All of the presentations pertaining to the unsealing of the writings of Revelation may be accessed from this page. As you will soon notice, many of its chapters do not follow one another. They have been re-arranged in an easier to follow format so that the reader can follow the apocalyptic events with as little confusion as possible.

Prelude to Revelation unsealed

John begins to describe his visions of Revelation

The seven churches

The golden emplacement

The mysterious scroll is opened

The last three trumpets resound, the first of three woes begin

The two witnesses, the two prophets

The last two trumpets, the second and third woe begin

The woman, the 12 stars

The beast with seven heads and ten horns

God's judgment on the great whore, the fall of the great Babylon

The wedding supper of the Lamb

1 000 years of peace - The golden era

A new heaven - a new earth

God's new religion is like priceless pearls

The seven thunders

The four angels - God's servants are implanted with an heavenly seal

The seven plagues

The seven bowls full of God's wrath

Predictions concerning the end time


The promised day is come - part 1

The promised day is come - part 2

The promised day is come - part 3

The promised day is come - part 4

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