Nostradamus wrote an interesting quatrain pertaining to the day whereby all life on our planet will come to an end. Somehow the moon will be knocked out of its orbit, leaving the earth without a moon circling around it. It will disappear, probably taking an orbit around another planet of our solar system. Twenty years after its disappearance, the planet earth will dry up and become void of any water whatsoever. Which also means that the earth will eventually become void of all forms of life and will most probably cease to exist as a green planet.

However, the famous Seer also seems to be saying that life will somehow continue on somewhere else. Perhaps life as we know it will continue on a planet of another solar system, in another constellation or in another universal galaxy. The fact that we have been warned means that there will be ample time to move the remainder of mankind to another planet within our gigantic universe that has life similar to the planet earth. Perhaps our space brothers will help to relocate the remnant of mankind from this planet, or perhaps the earthly races will simply die out because we are defective and are not doing God's will. We have failed to search for God and for the Messengers that He continuously sends to us.

Scientists have been telling us that the moon is moving farther and farther away from the earth as every year goes by. It is only moving away at the rate of approximately an inch per year. However, after a few thousand years, or even less than that, it could possibly leave its orbit around the earth and then take on an orbit around some other planet belonging to our solar system. Perhaps that is what has happened in the past to the planet Mars which seemed to have had a lot of water at one time.

Vingt ans du regne de la lune passez,
Sept mil ans autre tiendra sa monarchie,
Quand le soleil prendra ses jours laissez,
Lors accompli a fin ma Prophecie.
Century 1 quatrain 48

Twenty years after the moon has ceased to be (slave of) the reigning planet (the earth),
Seven thousand years will have elapsed, then another shall be the reigning planet,
When the sun has resumed his past work,
Then is fulfilled and terminated my (last) prophecy.

The prophecy may be telling us that twenty years after the disappearance of our moon, around the year 7 000, the earth will die as a planet. In other words, all forms of life will cease to exist on earth. Many people, and especially many scientists, do not seem to be aware that life on earth will cease to exist if we should lose the magnetic effect of the moon. The moon causes the oceanic tides which rises and falls daily.

Inland, the effect of the moon is to pull the water out of the ground which in turn forms all the various streams, the various rivers and the many lakes. Without the moon's attraction, all rivers and lakes would soon dry up and then soon after all forms of life on earth would cease to exist. The planet earth would then most probably begin to resemble the dead planet, the planet Mars.

The quatrain may be saying that another planet, somewhere in our universe, would then come to life. Thus, God's creation goes on and on and on. It has no beginning and it has no end. Although the writings of Genesis say, "In the beginning", it is a reference to the Creation of various constellations contained in our Zodiac and of our own solar system which contains many planets including the earth. It is not a reference to the creation of the universe, which has obviously existed for a very long time; perhaps it has always existed. Is it not true that the universe is continuously expanding as God's Creation continuously goes on and on?

Our solar system, which is part of the Zodiac, is the only one that rotates on the inner side of it. It moves in close proximity to the 12 constellations of the Zodiac, one after the other, until it has returned to the same point of departure 26 000 years later.


The great French clairvoyant also predicted his own death that occurred on July 2, 1566. It was the end of his foretelling the future on this planet. It was also the end of his writing those fascinating quatrains which forewarned us about so many futuristic calamitous events. Some of those are still forthcoming, they are in our very near future.

De retour d'ambassade, don de roy mis au lieu,
Plus n'en fera: sera alle a Dieu,
Parans plus proches, amis, freres du sang,
Trouve tout mort pres du lict et du banc.
Presage 141

On his returning to his home from the embassy, having secured the kings gift,
He will be no more, (his spirit) having returned to God,
Nearby will be his close family, his friends and his brothers,
He will be found dead near the bed and the bench.

His family found him dead, laying on the floor of his room. So ebbed away one of the greatest wise men ever sent to humanity by the Almighty God himself. He was buried in the ancient temple of the Mineurs Brothers in France, in the walls of the Saint-Laurent church. His coffin was sealed into the walls but standing up. His son Caesar had an epitaph composed in his honour. It is an epitaph befitting a great man who was most certainly a great sear, an unusual clairvoyant, a wise man, and perhaps a very unusual prophet.

To God the greatest, Here, lies the bones of the great renowned Michel de Nostredame, regarded dignified among all mortal beings to describe the movement of the stars, the universe, future happenings with a pen almost Divine.

The wife of the great Seer wrote:

"He lived for 62 years, six months and ten days, he died at Salon, in 1566. Do not be jealous of his rest, O you who shall follow in his footsteps".

Signed,Anna Pontia Gemella

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