Nostradamus also wrote many other quatrains pertaining to Britain's Royalty, beginning with Elizabeth the first to the Royalty of today. One of his most remarkable quatrains pertains to King Edward the VIII who was later known as the Duke of Windsor. He travelled considerably and wherever he went he was very popular amongst the people. During some of his travels, he met an American divorcee named Wally Simpson. Edward fell in love with the woman. However, in those days, it was considered unworthy for a member of the Royal family to fall in love with a divorcee or wanting to marry her.

Pour ne vouloir consentir au Divorce,
Qui puis apres sera cogneu indigne,
Le Roi des Iles sera chasse par force,
Mis a son lieu que de Roi n'aura signe.
Century 10 quatrain 22

Because he accepted divorce (as a way of life),
After the fact (accepting a divorcee) he shall be considered unworthy,
As King of the Islands (of great Britain) he shall be chased (forced to abdicate),
To take his place, will be a worthy King.

"Believe me when I affirm that it is impossible for me to accept the responsibilities of office without the aid and the support of the woman I love."
Those were the words of Edward the VIII. Edward's brother was crowned instead in 1936 and became King George the VI. The English people were divided in their loyalties which caused a division amongst the Royal brothers. Nostradamus wrote the following quatrain pertaining to that quarrelsome incident.

Regne en querelle aux freres devise,
Prendre les armes Et le nom Britannique,
Tiltre d'Anglican sera tard advise,
Surprins de nuict, mener a L'air Gallique
Century 8 quatrain 58

Quarrel-some monarchy causing division between brothers,
To take power (prendre les armes) of the country known as Britain,
Advice given by the Anglican Church,
Surprisingly one night left for la Gaulle.

As advised by the Anglican church of England, Edward exiled himself to France. His brother became the new King and took the name of George the VI. Immediately following his renouncing the English throne, and after he married Wally Simpson, Edward left for exile to la Gaulle which is now known as France. He was later to be given the title of Duke of Windsor.

Nostradamus also wrote about the English Adventure into the new world. A world which was discovered only a few years before his own birth. He wrote on the subject pertaining to the Independence of the British colonies which was the war of Independence whereby France and America, who were considered as British colonies at that time, seceded from Great Britain.

Se liberera des IslesBritanique,
Will be liberated from (the domination) of the British Isles.

Nostradamus wrote this verse in complete solitude at his workplace in a small city in France. The quatrain was concerning a country which was yet to be born at a distance of more than 5 000 miles from France. It was concerning a country which is now known as the United States of America.

Quatrain 96 of Century four was written two hundred years before the American revolution ever took place on that continent. It concerns great Britain, France and the United States of America.

La soeur aisnee de l'Isle Britannique,
Quinze ans devant le frere aura naissance,
Par son promis moyennant verrifique,
Succedera au regne de Balance.
Century 4 quatrain 96

The British Island's oldest sister,
Shall be born fifteen years before the brother,
By a truthful promise made to her,
Her reign shall be successful while Libra's presence is felt.

The above mentioned prophecy suggests quite clearly that America, the eldest sister, shall gain its independence before France, its brother. The United States gained its independence from Britain in 1776, France gained theirs in 1791 which was exactly fifteen years later. History tells us that it happened exactly as it was prophesied by the great Seer.

Nostradamus also predicted that, some day, there would be a great inundation which would effect the British Isles including England itself. According to the following quatrain, that particular event will most probably take place sometime after Italy has been attacked by fanatical enemy forces.

Le grand Bretagne comprinse d'Angleterre,
Viendra par eaux si fort a inondre,
La ligue neufue d'Ausonne fera guerre,
Que contre eux il se viendront bander.
Century 3 quatrain 70

Great Britain including England itself,
Shall be inundated by very high waters,
While the new Italian league is at war,
Against those who infuriated them.

The English Isles have had inundations before but the latest is the worst that they have ever had. However, the great torrential rain predicted by Nostradamus may be yet to come. He says that it will occur when the new Italian league is at war. A very bad north Atlantic storm containing torrential rains could be the cause of that inundation. Time will tell.

The latest international news are : if the polar ice continues to melt, the city of London and many English lands will soon find themselves underwater.

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