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If you are a searcher of the truth, or would like to be, this may be the right site for you to peruse. It contains numerous fulfilled prophecies that the majority of the people of this world do not seem to be aware of.

You might honestly say, "What is wrong with the teachings of our religious teachers? Are they not the experts who can properly explain biblical writings to us with all of the mysterious symbols that are utilized in those writings?" I used to think so at one time. However I no longer do after having become a searcher of the truth. I often questioned some of them pertaining to the various meanings of biblical writings, they always gave me the wrong answers. I discovered that the right answers had been given us pertaining to the true meanings of those writings. That was the time at which I decided that, if the right answers were to be discovered, I would have to do that task all by myself. I had to become a searcher of the truth. These presentations are the result of many years of research into the truth and which are being passed on to you freely.

The question needs to be addressed : should man follow blindly the religion of his ancestors and forefathers? The answer to that question is no because contained within the new writings of God's new Revelation to the world it is written :

...each individual must see with his own eyes, hear with his own ears and investigate independently in order that he may find the truth. The religion of forefathers and ancestors is based upon blind imitation. Man must investigate reality.

God, speaking to us through His new mouthpiece, is telling us that it is not enough to listen and accept only the teachings given us by our religious teachers. We are told that mankind must investigate for all of the truth and he must do it on his own. I did it, all by myself, and I eventually discovered the truth. It has taken me a long time but I succeeded so can anybody else if he really desires to discover reality.

A good example of the result of a good search : After many years of research, It was discovered that many of the holy books of the past are not reflecting true happenings for the simple reason that it has been discovered, through intensive research, that many of God's holy books have been re-written by over-zealous translators. Is it possible that most major world religions have suffered the same fate. It has been discovered that they have re-written many of the holy books of the past, thus corrupting its content. Many proofs of some of that corruption are brought forward in these presentations.

The following information is not meant to make you lose faith in what you may already strongly believe in. It is to help you realize that more truthful answers, pertaining to biblical writings, may be found, if you are willing to take the time to search for them. The newly acquired information will then help you to augment your knowledge of spiritual writings that are highly symbolically described.

These various presentations are the result of a long search into the truth by the author and which are being passed on to you freely. It contains many proofs pertaining to the true meaning of various well known scriptural descriptions. If you are interested in knowing the meaning of many symbolical words, utilized in many of those writings, this may be the right site to attract your attention.

It is suggested that you access the main page of this site, which is labelled fulfilled prophecies, before you proceed with any of the various other presentations. It will give you a certain amount of knowledge that will enable you to fully understand them. However, should you decide that you would rather access them directly, the necessary links have been made available for your convenience.

Prophecies fulfilled - main page

1. Countless clues, pertaining to the true meaning of the return of Christ, are being presented. They have all been taken from existing Biblical scriptures. You might be interested to know that Jesus never promised to return in the same flesh. Proofs are being presented saying that He promised to send us another spiritual teacher that He labels as the Spirit of truth and who would teach us greater truths. He then tells us that the Spirit of truth is the Holy Spirit who will obviously be inhabiting a new shell because none of us are capable of seeing the attire of that Most Great Spirit.


2. The spiritual symbolic writings of Revelation, written by the Apostle John, are now fully unsealed. All 22 chapters of those intriguing writings have been fully addressed and many logical answers have been discovered. It has taken the author more than 12 years of continual research in order to discover logical answers.


3. Various mysteries concerning Creation have been brought forward. Proofs are also given as to who we really are and where we come from. The truth, pertaining to whom we are really the descendants of, is also presented. New truths pertaining to the universe have also being made available for your study, it tells us how our universe was created, it says that that task took the almighty many millions of years and not a single of our day.


4. Many prophetical sayings of Nostradamus, the great clairvoyant, are also presented for your personal attention. It will give you a glimpse of some of the past happenings as well as some futuristic ones that the great sear has warned us about and that we are about to see develop on the international scene.