We shall soon discover that the motto of many of the Popes had been predicted by a 12th century Roman Catholic Archbishop. We shall also discover that Nostradamus foretold certain happenings to some of the Popes. He has left us some very valuable information in some of his quatrains.

Saint Malachy, a twelve century Christian Archbishop, has very accurately labelled every Pope who was nominated to that position well into the future. In the inscriptions which Malachy has left us, he has also told us that the Pope, whose name or motto will be Peter, will be the last one to reign over Christianity. We shall soon study some of those sayings pertaining to many of the Popes as they were written by that Archbishop of the Roman Catholic church who was obviously a very great spiritual being whom God gave the power to foresee the future.

Malachy O'Morgair was born some 550 years after the death of St Colombcille. He was the Archbishop of Armagh. After his death, he was canonized by the Catholic church as Saint Malachy. He had visions of all the future reigning Popes. He wrote down in very few words what he saw in those visions. He jotted down 112 inscriptions that would later identify all future Roman Catholic Popes following the reigning Pope of his days which was Innocent the II.

Malachy's long time friend, St Bernard de Clairvaux, claimed that the Archbishop of Armagh even predicted his own death which occurred in 1148. His inscriptions of the future Popes did not get published until 1595. A Benedictine historian by the name of Arnold Wion discovered the inscriptions and made them available to the public. The following are some of those inscriptions.

Pope Alexander the VII (1655-1667). His family crest consisted of three hills underneath a star. St Malachy wrote, 'Montium Custos', meaning guardian of the hills.

Pope Clement XIII (1758-1769). That Pope came from Umbria whose symbol is the rose. Malachy wrote, 'Rosa Umbria', meaning the rose of Umbria.

Pope Clement XIV (1831-1846). He sponsored archaeological research in the ancient baths of the Province of Etruria. The inscription reads, 'De balneis Etruria', meaning from the baths of Etruria.

Pope Benedict XV (1914-1922). Malachy wrote, 'Religio depopulata', meaning religion depopulated. Pope Benedict reigned during World War I, it was the time in history whereby millions of Christians died. It was also the time of the Russian revolution of 1917 which caused the isolation of 200 million Christians from their church.

Pope John the XXIII (1958-1963). He was the Patriarch of Venice, he may be symbolically considered as a sailor. He was also called the good Shepherd. He intended to change the course of the Roman Catholic Church. Malachy wrote, "Pastor et Nauta", meaning shepherd and sailor.

Pope Paul the VI carried a fleur de lys on his coat of arms. The following was written, 'Flors Florum', meaning flower of flowers.

Pope John Paul I (Aug 26,1978 to Sept 28, 1978) was the shortest reigning Pope. He died between the full moons of September 16 to October 16 of the same year. The inscription concerning him reads, 'De meditate lunae', meaning from the middle moon.

Pope John Paul II recently died . He has done extensive travelling from the eastern part of the planet to the most western parts. His travels are similar to the sun which always arises in the east to eventually make its way through the western sky. The Archbishop wrote, 'De Labore Solis', meaning from the sun's labour.

Glory of the Olive is the motto of the present Pope, Benedict XV1. St Malachy wrote, "Gloria Olivae."

There are many countries in Europe who cultivate the Olives. Germany is one of those countries, it has a valley whereby olive trees grow well. The present pope, Benedict XV1, was born and raised closely by. Therefore can we not say that his motto, "the glory of the olive", explains itself?

After Rome has elected a new Pope who will be the last Pope to reign over his church, and whose motto or name will be Peter, Christianity will most probably diminish as a world religion after great world calamities have been felt. It will diminish because the people of this world will finally discover that the Spirit of Christ, the Spirit of truth, returned to the earth in 1853 and gave the world new teachings that will eventually allow humanity to continue to move forward spiritually as well as materially, but this time it will be a peaceful motion.

The people of this world, those who will be still alive after the calamitous events, will also discover that God has given us twelve new principles to live by and those new principles have been labelled as the 12 precious jewels in the writings of Revelation. The proof :

The foundations of the city wall were adorned with jewels of every kind, the first of the foundation-stones being jasper, the second lapis lazuli, the third chalcedony, the fourth emerald, the fifth sardonynx, the sixth cornelian, the seventh chrysolite, the eight beryl, the ninth topaz, the tenth chrysoprase, the eleventh turquoise, and the twelfth amethyst. The twelve gates were twelve pearls, each gate being made from a single pearl. The streets of the city were of pure gold, like translucent glass. Revelation 21 : 15 to 21 : 21

The Archbishop of Armagh wrote, 'Petrus Romanus', meaning Peter of Rome. Then he wrote a final postscript pertaining to the last Pope who will reign over Christianity.

In the final persecution of the Roman Church, there shall sit Peter of Rome, who shall feed the sheep among great tribulations. When these have passed, the City of the Seven Hills will be destroyed and the dreadful judge will judge the people. Malachy O'Morgair

Peter of Rome will be the last Christian Pope to reign over Christianity, he will also be the Pope of the Apocalypse. He will be the last Pope to reign over the Christian church of Rome while great calamities are in full swing. His reign and that of Christianity will also end with the destruction of Rome by the drastic forthcoming events. What a great calamity it will be for all of mankind! And yet, what a wonderful new springtime it will be for humanity which will then be armed with God's new teachings which He has given the world when He Manifested Himself through a new Messenger.

It is interesting to note that the Christian church of Rome is not the true Christian church. The early Christian church was born in Greece, it was the true historical Christian church. That is where God sent many of the Apostles and disciples of Christ to teach Christianity, to Greece not Rome. The corruption of the Christian church of Rome began under the guidance of the Roman Emperors, beginning with Constantine.

After the death of the last Pope, and the possible destruction of Rome, it will unfortunately be the death of Christianity as we know it. Will the people of this world begin to search for the real truth and eventually discover that God did indeed send a new Messenger to mankind? His new envoy has told us what to do in order to arrive at a lasting peace on this planet but very few people have searched for him so far and very few are ready to accept what he has brought us. Most people are too attached to their old family religions that are thousands of years old. They are not taking the time to search for the new teachings that God has already given us. What will it take to awaken mankind on this planet, its complete destruction?

Why will God allow that the Holy father and his church be destroyed? Will he allow Rome, the city of seven hills, to be annihilated? Let us remember that God has sent us two great Messengers to help humanity to advance on a surer footing. The first came to us in 1844, he was the young messenger of Shiraz who came to us under the title of the Door. He opened the door to a new era and to a new set of happenings. The second came in 1853, nine years later. We have already studied who were those two great God sent personalities. For more valuable information, I suggest that you study the presentations pertaining to the complete unsealing of Revelation.

Humanity as a whole is still ignoring both of those God-sent Messengers, we will pay the price because of our ignorance. God gave mankind one hundred years to discover those Messengers that He sent to us. He wants the people of this world to study what they have brought us. Unfortunately, the 100 years have already passed us by, they terminated in 1992. God has promised to send us calamity after calamity until we decide to accept the young messenger of Shiraz, whose title is the Door, and to accept Michael, the father of humanity and the great King of Glory. He was God's Messenger for this era. It would seem that no one wants to accept His strange name which means the Glory of God in English.

The Biblical Michael, the promised King of Glory and the Lord of Lords, wrote a letter to the Pope who reigned during his lifetime, Pope Pius the 1X. He explained to him who he was and what was his earthly mission. He has also written similar letters to all the leaders of the world but no one answered him with the exception of the Queen of England, Queen Victoria. The King of glory answered her by saying : "Because you have responded favourably to my letter, your reign shall be a long reign". As you most probably already know her reign was long.


* Rend the veils asunder. He Who is the Lord of Lords is come overshadowed with clouds, and the decree has been fulfilled by God, the Almighty, the Unrestrained...
In His right hand flow the living waters of grace, and on His left the choice Wine of justice, while before Him march the angels of Paradise, bearing the banners of His signs...
Arise in the name of your Lord, the God of Mercy, amidst the peoples of the earth, and seize the Cup of Life with the hands of confidence...
Call to remembrance Him Who was the Spirit (Jesus), Who when He came, the most learned of His age pronounced judgment against Him in His own country,...
Consider those who opposed the Son (Jesus), when He came unto them with sovereignty and power.
None save a very few, who were destitute of any power amongst men, turned towards His face...
The Word which the Son concealed is made manifest. It has been sent down in the form of the human temple in this day...
This is the day whereon the Rock (Peter) cried out and shouted, and celebrated the praise of its Lord, the All-Possessing, the Most High, saying: "Lo! The Father is come..


Incline your ear unto that which the Fashioner of mouldering bones counsels you...
Thus has bidden you He Who is the Possessor of Names, on the part of your Lord, the Almighty, the All-Knowing...
Leave them unto such as desire them, and cleave unto that which has been enjoined upon you by Him Who is the Lord of creation...
Should the inebriation of the wine of My verses seize you, and you determine to present yourself before the throne of your Lord, the Creator of earth and heaven, make My love your vesture...
Verily, the day of ingathering is come, and all things have been separated from each other...

Rome never answered the King of Glory's letter which was written by the hand of God's new Messenger. Pope John the XXIII, in his Encyclical which he wrote, accepted all the twelve principles which are the twelve jewels mentioned in the writings of Revelation. Those principles were given to us by the King of Glory. Shortly after he wrote his Encyclical, Pope John was found dead in his bed and the cause of his death is still unknown.

It is a very strange happening, is it not? A Pope who was in excellent health one day and the next day he is found dead in his bed. The Vatican gave no explanations to anyone concerning his death. They are now saying that Pope John was suffering from cancer which could be true, although I doubt that it was the cause of his death because cancer always makes a person painfully sick before that person dies of that dreadful disease. I know because I am dying of cancer of the bones and I know how bad the pain can be at times.

Nostradamus wrote many quatrains describing many of the Popes of Rome. The following quatrain may be saying that Pope John the XXIII was assassinated by his own people during the quiet hours of the night.

Esleu en Pape, d'esleu seramocque,
subit soudain, esmeu prompt timide,
Par trop bon doux a mourir provoque,
Crainte estainte la nuit de sa mort guide.
Century 10 quatrain 12

The elected Pope, shall be mocked by those who elected him,
Shall be suddenly reduced to silence, promptly and carefully,
Because he had been too good and too soft which provoked his death,
Having no fear, was led to his death during the quiet hours of the night.

Pope John the XXIII was the nicest and the softest Pope of all the Popes of past eras. He has been recognized by the whole world for his great love for humanity. During his reign, he was also given the Nobel peace price. What else can I add to what has already being said? Is it possible that he was murdered by some of the leaders of his own church because of his encyclical that contained the same principles that God's new Messenger gave to the world?

Although the church of Rome forbade in the past to have the body of any of the Popes cremated, they broke all past rulings and did it anyway. It is a practice that they forbade in the past. Why now, were they trying to hide something that they did not want us to know?

Only God knows the answer to that important question, with the exception of those who may have led him to his death in the middle of the night. Rome still does not want to accept that God has spoken to us through another great Messenger. What will it take to awaken them? Obviously their destruction will do it but what a price to pay for not listening to God's Messenger and to God's message which was addressed to all of humanity.

According to saint Malacky the Pope who will follow John Paul II, who recently died, will have for motto, 'Gloria Olivae', which means the glory of the olive. Then, following the Glory of the Olive will come a Pope whose motto will be Peter. He will be he last Pope to reign over Christianity which will be replaced by a new world religion that will be capable of tackling the present illnesses of our world.

There is another remarkable quatrain whereby the great clairvoyant foresaw a Pope that would be sick while in exile, away from his Roman environment. As a matter of fact, he says that the mentioned Pope will be so sick that he will be spitting blood.

Romain Pontife garde de t'approcher,
De la citÚ que deux fleuues arrouse,
Ton sang viendra aupres de lÓ cracher,
Toy et les tiens quand fleurira la rose.
Century 2 quatrain 97

Roman Pontiff beware not to approach,
The city watered by two rivers,
Because you will spit blood,
You and yours when the rose is in bloom

That particular quatrain pertains to Pope Pius the VI who was imprisoned in Valence, in France, by the french government. That particular incident occurred in 1799, Napoleon the first was responsible for that action. The two rivers which are mentioned in the quatrain are the Rhone river and the Saone river who both flow through the city of Lyon in France.

In the summer of 1799, in Valence, Pope Pius the VI had an acute intestinal attack while being held a prisoner in a foreign land. It occurred while the rose was in bloom, meaning during the summer of that year. The Pope was spitting blood. There were also numerous priests who were held prisoner with the Pope, they are those mentioned in the quatrain as, 'les tiens', meaning yours or others like you.

The following pertains to Nostradamus' last prophecy and to his death :

Nostradamus' last prophecy - The death of Nostradamus