Nostradamus wrote a very long letter to the King of France, Henry II. It was in reality destined to all the heads of states of his days and of the future. He predicted many happenings of great importance, including the coming of three diabolical men whom he gave the name of "Antichrist" and who would become major players on the international scene. Proofs are given after each paragraph of that epistle, of that letter.

It is by studying his letter very closely that we notice that it was not written mainly for the pleasure of the king of France, Henry the second. It was intended for all the heads of states of his own era and of future eras also. Nostradamus invites humanity to guard itself against the tyranny of three great apocalyptical figures who would cause many afflictions on a global scale. He also states that there will be many inundations which shall hit various areas of the planet. This has already begun to happen, flash floods have been and are continuing to effect many parts of the world. He says that all low lands shall be inundated, one after the other.

He seems to predict that certain events may be initiated by enemies of the western world. Then will come an era of a most great peace which shall last for no less than a thousand years. That millenary of peace will then be broken for a short while. It will be a short verbal war amongst the people who live on this planet. However, generally speaking, mankind will refuse to take part in such perversity. The most great peace will then prevail for eras and many more eras to come. The planet will then be under the banner of unity, never again shall disunity be seen on this earth. Wars and conflicts between the various people of this planet will no longer be remembered, it will become part of the past and be completely forgotten.


1--- To the most invincible, most high, and most Christian King of France, Henry the Second : Michael Nostradamus, his most obedient servant and subject, wishes victory and happiness.

2--- By reason of that singular observation, O most Christian and victorious King, my face, which had been cloudy a great while, did present itself before your immeasurable Majesty. I have been ever since perpetually dazzled, continually honouring and worshipping that day, in which I presented myself before it, as before a singular and humane Majesty. Now seeking after some occasion whereby might appear the goodness and sincerity of my heart and extend my acquaintance toward your most excellent Majesty, and seeing that it was impossible for me to declare it by effects, as well as because of the darkness and obscurity of my mind, even for the enlightening it did receive from the face of the greatest Monarch in the world. It was a great while before I could resolve to whom I should dedicate these three last Centuries of my Prophecies, which make the complete thousand. After I had a long time considered, I have with a great temerity made my address to your Majesty, being no way daunted by it, as the great author Plutarch related in the Life of Lycurgus, that, seeing the offerings and gifts that were sacrificed in the temples of the heathen gods, many came no more, lest the people should wonder at the expense.

3--- Notwithstanding, seeing your royal splendour joined with an incomparable humanity, I have made my address to it, not as to the Kings of Persia, of whom to come near it was forbidden, but as to a most prudent and wise prince. I have dedicated my nocturnal and prophetical calculations, written rather by a natural instinct and poetical furore than by any rules of poetry and the most part of it written and agreeing with the years, months, and weeks, of the regions, countries and most of the towns and cities in Europe; touching also something of Africa, and of a part of Asia, by the change of regions that come near to those climates, and compounded in a natural fashion. But some may answer (who has a need to blow his nose) that the rhyme is as easy to be understood, as the sense is hard to get at. Therefore, O most humane King, most of the prophetical stanzas are so difficult, that there is no way to be found for the interpretation of them. Nevertheless, being in hope of setting down the towns, cities, and regions, wherein most of those shall happen, especially in the year 1585, and in the year 1606, beginning from this present time, which is the fourteen of March 1557.

4--- Going further to the fulfilling of those things, which shall be in the beginning of the seventh millenary, according to my astronomical calculation and other learning which I could reach (at which time the adversaries of Christ and of His Church shall begin to multiply), all has been composed and calculated in days and hours of election, and well disposed, and all as accurately as was possible for me to do. And the whole "Minerva libera et non invita." (when Minerva was free and favourable) calculating almost as much of the time that is come, as of that which is past, comprehending it in the present time, and by what the course of the said time shall be known to happen in all regions punctually as it is here written, adding nothing superfluous, although it be said "Quod de mfuturis non est determinata omnino veritas." (There can be no truth entirely determined for certain which concerns the future). It is very true, Sir, that by my natural instinct given me by my progenitors, I did think I could foretell anything; but having made an agreement between this said instinct of mine, and a long calculation of art, and by a great tranquillity and repose of mind, by emptying my soul of all care, I have foretold most part of these ex tripod oeneo (by the brass tripod), though there be many who attribute to me some things that are no more mine that what is nothing at all. Only the eternal God, who is the searcher of men's hearts, being pious, just, and merciful, is the true Judge of it; him I beseech to defend me from the calumny of wicked men, who would as willingly question how all your ancient progenitors, the Kings of France, have healed the disease called the Kings-evil; how some other nations have cured the biting of venomous beasts; others have had a certain instinct to foretell things that are to come, and of others too tedious to be here inserted. Notwithstanding those in whom the malignancy of the wicked spirit shall not be suppressed by length of time, I hope that after my decease my work shall be in more esteem that when I was alive.

5--- However, if I should fail in the calculation of times, or should not please some, may it please your most imperial Majesty to forgive me, protesting before God and His Saints, that I do not intend to insert anything in writing in this present Epistle that may be contrary to the true Catholic faith, while consulting the astronomical calculations, according to my learning. For the space of times of our fathers that have been before us are such, submitting myself to the correction of the most learned, that the first man Adam was before Noah, about one thousand two hundred and forty-two years, not computing the time according to the Gentile records, as Varro did, but only according to the Sacred Scriptures, taking them as a guide to my astronomical calculations, and to the best of my understanding. After Noah and the universal flood, about a thousand and fourscore years, came Abraham, who was a supreme astrologer, (Note: that word should have been translated astronomer because It is doubtful that astrology existed in those days because it is a created science) according to most men's opinion, and did first invent the Chaldean letters; after that came Moses, some five hundred and fifteen or sixteen years after. And between the time of David and Moses there passed about five hundred and seventy years. After which, between the time of David and that of our Saviour and Redeemer Jesus Christ, born of the Virgin Mary, there passed (according to some chronographers) 1350 years.

6---Some may object, that this calculation is not true; because it differs from that of Eusebius. And from the time of human redemption to that of execrable seduction of the Saracens, have passed six hundred and four and twenty years or thereabouts (604-620). From that time hitherto, it is easy to gather what times are past. If my computations be not good among all nations, however, all has been calculated by the course of the celestial bodies (astronomy) joined with emotion infused in me a certain loose hours, the emotion which has been handed down to me by my ancient progenitors. But the danger at this time (most excellent King) requires that such secret events should not be manifested except by an enigmatical sentence, having but one sense and only one intelligence, without having mixed with it any ambiguous or amphibological calculation. But rather under a cloudy obscurity, through a natural infusion, coming near to the sentence of one of the thousand and two prophets, that have been since the Creation of the world, according to the calculation and Punic Chronicle of Joel: "Effundum spiritum meun superomnen carnem et prophetabunt filii vestri, et filiae vestrae." Thereafter the day shall come when I will pour out my spirit on all mankind; your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams and your young men see visions; Joel 2 : 28 But such a prophecy did proceed from the mouth of the Holy Spirit, who was supreme and eternal power, which being come with that of the celestial bodies, has caused some of them to predict great and wonderful things.

7--- For my part I challenge no such thing in this place, God forbid. I confess truly, that all comes from God, for which I give him thanks, honour, and praise, without having mixed anything of that divination which proceeds à fato, but à Deo, à natura (which proceeds from fate, but from God and nature). And most of it is joined with the motion and course of the celestial bodies, much as if seeing in a lens, and through a cloudy vision, the great and sad events, the prodigious and calamitous accidents that shall befall the worshippers. First upon the temple of God, and secondly upon those who draw their support from the earth, this draws near, with a thousand other calamitous accidents, which shall be known in the course of time.

In paragraphs one to seven of his letter, Nostradamus explains his method of prophesying the future. He attempts to discourage certain people from trying to unseal the true meanings of his quatrains. He says that no one will ever be able to make any sense of them and that each one of those quatrains has only one meaning. So beware of those who say that the quatrains have multiple meanings, Nostradamus says that they do not.

Later on, he tells his son Caesar that the people of this world will finally begin to understand his strangely assembled quatrains but it will only happen in his son's future. He also attempted to tell us that daily happenings are not pre-destined.

Although God sends many envoys to this world in order to help us, they are not always successful through no fault of their own. If the people of this world did not hinder them or continuously harass them, they would definitely be able to carry out the mission which they were sent to do.

In his letter, he goes on to say that his ability to read the future comes from God. It is obviously the result of his great faith in Him. He then warns Astrologers, not Astronomers, to stay away from his writings. He tells them not to read falsities into his quatrains. He then goes on to say that true prophecies are descended from God and that they are a warning for mankind, to inform us that we are heading towards disastrous events which are the results of man's own actions which humanity as a whole is entirely responsible.

8--- For God will take notice of the barrenness of the great Dame, who afterwards shall conceive two principal children. But, being in danger, she will give birth with risk at her age of death in the eighteenth year, and not able to go beyond thirty-six, shall leave behind her three males and one female, and will have two who never had the same father. The differences between the two brothers shall be such, though united and agreed, that the three and four parts of Europe will tremble. By the lesser in years shall the Christian monarchy be upheld and augmented; sects shall rise and presently be put down again; the Arabians shall be put back; kingdoms shall be united and new laws made. Concerning the other children, the first shall possess the crowned Lions, holding their paws upon the escutcheons. The second, well attended by the Latins, will go so deep among the Lions, that a second trembling and furious descent will be made, to get upon the Pyrenees Mountains. The ancient monarchy shall not be transferred, and the third inundation of human blood shall happen; also for a good while Mars shall not be in Lent.

In paragraph eight, Nostradamus begins to describe various future happenings. He does not follow any logical sequence of events but intermixes them, he tries to mislead the reader. He was very wise, he knew that only in his very far future would mankind be capable of unsealing and comprehending the true meaning of his writings. At the beginning of paragraph eight, the great Dame or lady that he is referring to is none other than Marie Antoinette who gave birth to two principal children. The first one was named Marie Thérèse Charlotte who later became the Duchess of Angoulème. Marie Antoinette's second child, Louis Joseph, was born in 1781. He died in 1789.

Marie Antoinette also gave birth to another son on March 27, 1785, he was referred to as the Dauphin by Joan of Arc. Later on, he became Louis XVII. Thus, Marie Antoinette had two principal children. "For God will take notice of the long barrenness of the great Dame who afterwards shall conceive two principal children."

When Marie Antoinette and her husband, the king of France, were arrested and imprisoned their two principal children were also imprisoned with them in what was then called the tuillerie palace.

The reference made in the letter to the 18th year is a reference to an era of turmoil which was the 18th century.

The meaning of not going beyond 36 references the end of the French monarchy. It occurred after the reign of the 36th King of France.

Later on, the great Seer says that 1792 was the precise year for the termination of the French monarchy.

...shall leave behind her three males and one female." It is another indirect reference to Royalty, including Marie Antoinette's daughter. After the death of Louis XVII, three others ascended to the throne; they were Louis XVIII, Charles X and Louis Philippe I. The one female mentioned by him was Marie Antoinette's daughter who was known under the name of Madame Royale and who was given the title of Duchess of Angoulème.

...and there shall be two who never had the same father." It is a reference to two Emperors of France, to Napoleon the first and to Napoleon the third. It is quite obvious, if you remember your history correctly, that those two Emperors never had the same father.

The three brothers mentioned represent three Kings, Charles X, Louis XVIII, and Louis XVI.

History relates to us that Napoleon I and Napoleon III did indeed make three parts of Europe tremble.

Various Monarchs ruled France between the year 496 to the end of that Monarchy in 1792. Many sects ascended to power during the French revolution, each and everyone of them fighting for supremacy. One sect would be put down, defeated, then another would take over and so on and so on...

The decline of Arabian power began with the conquest of Algeria by France in 1830. Algeria was captured by Marshall AV. Debourmont in July of that year. The French began to occupy the Sahara, a task which was accomplished by the year 1901. However, Algeria has since regained its independence after a bitter guerilla warfare against the people of France who where their conquerors.

The crowned Lions are the various Kingdoms conquered by Napoleon, each one of those Kingdoms contained a Lion in their coat of arms. They were Spain, the Netherlands, Italy, etc. The second mentioned represents another Napoleon. In other words, Napoleon the third. The mentioned Pyrene mountains are located between France and Spain. Thus, it is a reference to Napoleon's invasion of Spain.

The ancient (French Monarchy) was not transferred because it was eventually replaced by a Republic.

The first inundation of human blood was the Napoleonic wars. The second inundation was the French-Prussian war, the third inundation was the war of 1914-1918 which has been referred to as the great conflict that was fought in trenches.

Symbolically speaking, the planet Mars represents war. Therefore, Nostradamus attempted to warn us that many wars would be fought in his future and that much human blood would be shed during those very disastrous and calamitous events.

9--- The daughter shall be given for the preservation of the Church, the dominator of it falling into the Pagan sect of the new unbelievers, and she will have two children, one from faithfulness, and the other from unfaithfulness, by the confirmation of the Catholic Church. The other, who to his confusion and late repentance, shall go about to ruin her, shall have three regions over a wide extent of leagues, that is to say, the Roman, the German, and the Spanish, and it will take a military hand to adequately take care of the area stretching from the 50th to the 52 degree of latitude. And all those remote regions north above the 48 degree, who by vain fright shall quake, and then those of the west, south and east shall tremble because of their power, and the power of that what shall be done cannot be undone by warlike power. They shall be equal in nature, but much different in faith.

In paragraph nine of his letter Nostradamus symbolically refers to his own country, France, as the daughter or la fille. We have to remember the history of France in order to realize that Napoleon the first had, at one time in his career, made a rapprochement with the Catholic Church. He also stated that Roman Catholicism was the accepted religion for the majority of French citizens. Thus, the prophecy should read, "The Republic of France shall be for the preservation of the Christian church."

The dominator of it represents the Tsar of Russia and the pagan sect of the new unbelievers represents communism.

The two children mentioned by him represents communism and Christianity. The time period is 1917 and the struggle mentioned was between the Catholic church and the communist party in the Baltic states of the Soviet Union.

The other to be born represents the German Nazi party of world war II which unsuccessfully attempted to destroy communism. The different alliances mentioned represents three countries. It represents Italy under the leadership of the dictator Mussolini, Spain under the leadership of dictator General Franco and Japan under the leadership of an Emperor.

The dictator Mussolini had seized power in Italy in 1922, Hitler was named to the Chancellery in Germany in 1933 and Franco had seized power in Spain in 1936. Japan had attacked Pearl harbor, which is the pearl of the Pacific ocean that is located in Hawaii. Those islands are part of the United States of America, thus Japan went to war against the United States and aligned itself with Nazi Germany.

The area which stretches from the 50th to the fifty second degree of latitude is, of course, Great Britain which lies on the fifty first parallel. The city of London is situated on the fifty first parallel and thirty minutes. The great clairvoyant was referring to England which would not be invaded during world war II. The strong leadership of the shrewd politician Sir Winston Churchill scared Hitler from making an invasion attempt on their soil.

Winston Churchill : saying, "We shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight in the fields, we shall fight in the streets." That saying had most likely made Hitler think twice before making any attempt to invade the British Isles and the English soils.

The different power mentioned represents the axis power of the world war II era. They were Germany, Italy, Spain and Japan. But Japan had a much different faith, religion, than other countries. Thus, various events of the second world war were prophesied and occurred exactly as they had been foreseen by Nostradamus.

10--- After this barren Dame, of a greater power that the second, shall be admitted by two people, by the first made obstinate by him that had power over the others; by the second, and by the third, that shall extend his circuit to the east of Europe; there his forces will stop and be overcome, but by sea he will make his excursions into Trinacria and the Adriatic with his myrmidons. Germany shall fall, and the Barbarians Sect shall be wholly driven from among the Latins. Then the great Empire of the Antichrist shall begin in the Antilla, and Xerces come down with an innumerable multitude of people, so that the coming of the Holy Ghost proceeding from the 48th degree, shall transmigrate, driving away the abomination of the Antichrist, who made war against the royal person of the great Vicar of Jesus Christ and against his Church, and His Kingdom, and reign per tempus, et in occasione temporis (for a time, and to the end of time). And before this shall precede a solar eclipse, the most dark and obscure that was since the creation of the world, till the death and passion of Jesus Christ, and from Him until now. There shall be in the month of October, a great revolution made, such that everybody will think that the earth has lost its natural motion and has gone down into perpetual darkness. In the spring before and after this, shall happen extraordinary changes, reversals of Kingdoms, and great earthquakes; all this accompanied with the procreation of the New Babylon, a miserable prostitute large with the abomination of the first holocaust. And this shall last only 73 years and seven months.

In the tenth paragraph, the great Seer seems to predict the prelude to and the battlegrounds of what could very well be another great conflict that will most certainly be devastating for us all and which could decimate the population of the earth or perhaps annihilate us all.

The solar eclipse which he is talking about may very well be the eclipse of the 11 of August 1999 which is possibly the longest eclipse that we ever had, it lasted for approximately four hours in certain parts of the world. It began early in the morning and terminated sometime after 8 o'clock of the same morning. It was the most dark and the most obscure eclipse that the present generation has ever seen. It seemed as if the sun had forgotten to arise.

After this the barren Dame of a greater power, than the second power, shall be admitted by two people, the first power, made obstinate by him that had power over the others, the second, and by the third power that shall extend his circuit to the east of Europe, to Asia; there his forces will stop and be overcome but then by sea he will make his landing of troops into sicily, Trinacia, via the Adriatic sea with his various warriors, his myrmidons.

At that point in time, Italy will capitulate. It will be overcome by numerous forces. After those events, the barbarian sect will be driven from Italy, from the Latine. The barren dame which is mentioned represents a great international power. The first power may very well represent the United States of America, the second Russia and the third power could represent some other nations who will be allied with Russia through a possible alliance.

Let us pause for a moment so that we may analyse what has been written. Michel de Nostredame seems to be saying that a certain country will extend its power into Asia - this may be an accomplished fact - and that its armed forces will be stopped and overcome there by a greater power, that of the western countries. The forces of the third Antichrist, accompanied with some of its allies, will then attack Sicily from the Adriatic sea. They will attack Italy and France as mentioned by the great clairvoyant in many of his quatrains.

Then the great empire of the third Antichrist, a fanatical leader, shall begin to be felt in Attila which is in central Asia. He will have an innumerable multitude of armies at his disposal. Following that event, the Holy Ghost, which is the Holy Spirit, will change place and transmigrate to the west. He will drive away the abominable forces of the third Antichrist who will make war against the great Vicar of Jesus Christ, against his church and against his Kingdom.

That reference being made refers to Christianity and, as we know, the head of Christianity is the Roman Pope who resides in Vatican city, in Rome, surrounded by Italy. Then he goes on to say that before those events take place, there shall be a great revolution which will begin in the month of October. It will be the greatest revolution that has ever occurred since the creation of our planet.

He seems to be telling us indirectly that the revolution of the earth, like a solar eclipse, could be the cause for our planet to slip on its axis. Can we possibly imagine the dust that will be flying in the air on that particular day. The sky will most certainly become totally obscure, it will also seem as if we have had a total eclipse of the sun all around the planet. If that particular event lasts for too long a period of time, it could bring on what is called nuclear winter. In other words, the earth and all that it contains could freeze over.

The description which was given us whereby the earth slips on its axis will most certainly prove to be a very terrible day indeed. There are many biblical prophecies which mentions that drastic day which no one shall ever forget. Do you wish to study some of them, here they are.

...the sun shall be darkened at its rising, and the moon refuse to shine. I will bring disaster upon the world.
Isaiah 13 : 10

I will make men scarcer than fine gold. Isaiah 13 : 12

...and the earth shall be taken from its place. Isaiah 13 : 13

On that day, says the Lord God, I will make the sun go down at noon and darken the earth in broad daylight.
Amos 8 : 9

The sun will begin to shine in the middle of the night, and the moon in the daytime.
2 Esdras 5:4

At that time, friends shall make war on friends as though they were enemies, and the earth and all its inhabitants shall be terrified. Running streams shall be still; for three hours they shall cease to flow. 2 Esdras 6 : 24

Who turned the world into a desert and laid its cities in ruins. Isaiah 14 : 17

For this those who inhabit the earth dwindle and only a few men are left. Isaiah 24 : 6

Desolation alone is left in the city. Isaiah 24 : 12

The earth reels to and fro like a drunken man and sways like a watchman's shelter; the sins of men weigh heavy upon it, and it falls to rise no more. Isaiah 24 : 20


Listen, you whom I have chosen, says the Lord ; the days of harsh suffering are close at hand, but I will rescue you from them. 2 Esdras 16 : 74

Then said I, Lord, how long? And he answered, Until the cities be wasted without inhabitant, and the houses without man, and the land be utterly desolate. And the Lord has removed men far away, and there be a great forsaking in the midst of the land. Isaiah 6 : 11-12

If you wish to discover whom are God's chosen, I recommend that you study the presentation pertaining to the complete unsealing of Revelation. That is where you will discover that they are the searchers of the truth.


The prophet Isaiah has also prophesied that, some day, God would create a new heaven and a new earth and that, at that time, all of the foolishness that occurred on earth in the past would no longer me remembered. Keep in mind the fact that God is talking symbolically, He is not referring to a new physical heaven or earth.

17. For behold , I create new heavens and a new earth. Former things shall no more be remembered.
18. Rejoice and be filled with delight, you boundless realms which I create; for I create Jerusalem to be a delight and her people a joy...
21. Men shall build houses and live to inhabit them, plant vineyards and eat their fruit;
22. they shall not build for others to inhabit nor plant for others to eat. Isaiah chapter 65

Nostradamus has written a quatrain which seems to pertain to that most dreadful day whereby the earth will slip on its axis causing an earthquake of a great magnitude. An happening that shall never be forgotten by anyone still living on this planet. In that quatrain, he says that the air, including the sky and the earth, will become very obscure and that many troubles would follow that very calamitous event.

Sol vingt de Taurus si fort terre trembler,
Le grand Theatre rempli ruinera,
L'air, ciel et terre obscurcir et troubler,
Lors l'infidele Dieu et saints voguera.
Century 9 quatrain 83

The sun in Taurus after 20 days the earth shall be the recipient of an earthquake,
The earth (le grand théatre) and all that it contains shall fall in ruins,
The air, the sky and the earth shall be so darkened and many troubles shall follow,
Then shall the unbeliever begin to pray to God and to all the saints.

In paragraph ten, we have been told that in the spring before and after that event there shall happen extraordinary changes and, as we already know, those changes have already begun. There shall be reversal of Kingdoms, great earthquakes and all of this will be accompanied with the procreation of the new Babylon which represents false teachings. Tune in to Revelation unsealed for additional information on that topic.

According to Astronomical programs, the sun is always near the constellation of Taurus during the month of June of every year. That may vary for other parts of the world. That could very well be the day whereby unbelievers will be scared to death by the events which will be unfolding before their very eyes. It is at that time that many people will begin to pray to God and to all of the supposedly saints, it will all be in vain. It will be too late because there will be no saints, which we have created, who will be listening to their prayers. It is interesting to note in passing that all prayers ascend directly to the throne of God and not to any supposedly saints who do not have powers of receiving any prayers. Our guardian angels are those who present all of our prayers to God. The reason being : God is the Creator of this world but does not dwell in it. A good example follows : a painter is not in the painting that he creates so, likewise, God does not live in this world. That is one of the reasons why God created so many angels who are constantly at our side, residing closely by, and unseen by us. They present all of our prayers to God who is the Creator of everything that exists.

Since eclipses occur from time to time; it is very possible that the date of that happening, which is mentioned in para ten, is not accurate. I strongly believe that the mentioned eclipse will actually occur later on in history.

To procreate means to bring into existence. A new Babylonian power will come into existence 73 years and seven months after the abolition of the Caliphate has taken place. It is a reference to a new power, which will become very powerful and very evil. The great Seer may have given us a great clue as to the beginning of this new power on earth. Turkey abolished the Caliphate on the second of March, 1924. Thus, 73 years and seven months later gives us October second 1997. The creation of that new Babylonian is probably an event that has already taken place behind the scene, so more than likely you will not hear about it in the news.

There are many references in Biblical writings to Babylon the great or to mystery Babylon. She is mentioned as the most great whore enthroned above the ocean. We have already discovered that the symbolical word ocean symbolizes a multitude of people. The prophecy also says that she is the mother of all the whores, meaning that she continuously leads religious teachers astray. In other words, she is the mother of those who do not teach the truth. They are religious teachers of various religions who teach others to kill and to revenge themselves against those which they dislike and for unknown reasons. Those teachers are also very harsh against all women continuously making new ruling against them. A good example is Afghanistan. If you followed the news, then you know that I am talking about the new ruling party in that country which is very unspiritual. God has now destroyed that ruling party exactly as He promised it, or Has He.

The following biblical prophecies mention that great Babylonian power. She is labelled as the Great whore that is enthroned above an ocean of people, populations, nations and languages.

Then another angel, a second followed, and he cried, Fallen, fallen is Babylon the great. Revelation 14 : 8

...the cities of the world fell in ruins; and God did not forget Babylon the great, but made her drink the cup which was filled with fierce wine of vengeance. Revelation 16 : 9

"Come, and I will show you the judgment on the whore, enthrone above the ocean. Revelation 17 : 1

Then he said to me, "The ocean you saw, where the great whore sat, is an ocean of peoples and populations, nations and languages. Revelation 17 : 15

The woman was clothed in purple and scarlet and in her...and written on her forehead was a name with a secret meaning: Babylon the great, the mother of whores and of every obscenity on earth. Revelation 17 : 4

Fallen, fallen is Babylon, and all images of her gods lie shattered on the ground. Isaiah 21 : 9

The wall of Babylon has fallen; come out of her, O my people. Jeremiah 51 : 45

I have been informed that purple and scarlet are the spiritual colours of most major world religions. Therefore, the woman mentioned in the above biblical prophecies represents false teachings of various religions given to its people by their spiritual teachers.

Thus the old and the new testament of the Bible have foretold us that, some day, the false teachings of various religions would cause devastating events on our planet. However, God has promised us that he will transmigrate the Holy Spirit from the east, from the Holy Land, so that he may help us to counteract those devilish teachings which he labels as the great whore. The Holy Ghost, the Holy Spirit, will cause the religious and fanatical forces to be defeated and destroyed.

Let us also note in passing that, after the earth has slipped on its axis, the eastern countries may become western countries and the western countries may then become eastern countries. Thus the Holy Spirit, who symbolically resides in the east, will transmigrate to the countries that are presently known as western countries. What will follow that event will most certainly prove to be very interesting? For instance, the climate of the continent of Africa will change almost overnight. It will turn green and its weather will become cooler than it is presently. The people of that continent, who will have suffered so long from starvation, will then be able to raise bumper crops which will enable them to feed everyone on that continent. From then on, no one will ever have to starve to death on that continent.

11--- Then from that stock (of Jesse?) that has been so long time barren, proceeding from the 50th degree, one will come forth and renovate all the Christian Church. Then shall be a great peace, union and concord, between some of the children of races long wandering and separated by diverse Kingdoms; and such peace shall be made that the instigator and promoter of military function by diversity of religions, shall be tied to the bottom of the deep, and united to the Kingdom of the furious who shall counterfeit the wise. The countries, towns, cities and provinces who have deserted their first ways to free themselves, captivating themselves more deeply, shall be secretly angry at their liberty and religion lost, and shall begin to strike from the left, to return to the right.

In paragraph 11, Nostradamus jumps the time frame once again. He seems to be saying that someone, a descendant of the biblical Jesse, will come from the 50th degree parallel. That parallel crosses the ancient land of Persia, today it encompasses the countries of Iran and Iraq. The person being mentioned will issue or give out new teachings that will eventually renew or renovate the true teachings of Christianity which have been lost through the past ages.

That particular person will be a descendant of Jesse who was the father of the biblical King David. The prophet Daniel refers to that person of Persia as, "Michael the great prince of Persia." The book of revelation also mentions the same name, that of Michael's. We will soon discover who He really was and we will also be sorry that we missed out knowing more concerning that great spiritual being. I strongly suspect that He is the Archangel Michael mentioned in many spiritual writings.

Then war broke out in heaven. Michael and his angels waged war upon the dragon. Revelation 12 : 7

At that moment Michael shall appear, Michael the great captain. Daniel 12 : 1

There are important facts mentioned in the above prophecies. They are saying, " Michael and his angels" and then "God's great captain." I strongly suspect that it is saying that Michael's spiritual station was higher than that of an ordinary angel. Therefore I am assuming that He is an Archangel which other angels will follow and interact with. Also the fact that He is mentioned as a great captain means that He is a very powerful special spiritual entity. Archangels are of a higher station of angels plus the fact that they are Messengers. They have been known in history to be carrying a message from God to a spiritually dedicated individual.

The dragon described in the prophecy represents the powerful clergy of religion. It is a mythological description.

The Planet earth, which is described as been in heaven, represents one of God's physical worlds that rotates in the heavenly sky. Thus, the prophecy is probably saying that war broke out in one of God's heavenly worlds, in the sky. The clergy waged war, politically and religiously, on the archangel Michael mentioned in the biblical prophecy as being God's great Captain. The mentioned battle took place on earth which God sees rotating in his celestial firmament which is his physical heaven.

The greatest of clairvoyants, which the earth has ever seen, moves forward in time once again. He is mentioning the thousand year of peace that will follow a series of civil strife. That peace will occur only after the termination of that conflict which could be very lengthy and very disastrous for the people of the earth. If allowed to happen, those disastrous events could very well decimate the population of our planet or annihilate it.

However, the writings contained in revelation does mention peace which will follow after some very calamitous events have occurred. It will last for a full thousand years before all hell breaks loose again on our planet. At the end of that thousand years of peace, which will be after the year 3100, a verbal war will break out again but only for a little while. The thousand year of peace is due to begin possibly during our present century, so says Nostradamus. I strongly suspect that it will begin happening before the year 2100.

These came to life and reigned with Christ for a thousand years. Revelation 20 : 4

When the thousand years are over, Satan will be let loose for a little while..... and to muster them for battle... Revelation 20 : 7

After the people of our planet have lived peacefully with one another for a full thousand year, satanic urges will once again be rampant on the planet. It is quite possible that certain satanically minded leaders, having become very powerful, could be at the root of the problem. It is quite obvious that the one thousand year peace which is mentioned will be less than a true peace, it will be followed by a last turmoil.

A most great peace will only come about when the people themselves take matters into their own hands and abolish all bad religious and political power that has often been at the roots of many of the past calamitous events. At that time, the people of this planet will begin to govern themselves without any politics or religious clergy whatsoever. This is definitely God's ultimate plan for mankind, that they should conduct themselves peacefully without false politicians or religious teachers to fill them full of untruths.

12---Then restoring the holiness, so long beaten down with their former writing, afterwards will come the great dog, the irresistible mastiff (war) who shall destroy all that was done before. Churches shall be built up again as before, the clergy shall be restored to its former state, until it falls back again in whoredom and luxury, and commits a thousand crimes. And being near to another desolation, when she shall be in her higher and most sublime dignity, there shall rise powers and military hands, who shall take away from her the two swords, and leave only the resemblance, after which, tired of the crookedness that is about them, the people will cause these things to straighten. Not willing to submit unto them by the end opposite to the sharp hand that touches the ground they shall provoke. To the branch (of the holy tree) long barren, will proceed one (a holy one) who shall deliver the people of the world from that meek and voluntary slavery; putting themselves under the protection of Mars, depriving Jupiter of all his honours and dignities, for the free city established and seated in another little Mesopotamia. And the chief governor shall be thrust out of the middle, and set in the high place of the air, being ignorant of the conspiracy of the conspirators, with the second Thrasibulus, who long before did prepare for this thing. Then shall the impurities and abominations be objected with great shame, and made manifest to the darkness of the veiled light, and shall cease toward the end of the change of his kingdom, and the chief men of the Church shall be put back from the love of God and many of them shall apostatize the true faith.

In paragraph twelve, the great Seer continues to describe the events following the thousand year of peace which will occur during the golden era. He repeats himself and says that, after the golden age, strife will once again strike humanity. The strife will destroy some of the good that has occurred during that period of peaceful era. It is during that time, during the thousand year of peace, that the clergy could be given total political and religious power over humanity. That could be the meaning of the two swords which he mentions. One sword representing the political system of the day and the other representing the religious power that the teachers of religion have over people.

Also, during that peaceful millennium, many beautiful churches and temples will continue to be built. Unfortunately, some of the clergy will take advantage of those conditions and they will begin living a life of luxury all over again. In that particular paragraph, the word whoredom is utilized by Nostradamus. What it may mean is easy enough to visualize. In the days to come some of the clergy will be telling the people untruthful things, as they have done to us in the past, they will be giving great burdens to their flocks. Financial burdens as well as false teachings. They will be attempting to remove the people's true freedom by attempting to remove their free will to act as they see fit, a free will that God has given to every human being. Therefore, that seems to be the reason why Nostradamus says that the clergy will be falling into a state of great whoredom once again, they will have become dictators. This may have already happened in some places, a fact that the people of this world are not yet aware of. Forcing people to serve against their will is nothing but an abomination. God has given all of his people free will to do as they see fit.

The meaning of the words which say 'being near another desolation' is actually very simple. It means that God's teachings will, at that time, be corrupted once again by the leaders of religion. It could also be the cause of another calamitous war visiting mankind.

He goes on to say that some military leaders will arise at that time and overthrow those false religious leaders. Some military leaders, with the backing of the majority of the people, will begin to undo all of the wrongs carried out by the religious leaders of those days. From that moment on the people of this planet will govern themselves without any political or religious power whatsoever, they will never war again against one another.

Then Nostradamus jumps the time-frame once again, he seems to take us to our present era and to the now. He goes on to say that someone, who visited us in our past and whom he labels the branch, will eventually deliver us from slavery. Meaning that we will be delivered from our wrong old-fashioned ideas pertaining to religion, which we constantly adhere ourselves to. He is most certainly referring to another descendant of Jesse because, in holy scriptures, that person has been labelled as the Branch. Many of the prophets of past ages have spoken about the man, the Branch, who would be a root meaning a descendant of the biblical figure who was known under the name of Jesse.

If you are familiar with biblical writings, you will remember that Jesse was the father of the biblical King David. The following prophecies pertain to that particular person who was a root, meaning a descendant of Jesse. His spiritual title being that of the 'Branch'.

And in that day there shall be a root of Jesse, which will stand for an ensign of the people; to it shall the gentile seek; and his rest shall be glorious. Isaiah 11 : 10

Behold, the days come, says the Lord, that I will raise unto David a righteous Branch, and a King shall reign and prosper, and shall execute judgment and justice in the earth. In his day Judah shall be saved, and Israel shall dwell safely: and this is his name whereby he shall be called, the Lord our righteousness. Jeremiah 23 : 5-6

We know that the people of Judah are the descendants of the Jewish tribes of Israel, we also know that some of them are again dwellers in the Holy Land. Then, the above mentioned prophecy has to mean that the man referred to as the Branch has already made his appearance on our planet. How many have recognized him as the one who would teach us how to establish peace and justice on this planet.

Justice is not an easy principle to establish, or to enforce, but let us say that a person can help to establish it by being exemplary. That person's love must be very deep, he must love everyone equally ; the learned and the unlearned; the clean and the not so clean; the rebellious and the non rebellious, etc, etc... No one will be above or below his love. People from all walks of life will be treated alike with loving kindness and with great respect. There will be no more saying, "stay away from this person or that person, or shun him", because certain misinformed individuals who have taken over the control of religion are telling you so.

I will now bring my servant the Branch. Zachariah 3 : 9

Here is a man named the Branch; he will shoot up from the ground and will build the Temple of the Lord. Zachariah 6 : 12

That man, God's servant, will be known under the title of the Branch, he will not only teach justice by his example but he will also build a new Temple which he will dedicate to the Lord our God, to the All Wise, to the All Knowing, to the Almighty Himself.

In 1909, the man known under the biblical title of the Branch travelled from Mount Carmel which is located in the Holy Land. He travelled to the United States of America, to Wilmette Illinois. He was the man who always called himself God's servant. While he was in the United States of America, he turned the first sod on a site where one of the world's most beautiful Temples has ever been erected. The Architect of that beautiful and artful construction was a french Canadian whose name was Louis Bourgeois. Here it is, the Temple in Wilmette built by God's servant, the Branch.

Temple of wilmette Ill. in the USA.

The Branch, the man who always called himself God's servant, was the son of a Persian noble family. His father was a noble Persian Prince, he was the symbolical Michael who is mentioned in many biblical prophecies. He is mentioned in holy writings by the prophet Daniel and also by John the Divine in the strange writings of Revelation. Michael, who was the Persian Prince and the Branch's father, was a man who had never attended school and yet he was capable of answering anyone who asked Him the most intricate of questions. That is the reason why he was hated so much by the religious teachers and by the politicians of his time who were afraid of him. They tried to destroy him. He suffered terrible hardships at their hands.

Michael, the Branch's father, was sent to prison and later into exile for forty long years. His only sin, not truly a sin, was that he spoke to the people about God telling them that a new era had been ushered in and that it was time for the people of this world to discover the real truth concerning God. Michael has also told us that all the religions of the past, including Christianity, have all corrupted the original teachings which they had been given. They re-wrote the holy books and inserted some untruthful passages into them. We are told that the Koran is the only holy Book that was left untouched mainly because the original parchments were still intact and many good Moslems learned the Koran by heart.

The worst thing that one human being can possibly do to another human being was carried out on Michael. He was thrown into a smelly dungeon deep underground, very heavy weights were positioned around his neck. Michael was unable to sleep because of the great pains which he had to endure. His neck and facial muscles eventually collapsed rendering him unrecognizable, He no longer resembled a man. Eventually, his guards took pity on him and removed the heavy weights from around his neck. However, it was too late, He had become unrecognizable to the people who were seeking him out and who wanted to gain his presence and listen to his great wisdom.

You will now be presented with a wonderful biblical prophecy that many religious teachers have attributed to Jesus-Christ. I am certain that you will recognize that it actually belongs to Michael who was God's great Captain.

Who could have believed what we have heard and to whom has the power of the Lord been revealed? He grew up before the Lord like a young plant whose roots are in parched ground; he had no beauty, no majesty to draw our eyes, no grace to make us delight in him; his form disfigured, lost all the likeness of a man, his beauty changed beyond human semblance. He was despised.....Yet the Lord took thoughts for his tortured servant and healed him who had made himself a sacrifice for sin; so shall he enjoy long life and see his children's children, Isaiah 53 : 1 to 53 : 3 and 53 : 10

The above mentioned prophecy cannot possibly pertain to Jesus Christ because he disappeared at age 33. However, Michael of Persia married and he lived to see his children's children. As a matter of fact, Michael died in 1892. Yes, he was the Michael that the prophet Daniel and the writings of Revelation have both mentioned. He was the one who had fought the great dragon which represents the religious clergy and its political leaders. But to no avail, the government had been on his shoulders constantly.

His eldest son, who is often called the Branch in prophetical writings, continued in his father's footsteps and travelled to many countries of our world spreading God's new message which was a message of peace and universal justice for all. Michael's son, one of the Branches from the most of Holy Trees, came to the great city of Montreal in Canada. He came before the advent of world war one, he was received like a prince by everyone. He had such an attractive and kind personality that people from all around came to listen to this wonderful wise man who came from the East and who answered all questions addressed to him with great love and patience but mainly with great understanding.

I often wished that I should have been born sooner so that I could have met that wonderful spiritual being. However, to my surprise, I have met that wonderful spiritual entity many times in my nightly dreams. He often spoke to me repeating the same message every time. He always said the same words to me, "I will help you", and then he would disappear just as quickly as he had appeared in my dream state. I did not understand what he meant the various times that he appeared to me but I am now fully aware that he was my sole inspiration of properly deciphering prophetical writings.

My work is now completed. I also know that, had it not been for him, I would never have been able to assemble this presentation and my other presentations which I have also written regardless of my limited writing skills. He was my inspiration, all the way. When the inspiration came, during early morning hours, it came very fast and I had to write it down quickly. Had I not done so, I would have soon forgotten about the inspiration which was given to me freely and without any asking.

Is it not ironic that the people of the Jewish religion are still awaiting the coming of the Messiah. Most Christians know that he came 2 000 years ago. The Jewish priests, the Rabbis and the teachers of the Jewish religion, are hindering the people of Jewish descent from accepting Christ. They do not want the Jewish people to accept Him as the promised one of his time, they also insure that nobody else does. Their own holy book informed them to be watchful for another prophet that would come amongst them to teach them greater truths. That prophet was Jesus Christ whom Moses referred them to. Here are the prophecies that were recorded and which announced the coming of another great prophet from amongst the Jewish people.

If you believed Moses you would believe what I tell you, for it was about me that he wrote. John 5 : 46

Moses said, "The Lord God will raise up a prophet for you from among yourselves as he raised me... John 3 : 22

Although the Jewish people were forewarned of Jesu's coming. The Jewish Rabbis are still telling their people not to accept Him as the promised Messiah.

The Christians have also made a similar mistake. They do not want to accept that Michael and his son, the Branch, have also come to deliver a new message from God to humanity. Christ came to this earth under the title of "Son of God" but Michael came to us under the great title of "Father of humanity".

There is a wonderful biblical prophecy which foretold the very coming of the Father of humanity. The Apostle Matthew has recorded it in his writings. Do not forget that the language of the text that is utilized in that prophetical parable is allegory. Here it is :

"Listen to another parable. There was a landowner who planted a vineyard: he put a wall around it, hewed out a winepress, and built a watchtower; then he let it out to vine-growers and went abroad. When the vintage season approached, he sent his servants to the tenants to collect the produce due to him. But they took his servants and thrashed one, killed another, and stoned a third. Again, he sent his servants, this time a large number; and they did the same to them. At last he sent his son. "They will respect my son", he said. But when they saw the son the tenants said to one another, "This is the heir; come on, let us kill him, and get his inheritance." And they took him, flung him out of the vineyard, and killed him. When the owner of the vineyard comes, how do you think he will deal with the tenants? Matthew 21 : 33 to 21 : 40

The landowner is God who is the Great Creator, the vineyard is our planet the earth. There are many biblical prophecies in the old testament that testify to that statement. The servants mentioned in the prophecy are God's prophets, his messengers, his scribes and his wise-men, whom he continually sends to mankind.

The son, mentioned in the story, represents Jesus-Christ who came to the vineyard, the earth. He came under the title of "Son of God" and called himself the son of man. He was crucified by the religious teachers of his time who did not recognize him as one of history's greatest prophets. Then the owner of the vineyard, God, sent the archangel Michael who came to the vineyard which is the earth. He came to us under the great title of "Father of humanity".

There is another wonderful biblical prophecy which mentions the government being constantly on the shoulders of the Father for all time who would also be labelled as the Prince of peace. The following biblical prophecy is describing someone other than Jesus Christ because Jesus had the Jewish Rabbis on his shoulders and not the government of his days.

For a boy has been born for us, a son given to us to bear the symbol of dominion on his shoulders; and he shall be called in purpose wonderful, in battle God-like, father for all time, Prince of Peace. Great shall the dominion be, and boundless the peace bestowed on David's throne and on his kingdom, to establish it and sustain it with justice and righteousness from now and forevermore. The zeal of the Lord of hosts shall do this. Isaiah 9 : 6-7

In his own writings, Michael of Persia has told us that he was the Father of humanity. He was the marvellous counsellor and the great Prince of peace. The principles He brought to us will eventually allow us to have global peace. Michael's role was to bring us the necessary principles that will eventually establish peace and justice on our planet. Michael did this with great difficulty, he constantly had the Persian government and the Ottoman Empire on his shoulders. That government tried to get rid of him by sending him to prison and exile for a period of more than 40 long years. Research had lead to discover that Michael's writings has followed the same fate of other religions, they have also being corrupted. Someone, who had access to His original writings, has already added all kinds of falsities into them. They have tried to make their followers believe that if you do not believe the way that they are telling you to believe that you have broken God's new covenant. A covenant being a promise that God made, it is a great impossibility for you and I to break that covenant for the simple reason that you and I did not make that promise. Nothing has changed, mankind continues on making the same mistakes all over again and again.

We have already studied that true story which should have opened our eyes and which has shown us God's strange ways of teaching us the truth which somehow still evades the majority of humanity. There are still many religious teachers who attribute the above prophecy to Jesus Christ. However, Jesus has told us in His own words that he did not come on earth to establish peace but to give us a sword. Thus, he was telling us that his principles could not possibly ever establish global peace.

After two thousand years of Christianity, we still have not succeeded in establishing peace on our planet. So, we have no choice but to say that Jesus was not the Prince of peace. Let us study the following biblical prophecy that tells us that Jesus was not the Prince of peace and that He, himself, has told us so.

"You must not think that I have come to bring peace to the earth; I have not come to bring peace, but a sword... Matthew 10 : 34

Because the people of our planet have failed to investigate and accept God's new envoy for our time, we are about to be the recipients of a series of great God-sent calamities. Michael of Persia, who has been labelled as the Father of humanity, has told us in his writings that God gave mankind one hundred years to investigate and to accept the new teachings that should have transformed this planet from its warring barbaric ways to a peaceful world full of true peace and justice.

Michael died in 1892 and the one hundred years are over. The majority of the people of our world will now be the recipients of one calamity followed by another and another, etc... Nostradamus has told us what those calamities will be. If we read on, we shall discover what those dreadful days to come are about to bring us.

The following presentation contains the :

Continuation of the Epistle, with some prophetical dates