Nostradamus has prophesied the coming of the third major Antichrist who would cause much hardship to all of mankind. He also predicted that many catastrophes would occur before a great conflagration is upon us.

In one of his quatrains, he gives us a clue as to the beginning of greater woes. He told us that something very drastic would happen when the sun and the planet Mercury are close together in the same constellation during the age of Aquarius, it is the era in which we presently live in, it began on the 23 of may in 1844.

At the beginning of those calamities, great weather changes will be taking place. Then earthquakes will intensify, the result being that more people than ever before will lose their lives in that struggle. Floods after floods will hit various areas of the planet while other areas will be hit hard by long droughts disabling any crops from being grown. Should the people of this world begin to acknowledge God, the Great Creator, He has promised to minimize the impact of those calamities on humanity.

In another quatrain we are told with great precision what seems to be the exact moment for the beginning of some drastic happenings.

L'an mil neuf cens nonante neuf sept mois,
Du ciel viendra un grand Roy d'effrayeur,
Rescuciter le grand Roy d Angolmois,
Avant apres, Mars regner par bonheur.
Century 10 quatrain 72

The year 1999, the seventh month,
From the sky shall descend a great King of terror,
To revive the great King of Angolmois,
Before and after, Mars shall reign for the good cause.

We have all being wrong in attempting to properly understand that quatrain. I strongly believe that its true meaning has finally been discovered. Nostradamus was very wise, he knew how to hide the truth concerning certain forthcoming events. He often removed many of the connecting words from his strangely assembled quatrains.

In line one, he first says 1999, the seventh month. So it has to be an event or a series of events that occurred in 1999. The first month of the year in Nostradamus' days being the month of March this could possibly mean that the quatrain is referring us to the month of September of the year 1999. In the days of Nostradamus, the calendar was different than the one which we utilize today. One of the popes, who reigned after the Nostradamus era, gave us a new calendar. Perhaps the date mentioned by Nostradamus is slightly off but only by two or three months at the most.

The second line of the quatrain mentions a great king of terror descending from the sky. We have to keep in mind the fact that Nostradamus had never seen any objects flying in the sky because they did not exist in those days, especially fighter bombers. I strongly suspect that he saw a pilot sitting in the cockpit of a fighter bomber and depicted him as a great king of terror. If you had never seen anything flying before, how would you describe what you saw in a similar vision.

The third line of the quatrain which says Angolmois can be explained this way. The encyclopaedia's reference to the word Angolmois tells us that it is a particular location that exists in France. It is a province of France known as Angoumois. Nostradamus has, once again, utilized an anagram. Angoumois can be found in the world Atlas which says that it is located at approximately N00 and +460, it is a map reference. It is actually located north and slightly northeast of the city of Bordeaux, it is the province of Angoumois in France. It has to be another event that occurred in 1999 and which pertains to France. In 1999, France decided to take part as a NATO member in the war against Serbia. It was the Kosovo crisis. France had not participated in any of NATO's incursions for many years. Thus the king of Angoumois (the head of State of France) was resurrected and went into action against the Serbs by sending its air force to participate in that action.

The fourth line of the quatrain says that, before and after 1999, Mars shall reign for the good cause. So what Nostradamus was trying to tell is that it would be quiet on the international scene before 1999 and shortly after that year. If you remember correctly in 1999 we had a series of wars that began and terminated before the year was out. So Nostradamus may have been trying to tell us that in 1999 we would be hit by a series of calamitous wars, the planet Mars that is mentioned symbolically represents wars. It happened exactly as it was predicted by the great clairvoyant. Before 1999 we had no way of knowing that any of those mentioned events would occur.

In 1999, we had the following wars : the war over Kosovo ; the war in east Timor ; Russia fighting against some of its runaway provinces ; India and Pakistan fighting over some disputed territory. Nostradamus may have been attempting to warn us that we would be having endless conflicts, beginning with the year 1999 with calm conditions between conflicts. It explains the before and after which he mentioned in the quatrain. In 2003, we had the war against Irak. Afghanistan is still a hotbed, fanatics are causing that war to prolong. What will happen next? The present war against guerillas in Lebanon was predicted by Nostradamus. What will follow will most probably be worse than what you are presently seeing or anticipating.

The Third Antichrist

The following quatrain tells us that the treacherous one, the third Antichrist, will come from an eastern country. He will be the most fanatical individual that has ever lived. He could be the initiator of other great conflicts that will effect Europe and Asia or perhaps the whole world.

De l'Orient viendra le coeur punique,
Fascher Adrie, et les hoirs Romulides,
Accompagne de la classe Libique,
Trembler Melites, et proches Isles vuides.
Century 1 quatrain 9

From the Orient shall come the treacherous one,
To strike at Italy (Heirs of Romulus) from the Adriatic sea,
With his Libyan fleet,
The inhabitants of Malta and of the nearby islands shall tremble.

We do not have to be too smart to figure this one out. Someone coming from an eastern county with a Libyan fleet. It would seem that Italy, symbolically referred to as the heirs of Romulus, may be the first nation to be attacked by the tyrannical forces of the third Antichrist.

In the following quatrain, Nostradamus mentions Libya again by name. He seems to be saying that Libya will be the initiator of possibly another world wide conflict. He says a Libyan prince who is very powerful in the east.

Prince Lybinique puissant en Occident,
Francois d'Arabe viendra tant enflammer;
Scavans aux lettres sera condescendent,
La langue Arabe en Francois translater.
Century 3 quatrain 27

A Libyan head of state recognized by the west as being very powerful,
Shall inflame the hearts of many Arab nations against the French,
Then a man of letters, will consent,
To translate Arabic into the French language.

I am certain that we all know who that person is and what his intentions are. We also know that he has a lot of hatred against the people of France. He has already destroyed one French embassy and scorched a French consulate building to the ground. That particular person seems to be very silent at the present time but do not let that fool you because he may be preparing himself for the day whereby his armed forces, accompanied by other forces from other nations who are loyal to him, will attack some European countries. The present quietness is often referred to by the experts as the calm before the storm or as the daylight before darkness comes, symbolically speaking.

The great wise man has told us that the third Antichrist will involve the people of this planet to such confrontations between themselves that, should he be allowed to continue his foolishness, all life on earth could eventually be extinguished. Twenty seven years shall his war of terrorism last. Obviously this is not a reference to an all-out nuclear war because a nuclear war would not last any longer than an hour or a few days at the most before the whole world is devastated and its atmosphere completed polluted. It could not possibly last for a period of twenty seven years.

L'Antichrist trois bien trois annichilez,
Vingt et sept ans sang durera sa guerre,
Les heretiques morts, captifs exilez,
Son corps humain eau rougie, greslie terre.
Century 8 quatrain 77

The third Antichrist, the third to come, gets annihilated,
His war shall last for twenty seven years,
The heretics are all dead; all of the prisoners are now exiled,
His body (the Antichrist) has reddened the waters, and the earth has been scorched.

The great Seer refers to the third Antichrist as an infernal Godless animal who shall terrorize our planet during a most great calamity. Where will he come from and who can he possibly be? The great quatrain writer says that he will be of the Moslem religion. He will be of the Moslem faith, la foi Mohamétique.

De la felice Arabie contrade,
Naistra puissant de loy Mohametique,
Vexer l'Espagne, conquester la Grenade,
Et puis par mer a la gent Lygustique.
Century 5 quatrain 55

From one of the Arabian countries,
Shall be born someone powerful, from the laws of Mohammed,
Who will offend Spain and conquer its city Grenada,
And then by sea (shall be harmful) to the Italians.

It would seem that Nostradamus is saying that the war leader, the third Antichrist, will go to war against Spain and will conquer the city of Grenada but he also says that he will attack Italy. When will this happen and where will those calamitous events begin? It could very well begin somewhere in the Middle East, then it could continue on in Europe or perhaps it has already started. The cowardly terrorist act that occurred in New York and the destruction of the twin towers is an example of what he is capable of. Don't look at the Antichrist as being one person because there most likely will be many other people involved in many calamitous acts, with one leader referred to as the third Antichrist.

There could be an invasion of many European countries by hostile forces, it would become a conflict whereby many nations will be forced to take sides. It could eventually become a world wide conflict whereby Europe is terrorized once again. The leader of those attacking forces can possibly involve the whole planet into a massive confrontation which could eventually extinguish all life on this planet, unless God intervenes. The people of this world should therefore pray to God night and day, asking for His divine Guidance and for His intervention. I now strongly believe that it will be a guerilla warfare, a war that nobody can possibly win.

Which country will firstly be affected by the invasions? It would seem, according to the famous wise man, that Italy and then France may be the first countries to be invaded. The invasion will come from the sky, by paratroopers, and then by sea from landing ships but it will also come by land over snowy mountains, it will probably happen exactly as described to us in the following quatrain.

L'oriental sortira de son siege,
Passer les monts Appenins, voir la Gaulle,
Transpessera le ciel, les eaux et neige,
Et un chacun frappera de sa gaulle.
Century 2 quatrain 29

The Easterner shall leave his own country,
To strike out, across the Apennines mountains of Italy, at France (La Gaulle),
Shall go by way of the skies, the sea and the snowy mountains,
And shall strike out at every one from his fishing fleet.

The writer of that quatrain suggests quite clearly that Middle East nations (the Oriental) will be attacking other European nations. The Apennines Mountains are located in Italy. So, it is quite obvious that the oriental will be striking out at France via Italy.

The french word gaulle with a small g is a word which means a staff or a rod but it is sometimes utilized meaning fishing rod. So, the meaning of, "Frappera de sa gaulle", seems to be referring to a fishing fleet. More than likely the Russians will also be involved in that conflict since they have the biggest fishing fleet in the world which they often utilize for other reasons than fishing, they are spy ships.

No one can deny the fact that the whole world is presently watching eastern countries who have a lot of oil and who are buying armaments of war with the oil profits. The great push towards religious beliefs in the east has turned some eastern nations into religious fanatics. Those countries of the third world, which have long been ignored, are rediscovering old religions while they are searching for solutions to their social and economic problems. They have a lot of oil which the western nations need. Many nations are presently saying that, at this very moment, they are a menace to world peace. Is there anyone that is in a position to unleash a war against various nations, perhaps a war whereby a small amount of atomic weaponry are utilized?

Nostradamus seems to say, "Yes, they can", if they enter into an alliance amongst themselves. It is very interesting to note that, not too long ago, Russia signed an Alliance with Libya. More countries have also signed that Alliance, Iran being one of them. Will Algeria be dragged into this conflict also? After all, they have a lot of hatred against the French. How about Saudi Arabia, the King of the South, will that rich country stay out of that conflict?

If we keep on listening to international news and to world events, I am quite sure that nothing good will come out of a certain eastern country or from its present leader. Also keep your eyes on Iraq, the King of the North, he is quite capable of leading his country into more disastrous events although presently Irak is broke and does not have the money to even buy the necessary food and medicine for its own people, especially for its children. The weapons of mass destruction, which Sadam Hussein had, were all destroyed by the United Nations inspectors although it is rumoured that he has managed to hide a few, does he have enough to fight a war. Irak is no longer a dangerous power and its leader has been caught and executed for crimes against the people of his own country. That country is now involved in a bitter guerilla warfare that nobody can possibly win.

I would also like to mention that Libya is mentioned by name in some other quatrains that seem to pertain to another great warring event. Many of the following quatrains seem to be pointing the finger at Lybia as been the initiators of that conflict.

Saturne et Mars en Leo Espagne captive,
Par chef Libique au conflit attrape;
Proche de Malte, heredde Prinse vive,
Et romain sceptre sera par coq frappe.
Century 5 quatrain 14

When Saturn and Mars are in the sign of Leo, Spaniards shall become captives,
By a Libyan leader who shall be caught during the conflict,
Close to Malta in the Mediterranean sea is where that Prince lives,
And Roman authority, (Italy), shall be stuck down by the rooster (by France).

The conjunction of the planets Saturn and Mars in the constellation of Leo will occur on the 10 of July of the year 2 008. However, my astronomy program also tells me that the same conjunction can occur again at a later date in another year. The above quatrain also seems to be in agreement with century five of quatrain 55 which mentions Spain to be invaded. It also mentions a Libyan chief or head of State as the initiator of that invasion. Many people have been saying that Ossama Bin Laden, the southern Arabian multi millionaire who is a proven terrorist, is the third Antichrist. He may be working with the third Antichrist but He is not the third Antichrist although he seems to fit the description quite well. I strongly believe that the 27 year war began in 1999. Therefore, we can honestly say that the mentioned guerilla warfare led by terrorists will terminate in the year 2026. All of the experts are now saying that Ossama Bib Laden is probably dead. They say that it is very probable that he was killed when the Americans destroyed many of the underground caves that were very numerous in that country. He is most probably buried underneath many tons of rocks and will never be heard from again.

The symbolic rooster sitting on top of the church steeple, above the cross.

It is interesting to note that the symbol of France is the rooster. The French Canadians brought the symbol to Canada from France, it is often seen on the very top of the barn. It is also seen on top of older Catholic churches, mounted on top of the steeple above the cross. Although it is slowly disappearing as old churches disappear or are demolished because of old age. However, many of those symbolic roosters are still in existence today and are still located on top of some barns and located on top of the cross on most of the older Catholic churches in the province of Quebec in Canada.

It would seem that France, the symbolic rooster, will be unhappy with the Italians who will be refusing to take part in the expulsion of the invaders.

The following quatrain seems to be saying that the roman Catholic King of Belgium will fight against the Libyans. He will chase them back to their homes, all the way to Libya.

Par grand fureur le Roy Roman Belgique,
Vexer voudra par phalange barbare,
fureur grincent chassera gent Lybique,
Depuis Pannons jusques Hercules La Bare.
Century 5 quatrain 13

By a great tempest, the Roman Catholic King of Belgium,
Wanting to upset the invading army ( the Libyans ),
With a savage fury shall he chase the Libyans,
From Pannomia all the way to the strait of Gibraltar.

It is interesting to note that someone wrote to me from Belgium giving me a better definition of the first line of the quatrain. The king of Belgium is a Roman Catholic. Although he has no political power in that country, he is in control of the armies of that country which are very well trained. I have seen them in practise when I lived in southern Belgium for a year. I was then serving with Canadian Air force NATO troops in Europe in the mid fifties. Thank you Tom from Belgium for that very important information.

In the second line of the above quatrain, the words phalange and barbare are utilized. The word phalange has many meanings but in the quatrain it seems to imply an army. That word was utilized in older days to describe an infantry regiment. So, in this case, the word army seems to be appropriate for that french word. The word barbare also has many meanings but in this particular instance it seems to be meaning barbarous invaders. So those two words, pertaining to the above quatrain, may be saying : an army of barbarous invaders.

In the last line of the quatrain the French word Pannons is utilized. In English it translates Pannomia, an ancient Roman Province of Italy. The meaning of that last line of the prophecy could very well be : from Italy all the way to the strait of Gibraltar.

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