Until now everything which we have studied on this site is part of the past. Is it possible that the various prophesied events happened exactly as it was foreseen by Nostradamus. Did he see history being unfolded, beginning with his own era until today and tomorrow? What about our own era, the present and the now?

Should you be reading the newspaper with one eye, while perusing the quatrains with the other, there is no doubt that you will soon be able to grasp many of the prophecies which were meant for our present era.

More extraordinary is the way that the great clairvoyant prophesied the events that happened in Iran whose ancient name was Persia. He had no way of knowing that, in 1949, Persia would be split into two countries who are presently known under the names of Iran and Iraq. How did he know that a religious leader would overthrow the Shah of Iran while in exile in Paris, France? The following quatrain explains what really happened.

Pluys, faim, guerre en Perse non cesse,
La foy trop grande trahira le Monarque,
Par la finie en Gaulle commencee,
Secret augure pour un estre parque.
Century 1 quatrain 70

Rain, famine, war, has not yet ceased in Persia,
Too great a belief (in himself) shall the monarch (the Shah) be betrayed,
The betrayal was started in France (en Gaulle) (by Khomeini),
Secretly (by a religious leader) he was a marked man.

How many of us remember how the religious leader by the name of Khomeini caused the downfall of the Shah of Iran while he was in exile in France, whose ancient name was 'la Gaulle'. The above quatrain is actually a fantastic prophecy which foretold the fate of the Shah of Iran which occurred during our own lifetime. The last line of the quatrain says secret augure. It is a French word of which the dictionary gives us the following description : priest of antiquity asked to observe certain signs in order to predict things to come. Is it a reference to the misguided religious man who was known under the name of khomeini?

Until 1978, no one could possibly have understood the prophecy because very few people knew anything about that religious leader whose name was Ayatollah Khomeini. Also, no one could possibly have foreseen that the attacks on the Shah of Iran would emanate secretly from Paris, France. Who would have known in advance that Khomeini would be the one to carry this out. He sent speeches to the clergy in Iran, which were recorded on magnetic tape. He was teaching those followers of his to hate all authority, especially the Shah of Iran who was a friend of the United States at the time.

Khomeini told the Iranian clergy that the Shah was anti-Islamic and that he should be overthrown. Thus he attempted to tell the clergy things which would be forthcoming. The Iranian clergy believed him and turned many of the people against the government. Eventually the Iranians overthrew its government and sent its leader, the Shah, into exile. It is interesting to note that Khomeini had been in exile himself in France before the Shah had been overthrown. The great Seer foresaw that happening 400 years ago when he wrote that strangely assembled quatrain pertaining to the leader of an eastern country and to the religious leader who overthrew him.

Is this too much for our little minds, do we have problems understanding what has happened? Then perhaps we should slow down for a moment or two. So much for the past and the present but what about the future, what answers can we possibly get concerning what is yet to come? Is it possible to disregard what that great clairvoyant has left us and merely say that all of this is simple coincidence.

Is it absolutely necessary that we know the future? Yes it is, because if we know some of the things that could happen in the future we can transform the present thus modifying that future. Can the future be really altered or modified? It is a certainty that we can modify some things to come because the future is merely the results of decisions which have been taken today and which affects tomorrow. If mankind becomes conscious that the future may be bleak, we can begin reacting with new positive ideas thus changing the course of History.

The great Seer was also of the opinion that the future of man can be modified. In the letter, that he wrote to his son Caesar, he mentions that many of the catastrophes which he wrote about can definitely be avoided. William Shakespeare also wrote that man could become the master of his own destiny, if he so desired. Two great individuals have told us the same thing. We can change the course of future happenings if we begin realizing that by changing the present, by being more positive in our daily endeavours, the future will also be changed or modified.

If we keep in mind the idea that we can build a much better future for all of mankind then we can certainly attempt to visualize some of the things that have yet to happen. Before I continue, let me give you a word of warning by saying that the prophecies concerning the future are far from being favourable. Let me also add that the prophecies about the past, which have already occurred, are certainly not a product of a vivid imagination. Many of the interpretation of those prophecies do not represent a single opinion, although opinions do vary. It is the result of a long search by the true seekers of the truth.


The writer of those fascinating quatrains also wrote about the coming of a particular comet. He has told us what would happen to our world in the following years after its appearance. What is a comet and what does it do? Which comet was he talking about?

Comets are a large heavenly body that travel in space at fantastic speeds. From time to time God makes use of them to warn mankind of a forthcoming event. Sometimes it is utilized to warn us of a wonderful event such as the coming of a great messenger or prophet sent to us to teach us greater truths. An example was the moving star (comet) that three astronomers saw in the heavens, two thousand years ago, and whose direction was towards the Holy Land. It was announcing the coming of the great prophet Jesus (Yeshua) who came to us under the titles of Son of God and also that of Son of man. You are being presented with the actual prophecy that concerns the three scriptural astronomers.

Jesus was born at Bethlehem in Judea during the reign of Herod. After his birth, astronomers from the east arrived in Jerusalem, asking, "Where is the child who was born to be King of the Jews? We observed the rising of his star and we have come to pay him homage. Matthew 2 : 1-3

Herod next called the Astronomers to meet him in private, and ascertained from them the time when the star had appeared. Matthew 2 : 7

There are many biblical versions available on the market, many of the older ones claim that it was three kings who followed the comet to the Holy Land and discovered that Jesus, who was God's new Messenger for the age of Pisces, had been born. However, many biblical interpreters have now discovered their errors, they are now utilizing the word astronomer which is what those three men really were.

There are other Biblical versions that are utilizing the word astrology in their translation. Astrology is a man-made science, I doubt if that particular science existed in those days. It is a good idea to remember that, in ancient days, astronomers were often referred to as star gazers.

What other forthcoming event does a comet forewarn us about.? According to the results of my own research, a comet is also a warning sign sent to mankind telling us that a certain event will soon come to pass. It is also saying, indirectly, that it will cause much hardships for mankind. The event is a cleansing process that is necessary because the world no longer abides to the teachings given to us by various prophets who were sent to us by God.

An example is the most spectacular of the known seen comets, Halleys. It was due to return close to the earth in 1986. That comet has already been seen in our skies and its coming closer to earth has already occurred. Nostradamus foresaw a drought and a terrible world wide famine that would begin some years following the appearance of that comet.

What does the word comet mean? In Latin it means hair, in Greek it translates the hairy one. In other words, it is describing a celestial body that has a long tail and which can be seen with the naked eye while it is in travelling in outer space.

Comets normally move quite rapidly in space and, for that reason, they are capable of travelling great distances on their God-sent mission. In the past, comets had a bad reputation as it was believed that they brought only famine, pestilence, war and the death of certain individuals such as Kings or officials of the state. The experts are telling us that Hailey's comet returns every 75 years. However, other experts are saying that it is a new comet that we actually see every 75 years because the first comet, which previously came, has burned itself out. It does not matter which of the two statements are true, does it?

The fact remains, a comet is always God-sent. It is being sent to us for a purpose. Nothing in the universe moves without God's knowledge or without God's will. Also there is the fact that no known comet has ever damaged anything while travelling through space, at fantastic speeds, on its Godly mission.

It is interesting to note that our own solar system travels once around the inner side of the Zodiac every 26 000 years. Our solar system came into the proximity of the Aquarius constellation during the month of May, in 1844. Aquarius has for sign the water-bearer which symbolically represents floods. Spiritually it represents the cleansing of our planet. The previous era was the age of Pisces, its sign was the fish which is the symbol that all early Christians utilized in Rome and in its vicinity.


Nostradamus has also informed us about many forthcoming calamities that are yet to come. He wrote about the coming of a comet which would be announcing blood being spilled, war, drought in certain parts of the world and eventually a world wide famine. He says, "Quand courra la comète". Which translate in English as, "When the comet shall run."

Mabus puis tost, alors mourra viendra,
De gens et beste une horrible deffaite,
Puis tout a coup la vengeance on verra,
Sang, main, soif, faim, quand courra la comette
Century 2 quatrain 62

Mabus shall come first, then death shall follow,
People and beast shall suffer horrible disaster,
Then all of a sudden, vengeance shall be seen,
Blood, hand, thirst, hunger, when the comet shall run.

It is not an easy quatrain to unseal, is it? However, some parts of the prophecy are quite clear. The word Mabus, which is mentioned in line one, may be an anagram of the word Baume with the S being removed as the writer of those quatrains often does. The meaning of that word is hardened. It could mean that men's hearts have become hardened and that they have become selfish, greedy, unspiritual, etc... Therefore, man shall be the cause of his own death which would be caused by his own wrongful actions.
2. All of these things will have an effect on both man and beast who shall both be the losers.
3. This will cause man to revenge himself on one another ; brother against brother, family against family, country against country.
4.The effect of all that is death at the hands of man himself.

The prophecy could also have been foretelling the coming of a very fanatical individual on the world scene. Mabus could be an anagram of the word ABU because Nostradamus often removed or added letters to his anagrammatical words which he often utilized in his quatrains.

Abu Nidal belonged to the Palestine liberation organization which was called Fatah. As history unfolded, Abu Nidal proved to be one of the world's worst fanatical men that has ever lived. Therefore, the prophecy may be telling us that before the third Antichrist makes himself known on the world scene that Abu Nidal would come first.

Abu Nidal was finally arrested but nothing will ever happen to him because he is dying of a dreadful disease. Nostradamus may also have tried to tell us that there would be other people who would follow in the footsteps of Abu Nidal. He said Abu shall come first, possibly meaning that there would be other individuals as bad as Nidal that would also be known under the name of Abu. I am certain that had he named them that all the name Bin Laden, the fanatical responsible for the bombing of the twin towers in New York city would be amongst them.


The great clairvoyant also wrote a very frightful quatrain pertaining to a world wide famine that will eventually visit our planet. Let us pray to God that it will not happen during our own lifetime.

La grand famine que je sens approcher,
Aouvent tourner puis estre universelle,
Si grande et longue qu'on viendra aracher,
Du bois racine, l'enfant de mamelle.
Century 1 quatrain 67

The great famine which I sense getting ever closer,
Will come often and then it will become universal,
It will be so great and will last for so long that they shall uproot,
The roots from the trees and the child from the breast of his mother.

What should one do when confronted with all of that information? We cannot depend on our politicians to give us the answers nor on religious leaders for that matter as they are always caught up in their own politics. When a very bad storm is being forecasted, is it not common sense to say that only the fools will fail to take shelter? The result being that they will contribute to their own destructions and possibly to their own deaths because of their failure to act accordingly.

Panicking is not going to help us neither nor going to the grocery store and buying everything they have on the shelves. No, those bad times will happen slowly. So the thing to do presently is to start today by storing some dry goods. Every time that you buy groceries buy a few additional dry goods and insure that you rotate them so that when the famine occurs share what you have with the needy. God will see you through that critical period of time as a reward for your generosity. In other words you must learn to help other people when help is needed, otherwise it is very unlikely that you will be able to survive the great ordeal which is awaiting us all. Why is God going to punish the world so harshly? The answer to that question is very simple : the people of this world have being ignoring Him, so God will take very strong action against all of them.


The great seer also foretold great natural catastrophes such as powerful earthquakes. Many people affirm that he gave, with precision, the month and the year of a cataclysmic earthquake. He predicted that it would be preceded by a series of volcanic eruptions comparable to the one which we had in the northwest of the United States. The explosion of Mount St-Helen was greater than that of any known atomic explosions.

Did Nostradamus give us any indication as to the time of that happening, as to the time of the great earthquake. Yes, he gave us the month of the great earthquake and even more precisely he gave us the year. Astronomers are saying that the conjunction between Jupiter and Mercury in the constellation of Capricorn will occur during the month of May in 1988. However, it would seem that some of the experts misunderstood the prophecy and should have looked farther into the future whereby the same astral conjunction will occur. Where will this great catastrophe occur at, were we given a hint? Yes we were and we were also told that hail as big as eggs would fall on planet earth possibly on the same day as that of a great earthquake.

Le tremblement si fort au mois deMay,
Saturne, Caper, Mercure au Boeuf;
Venus aussi, Cancer, Mars en Nonnay,
Tombera gresle lors plus grosse qu'un oeuf.
Century 10 quatrain 6

The strong earthquake shall be felt in the month of May,
Saturne in Capricorn, Mercury in Taurus,
Venus also in Taurus, Mars in the middle of Cancer (Nonnay),
Hail shall then fall bigger than an egg.

It is a double prophecy that the great Seer has given us. On May 12, of the year 2021, the planets Saturn and Mercury will be in close proximity to the constellation of Taurus. During the same month of the same year, the Planets Mercury and Venus will also be close to the constellation of Taurus. On June 25 of the year 2021, the planet Mars shall be in the middle of the Cancer constellation very similarly to the middle of the day at high noon (Nonnay). It is on that day that hail bigger than an egg shall fall.

Remember what the great Seer has also told us in his writings. He said that none of those things have to happen, it depends on us and on what we do and on how we live between now and then, the choice is ours. Man can become the master of his own destiny, if he so wishes. Can the people of this world realize it? The day of the great earthquake will be between May 12 to May 27 of the year 2021. The planet Saturn will be in the constellation of Capricorn while the planets Mercury and Venus will be close to the constellation of Taurus on the same day.

Where will this great earthquake occur at? He has told us, "Autour de cite neuve", meaning close to a new city or close to a city which has been renewed or has been rebuilt.

Ennosigee, feu du centre de terre,
Fera embler autour de Cite Neufue;
Deux grands rocher long temps ferot la guerre,
Puis Arethusa rougira nouveau fleuve.
Century 1 quatrain 85

Under the city, fire from the centre of the earth,
Shall shake (the ground) near the renewed city,
Two great rocks (plates) shall have long warred against each other,
Then Arethusa shall redden the new seaway.

Ennosigee may be a derivative of Egide. In the English language, it translates aegis meaning, 'Under the.' So, the meaning here could be, under the city, fire....two great rocks. In other words, two great earth plates which have long warred against one another. (San Andrea's fault?)

Arethusa was a mystical nymph which was changed by the Greek goddess Artemis. It was changed into a stream which came out at a far distant place from its origin, it emptied itself into the Sea. So, the meaning of the quatrain could very well be that the stream beneath the soil shall redden (dirty) the new seaway.

Is it possible that the great clairvoyant foresaw the destruction of San Francisco and Los Angeles, they are sitting on two warring rocks, the San Andrea's fault? The fault begins in Mexico and then goes closely by the city of San Francisco to continue on right up to the north of the country through Alaska. There are two tectonic plates in the eastern part of the Pacific Ocean and when pressure builds up between the two, caused by their constant rubbing with one another, they try to override one another. The result of that action is an earthquake.

Lets keep in mind the fact that, in 1906, San Francisco was destroyed by a fantastically strong earthquake. It would probably have registered very high on the Richter scale, if that scale existed then. However, San Francisco was rebuilt after the earthquake and it became a new city. Some people still insist on living close to the San Andrea's fault regardless of all the warnings which have been given concerning that fault. What can I say, human beings are sometimes very inactive. Their inactions often escapes all logic and becomes the cause of their death.

The probability of another earthquake like the one that occurred in 1906 is very real. Not only is it very real but its occurring has been prophesied. Remember what we have been told, "Two great rocks which have for a long time warred against one another."

The great clairvoyant has also prophesied that many catastrophes would be world wide. According to a certain scientific theory, the displacement of the North Pole is now in the making causing great pressures and possibly new fissures in the earth's plates. The north pole is constantly being pushed towards Hudson Bay, causing more and more ice to melt as every year goes by. It is possible that eventually all of the ice on Greenland will melt causing oceans to rise. The latest scientific reports are that Greenland's ice is melting away, faster and faster as every year goes by. The arctic ice is also disappearing at a fast rate. The latest findings are that the glaciers have recently receded another nine miles.

In truth, all of this will be the return of a great flood. Did God not prophecy, when he spoke through his prophets, that he would not send another flood on the earth as he did in the time of Noah? No, what God actually promised was that all of mankind would not be annihilated by another flood. Let us study those words for ourselves. They are recorded in chapter nine of the biblical writings that have been labelled Genesis.

Never again shall the waters become a flood to destroy all living creatures. Genesis 9 : 15

Does a new flood mean that all of the earth's surface will be covered with water as it was in the time of Noah? No, Noah's great flood is a mystery which has not been well understood. Almost every week, we hear of a flash flood in a certain city in a certain part of the world. The following week, we hear of another flash flood occurring in some other city and in another part of the world. Those floods will continue to come for many more years. The flood that the great Seer wrote about began with the age of Aquarius that began in 1844, it will probably terminate well into the future.

For those of you who have read the various presentations, pertaining to the topic of Creation, you already know that the mentioned biblical flood was only universal upon a single continent which was the continent of Atlantis. You also know that it symbolically represents a great flood of events whereby the people of that continent warred against one another until they annihilated themselves and their continent.

Scientists, who have lately concluded a year-long research of the Canadian Arctic, have discovered that the arctic ice is melting very fast and that the ice is a lot less thicker than it was when verified only a few years ago. How many of you have seen the movie water world which featured the actor Kevin Costner? Is it what God has in mind for mankind on this planet? If you have not seen the movie, then I suggest that you rent it out and see for yourself what God may possibly have in mind for all of mankind on this planet.

If we do not pay attention to what is happening in the world, such as flash floods which are occurring in different parts of our world, then maybe we had better learn to become good swimmers so that we are capable of reaching high ground or maybe we should begin to build an ark. According to the book of Genesis, the earth originally consisted of a single continent. Now the continents are numerous and the oceans are continuing to rise. 3/5 of the earth surface is already covered with water, what will happen when 4/5 of our world becomes covered with water? We will be left with possibly only one continent or a few small islands. What will we have, a world which is mostly covered with water. A water world!

In the writings of God's new Revelation that He has given to our world, the son of Michael of Persia has told us in a very peculiar way that all of the ice would someday melt from Greenland, if we began to pray. Was he trying to forewarn us of a great future happening of serious consequences for this planet? Some of those sayings are very interesting, are they not? He has also told us to watch the area where the Panama canal goes through. He said, that in the future, that area would be of great importance to us. If the oceans continue to rise, perhaps the Panama canal will no longer be necessary because both oceans, the Atlantic and the Pacific, will have become one ocean.

Remember what has been said about water world? Is the same thing about to happen to the earth in a few years time? Will most of the earth be someday covered with water? Will it be God's revenge on the world because we failed to listen to His envoys, to His prophets and Messengers which He continuously sends to us and which we continuously disregard?

People of the world! Wake up or soon, very soon, you may find yourself swimming towards higher ground.

It is interesting to note that all of the old-world religions, including Christianity, do not have the answers that can cure the various illnesses of our world, but the new one does. Check it out for yourself, the investigation of the truth does not cost anything with the exception of a little bit of your spare time. We all have a lot of it, don't we?

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