The famous clairvoyant may have given us a great clue as to who the third Antichrist really is. He has given us a quatrain in which he has hidden his family name, he has done this in a very shrewd manner. He utilized many tricks in order to hide the true meaning of some of his prophecies. It is a fact we have to be continuously aware of when attempting to comprehend his hard to analyse quatrains.

In the following quatrain, we shall realize that Nostradamus utilized various methods in order to hide the family name of the third Antichrist who is yet to make his appearance on the world scene. However, that day is getting ever and ever closer as every day goes by.

Religion du nom des mers viendra,
Contre le secte fils Adaluncatif,
Secte obstinee deploree craindra,
Des deux blessez par Aleph and Aleph.
Century 10 quatrain 96

A (new) world religion shall make its appearance from beyond the seas,
That will in principle be against the sect of the son of Adaluncatif,
This deplorable obstinate sect shall be feared by all,
While two of them shall be hurt by America and the Americans.

The shrewdly assembled quatrain is telling us something strange, it is attempting to name someone by saying that he is the son of Adaluncatif. It also seems to be saying that, while a new world religion is making its way around the world teaching good sound principles which are against the sect of the son of Adaluncatif, then will the third Antichrist make his appearance. During that time, a certain fanatical individual will be making himself known on the world scene.

Many of you, who love searching for the truth, will discover that a new world religion, the ninth major religion, has indeed already encompassed the globe. A forerunner came and declared His mission in 1844, followed nine years later by a new Manifestation of God who began giving the world new teachings in 1863, having being Manifested ten years earlier in 1853. I can only suggest that you study my many other presentations, many proofs are brought forward for the intrepid searcher of the truth.

Nostradamus was an expert at hiding names. However, we shall attempt to discover the family name of the third Antichrist. Adaluncatif, which is the name given by the great clairvoyant, is a combination of two words plus a trick of anagrams often utilized by Nostradamus. Ada (lun) catif now becomes two words; lun and Adacatif. Lun(e) now reads lune which means moon in English. It is also the sign of many arabic nations who are of the Moslem faith, the moon is exhibited on all of their flags.

Now for the discovery of the meaning Adacatif: The great Seer often replaces a K with a C or vice versa, etc. Let us reconstruct that word which now reads Kadafit. It is the family name of Colonel Khaddafy of Libya. So the true meaning of the quatrain could very well be 'the sect of the son of Khaddafy'. That individual has often been referred to, from the leaders of many nations, as ..... of the middle east. So, if we analyse that quatrain correctly, we shall discover that it is a reference to one of the sons of Colonel Kaddafy of Lybia who could very well be the third Antichrist?

Many of the experts, and many authors who have written various books and who have studied the writings for years, seem to be of the same opinion. The last part of the quatrain which says Aleph and Aleph stands for America and the Americans. The last line of that quatrain may be referring to two of Kaddafy's sons who were wounded when the Americans bombed Libya. Khaddafy's adopted daughter was killed in that attack, two of his sons were wounded by the American bombs and so was his wife in that same attack. Khaddafy has sworn revenge on all Americans and on all of the western world. Will we soon see his hatred and that of his sons unfold against western nations, will we soon see him trigger another great world wide conflict?

Many writers, who have written fine material pertaining to the quatrains, are also of the opinion that the third Antichrist will come from Lybia. I recently learned, through newspaper articles on Lybia, that one of his sons has recently taken control of the armies of Libya and has been promoted to the rank of Colonel. He is the chief of staff in charge of their armies, he is in full control. Will he be the third Antichrist as Nostradamus has predicted? Remember what Nostradamus has said, "Fils Adaluncatif". Translated in English the meaning is the son of Adaluncatif.

Perhaps the beginning of a great world wide conflict will be when the Russians begin their attacks by invading Iran (Persia). They will take control of the Mediterranean sea accompanied by their allies. According to Nostradamus, It would seem that the people involved in that conflict will suffer great losses of lives in the Adriatic Sea. The Adriatic is located next to Italy and is a very cold body of water.

It is interesting to note that the Russians have already built a great railway through Iran, which goes all the way to the Mediterranean sea. What this means is that they do not have to invade Iran but they merely have to utilize the railway which they have already built in that country some years ago.

There is another quatrain which mentions the occupation of the Mediterranean sea by hostile enemy forces.

Par feu at armes non loing de la mer Negro,
Viendra de Perse occuper Trebisonde;
Trembler Pharos Methelin, sol Alegro,
De sang Arabe d'Adrie couvert l'onde.
Century 5 quatrain 27

By force of arms not far from the black sea,
Going through Persia (Iran?) to occupy the Mediterranean,
Many cities shall tremble while the sun is arising,
The Adriatic sea shall be covered with Arab blood.

The Russians aligned with some other nations, the Kings of the north, seem to be the initiators of that attack going through Iran, which is part of the ancient land of Persia. Perhaps they will attack with all of their nuclear might. It would seem that the first city to be destroyed, according to my own investigation of the quatrains, will be the french city of Bordeaux which is located west of the great city of Paris. I strongly suspect that Paris will be targeted but that Bordeaux may be hit instead.

Perhaps some eastern nations will have manufactured or purchased a few atomic bombs, they may be the first ones to utilize atomic weaponry. For fear of the Americans retaliatory power, it is very unlikely that the Russians would be the first ones to utilize atomic weaponry. I strongly believe that some nations, who claim to be friendly nations, may be those who will utilize a small amount of atomic weaponry. We also know that some of them are presently secretly attempting to manufacture those deadly weapons. It is only a matter of time before they actually succeed. The latest news are telling us that some eastern countries have already succeeded in building that dreadful weapon. Is it possible that our politicians do not want you to know?

The following quatrain seems to pertain to the city of Bordeaux in France which is located at the 45 degree parallel. The fire mentioned, approaching the great new city, seems to be a reference to the city of Paris in France.

Cinq et quarante degrez ciel bruslera,
Feu approcher de la grand cite neuve,
Instant grand flamme esparse sautera,
Quand on voudra des Normans faire preuve.
Century 6 quatrain 97

At 45 degrees, the sky shall be seen to be on fire,
As fire comes closer to the great new city,
it shall, in an instant, disperse its great flames,
In order to give a lesson to the Normans.

It would seem that Nostradamus has foreseen the first nuclear target of that forthcoming event. The quatrain says that the Normans shall be given a lesson. It is a reference to the people of France, to the Normans who inhabit Normandy. This quatrain could very be a reference to the destruction of the city of Bordeaux, which is located in the province of Gironde and which is very close to the 45 degrees mentioned in the prophecy. It would seem that the city could be destroyed by atomic weaponry which would probably be produced by some eastern nations wanting to revenge themselves against other nations that they dislike.

If we continue to study what takes place on the international scene, we will soon discover that France has been getting very unpopular with some eastern Nations because they supplied arms of a various assortment to various nations. For example : the Exotec missile which is a low-flying ship sinking missile developed by France. It was also utilized in the war of the Falkland Islands against the English. It is also a known fact that the French government has been supporting the military regime in Algeria.

The destruction of the city of Paris has been mentioned in other prophetical writings. it has been discovered that it will probably be one of the main targets of that great conflict. So another conflict could very well begin when the enemy forces, accompanied with their allies, destroy the city of Bordeaux and then the city of Paris. Only time will tell, the days of those prophesied happenings are getting ever closer as every day goes by. France has broken diplomatic relations with Iran for quite some time now and so have many other countries, they are no longer exchanging ambassadors.

I most certainly hope that God will intervene and stop all of that madness. It is unthinkable to see the beautiful city of Paris, or any other great French cities, destroyed. Paris has so many beautiful gardens surrounding it and it has such a rich history. I think it would be best that we all pray to God so that none of those things, as foreseen by Nostradamus, ever occur.

Nostradamus has given us another quatrain in which he seems to mention another nuclear target of that great conflict. That target will be between the beginning and the end of the Rhone river. He says that a great glowing fire shall be seen in the sky. The Rhone river originates in Switzerland, it then flows through the city of Lyons in France to finally empty itself into the ocean.

The quatrain also seems to be saying that famine and war will delay the arrival of help for the French population when the city of Lyons is destroyed, possibly by atomic weaponry. He says that, while this is happening, Persia will be invading Macedonia. This could be an invasion carried out by two eastern nations who will have become brothers. They will be invading ancient Macedonia.

it would also be unthinkable to hear that the city of Lyons in France be destroyed, it too has a rich history. It is also where the cowardly Maréchal Pétain of France met Hitler personally during the second world conflict, referred to as world war two.

Flambeau ardent au ciel sera veu,
Pres de la fin principe du Rhone,
Famine, glaive, tarde le secours poreu,
La Perse tourne envahir Macedonoine.
Century 2 quatrain 96

A great glowing fire shall be seen in the sky,
Close to the end of the Rhone river,
Famine and war shall delay help reaching the people,
At that time, Persia shall invade Macedonia.

Macedonia is located between Greece and the Balkans, it has been the scene of many warring conflicts in the past. It was controlled by the Turks for quite some time until the Ottoman Empire was overthrown. Americans and other nations have recently sent some troops to Macedonia because they are afraid that the war of the Balkans will spread to other countries. It would seem that some eastern nations will invade it eventually regardless of the foreign troops that may be presently stationed there to protect it.


Nostradamus has given us another quatrain in which he mentions another battle to be initiated by Russia and by its eastern allies. He says that while Persia attacks Saudi Arabia, the Russians will attack Turkey and Egypt. The word Serp. is utilized in that quatrain, it represents the Russians. Bisance represents Turkey while the french word Ver means by. So it is saying that by the Russians and the eastern nations will the invasion be carried out on those mentioned locations.

Le prince Arabs, Mars, Sol, Venus, Lyon,
Regne d'Eglise par mer succombera,
Devers la Perse bien pres d'un million,
Bisance, Egypte, Ver. Serp. invadera.
Century 5 quatrain 25

The planet Mars, the sun, and the planet Venus being in the constellation of the Lion, the prince of the Arabs, S. Arabia,
Master over Mecca (Eglise) shall be invaded and overcome by forces coming by sea,
By Persia he shall be overcome with close to a million men,
The Serps, the Russians, shall then invade Turkey and Egypt.

The conjunction of Mars, the Sun and Venus in the constellation of the Lion (Leo) will occur on the 25 of August of the year 2019. My Astronomy program tells me that only on that particular day will that exceptional conjunction occur. That is the day whereby Russia will attack Turkey and Egypt while Persia, which consists of Iran and Iraq, will be busy invading Saudi Arabia with an army close to a million men.

The hordes from some eastern nations will also attack France via Italy, they will completely destroy many french cities, including the city of Paris. It would seem that they will do this by possibly utilizing atomic weaponry which they will somehow have manufactured themselves or purchased from somebody else.


Ancient Paris has often been referred to by certain people as the city of sin, it has probably been labelled as such because of its night-life. What did God do to Sodom and Gomorrah? Were they not destroyed by fire? So if Paris is as guilty as Sodom and Gomorrah were, then God will allow that it also be destroyed by fire. Could it be possible that God will allow that it is completely destroyed by atomic weaponry. Was Nostradamus, and many other searchers of the truth, wrong?

If we analyse the background of Paris, we shall be able to verify if it fits the description of a great new city. During the 19th century Paris witnessed industrial growth, a great material transformation took place. It was the birth of a new city, of a new Paris. It was better lighted, more comfortable and better policed. People began crowding in to the new city of Paris from the countryside. During the 20th century, in 1919, the people of Paris demolished its fortifications in order to make room to build new homes. Paris built its new homes out of brick or cement, replacing older homes. So, in the 20th century, Paris became a new city once again.

The city of Paris has numerous large gardens distributed in all quarters of the city. It has two woods, one in the east and one in the west. Bois de Boulogne was nothing but a forest until 1852, it has become a sprawling park of 2 154 acres, containing two artificial lakes, racing tracks and a zoo. On the east of the city, Bois de Vincennes has been a park since the 13th century. Louis XV had it replanted, it has become a park of 2 308 acres. It is the largest in Paris and probably anywhere else in the world. It contains a large zoological collection, several museums and three lakes within its boundaries.

There are also seven Paris parks which have a distinct personality. Every year, place du Carousel has exhibition of planted flowers which attracts people from all walks of life and from various countries.

The Luxembourg gardens are possibly the most beautiful of them all while the Park des Buttes-Chaumont is one of the most picturesque spot in Paris. It is rustic in appearance. It has an artificial lake which is utilized for pleasure boating. The artificial lake also has a 100 foot cascade at one end of the lake. Park Montsouris dates back to the second Empire, it has an English garden full of strange buildings and charming views. For example, the Tunisian palace is a relic of the fair of 1867, it contains an observatory which is filled every summer with students coming from every country of the world. Another park, Park Monceau, retains its eighteenth century looks with a delicate elegance.

The famous quatrain writer has also given us another prophecy in which he mentions Jardin du monde, garden of the world, close to the new city. This could very well be a reference to the city of Paris, which has all of those beautiful parks and gardens surrounding it.

Jardin du Monde aupres de cite neufue,
Dans le chemin des montages cavees,
Sera saisi et plogne dans la cuve,
Beuvant par force eaux soulphre envenimees.
Century 10 quatrain 49

Garden of the world close to the new rebuilt city,
On the road leading to man made mountains, skyscrapers,
Shall be seized and plunged into a crater,
Being forced to drink poisonous sulphurous waters.

Many people who have analysed that quatrain have stated that the reference to the new city is a reference to the city of New-York. I do not think so. We have been told, by the person whose title is the Branch and who was the son of Michael of Persia, that the city of New York has been called the city of God's covenant. Why is that? The reason is very simple : In the city of New York, people from various backgrounds are all living together in peace and harmony. They are from various races, from various religions and from almost every ethnic background in the world. So, it is very unlikely that God would allow the city of his covenant to be destroyed by atomic weaponry. Then, I have no choice but to say that it is wrong in assuming that the city of New York will be destroyed by atomic weaponry. Had certain people known that the city of New York is the city of God's new covenant, they would not have made the assumption that it will be destroyed in such a way.

Other prophetical writings have been discovered which say, "Paris shall burst into flames." It will happen even if the people of Paris were to begin to pray to the Lord our God. The great clairvoyant may also have referred to Paris as the great new city. If this is so, according to the following quatrain, nobody in Paris can possibly survive the holocaust of another great conflict. The following quatrain mentions, indirectly, the great city of Paris, which will become desolated after it has been destroyed by an enemy.

La grand cite sera bien desoles,
Des habitants un seul ny demourra,
Mur, sexe, temple et vierge violee,
Par fer, feu, peste, canon, peuple mourra.
Century 3 quatrain 84

The great city shall be well desolated,
None of the inhabitants shall survive,
On the city wall and in the temple shall the virgin be violated,
By steel (bullets) by cannon fire, by pestilence, all of its people shall die.

Nostradamus also prophesied that the Americans and all of the western world would react very strongly to all of the terrible destruction during that endless conflict. The following quatrain may be mentioning the destruction that could ravage the great city of Paris.

Sera laisse le feu mort vif cache,
Dedans les globes horribles espouvante,
De nuict a classe cite en poudre lache,
La cite a feu, l'ennemy favourable.
Century 5 quatrain 8

Fire shall be seen still burning, the dead will seem as if hidden from sight (bodies completely burned)
(great fires shall be seen) inside the terrible globes.
By night shall the city be bombarded from the fleet (classe),
The city shall be burned (to a crisp) favouring the enemy.

Nostradamus continued to prophecy. He wrote another quatrain concerning a great city which would be destroyed. It may very well be the city of Paris although I pray to God that I am wrong in that assumption. He says that the city will be abandoned to the enemy.

Grand cite a soldats abandonnee,
Onc ny eut mortel tumult si proche,
O qu elle hideuse calamite s'approche,
Fors une offense n'y sera pardonne.
Century 6 quatrain 96

The great city shall be abandoned to (foreign) soldiers,
There has never been such a noise and confusion so closely by, si proche,
O what a hideous calamity which approaches us,
This strong offending action shall never be pardoned (by other nations).

In century eight of quatrain 77, we read that the conflicts caused by the third Antichrist will last for 27 long years. After those years, those calamities will finally come to an end with the capture and the death of the third Antichrist. According to the writer of these quatrains, it will be a definite defeat for the enemy forces. During his invasion of Spain, the leader of the invading forces will be killed.

The conflict will finally come to an end due to an unanticipated Alliance, so says the great seer. Let us say that an all-out nuclear conflict could not possibly last more than a day or two at the most. So, it can only mean that the great excursions may be conventional with limited nuclear weaponry utilized. It will be a very devastating conflict regardless of the weaponry that will be utilized during that most great event, which will seem to be endless.

The wise man, the writer of those quatrains, says that when two countries who border close to each other at the Arctic Circle get together that an alliance or a peace treaty will finally end the conflict which will have devastated the earth and killed many of its inhabitants.


The famous clairvoyant wrote about all of those future calamitous events and more, much more. In the following quatrain, he mentions an unanticipated alliance that will eventually be signed by two nations who both border on the arctic. Who could those nations be, has the great clairvoyant given us any clues as to their identities?

The answer which he has chosen to give us contains a mixture of events. He says that it will occur sometime after a new Pope has been elected and after great battles will have taken place in eastern countries.

Quand ceux de pole arctique unis ensemble,
En orient grand effrayeur et crainte,
Esleu nouveau, soustenu le grand temple,
Rodes, Bisance de sang barbare taints.
Century 6 quatrain 21

When those who border on the arctic shall become united,
In the east, there shall be great fright and fear (because of a lost battle?),
A newly elected (Pope) shall sustain the Roman church,
While Rhodes and Turkey (Bizance) shall be covered with the blood of the enemy.

It could very well be that those of the Arctic, which are mentioned in the quatrain, are the Russians and the Americans. It would seem that they will eventually sign some kind of alliance or peace treaty. However, since Canada is much closer to the Arctic Circle than the United States then, perhaps, Canada will be involved in ending that terribly devastating and endless conflict. If this is so, then the future of Canada is great. Which means that both countries could be spared and that life as we know it will continue. It is suspected that many people from the United States will come to inhabit that vast country of Canada when hit by too many natural catastrophes, perhaps too many of its southern states will have become deserts or are flooded over.

There is a old Irish prophecy which says that, someday, Canada will be populated all the way to the Arctic, it will have a population of 93 million people. Canada presently has a population somewhere around 30 million, where do you think the other sixty million people will come from?

In 1883, the minor prophet Ralph Centennius wrote, "Canada will someday have a population of 93 million people, populating the nation all the way to the slopes of the Arctic Ocean." He has also rightly predicted that Toronto and Montreal would be Canada's largest cities. He saw Churchill, which is located on Hudson Bay in the north of Ontario, as a seaside resort. Was he wrong in his assumption? Because of the accuracy of his prophecies, I am certain that it will eventually happen exactly as he has predicted it.

Many people are saying that, at the present time, there is a danger that Canada could become part of the United States. This may be considered by some people as not being a bad idea but somehow I do not think that it will ever happen. We have been told, by the Branch who was God's servant and the son of Michael who was the great spiritual prince of Persia, that someday the United States would become a partner with Canada. The Americans and the Canadians will become partners, possibly through a defence pact, but this does not mean that they will become one nation.

Why is that, what will be the reason for it? Probably the changing weather pattern will turn many of the States into deserts. Some Americans, millions of them, will then begin to migrate to the north towards Canada. The beginning of another world wide calamity could be another reason. Time will tell and I believe that those happenings are in the very near future. Why should Canada be chosen to survive as a nation while many others may be annihilated?

The reason is very simple, Canada has been playing a peace keeping role for many years, so have many other nations. God has promised us that the peacekeepers of the world or the peacemakers shall be blessed, they will inherit the earth which is God's kingdom. Obviously, for reasons that are unknown to us presently, God has decided that the future of the country known as Canada will be great, so are the new writings telling us but only in the very far future, possibly one thousand years from now.

...How blest are the peacekeepers. Matthew 5 : 9

I am now sorry that I have assembled this paper after having researched the quatrains for so many years. The message that I attempted to convey to people seems to have fallen on deaf ears.

It is unthinkable to see that Europe will be enveloped again by another devastating incursion of foreign troops. However, there is still time. That calamity can still be avoided if the people of this world begin searching for God's new teachings which He has already given to us, although the majority of the people of this world are still unaware of it. The cause, their lack of personal research for the truth which still evades most of mankind.

People of the world, the choice is yours. What is it going to be, are we going to search for God's new teachings or continue our deep sleep? God has already given new teachings to our world through His new Manifestation, through Michael of Persia. Are we going to allow new conflicts to unfold on the planet or are we going to awaken to the fact that this world is in deep trouble? You have the choice, to react or not. Will future historians say that we failed to react although we had been warned? Perhaps there will be no future historians, God may allow that the planet simply dies.

Do you really want to know who Michael of Persia really was? I suggest that you read and study some of my other presentations, the "Return" of Christ and the complete unsealing of the Biblical writings of Revelation. Thus will you find out who was God's envoy for the age of Aquarius that began on the 23 of May in 1844.

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