Through heavens door was written by a young American girl of sixteen. One day she went into a deep state of meditation. After coming out of it, she began writing the beautiful poem that she later showed to her parents. They were astonished, they did not realize that their daughter could write such a beautiful poem, she seemed to know so much about God. Within the next couple of weeks, she tuned in to this site and obviously liked what she read. Then she wrote to me and sent me the poem that she had written. I then asked her permission to output it on this site. She agreed, so here it is.

The following poem was written by a young person that we shall call Dominique for the purpose of hiding her identity. What a talented young person she turned out to be, if only we could see the future. I have no doubt thatit will be very bright, her heart seems to be so filled with the love of God.


Through Heaven's door and right down the hall
came a man sleek, gentle, handsome, and tall.
He looked at me and gave a sweet, tender smile
and I suddenly knew for Him I'd walk 100 miles.
But that is not what He wanted and He called me child.
He just looked me in the eyes and said It's been a while.
I knew He meant I had lost my hope but not in Him.
I know He has walked by my side despite how my faith grew dim.
What He had to say to me was not from the Bible.
He let me know that I had to believe in me and be responsible
to realize that faith and religion resides in my soul within me.
I asked Him how I could prove my love and that I believe
in His works in His words and in His wise guidance
but He said to me, our relationship is like an alliance.
He told me that while He looked after me I must look after Him.
I dropped my head and thought about His words, I suddenly turned grim.
You are so much more superior than I, and you are great and wise.
Tell me which way to go so I can do good in your eyes.
He told me to open my eyes and open my heart, He took me by the hand
and I said, please tell me what you mean, I'm not sure I understand.
Again He said, open your eyes open your heart and listen to my words.
I am helping you and you must help me let my faith be yours.
I opened my eyes and saw a paradise, I opened my heart and felt a powerful
love unlike anything I had ever felt before like an omnipotent drug
that came from within me and I was overwhelmed with joy, I began to cry.
He told me it is easy if I would keep an open mind there's no need to try.
It will flow over your body an in your soul like never before
suddenly I knew what I had to do to help Him now I was sure.
He smiled at me and put his hand on my shoulder
I felt my heart fill with joy, I felt warmth when once I felt colder.
Here is what I have to say and He looked me in the eyes
You have to forget what you were taught and forget all the lies.
I told Him I would do anything to please Him, then I asked what message I should give.
He looked at me and said simply the message is that you must live.
I looked at Him and asked what religion was right to follow, where should I go.
I waited anxiously for His answer because I was ready to understand ready to know.
With a shake of His head He explained all of them and none of them both at the same time.
I didn't understand the words He spoke so I opened my eyes and heart so bliss could be mine.
He understood my confusion and saw my determination to receive His message fully
so He turned to me and He said that sometimes it's hard to understand truly,
here is what I want you to know here is how you will help me,
you must give the following message to all who will listen so they may see
the paradise you see when you open your eyes so they may feel the love you feel when you open your heart.
"First, keep an open mind so you may use your eyes to see an your heart to guide you, this is where you start.
I live in neither stone nor buildings, I live within your soul within you,
if you want to come to see a paradise and feel a powerful love this is what to do.
Look inside of yourself and this is where you will find me.
When you find meaning to these words, you will believe in me.
Remember where you can find me, anywhere you are so am I.
Remember to open your mind, heart, and eyes and you need not try
to find me or paradise because it will come to you.
I live all around of you, remember this and you will see and feel it too."

Presented to you with the kind permission of the writer of the Poem whose fictitious name is : Dominique

In the presentations, pertaining to the "Return" of Christ, various prophecies were brought forward telling us that Christ had promised to "Return" to this world like a "thief who comes to your home in the middle of the night." He has also warned us about being watchful for that predicted event. You were then presented with other fulfilled prophecies saying that He would have a new name at His promised "Return". We have also discovered that He did "Return" with a new name, exactly as it was prophesied. The year of His "Return" and that of the coming of His forerunner was also presented to you. You were then presented with His proclamation to all of the rulers of the world, at the time of His coming. He wrote to all the political and religious leaders of His time. No one including the Pope, with the exception of queen Victoria, took the time to acknowledge His proclamation or answer Him.

Should you decide to peruse those new teachings, that have been labelled in Revelation as the new Jerusalem that has come down out of heaven from God, you will never be sorry because they are so beautiful that there are no words that can possibly describe the beauty of the various presentations. You can spend a whole lifetime studying them and you will never be sorry.

Remember, it is God speaking to the people of our world through His new Manifestation who is His divine Messenger.

You might say, "How come our religious teachers do not know about this?" The answer is very simple. They are not searching for God or for any new Messengers that He Has sent us. They are staying with the old and the outdated that is not capable of curing the various illnesses of our modern world that presently needs new spiritual remedies. Only God can give us that by speaking to us through a new Messenger. Mankind is not capable of curing spiritual illnesses. Only God, who is our Creator and the Almighty Father of us all, can do that.

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