away but coming back to us. Which means that God would be speaking to the world again through another Manifestation, another Messenger.

In another biblical passage, that was recorded by John, Christ warned us that He would send us another Messenger from God. He labels Him as the Advocate - the Spirit of Truth - who would guide us into all of the truth. He then says that the Spirit of Truth is the Holy Spirit. The following are the proofs of those sayings that were recorded for the benefit of the searcher of the truth. Those promises were discovered scattered into various chapters and verses of the Apostle John's writings.

"If you love me you will obey my commands ; and I will ask the father, and he will give you ANOTHER to be your Advocate, who will be with you forever - the Spirit of Truth. John 14 : 15-16

But your Advocate, the holy Spirit whom the father will send in my name, will teach you everything, and will call to mind all that I have told you. John 14 : 26

However when he comes who is the Spirit of truth, he will guide you into all the truth. ...and he will make known to you the things that are coming. John 16 : 13

Did you notice that Christ promised that we would be sent another to teach us greater truths. He then labels Him as the Advocate, the Spirit of Truth. He also tells us that the spirit of truth is the Holy spirit who will guide us into new truths when He comes. Since none of us can see the spiritual form of the Holy Spirit, that particular saying can only mean that the holy Spirit would be talking to the people of the earth through another earthly sent Messenger. How many are searching for Him and awaiting for His "Return"? How about religious teachers, are they searching for Him outside of their own circle?

We have long awaited the coming of another divine Messenger, have we not? Why is it that practically nobody wants to investigate what He had to say when He did come? Is it because we put too much faith in the sayings of our religious teachers who may not have being given the necessary wisdom to recognize God's new envoy? Humanity is still in the dark, are we not paying the price for our inaction? These presentations are meant to help you discover him, not to hinder you or try to sell you anything new but to make you become aware of the various prophetical promises that have already been fulfilled.

You may rightfully ask, why do our religious teachers never mention the coming of the "Spirit of truth?". The answer to that question is very simple : they have obviously failed to search for Him, although Christ had well foretold His coming in the writings of the Apostle John as well as in the writings of some of the other Apostles.

The following statements are very shocking because it is telling us the contrary to what we have all previously believed. We previously assumed that our religious teachers were teaching us the truth and giving us proper biblical interpretations because they go to divinity school before they can become a religious teacher. However, God's new Messenger for the new age of Aquarius Has told us that all the religions that God Has given to humanity, since the coming of Adam, were all taken over by religious teachers. He labels them as the divines. He says that they are holding on tightly to the reins of religious power, giving their followers false scriptural interpretations.

He then added : had the religious teachers asked God for the proper interpretations, they would have been the recipients of those interpretations. Those are very powerful words are they not? Where did religious teachers go wrong? The answer to that question is very simple. They continuously try to explain the writings contained in their Holy Book in a literal fashion, not taking into consideration the symbolic language in which they were written, metaphor and allegory. Now you know what is wrong with all of the world religions. You also know why every sect of religion, all having their own names, have failed to give their followers proper interpretations pertaining to the content of their Holy Book. They have given, to the people of this world, false interpretations because they did not take the time to ask God, during their prayers and meditations, for the proper interpretations of their Scriptures which are written in a spiritual symbolical format.

Here it is : one of the messages given us by God's new Messenger who was the Spirit of Truth that Christ had promised to send us. Most of the people of this world have yet to realize that He has already come and given mankind new teachings. As you will notice, the following message is not very flattering for certain people. However, we have no choice but to say that the truth is always the truth no matter how you look at it.


* Leaders of religion, in every age, have hindered their people from attaining the shores of eternal salvation, inasmuch as they held the reins of authority in their mighty grasp. Some for the lust of leadership, others through want of knowledge and understanding, have been the cause of the deprivation of the people. By their sanction and authority, every Prophet of God has drunk from the chalice of sacrifice, and winged His flight unto the heights of glory. What unspeakable cruelties they that have occupied the seats of authority and learning have inflicted upon the true Monarchs of the world, those Gems of divine virtue! Content with a transitory dominion, they have deprived themselves of an everlasting sovereignty. Thus, their eyes beheld not the light of the countenance of the Well-Beloved, nor did their ears hearken unto the sweet melodies of the Bird of Desire. For this reason, in all sacred books mention has been made of the divines of every age.

Thus He said :

"O people of the Book! Why disbelieve the signs of God to which you yourselves have been witnesses?"
And He also said :
"O people of the Book! Why clothe the truth with falsehood? Why wittingly hide the truth?"
Again, He said :
"Say, O people of the Book! Why repel believers from the way of God?"

* It is evident that by the "people of the Book," who have repelled their fellow-men from the straight path of God, is meant none other than the divines - the religious teachers - of that age, whose names and character have been revealed in the sacred books, and alluded to in the verses and traditions recorded therein, were you to observe with the eye of God.

* THE time fore-ordained unto the peoples and kindreds of the earth is now come. The promises of God, as recorded in the holy Scriptures, have all been fulfilled.

Did you notice that the above saying, given to us by God's new Messenger, mentioned the fact that all of God's promises have been fulfilled? Do you understand why the title of these presentations has been chosen to be : "PROPHECIES FULFILLED".

It has been discovered by many searchers of the truth that many biblical sayings are written metaphorically and in another highly spiritual language known as allegory. Very few people, including religious teachers, seem to be aware of the true meaning of metaphor and Allegory that is utilized in all biblical writings.

What is the meaning of metaphor, can it be explained? Most dictionaries define is as such :

...a figure of speech in which a name or quality is attributed to something to which it is not literally applicable.

What about allegory, what does it mean? The encyclopaedic dictionary defines it as such:

...a work of art in which a deeper meaning underlies the superficial or literal meaning - the carrying of one meaning by another in this way - allegoria, speaking of one thing under the guise of another.

Allow me to present you with a good example of a symbolical biblical story that was taken from the writings of Matthew in the new Testament of the Bible. It is referred to as the parable of the landowner and it is a highly allegorical text. What is a parable, can it be defined? The encyclopaedic dictionary defines a parable in the following matter : a story designed to teach a moral or religious principle by suggesting a parallel, an allegorical narrative.


"There was a landowner who planted a vineyard : he put a wall around it, hewed out a winepress, and built a watch tower ; then he let it out to vine-growers and went abroad. When the vintage season approached, he sent his servants to the tenants to collect the produce due to him. But they took his servants and trashed one, killed another, and stoned a third. Again he sent other servants, this time a larger number ; and they did the same to them. At last he sent to them his son. "They will respect my son", he said. But when they saw the son the tenants said to one another, "This is the heir ; come on, let us kill him, and get his inheritance." And they took him, flung him out of the vineyard, and killed him. When the owner of the vineyard comes, how do you think he will deal with the tenants?"Matthew 21 : 33 to 21 : 40

When properly analysed, the biblical story of the landowner has real meaning. Proofs are being presented saying that the land owner is God and the vineyard is the earth. Many such mentions are made in the old Testament whereby God says that he is the owner of the vineyard, that is the earth. The proof :

...judge between me and my vineyard. What more could have been done for my vineyard that I did not do to it? Isaiah 5 :4

On that day sing to the pleasant vineyard, I the Lord am its keeper... Isaiah 27 : 2-3

The servants, mentioned in the prophecy, represents God's Messengers and Prophets. God continuously sends them to us but we have often ignored them. As we already know, history has recorded that those envoys were numerous. They were often mistreated and sometimes put to death by religious leaders.

The son, mentioned in the story, represents Jesus Christ. The religious teachers, the high priest of the Jewish religion, attempted to put Him to death by crucifixion which is one of the most painful torture that can be carried out on an individual. Then God, the owner of the vineyard, promised that he would come and deal with the tenants.

If you continue perusing these biblical presentations, you will discover that God did indeed manifest Himself again to the people of the earth under the great spiritual title of "FATHER OF HUMANITY"God spoke again to the world through another earthly sent Messenger exactly as He had promised. These presentations have been assembled to awaken your awareness of various biblical prophecies that have already being fulfilled.

Are you ready for another good example of symbolical saying? Here is another that very few people seem to understand properly. This particular saying was given by Christ to the Jews who still do not understand the symbolical meaning to this very day, do the Christians understand?

"I am that living bread which came down from heaven ; if anyone eats this bread, he shall live for ever. Moreover, the bread which I will give is my own flesh ; I give it for the life of the world." This led to a fierce dispute among the Jews. "How can this man give us his flesh to eat?" they said. John 6 : 51-52

When the Jews heard this, they took it literally and failed to understand the significance of that symbolic saying.

The eldest son of God's new Manifestation, who also had the power of the Holy Spirit available to him, has given us the following answer pertaining to that very important biblical saying. It has been recorded in the writings of God's new Revelation to the world.

* The spiritual truth that Christ wished to convey to them was that the reality of Divinity within Him was like a blessing which had come down from heaven and that he who partook of this blessing should never die (spiritually). That is to say, bread was the symbol of the perfections which had descended upon Him from God, and he who ate of this symbolic bread, or endowed himself with the perfections of Christ, would undoubtedly attain to everlasting spiritual life. The Jews did not understand Him, and taking the words literally, said, "How can this man give us his flesh to eat?" Had they understood the real meaning of the Holy Book, they would have become believers in Christ. Even the Christians, who read the words of the Bible daily, have failed to understand that meaning. They understand the words but not their symbolical meanings.

* The Jews read the Old Testament night and day, memorizing its words and texts yet without comprehending a single meaning or inner significance, for had they understood the real meanings of the Old Testament, they would have become believers in Christ, inasmuch as the Old Testament was revealed to prepare His coming. As the Jewish doctors and Rabbis did not believe in Christ, it is evident that they were ignorant of the real significance of the Old Testament. It is difficult to comprehend even the words of a philosopher; how much more difficult it is to understand the Words of God.

* The divine Words are not to be taken according to their outer sense. They are symbolical and contain realities of spiritual meaning. For instance, in the book of Solomon's songs you will read about the bride and bridegroom. It is evident that the physical bride and bridegroom are not intended. Obviously, these are symbols conveying a hidden and inner significance. In the same way the Revelations of St. John are not to be taken literally, but spiritually. These are the mysteries of God. It is not the reading of the words that profits you; it is the understanding of their meanings. Therefore, pray God that you may be enabled to comprehend the mysteries of the divine Testaments.

The following examples, which were all taken from scriptures, will give us the true meaning of spiritual life and spiritual death.


Another example of an important symbolical saying follows. One day, one of the disciples asked Christ the following question :

"Lord, let me go and bury my father first." Jesus replied, "follow me, and leave the dead bury the dead." Matthew 8 : 21-22

Life and death, a saying that is often found in biblical writings, often means spiritual life or spiritual death. A person who does not believe in God is considered to be dead spiritually and any person who believes in God is said to be alive spiritually. The following is a good example of the true meaning of life and death, spiritual life and spiritual death :

"In very truth, anyone who gives heed to what I say and puts his trust in Him who sent me has hold of eternal life, and does not come up for judgement, but has already passed from death to life. John 5 : 24

Christ is saying that whoever listen to His words, and believe in him, has already passed from spiritual death to spiritual life. In other words, that person has become alive spiritually. Many good examples of various symbolical words may be found in scriptures. It is suggested that you verify them at your leisure.


Another symbolical word, which has other meanings, is resurrection. Many mentions of that symbolical word may be found in biblical writings. For example : when someone is said to be resurrecting from the dead, the meaning is that he has come alive spiritually. Coming alive spiritually means that a non believer in God, or an atheist, has now become a believer in God. Therefore, it is said that he has resurrected from the dead. The proof follows :

As son of Man, he has also been given the right to pass judgement. Do not wonder at this, because the time is coming when all who are in the grave shall hear his voice and come out... John 5 : 27-28

Christ is saying that He has been given the right to judge the world, meaning to pass judgement. Then He says that a time is coming whereby all of those who are in the grave, of error, shall come out and resurrect spiritually. Contrary to what we have been told, Christ is not talking about those who are dead physically but spiritually. God does not resurrect dead people, that is a fallacy. We have been given false biblical interpretations, making us think otherwise. I suggest that you read the presentations pertaining to the "Return of Christ". Many proofs, of the true meaning of various scriptural words, are brought forward in those presentations. They were discovered after a period of intensive research.

Here is another that most people may have overlooked. It explains the true meaning of spiritual death and resurrection. It is the symbolical story of Lazarus. There is absolutely no reason why Jesus, utilizing the power of the Holy Spirit, would want to resurrect someone who had been dead for many days and whose body had begun to decompose.

Let me explain : when your physical body dies, your spirit which is your rational soul detaches itself from the physical. It then returns to the spiritual Realm which is its true abode, its real home. God does not allow that anyone, including His Manifestations, ever return to this earth to inhabit the same body as before. Nobody has ever returned to inhabit the same shell as before and nobody ever will because that is obviously a great impossibility.

On His arrival Jesus found that Lazarus had already being four days in the tomb... Martha said to Jesus, "If you had been here, sir, my brother would not have died...Jesus said your brother will rise again." ...If a man has faith in me, even though he dies, he shall come to life; and no one who is alive and has faith shall ever die. John 11 : 17 to 25

It must be said that the above story is saying that Lazarus had been in the tomb, of error, for the past four days. Did you notice that Jesus did not say that He had been physically dead for four days. That was a very important clue. The symbolic meaning of that saying is that Lazarus, who was the brother of Martha and of Mary of Magdala, had somehow died spiritually four days ago. In other words, he had lost his faith in God and no longer believed in Him or in His Messenger. So Jesus, armed with the power of the holy Spirit, spoke to him and gave him back his faith. Keep in mind the fact that metaphor and allegory are a means, utilized throughout scriptures, to convey to the reader certain spiritual truths. In other words, many biblical stories have many wonderful symbolical meanings that cannot possibly be understood in a literal manner.

If you substitute the word death, for spiritual death and life for spiritual life, you then have the following :

If a man has faith in me, even though he previously died spiritually, he shall come alive spiritually ; no one who is alive spiritually and who has faith in God and in His Messengers shall ever die spiritually.

The meaning of Lazarus, being resurrected from the dead, is symbolic and can only mean that he had regained his faith in God after Jesus, the Messenger of God for the age of Pisces, had spoken to him. Thus it is said that Lazarus was resurrected from the dead. He once again became a believer in God, thus becoming alive spiritually. It is a wonderful biblical story but how many of us have really understood its meaning?

Religious teachers are still teaching that Jesus brought back to life a person who had been in the tomb for four days and whose body had begun to decompose. If only they would begin to realise that those biblical texts are symbolically written and do not have a literal meaning.

Remember the words of Christ pertaining to the story of Lazarus. Jesus said : "If a man has faith in me, even though he dies (spiritually) he shall come to (spiritual) life ; and no one who is alive and has faith shall ever die (spiritually). Christ has well explained the biblical story of Lazarus but many, including religious teachers, have failed to understand its real meaning.


In the writings of this new Revelation from God the meaning, of the "day of resurrection" that is often mentioned in biblical writings, has been given to us freely. God's new spokesman who had the power of the holy Spirit, the same power that was given to Jesus when He was baptised in the river Jordan, has given us the true meaning. Here it is : a highly symbolical saying that was given to us by God's new spokesman, his new envoy.

* This is the meaning of the "Day of Resurrection," spoken of in all the scriptures, and announced unto all people. Reflect, can a more precious, a mightier, and more glorious day than this be conceived, so that man should willingly forego its grace, and deprive himself of its bounties, which like unto vernal showers are raining from the heaven of mercy upon all mankind? Having thus conclusively demonstrated that no day is greater than this Day, and no revelation more glorious than this Revelation, and having set forth all these weighty and infallible proofs which no understanding mind can question, and no man of learning overlook, how can man possibly, through the idle contention of the people of doubt and fancy, deprive himself of such a bountiful grace? Have they not heard the well-known tradition: "When the Qa'im (the promised one of Islam) rises, that day is the Day of Resurrection?" In like manner, the Imams, those unquenchable lights of divine guidance, have interpreted the verse : "What can such expect but that God should come down to them overshadowed with clouds."

* Strive, therefore, O my brother, to grasp the meaning of "Resurrection," and cleanse your ears from the idle sayings of these rejected people. Should you step into the realm of complete detachment, you will readily testify that no day is mightier than this Day, and that no resurrection more awful than this Resurrection can ever be conceived. One righteous work performed in this Day, equals all the virtuous acts which for myriads of centuries men have practised - nay, We ask forgiveness of God for such a comparison! For verily the reward which such a deed deserves is immensely beyond and above the estimate of men. Inasmuch as these undiscerning and wretched souls have failed to apprehend the true meaning of "Resurrection" and of the "attainment unto the divine Presence," they therefore have remained utterly deprived of the grace thereof. Although the sole and fundamental purpose of all learning, and the toil and labour thereof, is attainment unto, and the recognition of, this station, yet they are all immersed in the pursuit of their material studies. They deny themselves every moment of leisure, and utterly ignore Him, Who is the Essence of all learning, and the one Object of their quest! I think that their lips have never touched the cup of divine Knowledge, nor do they seem to have attained even a dewdrop of the showers of heavenly grace.


Here is another allegorical symbolic saying whereby Christ gives us the answer to its meaning in another following Biblical paragraph.

"The kingdom of heaven is like this. A man sowed his field with good seed : but while everyone was asleep his enemy came, sowed darnel among the wheat, and made off. When the wheat sprouted and began to fill out, the darnel could be seen among it. The farmer's men went to their master and said, "Sir, was it not good seed that you sowed in your field? Then where has the darnel come from?" "This is an enemy's doing ", he replied. "Well then," they said, "shall we go and gather the darnel?" "No," he answered ; "in gathering it you might pull up the wheat at the same time. Let them both grow together till harvest ; and at harvest-time I will tell the reapers , "Gather the darnel first, and tie it in bundles for burning ; then collect the wheat into my barn." Matthew 13 : 24 to 13 : 30

Christ gives His disciples the answer to the parable of the kingdom of heaven. He explains to them who is the sower ; what the field represents ; He also gives them the meaning of the mentioned good seeds ; and the meaning of the darnel in the field.

"Explain to us the parable of the darnel in the field." And this was his answer : "The sower of the good seed is the Son of Man. The field is the world ; the good seed stands for the children of the Kingdom, the darnel for the children of the evil one. The enemy who sowed the darnel is the devil. The harvest is the end of time. The reapers are angels. As the darnel, then, is gathered up and burnt, so at the end of time the Son of man will send out his angels, who will gather out of his kingdom whatever makes men stumble, and all those whose deeds are evil, and these will be thrown into the blazing furnace, the place of wailing and grinding of teeth. And then the righteous will shine as brightly as the sun in the kingdom of the Father, If you have ears, then hear. Matthew 13 : 36 to 13 : 43

The same parable was also recorded by the Apostles Luke and Mark. You may want to verify them. They are explained slightly different but having the same meaning as the one that was recorded by Matthew.

The Son of Man mentioned in the parable represents the Holy Spirit speaking to the world through God's Messenger. In this case, He was speaking to the people of this world through the man known as Jesus.

Many mentions of "Son of Man" may be found in biblical writings. They are very numerous and some of them do not explain much by themselves. The most important one is presented to you for your perusal. It tells us the true meaning of those words. My favourite apostle John has again given us the proper answer. The proof :

No one ever went into heaven except the one who came down from heaven, the Son of Man whose home is in heaven. John 3 : 13

Jesus did not physically come from heaven (Paradise), He was born from the young Jewish maiden whose name was Mary. However the Spirit of God, who is the Holy Spirit and who spoke to the world through Jesus, did come down from heaven (from Paradise). The Spirit of God, the Holy Spirit, has His home in that spiritual Realm. Let us remember that the Holy Spirit, speaking to the people of the world through Jesus Christ, had already told us that he must go away but that he will come again to obviously give us greater teachings. That is the way God operates. From time to time, He selects another Messenger and gives Him the power of the holy Spirit who gives us necessary new teachings so that humanity can continue to advance forward spiritually. Therefore we can honestly say that God's great plan is : A CONTINUOUS ADVANCING CIVILISATION.


Here is another descriptive picture of the kingdom of heaven. It explains what will happen to the people of the earth at the end time prescribed by God.

...again the kingdom of heaven is like a net let down into the sea, where fish of every kind were caught in it. When it was full, it was dragged ashore. Then the men sat down and collected the good fish into pails and threw the worthless away. That is how it will be at the end of time. The angels will go forth, and they will separate the wicked from the good, and throw them into the blazing furnace, the place of wailing and grinding of teeth. Matthew 13 : 47 to 13 : 50

If you wish to know more about the end of time, such as the one mentioned in that parable, I suggest that you peruse the presentation pertaining to that topic. It can be found in one of the last presentations of Revelation unsealed. Many end time prophecies have been assembled into one single presentation. Assembling them together was a very lengthy and time consuming task but it was worth the effort that was put in to it. The link to that explicit text follows : End time prophecies

The blazing furnace, mentioned in the writings of Matthew, may be a reference to giant asteroids that have turned into fiery meteors after having entered into the earth's atmosphere. They will destroy the earth at the appointed end time, after God has removed all of his chosen people from the earth and has taken them to a very far away place. It is a fact that has also been mentioned by the prophet Isaiah. All of those clues are brought forward in the presentations of Revelation unsealed, in the one that is labelled "End time prophecies".

If one wishes to understand the real meaning of many prophetical sayings, presented on this site, time must be taken to fully analyse not one but all of the given clues that are contained in the various presentations. There are many of them so it is important that they be studied meticulously. The end result will be an emerging puzzle when all of the pieces have been fully assembled.


In the various presentations, pertaining to the "Return" of Christ, the true meaning of that Return is brought forward for the readers to scrutinize. Many truthful answers have been found and are being presented for your personal study. Concrete answers have all been taken from existing spiritual writings. It is a very controversial topic that has been researched thoroughly over a long period of time. Multiple proofs are brought forward presenting the fact that Jesus never promised to return in the same flesh as before. What He did promise, and is recorded in the writings of John, is that he would send us another that He labels the "Spirit of truth", the Holy Spirit. You have already being presented with some of the Apostle John's prophetical sayings. Many more explanations and truthful answers are been presented further down the page.

The presentations pertaining to the "return" of Christ also contains multiple clues that have been assembled one by one so that a better understanding of many of the prophetical mysteries may be arrived at. Keeping in mind the fact that metaphor, which always presents a parallel story, is often utilized in those writings. Therefore, you should not attempt to understand them literally but symbolically.

It is suggested that you do not let traditional religious teachings given you in the past get in the way of your research because some of them may hinder you rather than allow you to discover greater truths. In other words, do not think and believe that there are no other explanations besides those that you may have been given in the past or you will come to a halt before you even start. Have an open mind and make believe that you are on a great quest. You are searching for something that is specific and very precious. Your quest for greater truth will lead you to gain a greater understanding of various prophetical writings.

The first clue presented says that Christ would have a new name when His Spirit returns and speaks to us again through another divine Manifestation, another Messenger. His spiritual return is to give to the people of this world newer teachings that are necessary for the continuous advancement of humanity. Therefore contributing to God's will of an "Ever advancing civilisation". We shall shortly discover that the new teachings, which the returned Christ brings to our world, are symbolically labelled as "The new Jerusalem" that has come down out of heaven (Paradise) from God. It is the way that God has chosen to reveal Himself to humanity in a progressive manner. That is what the second coming of Christ is all about. The Spirit of Christ, His spiritual qualities, returns because the world needs new teachings for its continuous spiritual advancement. Many concrete and valuable proofs are brought forward in those presentations. The proof of that saying came from biblical writings. Here it is :

...the city of my God, that new Jerusalem which is coming down out of heaven from my God, and my own new name. Revelation 3 : 12

The writings contained in Revelation goes on to say :

I saw the holy city, new Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God, made ready like a bride adorned for her husband. Revelation 21 : 2

It goes on with other important sayings.

"Come, and I will show you the bride, the wife of the Lamb." So in the spirit he carried me away to a great high mountain, and showed me the holy city of Jerusalem coming down out of heaven from God. It shone with the Glory of God ; it had the radiance of some priceless jewel, like a jasper, clear as crystal. Revelation 21 : 9-10-11

The word Jerusalem, often mentioned in biblical writings, does not always have the same meaning. In older days the city of Jerusalem was considered as the Holy of holies. However, history has related that It was destroyed many times. The temple of Jerusalem was never rebuilt after it was destroyed by the Roman empire, it remains unbuilt until this very day. Therefore the reference made to the symbolic new Jerusalem can only mean new teachings that are said to be coming down out of Paradise (heaven) from God. It is God's way of revealing himself to mankind in a progressive manner.

As you proceed with the study of that presentation, you will discover that countless proofs have been assembled for the benefit of the reader. The new Jerusalem represents God's new teachings that the returned Christ brings to the people of this world. Something new is obviously badly needed so that God's plan, to have an "Ever advancing civilisation", can be achieved. In other words, so that mankind can continue advancing spiritually as well as scientifically.

In other biblical writings Christ often referred to Himself as the bridegroom. The proof :

"Can you expect the bridegroom's friend's to fast while the bridegroom is with them? Mark 2 : 19

We will discover very shortly that Christ comes back exactly as he predicted it Himself in many biblical writings such as "A thief who comes to us in the middle of the night". Which means that only the sincere spiritual searchers shall discover him at that promised "Return". The reason : they are the only ones who have taken the time to search for Him and who are interested in finding Him. The Apostle Luke says that when Christ "Returns", when He comes again, he will not be expected. Is it not what has really happened? The proof of the return of the holy Spirit, of the son of Man, follows. That particular saying was recorded by the Apostle Luke :

"Hold yourselves ready, then, because the Son of man will come at the time you least expect him." Luke 12 : 40

We must not forget that we have already discovered the meaning of Son of man. Biblical writings have already proven to us that it is a reference to the Holy Spirit of God. The biblical quotation is actually saying that when the Holy Spirit, the Son of Man, comes again He will be speaking to the world through another divine Manifestation who will be a new Messenger. It will happen at a time that is least expected by all of the people of the earth.

There are many clues pertaining to the "Return" of Christ. Remember the words of Christ, recorded by the Apostle John. He warned us that He would send us another that He labels as the Spirit of Truth, the Holy Spirit. That is one of the best clues pertaining to that return which the majority of the people of this world are still failing to understand. You have already being presented with various proofs :


In that quest for greater truth, which you are embarking yourself on, you will be searching for God's new Messenger. Your intensive search will also allow you to discover His strange new given Name. Multiple proofs are being presented saying that the Spirit of Christ returns to us during a time of spiritual obscurity and indifference in the world. That is the true meaning of symbolical biblical sayings such as, "He is coming with the clouds of heaven". The meaning may be that the mind of man will be clouded over, thus disabling him from discovering that great predicted event. Christ comes back at a time which He is the least expected by the majority of the people of this world. This time He may be offering us a plan of global peace destined to transfigure this world into the predicted : "New heaven and new earth" that is mentioned in chapter 21 of Revelation. Here is the link : A new heaven and a new earth.

The new teachings, that will be given to the world by the returned Christ, will eventually reach millions of people all around the world. They will be of various cultural backgrounds and will form the core of this new planetary family. The new believers will eventually realize a splendid work of unification that will be progressive and all because of the plans of action guided by the spiritual teachings of the Promised One.

You may attempt to discover the returned Christ's new teachings by accessing various Internet spiritual sites that have been animated throughout the world. You will then recognize the great animation given to humanity by certain dedicated souls.

In that presentation, you shall discover many historical happenings pertaining to that "return" and much more. You shall have the opportunity to peruse and understand the Apostle Matthew's recorded prophecies. You will also be able to verify the many predictions made by some of the Apostles of Christ as well as some of the great meaningful predictions made by the prophet Daniel as referred to us by Christ.

Should you decide to study the information presented to you on this site, in its entirety, you will most certainly begin to understand God's great plan for humanity, "AN EVER-ADVANCING CIVILISATION". You will also get a glimpse at what the future of this planet will really be like as you begin to understand many of the predicted futuristic happenings.


Many hundreds of years elapsed before the people of this world discovered that God's spokesman, Jesus Christ, had given the world new teachings. How long will it take, in this new era in which we presently live in, to discover if Christ has returned or not. Astronomy tells us that the new era began on the 23 of May, in 1844. It also tells us that It was on that very day that the age of Aquarius awoke.

How long will it take for the people of the various countries of this world to discover that God has once again spoken to humanity through another divine Messenger who has given the world something wonderfully new. What are we going to do, stay with the old forever or investigate the new that has already being given? If we stay with the old we will only delay the new from being recognized, the danger being that humanity could destroy itself in the meantime. It is important to realize that all of those happenings were prophesied but not well understood because of the strange symbolical format it was written in. However, humanity is now more educated than it has ever been and has now reached a higher state of learning. Therefore, we are now all capable of greater understanding than before.

The first presentation, pertaining to that topic, contains the complete unsealing of the 24th chapter of the writings of the Apostle Matthew. In others words, it contains many important clues that must be properly understood if you really intend to understand the true meaning of that "Return". They have been properly assembled so that you may get a better understanding of the actual meaning of those words. It also contains various prophecies that have been taken from the writings of the prophet Daniel, giving us the year whereby Christ would Return as well as the year that His forerunner would make His appearance. All of the discovered answers have been taken from existing biblical writings which you may wish to verify at your leisure. As you peruse through the various presentations, you will also begin to realize that there is no speculation whatsoever because various proofs, that were found during intensive research, are being presented for your own investigation.

Other important information has been added to this site to help you better understand the true meaning of the "Return of Christ" as it was originally understood by the apostles themselves. It has been labelled : additional proofs. It contains many of the sayings of the apostles pertaining to that return. As you will also notice, many of the Apostles made the statement that Christ would "Return" to our world like a thief who comes to your home in the middle of the night. In other words, He comes undetected by the majority of the people of this world and only those who are spiritually awake can possibly discover Him and the new teachings that He is bringing to our world.

In another presentation you will find other valuable information labelled, "the first and second coming of Christ". It contains a dialogue from a young Jewish boy who was only 15 years old at the time. He explains that after discovering this site, and investigating the information being presented on it, he accepted Jesus Christ as been the promised Messiah for his people and for the whole world ; a task that took him approximately one year. I am certain that you will enjoy reading that information written by such a talented youngster. The first and second coming of Christ

In another presentation, a very beautiful spiritual poem has been added. It was written by a young American girl of sixteen. It was the first spiritual poem that she ever wrote after having entered into a deep state of meditation. She wrote to me after having discovered this site and sent me a copy of her beautiful long poem and gave me permission to output it onto this spiritual research site. Through Heavens door

Humanity cannot possibly evolve spiritually without new spiritual teachings given by God to its people from time to time. It is the only way that humanity can possibly advance forward in a spiritual fashion. Why is it that the majority of the people of this world have not yet discovered this truth? I suspect that it is because too many of us have become extremely attached to our family religion, which is thousands of years old, and to its teachings which are no longer capable of dealing with the problems of our complex society. Most of us have been afraid to go on a great quest so that we can discover greater truth. We have also been afraid, with good reason, to be taken in by the many who have begun their own spiritual movement. I can only suggest that you keep an open mind and verify everything you are perusing before you decide to do anything. Don't stop half way because you will not discover all of the truth, only part of it. Write down your new findings, a good notebook is highly recommended so that you may be able to refer to it from time to time as you continue your spiritual search for the Promised One of the new age. It can be proven that it is the age of Aquarius that we are presently living in and which began on the 23 of May in 1844.

Recently more information has been added pertaining to the coming of a new forerunner who came preparing the way for the appearance of this new Manifestation, the new God sent Messenger. Mainly who He was, where He came from, the mistreatment that He received from many and what were His spiritual qualities.

The proclamation of the returned Christ is also partially presented to you. It was addressed to the various rulers and religious teachers of this world. Who will believe those written words without first investigating them? Who will believe that the returned Christ wrote to all the important rulers of this world, political and religious?

Lately a great mystery pertaining to the last supper has been added to these presentations. The picture of the last supper, as painted by the famous visionary Leonardo Da Vinci, is presented and its mystery solved. Many new truths pertaining to the very highly symbolic last supper have also been brought forward.

New truths have also been added pertaining to the crucifixion of Jesus. New findings are being mentioned saying that the Bible did not record any nails having ever being inserted into the hands and feet of Jesus.

Another presentation has also been added lately. A brief history of the Holy Mountain, Mount Carmel. It has gone through tremendous changes throughout history. The proof of the greatness of that emplacement was given us by the prophet Isaiah who spoke about events that would occur on earth in the last days in which we are presently living in.

And it shall come to pass in the last days, that the mountain of the Lord's house shall be established in the top of the mountains, and shall be exalted above the hills ; and all nations shall flow unto it. ISAIAH 2 : 2

It shall blossom abundantly, and rejoice even with joy and singing : the glory of Lebanon shall be given unto it, the excellency of Carmel and Sharon, they shall see the glory of the LORD, and the excellency of our God. ISAIAH 35 : 2

A finale has been added to these presentations pertaining to the mysteries surrounding the "Return of Christ". They are mystical poems written by a strongly motivated spiritual writer who has given her permission to output them on this site which she loves to peruse from time to time. She is a poet, a writer, and an artist who is well known in a certain spiritual circle. That spiritual poetess and writer is now deceased. What a loss! Mystical poems

How about it, searchers of the truth, are you willing to immerse yourselves in a new hobby - to go on a great quest, that of discovering by yourself many truthful answers? It will take much of your spare time but you will soon discover that it will be worth the effort.

Are you interested in the study of the presentations pertaining to the "Return" of Christ? You may access them by utilizing the provided link.



Another important presentation pertains to the complete unsealing of the book of Revelation. They are writings that have been given us by the Apostle John. He, and Jesus Christ, were tho only two who received the visions pertaining to Revelation while they were residing on the island of Patmos in Greece. John was told by God to record all of the given information for the benefit of all of mankind.

The method that was utilized to unseal those intriguing biblical writings is also presented for your perusal and personal study. They are full of highly symbolical sayings that can be only understood after having discovered the meanings of many of the symbolical words utilized throughout the biblical text.

The first presentation, the prelude, gives you all of the necessary information that will enable you to eventually completely unseal the 22 chapters of those symbolical spiritual writings. It explains that the only method that is necessary to understand Revelation is to first become a searcher of the truth. God will keep His promise and will allow you to discover greater truth, if you persist in your search for greater spiritual knowledge.

You shall soon discover that the prophetical visions of Revelation are the most interesting and the most fascinating that have ever been researched and unsealed. That task has taken the author of this site many years of his spare time to accomplish.

You shall also discover that scriptural writings, referred to as Revelation, were written in a spiritual language known as allegory. Many proofs will be presented saying that the language of Revelation is allegory.

The Americana Encyclopedia defines Allegorical interpretations in the following manner :

ALLEGORICAL INTERPRETATIONS or ALLEGORISM, a method used in the interpretation of the scriptures. The method in brief is to take a plain statement and attach to it a symbolical meaning. Allegory has always been largely used. The Greek writers made use of it, especially Plato, Homer and Heraclitus. Sometimes the sacred writers themselves made use of it, thus explaining or clarifying a fact by means of a symbol or an allegory... The method was in vogue, in the days of Jesus Christ, and He frequently used it...

If you study all of the presentations of Revelation unsealed, you will discover the meaning of many allegorical words that are utilized within its text. An example is the following saying that was taken from those writings :

...the name of the city of my God, that new Jerusalem which is coming down out of heaven from my God, and my own new name. Revelation 3 : 12

We shall soon discover that the city of God represents a new religion that contains new teachings for the people of this world. It is what has come down out of the heavenly Paradise from God. The new Jerusalem represents, allegorically, new teachings that God promised to send us when Christ returns bearing a new name. It was a well prophesied event, another fulfilled prophecy that has already occurred.

Those highly symbolical writings were assembled a few years after the failed crucifixion of Jesus-Christ. It is the work of John, my favourite Apostle. He wrote Revelation when he was residing on the Island of Patmos in Greece where he, Jesus Christ and all of the Apostles, had exiled themselves so that they could teach Christianity to the Greek nation who was ready for new spiritual knowledge. His allegorical chapters are quite different from one another. It is one of the reasons why it has been so time consuming to interpret properly. Also, it is a discovered fact that the various chapters do not follow one another. Therefore that is the reason why they have been re-arranged on this site. It was to enable the true searcher of the truth to better understand them. For more information on the failed crucifixion of Jesus, it is suggested that you tune in to that presentation. The crucifixion

The symbolism utilized in Revelation is different than other biblical writings. Here is what they essentially consist of. The first chapter describes to us the spiritual language that the evangelist utilized, allegory.

Chapters two and three are messages of condemnations given to us from God Himself. They are indirectly addressed to the religious teachers of the seven major world religions and, unfortunately, it includes Christianity that became the sixth major world religion. Those messages are addressed mainly to those who have corrupted God's original teachings. In other words, to those who rewrote sacred texts thereby polluting the originality of those writings.

In chapter four, you will discover the beauty and the majesty of the spiritual world. You will also discover that the continuation of that chapter may be found in chapter seven, verses 9 to 17. The fifth chapter mentions a mystery scroll that has seven seals and which the Lamb of God opens. In chapter six, He explains the meaning of each seal as he opens them and divulges their content to the world. The continuation of that chapter is discovered in chapter eight.

The seventh chapter mentions many people who are called the redeemed and who are God's servants, His chosen. They are referred to as God's servant who are implanted with an heavenly seal in their foreheads by God's angelic entities. Numerology is again utilized in that chapter whereby the zeroes do not count, they are left out. Therefore the numerical value of the 144 000 is as follows 1+4+4+0+0+0=9. It represents the world's ninth major world religion that the returned Christ Has brought to this world. Chapter fourteen is a continuation of chapter seven.

Chapter eight - the Lamb of God begins opening the seven seals thus creating complete silence in the spiritual Realm, in Paradise. Then seven angels blow their trumpets which represents great announcements being given to the people of the world ; unfortunately, great calamities for mankind are thus announced.

The ninth chapter, a very important chapter, announces the coming of the prophet Mohammed and that of his true successor whose name was Ali. It also mentions the coming of a future forerunner whose title is that of "The Door". He comes to prepare the way so that the "Spirit of Christ" could return to this world and speak through another Manifestation, giving the world greater teachings that will allow mankind to continue to advance spiritually and materially in a much more orderly fashion.

You will also discover, although this may seem strange to you, that many of the following chapters of Revelation, chapters 9-10-11-12-13-17-18 all pertain to the Moslem religion that had its beginning in the year 622 AD. If you do a thorough study of the history of that religion, your mind will allow you to properly understand the content of those particular chapters. I suggest that you find a good historical encyclopaedia that will give you the true historical happenings that began after the year 622 AD. It was the year whereby God re-manifested Himself again to the world through the prophet Mohammed who only declared Himself to his people in the year 625 AD. The people of the Arabic peninsula had not previously believed in God, they had never accepted any of the prophets of past eras. So God changed all that and sent them a prophet of their own who gave them a new religion that contained rules for them to abide to.

In these presentations, you shall discover much more such as the meaning of the magical number of the beast, the number 666. In other words, you shall discover the real identity of the beast of Revelation that has been speculated on by so many people and for so many years. You shall also begin to understand the true meaning of the new Jerusalem that came down out of heaven from God. That is to say, God's new Holy Law given to us by the returned Christ when He comes to us to unify and pacify all of the people of our world as He promised it in biblical writings. We shall discover that the new teachings are labelled "the new Jerusalem that comes down out of heaven from God." That fact is mentioned in various chapters of Scriptures.

The interpretation of the very last chapters of those symbolic writings allows us to discover the new name of Christ at his second coming, "The Glory of God". A strange name whose true meaning was unknown to us before. It is possible that, when that name is translated into another language, it will prove to be very strange indeed. The majority of the people of this world still have trouble understanding certain biblical sayings written in symbolic language such as allegory. The reason being : their spiritual teachers seem to have no understanding and no awareness of that language whatsoever. Why is that? Are they not highly educated, are they not capable of becoming searchers of the truth? Could they not carry out a good investigation of the truth and discover it if they wanted to?

You shall also discover that many of the chapters of Revelation are mentioning the Moslem religion, indirectly, as well as its hard to understand stories. It is mentioning two witnesses and two candlesticks, also saying that they are prophets. It is a reference to the prophet Mahomet and to his true successor whose name was Ali. You will also discover that those writings are predicting the downfall of the false teachings that were given by some of its religious teachers. An example is the country known as Afghanistan : false religious teachings that were given to its people have now fallen, others in other countries may soon follow as predicted.

Revelation, as written by the Apostle John, has precisely told us that Christ would have a new name at His return. It is a return that was also predicted by himself and which he informed His Apostles and His disciples. He comes back at the beginning of a new era, before a millennium of peace is established on earth. We shall soon discover that His "Return" occurred at the beginning of the age of Aquarius that occurred on the 23 of May in 1844.

It is important that you understand the true meaning of the "Return" of Christ before you attempt to understand the writings contained in Revelation. The presentation pertaining to the "Return" of Christ will give you the necessary background information so that you may truly understand the true spiritual meaning of that return. You will then be able to properly understand Revelation in its entirety.

All biblical quotations utilized on this site have been taken from the new English Bible that made its way onto the market in the late sixties and the early seventies. It also contains some of the important writings of the Apocrypha that were due to resurface at the predicted end time. If your own personal Bible seems to have a text that is slightly different that is because they all differ slightly from one another. There are more than 500 different versions of the Bible on the market, so the experts are telling us. The reason why the new English Bible was utilized is because it has taken 26 years for a team of experts to translate it from the original languages which it was written in. The New Testament was translated from the Greek language in which it was originally written. The old testament was originally written in Hebrew. If you can find a modern Bible, that the Christians in Greece utilize, you will probably find that it is closer to the truth than many of the other Bibles on the market, if it has been properly translated.

Christianity was supposed to have its seat in Greece and not in Rome. That is the reason why God insured that the Apostles and disciples of Christ exiled themselves to Greece, after the failed crucifixion, to teach Christianity to the Greek nation. The history of Rome becoming the seat of Christianity is very strange indeed. I strongly suspect that It was never meant to be. It began with Emperor Constantine becoming a Christian. His mother Helena had also become a Christian. She travelled to the Holy Land so that she could discover where the body of Jesus was buried. Other Emperors who followed were responsible for the corruption that infiltrated itself in the Christian church of Rome. Greece was a poor nation, they did not have the necessary finances to spread Christianity to the rest of the world. Constantine may be the one who is responsible for the deletions of many biblical chapters from the Bible. Seventy of the new gospels, that have been discovered lately in the Egyptian desert, have a different writing style. Constantine may have concluded that they were false and had them removed from the new Testament of the Bible. That may be the reason why the present day new Testament does not contain all of the new testament writings.

Some people have written, mad as hornets, saying that proper biblical texts have not been utilized on this site. God is my witness that all Biblical quotations, presented on this site, are word for word as written in the New English Bible. Check it out for yourself. If you are a fundamental Christian, I can only suggest that you keep an open mind when studying the following presentations that have taken a long time to research and verify. Make believe that you are on a great quest. You are looking for greater truth which is something that you can only discover by searching for it. When you find the truth, you will enter into the new promised "Jerusalem." You will discover that a new symbolic heaven and earth have been created. Take your time when studying these presentations because they are very lengthy and time consuming. They contain valuable information that you can verify at your leisure, one day at the time.

The first step, recommended to be taken so that you may discover greater truths, may be to pray to God asking Him to help you to gain greater knowledge. It is also recommended that you meditate on the various topics presented so that God can help you in your great spiritual quest. You are searching for something very specific, for the promised One of all ages.

Recently new valuable information has been added to one of the last presentations of Revelation. It pertains to the time of the end whereby God's great plan for humanity is also brought forward. You will most likely dislike His Great Plan because only the Almighty truly understands its necessity. You will be posted on all new findings. You will get a better understanding of the truth after you have assembled all the pieces of the puzzle, the big picture will then begin to emerge. The last presentation of Revelation brings forward various statements pertaining to the returned Christ.



The following presentation pertains to various mysteries of Creation. It brings forward the fact of who we are, who were our ancestors and much more. You may be surprised to find out that we are not the descendants of Adam and Eve, as we have been previously told by our religious teachers. Biblical writings are definitely saying that we are all the descendants of the three sons of the prophet Noah. The proof :

The sons of Noah who came out of the ark were shem, Ham and Japheth; Ham was the father of Canaan. These three were the sons of Noah, and it is from them that the whole earth was populated. Genesis 9 : 18-19

Those biblical writings are trying to tell us that we were part of one of God's previous Creations. The previous Creation having being that of the giant men and the giant animals that God created a long time ago, millions and millions of years ago. Some of those giant men were still in existence in the time of Moses. The prophet Joshua, who came after Moses and who was his successor, exterminated them as requested by God Himself. The reason why God decided to exterminate them : they were not an advancing civilisation, they did not want to learn anything new. The race of giants were obviously part of a previous Creation.

In this new Revelation from God, we have been told that there were many civilisations on earth before the coming of Adam and Eve. We have also been told that we will never find any traces of them because they have been wiped out by calamitous events that the planet earth was the recipient of. Was the earth hit by giant meteors, some perhaps many kilometres wide, thus wiping out all previous forms of life on earth and all previous traces of any ancient civilisations?

The following is the proof that the prophet Joshua liberated the promised land by destroying the Anakim, the giant men. That destruction was ordered by God himself.

Today I am eighty-five years old. I am still as strong as I was on the day when Moses sent me out; I am as fit now for war as I was then and am ready to take the field again. Give me today this hill-country which the Lord then promised me. You heard on that day that the Anakim were there and their cities were large and well fortified. Perhaps the Lord will be with me and I shall dispossess them as He promised. Joshua blessed Caleb and gave him Hebron for his patrimony... Formerly the name of Hebron was Kiriath-arba. This Arba was the chief man of the Anakim. And the land was at peace. Joshua 14 : 11 to 14 : 13 and 14 : 15

It was then that Joshua proceeded to wipe out the Anakim from the hill-country, from Hebron, Debir, Anab, all the hill-country of Judah and all the hill-country of Israel, destroying both them and their cities. No Anakim were left in the land taken by the Israelites; they survived only in Gaza, Gath, and Ashdod. Thus Joshua took the whole country, fulfilling all the commands that the Lord had laid on Moses; he assigned it as Israel's patrimony, allotting to each tribe its share; and the land was at peace. Joshua 11 : 21 to 11 : 23

Although explanations pertaining to Anak or its plural Anakim are missing in most dictionaries, its meaning can be found in many encyclopaedic texts. The following was discovered in-bedded within the Americana encyclopaedia.

ANAK (plural ANAKIM : meaning long necked or giant), a general term, like Amorite or Rephaim, used by the Hebrews for the pre-Jewish inhabitants of Palestine, but with special reference to the colossal stature accredited to them as to others of the wild tribes they encountered on first entering their adopted land. Like the Greek giants, they were mountain dwellers (Joshua 11 : 21-22) all throughout Judah and Israel, as later divided, and apparently had strongholds at Hebron and other places. This passage says that Joshua drove them thence, but that remnants survived at Gaza, Gath and Ashdod. Another passage (Joshua 15 : 13-14) tells of Caleb expelling "the three sons of Anak", whose name are given, from "the city of Arba [Kirjath-Arba] which is Hebron." They are also mentioned in Deuteronomy 2 : 21, and in Numbers 13 : 28-33, the latter referring to them as "giants... which come of giants."


Has the universe always existed or did it have a beginning? In this new revelation from God, we are told that the universe has always existed but not in its present form. We are also told that God brought it here from another world, from a world of lesser density, and that it took millions and millions of years for it to solidify into its present form. The prophet Job has given us an important clue by saying :

The waters disguised themselves into stones and the surface of the waters became hardened as stones. Job 38 : 30

Is there life, as we know it somewhere else in our universe? In this new Revelation from God, we have also being told that many planets in the universe are habitable and that mankind, dwelling on those various planets, are so numerous that they cannot possibly ever be counted. Some day we will be able to communicate with some of them, possibly with those who are closer to us than the others.

In the presentation pertaining to many mysteries of Creation, the garden of Eden and its location is also explained. It was the beginning of history for the present earthlings.

The facts pertaining to the prophet Noah, and to the biblical flood, are presented with new possibilities that can make us truly understand that biblical story. Why it happened and what was the outcome.

The hard to understand story of the giant tower of Babel is brought forward with new explanations, shedding more light on the true meaning of that story. A new time frame that makes a lot of sense has also been established.

The presentations pertaining to the various Mysteries of Creation may be found by accessing the provided link below.



The story of Nostradamus has been assembled together in an historical format. It begins with explanations concerning the life of Nostradamus. The method, that he utilized to write his mysterious quatrains, is also presented. The first presentation of that story begins with the happenings of past eras in France. It was the country in which Nostradamus resided. It then goes right on to possible future happenings which the great seer had foreseen. It includes such presentations as the assassinations of two of the Kennedy brothers, John and Robert. It has been discovered that both assassinations were well prepared coup and that the American mafia was behind it. The Kennedy brothers had declared war on the mafia because they had become very powerful in the USA. The people who controlled the mafia retaliated by assassinating both brothers, John and then later on his brother Robert. They were separate incidents.

Some of his quatrains also mentions the coming of the third Antichrist ; the Golden Age that will soon be awakened, followed by a peaceful millennium. You are also presented with the strange happenings that occurred on the day that Nostradamus died and which he foresaw during his nocturnal meditations. He mentioned that specific happening in one of his quatrains.

Let us refer to some of the prophetical sayings of the great Nostradamus that many spiritual searchers all around the world have been perusing for the past 400 years. Then we shall make some references to many biblical writings that Nostradamus, who was of Catholic obedience, was very familiar with.

Amongst many prophecies, which have already been realized, Nostradamus predicted that some ancestral lands of Persia, the land of Kuwait, would someday be retaken by a certain head of state which was obviously Sadam Hussein of Irak.

He also predicted that the Shaw of Iran would be deported by someone who was himself in exile at the time. As it can still be remembered Khomeini was the person who somehow succeeded to carry out that act.

Nostradamus has revealed much more : great global happenings that are in the very near future and which will eventually effect us all. He also forewarned us about the coming of three fiendish beings who shall change the course of history. He has labelled them the "Antichrists".

The first of those fanatical beings was Napoleon the first, a very harmful European conqueror who attempted to conquer all of Europe and Russia as well. The second of those diabolical individuals was Adolph Hitler, another dictator who was responsible for launching world war two. But even more satanical shall the third Antichrist be.

Many more mysteries are awaiting you, which will no doubt captivate you. The real birth year of Jesus Christ as well as that of the failed crucifixion. The possible moment whereby the earth shall begin to slip on its axis. A seismic shock like we have never had before, it will change the landscape globally. More interesting yet are the great happenings which he has predicted for our era, the last age which is the age of Aquarius.

The writings contained on these pages are not meant to terrify you but rather to awaken you to the fact that some calamities can be prevented if mankind does take the necessary precautions to do so. These presentations are addressed to the intrepid searchers as well as to the sensible souls, those who have become aware of the possible fate of humanity.

The various floods, predicted by Nostradamus, are already here. They will continue to affect us and will get worse as every year goes by. Could it be that God is punishing the world because we are still refusing to search for the new teachings he has given to mankind through His new Manifestation, His new envoy. The majority of the people of this world continue to ignore this new Messenger, or do not want to take the time to investigate the given clues so that they can discover Him.

In this new revelation from God, we have been told that the future of Canada is very great, a fact that will become more apparent in the future. Should you decide to move to safer ground, why not choose a safer country such as Canada?


Why did I utilize so much of my spare time writing this research material which is the product of years and years of research? The reason is that I love searching for the truth and these presentations are the result of that long spiritual search. I am now attempting to pass the results to those who are not afraid to search for something different or something new. I have attempted to warn the people of this world. If they do not soon respond to God's new teachings, that He has given to the world through His new Manifestation, then the end will surely come sooner than expected.

The author of this site dares anyone, who has taken the necessary time to study all of the presentations that may be found on this site, to bring forward concrete proofs that the research material that has taken many years to assemble is faulty and that the findings may be wrong. Many proofs were presented you, which were all taken from existing Scriptures. Keeping in mind the fact that anyone may find the truth if he or she takes the required time to search for it.

Why believe that only certain people are capable of discovering the truth. We have obviously been led astray by many of our teachers, it would seem that we have believed only what they have told us. Can any of them give us any positive proofs that God has chosen them as sole interpreters of their holy writings. Is it not obvious that mankind needs to awaken from his deep sleep and take control of his own destiny.

The following quotation is telling us that if anyone decides to become a searcher of the truth, God will allow him to discover the truthful answers. The door of understanding will be opened to all who have become seekers.

"Ask and you will receive ; seek, and you shall find ; knock and the door will be opened. For everyone who asks receives, he who seeks finds, and to him who knocks, the door will be opened. Matthew 7 : 7-8

The following quote is self explanatory. God says that if you love Him, He will love you back. He also says that if you are searching for Him, He will insure that you do find him.

Those who love me I love, those who search for me find me. Proverbs 8 : 17

God knew that religious teachers would take control of all the religions that He has given to mankind and that they would give us false interpretations. It is the reason why He has told us to search for Him by ourselves. He has promised us that if we do search for Him that we would find Him, which also means that we have the possibility to find and understand Him without the aid of anyone whatsoever.

In this new Revelation, speaking through the returned Christ, God has given us the following information concerning Himself :

* "O Son of being! love me, that I may love you. If you love me not, My love can in no wise reach you. Know this, O servant." The hidden words

The returned Christ has also given us the following information. He Has told us why God has sent so many Prophets and Messengers to mankind.

* The Prophets and Messengers of God have been sent down for the sole purpose of guiding mankind to the strait Path of Truth. The purpose underlying their Revelation has been to educate all men, that they may, at the hour of death, ascend in the utmost purity and sanctity and with absolute detachment, to the throne of the most high.

Any paragraph that has a star at the beginning is because the paragraph that follows that star was given us by God's new Manifestation, His new Messenger.

All the quotations in red are the Word of God spoken to the people of the world through his Mouthpiece, His new Manifestation. In other words it is the Spirit of God, the holy Spirit speaking to the world through God's newly sent Messenger.

Do you still think that God has not spoken again to humanity? Think again because we have many proofs that He Has. Everyone is capable of discovering Him and the proofs that He Has left us. All it takes is a little bit of research on your part.

May the Spirit of God be with you in your quest for new truths. Having accustomed yourself to search for the new, you shall most certainly become a great spiritual searcher. I highly recommend that you do not depend on others to discover the right answers, especially certain teachers who attempt to explain everything literally and who do not seem to have any knowledge of the symbolical language of their holy book. Remember the high priests of the Jewish religion who failed, and are still failing, to accept Jesus Christ because they did not, and still do not, understand the symbolical language of their holy Book. It would seem that many of the religious teachers of today have also made the same mistake.

In closing the main presentation page, I would like to say that I strongly suggest the following to the reader : if you are a family person with children, teach them about the existence of God the Creator of everything that exists. They will become much better individuals who will have a lot of respect for others. If you do not have a family religion, then perhaps you can choose one amongst the many and accept it after you have scrutinized it thoroughly. However, be careful which one you choose because some of them teach hatred which they call avoidance for those whom they dislike for the simple reason that they do not think or believe the same way as they do. It is another form of inquisition similar to the one that the Christian church of Rome utilized by burning people alive at the stake. The Roman church did this to those who did not believe exactly the way that they told them to believe. Thousands of people were burned alive by the Christian inquisitors (murderers) in Europe during those troublesome years. Those days being gone, none of the churches of today can burn people alive because none of our laws would permit it. However, some religions have a new form of inquisition, it is called hatred. If you do not believe the same way as they do, the elders of those churches tell their members to hate you by avoiding any contact with you whatsoever. In other words, they are told to shun you in every possible way which is nothing more than showing hatred towards other individuals because they do not think or believe the same way as you do. They even have the impertinence to call it protection of their Faith.

There are new laws in most countries that forbids hatred against other people. Let me give you an example : there is a certain individual who came from another country and started a new movement that taught hatred towards certain people. He was eventually arrested and brought to trial. He was sentenced to jail for many years because of his illegal actions. When he was released, he was warned not to start the same thing over again. Some time later, the same individual was again arrested and brought to trial for a second time on the same charges as before, teaching hatred towards certain individuals. This time the court sent him back to his country of origin. Be careful because our modern day laws no longer allows hatred towards other people to be propagated plus the fact that you do not want to be involved in such fallacies because nothing good can possibly result in following the wrongful actions recommended by others.

It is interesting to note that many dictionaries define shun or shunning in the following way : keep clear of, to avoid, to shun publicly.
Other dictionaries defines it differently : ...a form of hatred on the part of an individual towards an other(s).

Nothing good can possibly come out of such falsities as avoiding or shunning people in public. It has been proven, and many good people will testify to the fact, that it is pure bigotry.

It is interesting to note that bigot or bigotry is well defined in most encyclopaedic dictionaries.
Bigot : someone obstinately and intolerantly devoted to his own belief, creed or party bigoted narrow-minded, prejudiced.
Bigotry : the mental attitude and behaviour of a bigot, obstinate narrow-mindedness.

The eldest son of God's new Manifestation has told us that if you discover someone whom you believe to be wrong in his assumptions, to leave him be because he will eventually discover the truth if you stay on good terms with him. A very wise saying, especially to those who have chosen to utilize hatred against those who do not think or believe the same way as they do.

In closing, I would like to advise you again to be cautious when selecting a religion that you would like to believe in. If they teach hatred, tell them that it is against the law of the land to do so. Be extra careful in your selection, there are many good religions out there who teach the existence of God. However, some of them do not teach the truth for the simple reason that they have never investigated it. Any religion that enforces its people to believe only in the way that they are told to believe is obviously very wrong. If telling people to hate others of your kind is not wrong then nothing in the world can possibly be wrong.

Also keep in mind the fact that God brings special blessings to families who worship together. Peace of mind, happiness and serenity that can be seen on the faces of the family members.

Should your wish be to continue searching for the truth, after having studied these lengthy presentations, you may wish to peruse the international archives in the holy Land where you will find God's new teachings that He has given to our world. The link has been provided for your convenience, should you wish to access it.


The senior citizen whose motivating spirit (soul) will soon be leaving this troublesome politically oriented planet and who is wishing you the very best of results while searching for more truthful answers.
John, a searcher of the truth.

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