If we review the history concerning General Franco of Spain, we shall soon discover how he ascended to power in that country. Then we will study the prophecies that Nostradamus wrote concerning the world war two Spanish dictator who seized power in his country by the force of arms.

Franco was born in Galacia province on December 4, 1892. He was the son of a naval officer who had sent him to the Alcazar Military School in Toledo when he became of age. He graduated from that school in 1910. In 1913, he took up arms against Morocco. Then in 1925 and in 1926, he fought again against Morocco but, this time, French troops fought alongside the Spaniards. It has been said by some historians that Franco had planned the final victorious battle.

Later on, in 1926, Franco was promoted to the rank of General after having studied extensively at the military academy in France. He was then posted to the Military School at Zaragosa and was appointed its commanding officer. In 1931, the school was closed as the Spanish Republic was finally established. In 1934, Franco was recalled to Spain from Morocco. He was promoted as Chief of Staff of all the Spanish armed forces. However, In 1936, he was sent to the Canary Islands in order to remove him from politics. He was later posted to Spanish Morocco where he planned a revolution against the Spanish Republican Government.

On July 17, 1936, he transported his Foreign Legion and his Moroccan troops to Spain. He was now in command of his revolutionary army, he had the support of three million fascists and 800 000 monarchists. His military aid came from Italy and from Germany. After a three-year battle, accompanied with his foreign troops, he defeated the Spanish governmental forces. He had attained his goal, he was now the man calling the shots. He was later to be labelled as Spain's dictator. At the beginning of world war II, he became a friend of Nazi Germany but later changed his mind and claimed neutrality.

In 1941, when Germany attacked Russia, Franco sent one of his blue army divisions to fight alongside the Germans.

In 1944, the United States placed a petroleum embargo on Spain forcing that country to leave the Axis power thus curtailing aid coming from Italy and Germany.

At the close of World War II, in 1945, members of the United Nations voted to bar Spain from becoming a member nation. In 1946, the United Nations once again took action against Spain and recommended to its members that they withdraw their ambassadors and their ministers from Madrid. The boycott remained in effect until November 4, 1950. At that time, the United Nations made the statement that the exchange of Ambassadors between Spain and other nations was at the discretion of its members.

Then the United States began a friendlier relation with Spain and sent them some much needed aid. In 1951, the United States made a proposal to Spain to include them in the defence organization of Europe. It is at this point in time that Franco purged his government and aligned himself with western democracies. In 1947, he had been declared by his government to be the sole leader of Spain, his appointment was a life appointment.

Franco was also given the power to choose his own successor. On September 26, 1953, the United States and Spain signed a defence agreement. Under this agreement, Spain gave the United States of America the right to utilize Spanish Naval and air bases for the defence of Western Europe. In return, Spain received military and economic assistance from the United States. Franco had gone to war against his own country and had accomplished nothing by committing such an act. Had it not been for the intervention of the United States, Spain could have become a non-aligned nation which would have been another trouble spot in the world.

Although the United States had yet to be born in the time of Nostradamus, the clairvoyant had written that some day they would hold the balance of power in the world. Had the United States not acted, Spain could have aligned itself with some other power under the dictatorship of Franco. He may not seem to have been as bad as Napoleon, Hitler or Mussolini, but let us remember that he remained a friend of the axis power during World War II. Had he been given the opportunity, he would most certainly have been as bad or even worse than any of the other dictators of the world war two era.


Nostradamus interested himself in revolutions and in civil wars which he sometimes described very well and with great details. He wrote the following prophecies which pertain to the Spanish dictator of the world war two era.

L'un des plus grand fuyra aux Espagnes,
Qu'en longue playe apres viendra feigner,
Passant copies par les hautes montagnes,
Devastant tout et puis en paix reigner.
Century 3 quatrain 54

One of the greatest shall run away to Spain,
Long after his coming shall the wounds bleed,
Passing with the army over high mountains,
Destroying everything in its path and then shall reign in peace.

The wounds that were caused by the Spanish civil war in the 1930s bled for a long time and continued bleeding until the end of World War II. The last part of the quatrain, 'Et puis en paix regner', could be suggesting the neutrality of the Spanish Fascist Regime during the latter part of World War two.

In the following quatrain, Nostradamus actually gave us the name of the Spanish dictator.

De Castel Franco sortira l'assemblee,
L'ambassadeur non plaisant fera scisme;
Ceux de Riviere seront en la meslee,
Et au grand goulphre desnier ont l'entree.
Century 9 quatrain 16

From a stronghold in Spain Franco shall form the assembly,
The unpleasant ambassador shall cause a schism to develop,
Those from the Riviera, (France) shall be amongst them,
And shall be denied access to the gulf.

That particular remarkable quatrain was perhaps one of the very few whereby Nostradamus actually named someone directly. The closest that Nostradamus ever came in describing someone in other quatrains was another in which he named Hitler. He named the war world two German dictator as Hister, which is an anagram of Hitler. In his anagrams, which he often utilized in his quatrains, he often dropped one or two letters and sometimes he replaced them with other letters plus the fact that he often removed some of the connecting words.

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