It has been said by many searchers of the truth that Nostradamus wrote numerous prophecies concerning the United States of America, although that country had yet to come into existence. The following presage concerning that country has been found most amazing.

Nouveau elu patron du grand vaisseau,
Vera longtemps briller la clair flambeau,
Que sert de lampe a ce grand territoire,
Et auquel tant d'armees sous son nom.
Presage 15

The newly elected manager of a great country,
Shall for a long time to come light the torch (of liberty),
Which serves as the guiding light to this great territory,
And which has so many armies under its banner.

The first 13 States of the United States chose liberty as their motto. The proof follows :

"We have brandished and we will continue to brandish the torch of liberty. In the name of liberty we have struggled and we will continue to struggle to eventually triumph without forgetting the sacrifices and the sorrows which will definitely liberate mankind."

Had it not been for the armies of the United States, and those of its allies, world war II would have lasted for a very long time. It might have ended with atomic warfare which would have been a grand catastrophe for all of mankind on this planet. The experts, who studied Nostradamus' prophecies, are telling us that World War two was ended exactly as foretold by the French clairvoyant.

Germany was defeated thereby terminating world war II. A new weapon had also been invented by the Americans. Nostradamus wrote about this new weapon, the atomic bomb. He labels that dreadful invention as 'the opposite to the ray poz'. In English it translates the opposite to the positive ray. In other words, a weapon that emits very dangerous negative radiation.

Migrez, migres de Geneve trestous,
Saturne d'or en fer se changera,
Le contre Raypoz exterminera tous,
Avant l'advent le Ciel signes fera.
Century 9 quatrain 44

Depart, depart from Geneva all of you,
The gold of Saturn (nuclear material) shall be changed to iron (to a lesser material),
The negative ray (contre Ray-Poz) shall exterminate everything,
Before the happening the sky shall show signs.

Nostradamus may have given us a warning that an all-out nuclear war would destroy the earth and pollute its atmosphere, it would also destroy the ozone layer above it. If this should ever be allowed to happen, we will definitely be able to see signs of destruction on this planet. Especially in our skies which we often refer to as the heavens above.

Should we ever deplete the ozone layer, which is something that is presently happening, the earth would eventually lose all of its atmosphere. It would then become a trackless desert void of any life whatsoever. The earth would probably begin to resemble the planet Mars which seems to have had much life at one time.

It would seem that the planet Mars, perhaps many millions of years ago, had great rivers, great plains and possibly some vast oceans. It probably had a single moon which eventually left its orbit, thereby allowing the planet to die out. There is also the possibility that it broke in two smaller moons circling around the planet and which have very little attractive force. Mars has been left with two small moons. Is that not a sign of what may have happened to it?

Nostradamus wrote two quatrains which seems to point the finger at atomic warfare. He mentions Japan indirectly by saying the rising sun. We all know that the land known as the land of the rising sun is Japan and its National flag is also that of the rising sun.

Japan, the land of the rising sun

Soleil levant un grand feu on verra,
Bruit et clarte vers Aquilon tendant;
Dedans le rond mort et cris on orra,
Par glaive, feu, faim, mort les attendans.
Century 2 quatrain 91

From (the land of) the rising sun, a great fire shall be seen,
Noise and a great light (atomic explosion) towards this land,
Within the centre, the middle (le rond) many cries of death will be heard,
The remainders (les Attendans) will die by the sword, fire, famine.

In another of his quatrains, Nostradamus says that fire the colour of gold shall be seen in the skies. A new form of fire being tested by haut n'ays, meaning by scientists.

Feu, couleur d'or de ciel en terre veu,
Frappe du haut n'ay, fait cas merveilleux;
Grand meurtre humain, prinse du grand veveu,
Morts d'expectacles, eschappe l'orgueilleux.
Century 2 quatrain 92

Fire the colour of gold, shall be seen in the skies,
Being tested by scientists (haut n'ay), a marvellous deed.
Great human destruction, great loss of lives,
Many dying from this event (morts de spectacle), the proud one shall escape.

The proud one mentioned in the prophecy could very well be a reference to the Emperor of Japan who escaped the atomic holocaust during World War II. Nostradamus also described many other events pertaining to that conflict, he described them well hundreds of years before their actual happenings.

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