Many experts are saying that Nostradamus wrote numerous quatrains pertaining to the future of the United States although that country had yet to come into existence. One of those quatrains mentions the coming of the great legislator which has been interpreted by many of the experts to be none other than Abraham Lincoln who obviously became a great American president.

Le sacree pompe viendra baisse les aisles,
Par la venue du grand Legislateur;
Humble haussera, vexera les rebelles,
Naistra sur terre aucun semulateur.
Century 5 quatrain 79

The holy (old) office, shall be brought down,
By the coming of the great Legislator,
He shall be good to the humble but will vex the rebellious ones,
None like him shall ever be born on this earth.

It is a wonderful symbolic quatrain. La sacree pompe, sacred pomp, is merely a reference to the old ideas and to the old ways that nobody ever wants to change. Generally speaking, the majority of the people of our world love old customs and old ways and often resent anyone bringing about new changes. President Lincoln was not afraid to bring about new legislation because new changes were necessary for the changing times.

Abraham Lincoln became the 16th president of the United States of America.

He was only nineteen years old when, accompanied by a friend, he went on a flat boat trip to Orleans. It was on that day that he saw at an auction sale, and for the first time in his life, people of African origin being sold on an open market. It was on that very day that he made himself a promise that, during his lifetime, should he ever get the opportunity he would abolish such inhuman practices.

On April 4, 1864, President Lincoln had written to his friend AC Hodges, saying; "I am naturally Anti-slavery. If Slavery is not wrong, then nothing is wrong." President Lincoln of the United States of America was probably killed because of such sayings. Many American southerners hated him because he liberated the African descent people from slavery. They wanted to continue on using them as slaves, mistreating them and going as far as killing some of them if they disobeyed their owners who were considered as their absolute masters.

Lincoln's death was a conspiracy, so wrote Nostradamus. Lincoln's murder was a vast conspiracy and the details of that conspiracy are still unknown. By a dog he was defeated, so wrote Nostradamus. President Lincoln was most probably assassinated by southerners, who had been defeated during the American civil war. They were mostly the ones who resented changes, they were very greedy but mostly very unspiritual.

According to many experts, Nostradamus wrote a very important quatrain pertaining to the establishment of the Supreme Court of the United States consisting of nine judges.

D'humain troupeau neuf seront mis a part;
De jugement et conseil separees,
Leur sort sera devise en depart,
Kappa, Theta, Lambda, mort, bannis, egarez.
Century 1 quatrain 81

From human flock, nine shall be chosen,
To act in judgment and individual advice,
Their destiny shall be to have separate opinions,
Old ways will die, be banished, put aside.

Nostradamus utilized the Greek alphabet when writhing some of quatrains. It is an old alphabet of which kappa, theta and lambda are three of its letters. He seems to have quoted them in order to represent something old. In this case he seems to be referring to old ways of doing things which would eventually be replaced by newer methods. This would be a new system of justice that would be a superior to previous courts of justice and which would consist of nine judges who would administer law and justice at a much higher level in that spacious American country.

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