President John Kennedy

Many people, who have studied and interpreted Nostradamus' quatrains for the past four centuries, have arrived at some conclusions which are quite enlightening. None are more extraordinary than the one concerning not one but two American brothers who were well loved politicians. In addition to the discovery of the quatrain pertaining to Abraham Lincoln's assassination, the experts are mentioning the fact that there are other quatrains suggesting John Kennedy's assassination and that of his brother Robert.

The same quatrain also mentions that a well-known person would foresee the tragic events and would then attempt to warn the President of the United States of the possible forthcoming assassination. Her warning was in vain, no one listened to her.

Le grande du Fondre tomb d'heure diurne,
Mal et predit par porteur populaire,
Suivant presage tombe d'heure nocturne,
Conflict Rheims, Londres, Estrurque, Pestifere
Century 1 quatrain 26

The great one falls by lighting (gunfire) during the day,
This wrong had been predicted by a well known person (popular),
According to another saying, another falls during the early hours of the night,
This shall cause conflicted opinions in many countries such as France, London, etc.

In the first line of the quatrain, Nostradamus utilized the word diurne which seems to be an anagram of the french word journe(e) meaning day. He replaced the two first letters I and o to read d and I and he dropped the last letter which is an e. The first line of the prophecy is actually telling us that the great man ( Le grand (e)) would be falling during the day which in French reads (pendant la journée). The one who fell during the early hours of the night was Robert Kennedy, John Kennedy's brother. He was assassinated at a later date, during the early hours of the evening. More information pertaining to Robert Kennedy's assassination can be found in the following presentation.

On January 20, 1961, John Kennedy became the 35th president of the United States of America.

"Do not ask what your country can do for you but rather what you can do for your country," said John Kennedy.
We are in Dallas, Texas, it is November 22, 1963. It is the day that president John Kennedy was assassinated. Did Nostradamus actually foresee the death of both Kennedy brothers as the quatrains seems to suggest? Did somebody that was popular amongst the political circle actually foresee both brothers been assassinated on different days? The popular person mentioned in the prophecy could very well be the American clairvoyant whose name was Jane Dixon. She had publicly predicted the assassination of an American President.

"I remember that day in August 1962," said Jane Dixon."It was the same day that I had gone to St. Matthew's Church and had kneeled in front of the altar of the Virgin. It was then that I saw a visionary projection as if I was watching a film. I foresaw everything that was about to happen to the president. I also saw that the President would be sitting during the event of his assassination. Then I saw that he was a democratic president and that the assassination would occur during his first mandate. That was no doubt an inevitable vision".

"It was only after the assassination that I learned the name of the supposedly assassin. During my visionary period, I foresaw the assassination exactly the same way that you tune in to the radio or to the television. Obviously, I was tuned into the right frequency and I had received everything that would soon take place before it happened".

"As I mentioned before, I attempted to warn the President and I though that the best way to do it would be by contacting Kay Allee who was a friend of the President, one of his very close friends. Kay Allee knew John's father even before John had been born. I asked her if she could go to the white House and intervene for me with the President, telling him that he should not go on his trip to Texas which had not been announced publicly. So she asked me what trip? I told her about his forthcoming trip to Texas. She then promised me that she would go to the White House to intervene for me". Jane Dixon

Many people strongly believe that Nostradamus predicted with unbelievable detail the controversy which would follow. That great controversy still exists today and it pertains to the arrest of Lee Harvey Oswald, whom some people claim killed John Kennedy. Oswald had previously immigrated to Russia with practically no money in his pockets. While he was in Russia, he entertained himself with many women and somehow seemed to have an endless supply of cash in his possession. Some time later, he returned to the United States accompanied with a wife of Russian origin.

It would seem that Oswald may have been working for the CIA or for some other American agency who were paying him as a double agent. It is very unlikely that Oswald killed the American president because Kennedy was killed by three bullets. At the time of the shooting, Oswald was seen by a woman in the lunch room of the building. That is where he was when the first shot that killed the president rang out. One of the shots that killed the president supposedly came from behind him but it could not possibly have been fired by Oswald from the fifth story of a building, as we have been made to believe.

On the day of the shooting, many people claim that they saw a gunman which they had mistaken to be a policeman, on top of the building. He was on the roof of the building holding a rifle. It has now been proven that the other bullets, which killed the president, came from ahead of the motorcade. At the precise moment that John Kennedy was shot, there was only one place where gunmen firing other shots could possibly have hidden. The shots that killed the president came from a cluster of bushes known as grassy knoll and from the top of a another building also located closely by. In the film, that was taken of Kennedy's motorcade, it can be seen at the precise moment of his assassination that Kennedy was shot from the front as his body moved backwards. After the other shots rang out, his body moved backwards again. A well mounted coup that government officials are still refusing to discuss.

President Kennedy was assassinated more than 40 years ago, exactly one hundred years after the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln. The controversy still rages on. The Warren Report did not clarify anything, a commission from the congress and another from the FBI have left many questions unanswered. Is it possible that the great Seer foresaw those extraordinary events more than four centuries ago? It is not only possible but it would seem that he may have given us a clue in another quatrain as to the true happenings during that dreadful day.

L'oeuvre ancienne se parachevera,
Du toict cherra sur la grand mal ruyne,
Innocent faict mort on accusera,
Nocent cache, taillis a la bruyne.
Century 6 quatrain 37

An ancient re-happening shall be accomplished,
From the roof (of a building) the life of a great one shall be ruined,
An innocent will be accused of his death,
The guilty one (Nocent, meaning non innocent) hidden in tall misty woods.

The first line of the quatrain may be a reference to the code of honour of the mafia, the cosa nostra. Jack ruby, Oswald's assassin, was a member of the Casa Nostra. He may have been ordered to kill Oswald to insure that he did not talk. He did not tell the police that it was a set up. The Kennedy brothers had declared war on the mafia, they had succeeded to send Jimmy Hoffa to jail for extortion. He was a well known mafia member.

It was a well known fact that Edgar Hoover, the chief of the CIA at the time, disliked the Kennedy brothers because the president had stated that the CIA were not following governmental orders and were too close in contact with the mafia. J.F. Kennedy had made the statement that he would disband the CIA after the next election and would start a new organisation that was more controllable. Therefore, we have to say that it is possible that Hoover helped to cover up the real truth concerning the deaths of both Kennedy brothers. Also, the third line of the quatrain may be telling us that Oswald is innocent. He may have been a patsy which is what he actually told the police when he was questioned by them. It is quite possible that Oswald also wanted to kill Kennedy but it is doubtful that he ever fired any shots. Therefore, we have to say that he is innocent of that crime although it is possible that he may have had intentions to do so or that he may have been involved with those who carried out the coup.

The man or men who hid in grassy knoll are probably the ones who fired the four deadly shots, one of which wounded Governor Connolly who was in the same vehicle as the president. The first three accurate shots killed the President. Oswald had an old Italian world war II bolt action rifle that was found in the building after the shooting. As a matter of fact, his gun was found very shortly after as if someone already knew that it was there. There was only one empty cartridge that was found on the floor. That rifle was definitely planted there but it was not the rifle responsible for John Kennedy's death.

The shots that were fired at the president came very fast, which is something that a bolt action rifle cannot possibly do. I heard the sound tracks of the shooting which were taken on that very day. The shots came very fast and sounded like they came from an automatic rifle or from more than one rifle. Also, some witnesses claim to have seen Jack Ruby running away from grassy knoll right after the shooting, while other witnesses heard bullets fly close to their ears around that area. Therefore, armed with that information, we have no choice but to say that Oswald was probably not the one who killed president John Kennedy. Jack Ruby was probably one of the killers of both the president and Oswald. We will never really know since both of them are deceased.

There were obviously many people involved in the controversy of that shooting. Is it possible that some members of the CIA had something to do with the shooting, they may have done this on their own initiative. The mafia could also have been behind this well-prepared coup. There is also the fact that vice president Johnson can be seen in the motorcade following Kennedy, he had a big smile on his face at the time of the shooting. Johnson was a man who never smiled, he would never have become president had it not been for John Kennedy's assassination. It is now been said that many of John Kennedy's military advisors may have been involved in that coup because they considered him as a weak president who was afraid to go to war to protect his country. President Kennedy was a man of peace who knew how to avoid war and all of the miseries that it brings. Some of those advisors wanted him to be the first to strike at Russia when they attempted to bring nuclear missiles to Cuba. Can you imagine the devastation that would have followed with Russia retaliating, both countries would most probably have been devastated and perhaps the whole world.

After Johnson took office, he made the statement on national television that under no circumstances was he ever to remove even one of his soldiers from Vietnam. Soon after, he gave a big defence contract to his international gun selling friends in Texas. That contract was worth billions of dollars. The FBI and the CIA have locked practically all of the evidence pertaining to the assassination of the president. All of the evidence was locked away on the orders of Johnson. It cannot be retrieved until well after the year 2 000, at which time many of us may be dead and the matter will be forgotten. But mark my words, the truth will eventually come out.

President John Kennedy's policies were very similar to those of president Lincoln who had himself been assassinated exactly one hundred years earlier. Is this a simple coincidence?

The truth has finally come out. A mafia member from the Chicago chapter, who is now in jail for having killed a police officer, has claimed to be the assassin. He has confessed to the assassination of President John Kennedy. He has explained everything with fine details. He has also told us that it was from the top of a building in grassy knoll that the first shot was fired from. Thus the saying of Nostradamus in his quatrain pertaining to that event, "from the top of a building". The killer has now told us that there were three gunmen involved, which explains the three quick shots that were fired at president Kennedy. The third and last shot came from a professional gunman, leaning against a fence in grassy knoll. He shot the president in the head with a special manufactured rifle that shot a special bullet that shattered the head of the president. If you wish to know more concerning that topic the following site is recommended to you :

After having found the site, go to episodes, then go half way down the page to : J.f.k. murder solved. It is suggested that you download all of the information into your computer because it is very lengthy. I have just discovered that that site has now removed all of the information, they are now selling the information. However, do not despair because I have a copy in my computer. Should you desire to study the real facts, write to me at the following address and I will send you a copy :

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